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H&M Canada: $5 off $30 Coupon When You Drop Off Used Clothes

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Visit a H&M stores and get a $5 off $30 coupon for each bag of used clothes you drop in the I: Collect recycling box next to the checkout counters.

The clothing will be sorted at a central recycling facility into four categories: second-hand clothes; textiles to be converted into other uses, such as cleaning cloths; textiles to be broken town and used for other purposes, such as insulation or the auto industry; and textiles to be used for energy.

So even if they are not ‘donate-able’ quality, they can still be used!  They don’t have to be from H&M either, any label can be dropped off.  I had a pile sorted for the local thrift store but I think I will take it to the mall and get myself a coupon or two now.

Thanks for letting us know couponlady


  1. Kary

    Is this any location? I have a collection of clothes that I’ve been wanting to donate too. If my local H&M is doing this then I’m getting myself a coupon! :)

  2. Sharon

    What a good idea. Hope this is any location as I have bags of clothes I was going to donate and might as well get $5 to spend at H&M.

  3. Lorie Ann

    What a fantastic idea!!!!!!!!! I have quite a good amount of clothes that I can’t decide whether or not they are in good enough shape to be donated to a thrift store…. Good to know that if it’s not acceptable quality for thrift store it will be used for something else! And to get a $5 off coupon for that is amazing :D I love H&M!

  4. LaLaLa

    They started this program at the beginning of February, only doesn’t seem like in Canada yet. Fantastic initiative on behalf of H&M! Would have been better if it was few months ago, but we’ll always have more!

  5. jcjc

    Was at my local H&M (I live in Toronto) yesterday and it has started, show your shopping-bag sized bag of clothing to the cashier first, then drop it in the bin.

  6. Catherine

    I have seen a box in the Calgary Sunridge location.

    Does anyone know when the coupon expires?


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