Cineplex Canada: Meal + Movie for $19.99!

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If you’re in a rush to catch a movie at a Cineplex Theatre, right now, they have a promo for $19.99 which includes a hot meal from their Outtakes Restaurant (hamburger or hot dog + fries + a drink) and 1000 Scene Points (enough for a free movie).

After I clicked onto the Scene Points promotion’s page, it seems as though the $19.99 is just for the 1000 Scene Points. For details, click here and scroll down to “Meal and Movie Combo”. Promo is for a limited time offer only.

I have never eaten at Outtakes, so I cannot vouch for the quality. I think this deal would be sweeter if the $19.99 just included a movie ticket…as opposed to Scene Points!


  1. pepperminty

    Scene points are better than a movie ticket though. A movie pass only covers the cost of a regular movie. Imax or 3D would be extra. 1000 Scene points gets you a ticket to any kind of movie. So 1000 Scene points could be worth up to $18.

  2. Morgan

    To further clarify what pepperminty said. Standard ticket price varies from town to town I think. It’s around $12 in Vancouver (maybe 13 now?). Anyway, a movie in 3d is an extra $3. A movie in an AVX screen is an extra $3. AVX+3D is $5 and VIP is an extra $7. So yes about $18 or 19 for a VIP movie ticket if you pay with cash but for any of the above they still only cost 1000 scene points. Quite a steal I think :)

    For those that haven’t been to a movie in a while:
    AVX: bigger tilty chairs, bigger screen, better sound/projector, assigned seating
    VIP: like AVX but alcohol available in the lounge, age 19+, different seats (leather and tilty but with an arm rest that can be lifted for snuggling with someone and foldout trays for food) and seat service for food/snacks (including your outtakes meal if you don’t want to eat in the VIP lounge). No alcohol in the theatre itself though, just in the lounge. Oh, assigned seating for this one too.

    Oh and keeping with the cineplex bonuses. Sign up for the ‘scenetourage’ program on the side and if you make a group with 3+ people in it, any time 2 or more see a show at the same time the moviegoers get an extra 50 points for the show (150 instead of 100). Builds points way faster.

    Sorry if I sound like a sales guy for the chain or something, I just see a lot of movies and it confuses/surprises me when I get behind people in line that don’t have scene cards to take advantage of what works out to a minimum 15% price discount if you see a fair number of movies.

  3. Jenn

    According to the email i received from Cineplex, the promotion is $21.99 for a regular popcorn, regular drink, select candy and 1,000 Scene points. Is the promotion you’re mentioning for a specific province?

  4. Jimmy Skinz

    $19.99 for stinkin’ doggy fries and drink and scene points? Are you kiddin me? This site is supposed to be for “Smart” Canucks — not “Dumb” ones. What a ripoff and another reason why the theatre business is a mess. Lower the costs and attendance will increase

  5. Cat

    Points are posted to your scene account immediately, So just go buy your combo then go get your free ticket with the points.

  6. Glen

    No Jimmy, no one is kidding you, but since you think ‘stinkin’ doggy fries and drink’ isn’t worth it then don’t buy…let alone call anyone willing to buy this “Dumb.”

  7. Jillei83

    im pretty sure its a better deal to get the hotdog and drink (1.50)and fries (about 3.00) from costco , eat them, head to the theatre and then just buy the movie ticket (7.99 where I live). You’ll get scene points from buying the ticket too. I can’t handle movie theatre prices on concessions!

  8. Sandra

    what is the $21.99 Scene Movie Meal Combo & can you get more than 1 @ a time. Do you have to have a coupon & if yes where can I get them

  9. daniella

    We go to Scotia theater in Toronto and the burger at the outtakes was good my son swears its one of the best fast food burgers he’s had .. it tastes similar to a&w without the grease ….


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