The North American House Hippo

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My wife and I were watching the old boob tube the other night and were delighted to see one of our favourite ads pop on. I’m sure you’ve all seen it, but just in case you haven’t (or if it’s been as long since you’ve seen it as it was for us) let me bring you what we consider the greatest Canadian ad of all time – The North American House Hippo.


For more info on Concerned Children’s Advertisers, visit their website here.


  1. Julie

    That’s a cute ad and with a really good message!

    The Concerned Children’s Advertisers website is:
    They have some of their commercials as well as lesson plans for teachers on their site for free. :-)

  2. intwowishin

    I LOVE this commercial!!!!!!

    My daughter (who is five) always asks if we can get one…..LOL

  3. Ickbob

    i gotta ask.. my friend keeps buggin.. are these “house” hippos even reeal ?

  4. RobynCD

    My younger brother used to think that House Hippos were real. I think he was 13 when we broke the news that they weren’t. Poor kid.

  5. ...

    lol @ickbob… the quotations around “house”make it seem like you are questioning the existance of houses, rather than hippos and yes they are real if you’re hopped up on shrooms or heroine

  6. godvchaos

    I have loved this comercial since I was a kid! house hippos don’t exist, however I am convinced that house Knomes do. they are the ones who hide your favorate jeans, steel keys etc. and then return them to the place you left them days later. They also are reponsible for using all the ink in ALL of the pens, breaking the tip off all of the pencils and then returning them to the jar, so that you are only left with crayons to write with.

  7. Lindzee Hartenov

    I do have a house hippo.The chips are always gone and the newspapers shredded.I have 2 she cats and they avoid it in fear.Yikes…help !


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