1. Kevin

    Just ran a test through the website ordering. Tried various numbers of XL pizzas with pepperoni, mushroom and green pepper, delivered to my office in d/t Toronto.

    I found:
    – Discount appears to be actually around 30-40% off. Works out to around $5.50 off per pizza.
    – Discount does appear to work on a bulk order, so still not a bad thing if you’re ordering for a large group.

    Hope that helps out folks.

  2. Sherlock

    Just tried to run it, but it says..
    “The promotion code you entered is not recognized. Please verify the code and try again.”

    Any suggestions??

  3. Sherlock

    Here’s an update:

    Just tried different stores.
    Looks like not all stores are participating.
    A bit disappointing. :(

  4. Jessica

    Thanks! I needed a night off from cooking last night! I ordered yesterday morning and scheduled it for when my husband gets home from work. My pizza was like 20 minutes later so they gave us $10 off. Sm gluten free pizza, medium pan pizza and cheese bread delivered for $12 in the end :)


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