Get It FREE With Coupons This Week

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These are the items you can get free with coupons this week:

  • Food Basics Catelli Smart Pasta $1 – $1 (websaver.ca) = FREE
  • Fortinos: Chapman’s Premium Ice Cream $4.99 – $5 (mail out) = FREE
  • No Frills: Dove Hair Care $2.97 – $3 (printable) = FREE
  • Walmart: Soft Soap hand Soap Refill $1 – palmolive/colgate mailout = FREE
  • Walmart: Toilet Duck $2 – $2 (websaver.ca) = FREE

I will edit later if anymore are added to the lists


  1. ericaraina

    there was some sort of airwick someone mentioned is free at wm with new save.ca and websavers!

  2. torontogal12

    Love it when my avatar makes it to the front page hahaha. Thanks for these freebie posts

    • FallenPixels

      Some of them will not be available now, the easiest way to see if they are is click the coupons tab at the top of the page and search by that coupon

  3. Dm

    And don’t forget about the free Pepsi coupons that we are getting in the mail . I just got mine just make sure you read the fine print on the price limit .

  4. addismom

    I havent had any of the catelli coupons in a long time, is there a hidden link? Also the toilet duck cleaner I have ordered but only scrubbing bubbles one I have. I went to Walmart tonight to get the Soft Soap refills for 1.00, they were priced at 2.00. So didnt get any..

  5. Adrianna

    If you got the e-mail from Shoppers Drug Mart this week for $3 off Pantene conditioner they have Panteene conditioner on for $3.99 right now and some of the bottles have a instant $1.00 coupon on it so with your can code email and the instant coupon its free.

    Happy Couponing!


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