Costco Canada: Signup for a New Membership and Receive $25 Gift Certificate (new code)

Canadian Deals & Coupons

Costco CanadaThe old code expired. Here are the new codes.

Signup at costco.ca and use coupon code

GSWEB17E for a Gold Star Membership

EXEC6E for an Executive Membership

You’ll get a $25 gift certificate which means that you end up paying $30 for a 1 year Costco membership.

This is for new membership only. However there is a trick to get this deal if you’re currently a member. Say you’re the primary member and your significant other is a secondary card holder. When your membership ends don’t renew and have the significant other who was not the primary member apply as the primary member. Got it? ;-)

Just for your information, a lot of people love Costco because it offers rebates, an inexpensive restaurant, bulk quantities (=savings) and 100% customer satisfaction (you can almost refund any item anytime and they will take it back).

Some notes from last time’s comments:

  • This is legitimate.
  • Don’t apply through a Costco store, get rejected (because you don’t have a physical copy of the coupon) and come back complaining/whining. Just apply through Costco.ca for goodness sake :-)
  • This is for Goldstar and Executive membership not business membership.
  • When you sign-up it says that you get a $25 in the right side of the box, underneath or beside the $0.01 deducted

The codes are:

GSWEB17E for a Gold Star Membership

EXEC6E for an Executive Membership

Click here if you’re interested in reading people’s comments or have questions

To signup go to Costco.ca


  1. stan Pasternak

    Where does one insert the coupon code GSWEB8 – I do not see a spot for it at all unless one signs up first with credit card, etc. and it then appears. Can you let me know?

  2. May Culham

    How do I find more information on aCummins Onan Homesite Power 6500 Portable generator 125020 as advertised in your Summer Savings coupon book? Valid from May 14 to September 2, 2007.

    My Mebr# 111763667681

  3. Scott

    Guess what??? The September code is GSWEB9. Thank you NASA school of rocketry for my discovery…

  4. Alex

    This is insane!!! Why would anyone hand over that much money of pure profit to Costco or a Sams Club?
    Your not joining a club, but are shopping at a retail store.
    You are a customer, a consumer, the life blood of their business.
    Would you hand over $50.00 in a year so you can be allowed to go to McDonalds? This is a huge scam. Retailers would have to sell an incredible amount of goods in these ‘low margins’ days just to make that kind of money, but we would just hand it to them as if this is a country club?
    Think about it folks.

  5. Curious George

    Well, for those that are interested, the new codes are GSWEB13 for Gold Star and EXEC13 for Executive

  6. Hal

    I went ti costco.ca and like the first man on this list said i don’e see a place for the code and did not uite understand your description

    could you help clarify please

  7. Angie Brain

    Where can I find a 20% off in store coupon for Linen and Things??I live in the country and the flyer is not distributed.

  8. Howard

    Code GSWEB13 still works. Plus if have have Aeroplan membership you can get 1,000 miles for joining.

  9. Howard

    For HAL You have to continue the checkout process until almost the very end and it will ask for coupon code. You put the code in and continue until the end. Hope this helps.

  10. Alex

    These membership fee’s that Costco and Sam’s Club charge you are the biggest scam. They are retailers, not clubs or resorts. You are customers, not members. Companies make incredible pure profit off of these membership scams.

  11. Glen

    You already made that point Alex.

    I shop there because I can get stuff there, that I can’t find at other places.

    I don’t mind paying the membership…if you have a problem with it I don’t really care, you don’t have to shop there, and it will be one less person in line in front of me.

  12. zenbunny

    I’m a primary cardholder, let my membership expire and had no problem using this deal. Got my new cards + cashcard in the mail yesterday.

  13. Liz


    My membership doesn’t expire until February 2008, can i renew it now and get this amazing deal?

    Thanks for all your help.

