Canadian Tire Scratch Card Event This Weekend


The scratchcard event at Canadian Tire this weekend is a little different than most of their scratch cards, there is a chance you will not win.  Not all cards are guaranteed a win, not even a chocolate cake this time.

$5 instant rebate (odds of winning 1:3.33)

$10 instant rebate (odds of winning 1:30)

$5000 Canadian Tire gift card (odds of winning 1:600,000)

So approximately one in three cards will be a winner.  Personally I will be skipping this event, what about you?ct2


20 responses to “Canadian Tire Scratch Card Event This Weekend”

  1. Sparkles says:

    I will be skipping this event as well. 1 in 3 chances of winning $5 is not worth my drive to Canadian Tire 🙂

  2. bhlombardy says:

    Why? “If card reveals ‘Sorry – No Prize’ “… I say to the clerk “Sorry, no purchase” and leave the goods at the checkout for them to return to the shelves.

    Enough of those responses, and staff commenting to their store managers, trickling UPWARD… they might reconsider future scratch card events.

    Just my 5 cents… (it used to be 2 cents, but you know, no more pennies)

  3. What am I still doing up? says:

    I’ll happily take my chances and go anyway. I need potting soil and a lightbulb that I can only find at CT so I’d have stopped in for those anyway. The odds are one in three that I will get $5 off and that’s much better than Tim Hortons roll up the rim!

  4. saver says:

    if i don’t get the $5 off…i’ll just say oops i forgot something….that is if i happen to be in the area that day. won’t go out of my way if i don’t know prize is definite.

  5. EasterSummerSolsticeStarSpangledSky says:

    It’s simple, if you don’t get any prize, then tell the cashier you don’t want to buy anything this day and leave without buying anything.

  6. Chris says:

    Ill just use the scotch tape method to see if I won. If I did then Ill go 🙂

    • FallenPixels says:

      Chris, people have said that they will be giving them out in store and not with flyers

  7. Rk says:

    At least its 3 days this time, i don’t have time to go Saturdays or Sundays

  8. wendyjane says:

    it says right on the flyer “get your card in store”

  9. bhlombardy says:

    Actually, now that I think about it… I’m questioning the legality of this promo. The fact that there is no guaranteed prize, AND that the prizes are discounts on the current purchase, defines this promotion as a lottery.

    Prize, chance, and consideration are the three components that comprise a lottery.

    1.) Prize (obviously there is a prize) — that is obvious.

    2.) Chance – there is only a CHANCE of winning something. When it iss a guaranteed discount, or even a cake, they eliminated ‘chance’ because you were guaranteed a prize of some sort.

    3.) Consideration – the fact you have to pay something (in this case buy something) to win/claim your prize – if your prize is a discount on the purchase. “no purchase necessary” would make this legal, but if the prizes are instant-rebates on your current purchase, then a purchase IS necessary.

    The presence of ALL three (not just two out of the three) makes this a lottery, and is defined as illegal in the eyes of lottery rules.

    If there was a guaranteed prize, or if I could potentially win a $5 or $10 gift card without first having to make a purchase to claim the prize, that would be totally different.

    • FallenPixels says:

      bhlomardy, I see that the same ways as roll up the rim – you might win a free coffee (or in this case a $5 rebate) but you have to buy something

  10. bhlombardy says:

    …to emphasize the problem here they even state “the transaction must be more than the coupon $ amount” also enforces that I have to pay something.

  11. Minou says:

    I don’t blame them for doing this… and if people are walking away from $5 purchases because they haven’t won $5 off, I don’t think it’s any loss for them! Think of the money they lost with people making dozens of small purchases with dozens of cards to get things pretty much free. There was a definite cost to the company.

  12. booya says:

    I agree Minou – hardly any event are guaranteed and people abuse them when they are

  13. bhlombardy says:

    “FallenPixels March 19th, 2013: bhlomardy, I see that the same ways as roll up the rim – you might win a free coffee (or in this case a $5 rebate) but you have to buy something”

    Ah, but it’s not the same, because to play Roll Up The Rim you actually don’t have to make a purchase. You CAN request a cup (even if it’s by mail) from Tim Horton’s to play Roll Up The Rim. You aren’t REQUIRED to buy anything. And if you DO win, even if it’s as minor as a free cookie or donut, it doesn’t REQUIRE that you buy something in order to redeem your prize. (even if the lure is that you probably will… it’s not written into the rules as a requirement).

    In this case, Canadian Tire is REQUIRING you to make a purchase to redeem your prize, as it’s in the form of an instant rebate. If you don’t make the purchase right then and there AND don’t spend more than the prize amount, then you cannot redeem it. They need to remove that requirement entirely. If they simply converted the prize into a $5 or $10 gift card AND removed the requirement to make a purchase for me to claim the prize, they’d be legit. I can choose, at a later time, if I want to spend the gift card or not… AND I can choose to spend more (or less) than it’s worth if I want. That’s the caveat here.

    OR if they made every scratch card a winner in some form or another, that would also remove the distinction of being a lottery.

  14. Sandra5 says:

    Looks like Canadian Tire is running a lotto this weekend.
    They could have circumvented this problem by running an online “get 5 free spins a day” for the chance to win a $5 or $10 off coupon for these specified days. This would have provided for the “no purchase necessary” to win component.

  15. Jenn says:

    Sure I will, ONLY because i have to pick up an item from there anyway. So instead of going today or tomorrow, i’ll wait till the promo have started. Rather i get a prize or not really doesn’t matter because i am in need of the particular item. Normally, i don’t go to these special events/promo just because, unless there’s a guarantee instant discount or prize..

  16. Shirl57 says:

    Just as “What am I still doing up” and “Jenn”, I wholeheartedly agree with you. No one is forcing us to go to CT, we go because we want to. If we’re lucky enough to win something, then great, that’s a bonus day for us, and if don’t win anything, well then it’s just like any other day. Again, nobody is forcing any of us to go to CT so to those folks who seem to be upset or bent up because they aren’t getting a freebee, then perhaps it’s best for those folks just to bypass CT for this weekend.


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