Frugal February Is Almost Here! Name Your Goals

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With Frugal February starting tomorrow, it is time to name your goals for the month.  Some of the Toronto SmartCanuckers have a very impressive goal of only spending $100 per couple for the month (outside of regular bills and transportation).  Others are just not eating out and are cutting extra spending like movies etc.

For some people, Frugal February means trying not to buy anything, they stock up before Feb 1st and spend money only on bills and essentials like getting to work etc but that is a little extreme for most people.  The true essence of Frugal February is about shopping only for essentials and not all the extra consumerism that our society has become.

You would buy only groceries, brown bag it rather than buy lunch out, have fun at home rather than go to the movies etc.  Frugal  is about trying as many money saving ideas as you can, such as spend-free days, not eating out, etc., and live as cheaply as possible. Try to eliminate all non-essential spending and only spend money on necessities and put the money you do not spend towards debt or savings – not blow it all on March 1st.

What are your frugal goals for the month?

frugfebiconIf you are taking part, feel free to use this icon as your avatar on the forums, we will start a thread there tomorrow for people to discuss how their month is going. (right click, save as and then add to your profile here)

20 responses to “Frugal February Is Almost Here! Name Your Goals”

  1. craftylady says:

    Hate to be their Valentine this month!

  2. oochie says:

    Oh Craftylady that is very good response.

  3. Nettie says:

    @craftylady. I’ve pre-planned for this, lol. I bought DH’s Valentine’s gift and Birthday gift (including cards) in January! He won’t be forgotten. lol 🙂

  4. Scarecrow says:

    I could go the whole month making food at home, looking forward to making sushi for lunch next week.

  5. To-craftylady says:

    Sucks to be you that your relationship is evaluated based on money.

  6. Michelle says:

    Looking forward to spending some time in the kitchen cooking with my hubby for Valentine’s. Last year he did it all himself while I relaxed on the couch and chatted with him, but this year we’re doing it together. Can’t wait!

  7. virrys says:

    Quote: “Sucks to be you that your relationship is evaluated based on money.:
    I agree…

  8. cathy says:

    I don’t have huge goals, but in January/February I’m trying to go through all of the entertainment in my house that has so far gone unwatched/unread. I also have 45 holds at the library (down from 60 two months ago) that I plan on going through. Hopefully this keeps me from buying anything new for the next little while.

  9. Lisa says:

    I can’t wait to read everyone else’s goals to get some ideas. We’ve been doing a pretty good job of stocking up before Feb on the non-perishable and freezables. I think a huge goal for me would be to go two weeks without grocery shopping once there is enough in the house. We tend to do our well-planned out, coupon-matched, big shop and then realize that we’re out of something (like maybe hot sauce that we don’t use that often so we didn’t have on the list) and need to go out and then end up getting a couple of things while we’re there…..and spend way over our budget for the week that way!

  10. mrsamyweber says:

    Buy less coffees, etc while out…that stuff really adds up!!!

  11. Spencer416 says:

    Excel spread sheet is made up for tracking everything.
    Planning on one ‘spend-free’ day a week, and if it works will try to carry it through the year. Ordered gift cards through AirMiles for February birthdays. Would like to cut the grocery bill by hald, or at least two thirds. Have to cook plan ahead meals this weekend for brown bagging.

  12. Spencer 416 says:

    Also cashed in HBC Reward Points for a HBC gift card for another birthday.

  13. craftylady says:

    I was just making a joke, my husband and have been together more then 34 years and we have had our share of frugal valentines days,(frugal lots of days) and they may have seemed romantic but yes now I do hope that there will be a little something,something ie dinner out.

  14. Tracker says:

    To craftylady. I thought your joke was funny…keep up your sense of humour.

  15. andra says:

    I like you sense of humour too Crafty Lady. I remember one Frugal Valentine when I bought a beer kit from the grocery store for my husband for his gift. He was delighted with it.
    I will try to shop every 10 days instead of once a week. As long as I can stock up on milk and fresh fruit/veggies it should work.

  16. carrie h says:

    I have $300 for the entire month – food for 4 people, entertaiment and extra – im used spending $300 every two weeks on food alone. I have been off work since the end of November due to illness and my cash savings is getting low. This also has to include my cell phone bill, MC payment bank fee and auto saving. It’s going to be tight in my world. The only good thing about not doing is i have no interest in going out.

  17. Hailey says:

    Doesn’t stocking up majorly before hand defeat the purpose?

    • FallenPixels says:

      Hailey, in some cases people stocked up beforehand and tried not to spend a single penny in Feb – way too restrictive for me but we have food in the freezer and I will be using it as we usually do

  18. anirlynn says:

    Want to be frugal and buy less? Try buying only canadian-made products. I’ve been looking to do that since the begining of the year and have bought very little aside from food. Have a great month! :+)

  19. Spencer416 says:

    Ticks me off. . . when I’m not aware another party is helping me buy less.
    Just noticed that Cattelli Smart pasta box has been reduced in weight (explains all the $1 sales going on). Their Macaroni was 454gm, and now is 375gm or was 5.3 servings and is now 4.4 servings per box. Way to go Ronzoni Foods Canada!

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