  14. Alex

    From Wikinvest about Costco:

    [edit] How Costco Makes Money
    Costco’s success is closely tied with membership fee income because of its unique club membership business model. Unlike other retail stores, the majority of Costco’s revenue is membership fees, not merchandise. In 2006 membership fees accounted for 72.8% of profits, while merchandise only made up 7.5% of profits.

    Costco can only make a significant percentage increase in profits if they raise membership fees. Membership fees are, and have been, a steady stream of revenue for Costco, which is why customer loyalty is such an important factor to Costco’s success

  15. Alex

    “…the majority of Costco’s revenue is membership fees..”

    Think of it as really being a shopping tax. That is really what it is.
    How are we members? It’s not a club. It’s a retailer. We are customers. The experience is no different from those who don’t charge what is really a shopping tax.

  16. Pete


    If Costco only generates about 8% of their income from sales of goods, and about 73% from memberships, then it stands to reason that they are (most likely) selling for a lower price than the competitors, since retail markup is often 100% or more.

    So… if they truly aren’t making a great deal of money off of selling you things… that’s all the more reason to shop there. You’re getting good deals. And thus, it makes the membership worthwhile.

    That being said, I still don’t think I get $50/year worth of savings.


  17. Debbie

    Tried both the GSWEB10 and GSWEB13 and both don’t work. Anyone have a new code for 2008?

  18. sunyjim

    GSWEB14 seems to be the new code.
    I just tried all the combo’s of GSWEB1* until it worked

    oh ya and to get to that.
    fill out the first form with credit card. really you won’t be billed yet your just making an account. Then check the cart, and add the membership if it’s not there.
    then checkout. after the shipping… there is a spot for coupon code
    then it did the 1 cent thing and showed
    “Cash Card Applied $25 Cash Card with Goldstar Membership”

  19. Ladena

    Hi everyone!

    Just want to make this clear… so you use the coupon in the coupon section. The $25 GC gets listed on the side and then it gets mailed to you?

    I just want to make sure, the $25 doesn’t get taken off right away.


  20. Z. Burksaitis

    Why Costco make so hard to join I assume because of the membership discount. I will not drive to the store and get refused the discount for membership. Phew. To much trouble.

  21. sunyjim

    seriously I think I may not save $50 but I eat better quality food then I used to. My same grocery budget gets me just better food. I get much better quality meat, I buy a pork loin or a roast and cut it up vacuum save it and put it in my freezer.
    I never used to get steaks like I have now. And pork loin, I never used to have it before, now its my favorite kind of pork ‘chop’.
    I don’t buy the giant can of nacho cheeze or the huge tubs of mayonnaise but there really are deals that will save you money like $4 for 1.5kg of cereal… cereal is so expensive at a regular grocery store

  22. canadianeagle

    does anyone have the new code effetive for Feb 2008 – for Costco?????????????????????????

  23. Ladena

    I used the code, it said “$25 GC” on the corner of the form, the $0,01 coupon was taken off…

    I received my new Costco card but still haven’t gotten my GC. Has this happened to anyone else? Does the GC take long to arrive in the mail?

    I really hope it will come!!

  24. windchill

    RE: Ladena, the $25 Cash Card will arrive. I got mine at the same time though.

    *** New Coupon Codes for $25 Costco Cash Card ***

    “GSWEB17″ for a Gold Star Membership
    “EXEC6″ for an Executive Membership

    (both codes expire on March 31, 2008)

  25. newvis

    Windchill – code for the gold star is not valid? That goes in the “coupon/code” section of the form?

  26. windchill

    Just tried it myself. It’s still working for me. Put “GSWEB17″ into the “Coupon/Code:” section and click button “apply entries to total”, and then “Gift Certificates, Coupons, Costco Cash Card Applied, $25 Cash Card with Goldstar Membership” will show up to the right of it. Also, in the Summary section, you’ll see “Less Coupon(s): ($0.01)”.

    In case “GSWEB17″ doesn’t work anymore, try “GSWEB18″, or “GSWEB19″ … Good luck!

