Frugal February Begins… Are You In?

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Are you ready for Frugal February? It is time to shop only for essentials – no dinners out, no coffees in the morning (you already have one in your hand don’t you?).

If you need help cutting your costs, check out these blogs:

Did you set a budget for the month or are you just trying to not buy the extras?

We have a forum thread here where you can share how you are doing, cheap recipes, brags etc


  1. rrrr

    I was going to,,,,

    but then bam! emergency flight across the country
    Clothing sale (sweater $50)
    Sushi buffet,,,???? wasn’t planned, completely spontaneous! WTF.


    Our goal (for 2 people) is $50 for groceries and entertainment. We’ve agreed that we won’t be eating out at restaurants and will be trying our best to finish what’s left in our freezer before buying any new groceries (milk/yogurt/eggs excluded). It’s going to be a nice Valentine’s day too! Homemade dinner and a favourite movie…maybe use a coupon we have for free dessert from a bakery close to us.

  3. Andrea

    I started in January- we are moving, so buying with closing costs, moving expenses etc we are trying to do out of pocket and on one salary…
    So far we went out to dinner once (even while house hunting) and that was with a gift card on a day when kids were free! And our events are tobogganing and free skates. (Haven’t done it yet, but Saturday $2.50 movies are on the agenda, too!)
    It takes planning- so there isn’t a lot of spontaneous fun- but the money is definitely adding up! So that’s fun!
    (We use the Gail Vaz-Oxlade idea for grocery budgeting, but I write my grocery list on vertical envelopes- with notes for flyer price matching and coupons- and put my $ and coupons inside before and receipts in after!)

  4. Kylie

    I am trying to make bill payments, and use up freezer items before May when fresh local produce is available and tastier, however I get miffed that stores raised their prices lately. Good thing I bought pantry items in December when they were much cheaper! Historically, they would be cheaper now, but it ain’t so!! To pay extra is not in the budget now! Also, I refuse to pay $3.00 for a head of lettce!! Regardless of weather conditions due south, that is why the stores are not selling much veggies. Too expensive and poor quality.


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