  27. sandy

    I have tried on feb 13 and it worked for me in quebec.
    or gsweb1 I used small caps in both cases

    and I did get the 25$ coupon

  28. Faye

    I joined last year Executive, as I thought it was necessary to get glasses etc. but was told, now that my membership has lapsed one month that an Executive membership card is not necessary for this.
    I am purchasing BIFOCAL contact lens that are supreme at $170. where it would cost me double at an opticians! Think about it. Victoria, BC. I agree the foods do seem to be fresher as well, like veggies and fruit..maybe a bigger turnover. AND THEY treat their employees well; a big plus I would say. I still shop at my local market and only go occasionally to COSTCO. Hey great site here.

  29. windchill

    Casey, check out what “sunyjim” posted:

    fill out the first form with credit card. really you won’t be billed yet your just making an account. Then check the cart, and add the membership if it’s not there. then checkout. after the shipping… there is a spot for coupon code
    then it did the 1 cent thing and showed “Cash Card Applied $25 Cash Card with Goldstar Membership”

  30. Jen

    I tried GSWEB18, it shows “not valid”.
    and I tried few other GSWEB1*, none of them are working…
    do we know if it’s working??Thanks!

  31. Jen

    Oh, I see now, it worked! you have to check “sign up” button on the bottom of the checkout page, wen you go back, you will see you have two membership card, just delete the one that’s not “new sign up”, go to next, you will find the coupcode working…
    Great! $25 to spend..

  32. Kari

    Hey everyone,
    If you have a friend or a family member that’s a member, don’t buy a membership for yourself. Ask them to buy you a few $25 gift certificates. When you enter the store, you get to shop as a visitor/guest. You can spend any amount you want (we often spend $500-$1000 per trip), use one of the gift certificates, and pay the rest with interac or cash. We only go a few times a year, and this is just perfect.

  33. Casey

    Thanks windchill. I did that “1 cent thing”, but the summary of the purchase didn’t show $25 cash gift card.
    Anyway, I did checkout and hopefully they will send me the gift card.

  34. Sugarbear

    When you sign up, do you have to wait for your Costco card to come in the mail to start shopping there or will they give you a membership # online that you can start using right away until your card arrives?

  35. Mike

    what is the code for Exec member? I tried a different combinations, does not work!

  36. abfab

    when applyin in-store they require the secondary cardholder to show id proving that they have the same address as the primary cardholder. does the same apply to this deal?

  37. MamaBear

    I just bought a new Costco membership online, and the code which worked for me was GSWEB22.

  38. Shark

    Thanks mama, your coupon just worked for me. Was in a costco today and with my membership expired a yr or so ago, was about to pay full pop. Being the frugal guy I am, i hesitated so i check around here and a couple other sites.
    Thankfully i have just saved a good chunk of change. Cheers!

  39. Alex


    Wage Against the Machine
    If Costco’s worker generosity is so great, why doesn’t Wal-Mart imitate it?
    By Liza Featherstone
    Posted Friday, June 27, 2008, at 7:29 AM ET

    Costco: America’s retail good guy
    Nearly everyone who’s looked at Wal-Mart’s practices as an employer—its union busting, sex discrimination, low wages, and minimal benefits—has concluded that it’s America’s retail bad guy. By contrast, many who’ve examined the practices of Wal-Mart’s competitor Costco—including New York Times labor reporter Steven Greenhouse in his recent book The Big Squeeze: Tough Times for the American Worker—conclude that it’s the good guy. Costco CEO and founder Jim Sinegal repeatedly insists to Greenhouse that treating employees well is “good business.”

    That makes a pleasing sound bite, and assume for a moment that Sinegal’s assertion is true. Why, then, wouldn’t Wal-Mart do everything it could to make itself more like Costco? Now assume that Sinegal’s assertion is false. Why, then, does Costco treat employees better if that’s against the company’s financial interests?

    It’s not hard to make a case that Costco pays employees more. The most relevant comparison is between Costco and Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart’s membership warehouse, since both business models rely on membership fees for a large percentage of revenues. A Sam’s Club employee starts at $10 and makes $12.50 after four and a half years. A new Costco employee, at $11 an hour, doesn’t start out much better, but after four and a half years she makes $19.50 an hour. In addition to this, she receives something called an “extra check”—a bonus of more than $2,000 every six months. A cashier at Costco, after five years, makes about $40,000 a year. Health benefits are among the best in the industry, with workers paying only about 12 percent of their premiums out-of-pocket while Wal-Mart workers pay more than 40 percent.

    Some proponents of corporate generosity argue that better-paid workers are more productive. That may be the case here, since Costco’s revenues per employee are about five times as high as Wal-Mart’s. (No separate financials are available for Sam’s Club.) Then again, it’s also the case that Costco sells more expensive stuff—high-end French wine, triple-cream brie, and Cartier watches, all of which presumably have high margins—along with the cheap toilet tissue. Take a look at the two retailers’ summer offerings: While Wal-Mart sells a $199 swing set, at Costco we find a “summer fortress play system” for $1,499.99. A set of patio furniture at Wal-Mart was $199 in early summer; a patio heater at Costco is the same price. Costco’s Web site promotes a $5,000 hot tub with a stereo. On Wal-Mart’s site last week, the most prominent item was a $48 bike—after all, its impoverished customers can’t afford gas these days.

    Another theoretical benefit is that Costco employees, being better paid, are less likely to leave the company. Again, some data back that up: Greenhouse points to Costco’s low turnover rate, which is 20 percent and, among employees who stay at least a year, 6 percent. Wal-Mart’s is about 50 percent. But is this a business advantage for Costco? While Greenhouse points to the costs of training and hiring new employees, a widely leaked 2005 memo from Wal-Mart offers a different perspective. In it, Wal-Mart’s senior vice president of benefits argued that the company’s turnover rate was too low. After all, she explains, long-term employees are more expensive and not necessarily any more productive. Such reasoning—though sinister—may actually help explain why Wal-Mart’s profit margins are twice as high as Costco’s (3.36 percent compared with 1.75 percent).

    In an interview, Costco CFO Richard Galanti told me that by offering higher pay, Costco can hire “better-quality employees.” To Galanti, workers are a retailer’s “ambassadors” to the public. Costco may be able to attract people with more experience, education, or a better “attitude” (e.g., a more obliging smile or the realization that it’s better not to chew gum or file your nails on the job). All of that’s probably true, though tough to quantify—and tougher still to measure the effects of such worker quality on Costco’s business.

    Even so, investors in recent years have rewarded Costco significantly more than Wal-Mart, which may suggest that Wal-Mart’s public black eyes scare Wall Street to some degree. Probably the worst publicity Wal-Mart has received for its employment practices was in 2004 and 2005. During these two years, developments in the sex-discrimination suit drew attention to its plaintiffs’ charges; numerous communities blocked Wal-Mart from expanding stores; many news stories exposed child labor, overtime abuses, and exploitation of undocumented immigrants; labor and community groups were constantly picketing the retailer; and two well-funded national organizations formed with the express purpose of publicizing Wal-Mart’s crimes against its workforce. All of this may have had some effect: From Jan. 1, 2004, to Jan. 1, 2006, Wal-Mart’s stock was down 9.7 percent. Costco’s went up an impressive 37 percent during this time. (The S&P went up 14.5 percent.)

    In the subsequent two years, the discrepancy has only deepened, tending to confirm Galanti’s argument that in the long term, higher wages are “a great model.” Indeed, analysts’ consensus on Costco’s long-term growth expectations is better than their consensus on Wal-Mart: 13.3 percent as opposed to 11.7 percent, respectively. That’s intriguing because Wal-Mart is more profitable and has demonstrated better earnings growth (12.47 percent five-year earnings-per-share growth as opposed to 9.8 percent for Costco). Employee relations may be part of the picture, but Galanti points out there are many other reasons for analysts’ confidence in Costco. “Seventy percent of our earnings come from membership fees,” he says. “We’d really have to screw up to lose that!” Costco may also be more recession-proof than other discount retailers, because its customers are richer and because it sells so much food relative to other goods. “Even in an economic downturn,” Galanti says, “people still have to eat.”

    So why does Costco bother being nice to workers, given that it is so difficult to calculate a clear payoff for decency? One reason is old-school: a union. About 11 percent of Costco’s 127,000 employees are represented by the Teamsters Union, while not one Wal-Mart employee is a union member. Not that Costco is a Swedish paradise of labor-management cooperation. “We wish they [the union] weren’t there,” Galanti admits, “because we don’t feel we need a third party to talk to our employees.” Yet the relationship shows that even a lackluster union like the Teamsters can help make life better for employees.

    Another factor is the personality of the CEO. In my interview with Galanti, he mentioned Jim Sinegal every couple of minutes, attributing the company’s high wages to the CEO’s personal values. CFO Galanti acknowledged having at times argued with his boss, urging him to curb Costco’s generosity on health care. (Sinegal eventually agreed with him, reluctantly, in 2003 but insisted that care remain affordable to employees.)

    Sinegal’s kindliness is impressive, but he’s also 72 years old and thus won’t be around forever. Perhaps he’s created a corporate culture strong enough to outlast him, but that’s impossible to predict. And until Costco boosters can make a concrete case that the company’s generosity—however welcome—has a duplicable effect on the company’s bottom line, it seems unlikely that a crowd of Jim Sinegals is going to emerge in the nation’s executive suites.

  40. Alice

    Does anyone have an updated code for a $25 cash card on a new sign up for Gold Star Membership?

  41. Sally

    William, in the deals and flyer part of our forum theres step by step instructions, search out ”costco”

    :) Im glad it still worked, chances are when GSWEB24 doesn’t work the 25 will :P

  42. Sanja Patel

    Thank you all guys…the Code gsweb25 works will work. I got 25 dollars

    Thanks for the contribution.

    Gotta find something for staples

    Love all

  43. maureen

    Alex must be related to Adam or Adam has changed his name to Alex………both need to get a life and therapy…..

  44. Nicci

    I just added an extra number for each month…so GSWEB30 was november, so for January 09 I made the last number GSWEB32 and it worked for $10GC

  45. windchill

    GSWEB30 is still working for me today (Jan 12, 2009) as a “$10 Cash Card with Gold Star Membership”.

    Anyone got any code working for $25 Cash Card in 2009 yet?

  46. windchill

    Still no $25 cash card. :-( Tried from GSWEB30 to GSWEB33, the last one worked as $10 Cash Card with Goldstar Membership.

  47. Catherine

    Does anyone have a new code to get the $25 cash card. We used to be members but let it lapse. I’d like to sign up again, but seems like a lot to shell out on top of what we’d purchase there at the same time. Would do it witht $25 off.

  48. mik

    I just tried it myself and its only a $10 cash card – does anyone have another code for $25

  49. Alwyn Appiah

    GSWEB27 expired in October 08… GSWEB28 + is only has $10 cash card… We Missed it!! Alwyn

  50. NUA

    Do you know the current code?
    I tried GSWEB35,36, but it was not available. Please!!

  51. NUA

    Thank you, Isabelle!!
    I tried other number, but it didn’t work.
    Now, the current code is only $10?
    Please let me know if you know about $25 code!

  52. LovetoShop123

    The $25 code is expired and gone for good.

    Try GSWEB42 for a $10 Cash Card (Expires Sept 30 2009) or CINEMA4 for 2 Adult Cineplex Movie Tickets (expires July 31 2009).

  53. ElsaLAbbe

    For the past three years I have had an American Express Costco card and I have an executive card, but I have received around $150 rebate from both, so my membership is paid, and I have around 30-40$ in my pocket. I took the cards to have a “free” membership. I can pay for my purchases there with the credit card, and all is well in my Costco land.

  54. Babi

    Does anyone have a valid $25 coupon code for Costco membership. none of the codes listed here work.

  55. Madeleine

    Tried GSWEB45 and it worked for $10 GC. Guess they don’t have the $25 deal anymore

  56. John Clark

    I am a member in Edmonton. My son-in-law lives in Regina and wants a costco Membership. If I buy him one here in Edmonton will it be okay for Saskatchwan?

  57. Jennie

    I am not sure, but what I am sure of, I have family and friends in New Brunswick and Ontario and I live in Quebec and they all use their cards in Quebec when they are here, what I understand is it is good all over Canada. I hope this helps John CLark.

  58. Triz

    In Jan 2010 GSWEB46 did not work but GSWEB47 did for a Gold Card $10 cash card. They seem to just increment the number every month or so.

  59. ticy

    if i got to cosco store n apply for membership will i get the membership card on the spot?

  60. Scott

    GSWEB50 code still good for $10 cash card with Gold membership – used on May 28th, 2010. (Note: I think this code is due to expire on May 31st).

  61. Naomi

    I just tried GSWEB50 and it is no longer valid, does anyone have the current coupon code? Thanks.

  62. Alex

    Does It Matter That Wal-Mart Is Slipping?

    “Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) is still the king of the retail jungle, but its relative dominance seems to be slipping. At least that’s what a recent survey of 30,000 shoppers from Consumer Reports suggests”

    “Consumer Reports discovered that among popular chain stores Wal-Mart was bested by Costco”

    “… and the Consumer Reports survey is correct that Wal-Mart is no longer the low-cost leader…”

  63. Jeff

    June 22, 2010
    GSWEB33 for $10 card for regular, and EXEC32 for $20 card for exceutive.
    Just placed order, no mention of cash card on reciept but did indicate .01$ coupon.

    If you pay with Amex you can get a $10 reduction using AMEX 16.

    I assume all end numbers will increase by 1 in July.

  64. JJJ

    Thanks Jeff for the information!
    And what that mean “all end numbers will increase by 1 in July.”
    Thanks again! My Costco Gold star membership card will expire on June 30, and I am going to apply for it on July 1st.

  65. Brenda

    Just used the code GSWEB33 to get my Gold Membership, and it showed that it included the $10 gift card, so that one still seems to work. Thanks to everybody for the info!

  66. Jeff

    Did receive my membership cards but not the $20 cash card in the mail. Previous posts seem to indicate that they come separately but at around the same time. Anyone else have a delay between shipments or should i start to worry?

  67. JJJ

    Yes, same here. Sign up on July 1st, got mail my membership card only yesterday. Don’t know when to get $10 cash card.

  68. Jeff

    So I e-mailed them and they assure me the cash card has been mailed but takes 6 – 8 weeks. They must mail them out from the moon.

  69. JJJ

    Jeff, Did you get the cash card mail to you?
    I have not got it yet since I have applied on July 1st.

  70. Jonathan

    Is there a code for Novemeber or December 2010? I have a friend who wants to join, but no point if she can’t get something out of joining as an added bonus.

  71. Sandie

    Hi all! Does anyone know where to find a new membership coupon code for Costco Gold Membership to use online (in Jan 2011) Thanks!

  72. Barry Pinch

    Barry Pinch, Mbr# 111798816119, wishes to cancell his and his wife’s membership from Costco Wholesale, as of March 2011.

  73. Credit

    Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning extra on this topic. If possible, as you gain experience, would you mind updating your weblog with extra information? This can be very useful for me.

  74. Nir

    Does anyone have code for March 2011? I am looking to sign up for Costco membership and am looking for deals.

  75. Elvis

    Is it possible to go in Costco to see if it is really worth getting the membership? I want to make sure that I is worth doing. And, I would really save in the long run.

  76. Helen

    Hi there- I’ve tried the codes gsweb and GSWEB with numbers 68 through 82
    No luck Does anyone else know of any current codes for July 2011?

  77. Helen

    Hi there
    FYI code EXEC39 on new executive and executive goldstar memberships works to get a $10 gift card -July 29/11

  78. castko

    GSWEB71 did work as of 18th Sept 2010 for a $10 GC..that may be mailed

    i am not sure email i recieved from costco after i ordered online it says

    Shipping & Terms
    Your membership number will be e-mailed within 48 hours. In order to obtain your membership card, you will need to print this email or take note of the membership number and visit your local warehouse to have your actual membership card printed.

    so does it means they wont mail it or do i have to pick the membership from store and they will mail the Gift card for $10??

    Anyone knows??,, thanks

  79. Maya

    Hi there,

    does anyone know what is the new (i.e., Dec’11) code for Gold Status?



  80. looking4deals

    Just sign up on Jan 2 2012.
    Both GSWEB56 ($10 cash card) and GSWEB66 (2 movie tickets) work. I chose $10, not a movie person.

  81. Curtis

    Just signed my mom up on Jan. 20, 2012 with code GSWEB75. I kept trying different ones and that one worked. It gives a discount of $0.01 and then lists a $10 Costco cash card or something in the box right beside where you enter the promo code.

  82. Mildred Carroll

    Why mess with Costco in the first place? I shop wholesale for my household consumables. My membership cost me $29 11 years ago and I have spent $16CDN/$12US to renew it each year. Right now, in March 2012 you can get a 1-year membership for only $1.00 (yep, that’s ONE DOLLAR). And you get Free products for 5 months for shopping every month, plus loyalty dollars to spend on more free stuff every month thereafter. Plus discounts for shopping online at other stores – the benefits are endless. Not to mention that this is a totally ‘green’ store so you’re eliminating the toxins from your home, reducing toxic waste in the environment, and improving your family’s health and safety. Request info at http://www.mom2six.com and I can show you how to set up your wholesale account. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to do a business, thought the business is a fun benefit!)
    Admittedly, if you need a lot of big ticket items like TVs or a ton of paper products (how much bathroom tissue can you use?) a membership might make sense, but I prefer shopping green for my normal household needs.

  83. Cherrie_Blossom

    AMEX21E-Gold Star Membership & AMEX21EXE-Executive Membership is valid April 1, 2012 – May 31,2012.

  84. April

    Personally I like Costco for certain things…..to me the 55$ it is now for the membership isn’t half bad….i’d rather pay that then go to Walmart (where I have worked) and be greeted by emplaoyees who really can’t say much but if they could they would tell you they get treated like dirt…the only way to get ahead in that kind of company is to work there and do whatever they want for 5 years or more and be a robot….and maybe just maybe (if they dont have an exscuse) you will move up or get a raise….
    so as for costco its got my vote ….just be a good shopper and comparison shop and you wont spend any more than you would going anywhere else

  85. binabugged

    ok so whats the price of the membership now? it WAS $25/yr when it first appeared in our area many years ago(we basically bought smokes for the hotel and went to RCWC as they have no membership and the price was the same for the product)

  86. Smurf

    I have been a faithful Costco shopper since they came to Canada. We always shop at Costco while on Vacation too, whether it’s in the USA or England. Always a good deal and selection. I haven’t paid for a membership in 3 years. We have the executive membership and with the % back each year, it pays for the membership. It’s perfect. Plus I find the meat selection A1 and a lot of products are cheaper there than elsewhere. Keep up the good work, Costco!

  87. Dylan

    I used the code GSWEB82 for July on 07/31/2012. It displayed $10 gift card, but I received my membership today without any gift card. Any ideas? It looks like I’m not getting the gift card. I should be able to return it for a 100% refund in that case since it was clearly indicated I would receive it. The order online only display that there is a -0.0.1 discount (the same discount that shows up when you enter the promotion code), but I’m 100% certain it said I was going to receive a gift card.


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