Loblaws Introduces A New Loyalty Program PC Plus

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Loblaws have introduced a new points based loyalty program called PC Plus to roll out PC Points to those who do not have PC Financial banking cards.    You can join by downloading their app or getting a card in a participating store but not all participating stores can scan the mobile app yet, so it is a good idea to get a PC Plus card and link it to your app.  If you have a PC Financial card, you can link that directly to your new PC Plus account and use that as your loyalty card.

Currently, PC Plus is not available in all stores.  You can join and use PC PLus in most Loblaws or Loblaws Great Foods stores.  You cannot use the card in their banner stores (RCSS, No Frills, Fortinos, Zehrs etc) and they do not state any timeline for when this may roll out, or if it will even roll out to other stores.  Check if your local store is participating here.

Similar to the Sobeys e-offers, you need to load the offers to your card, they are not all automatic.  PC Plus offers are tailored to your purchasing habits, so users will not get the same offers weekly.

1000 points is worth $1 and you can redeem once you reach $20 (20,000 points) or more in increments of $10.  If more than one person in your household shops, you can combine your accounts to make the most of your points.

Click here for more information or to download the app

Will you be joining PC Plus? Do you have a Loblaws store nearby or will you shop at  different store to participate?


  1. traveller

    They had a promo where you got 10000 PC points if you joined PC Plus and spent 100 in the store. Hope they bring this back.

  2. Suemace

    Only downloads on blackberry Z10 so very limited as to who can actually use this

  3. Sandra L

    You don’t need to DL anything if you don’t want to. The deals all load onto your PC card if you choose that option. The DL stuff is just for checking out the website on the go….

  4. Jim

    Suemace – its available for iOS, android and bb10. Hardly “very” limited.

  5. :-)

    I saw an item in store with “750 PC points and I was wondering what that was!

  6. Em

    My local Loblaws (in Ottawa) has started doing this. On the weekend, I earned an extra 450 PC points for buying juice and crackers that I would have normally bought anyway!

  7. FallenPixels

    Considering so many apps are not available to BB at all, even BB10 is an improvement for those who want to use it, but it sounds like you can join without a smartphone

  8. FallenPixels

    The Star report says it will roll out to other Loblaws banner stores over time, excluding No Frills and Maxi

    • FallenPixels

      @Dale, there is a check box at the top of the page where it says show PC Plus participating locations only, check that and it removes all of the Hamilton stores

  9. Sue

    Might join if they include RCSS and No Frills. Loblaws stores have always been too expensive. Mind you, RCSS over the past 10 years has price points nearly identical to Loblaws :-(

  10. Dream24

    Hmmm I might wait for a little while before deciding whether or not to join, especially since we don’t go to Loblaws stores too often

  11. Sandra5

    “The PC Plus program (the “Program”) is a smart rewards program that adapts to you over time, giving you the opportunity to receive personalized offers, dinner suggestions, a meal planner and even an intuitive shopping list manager.”

    How offensive! It implies that some people MIGHT be getting better offers than others at the discretion of Loblaws. This bothers me.

    This also implies that if I don’t supply you with personal data to work with, then you will not provide me with offers.

    LISTEN UP LOBLAWS: this is how I want my deals offered: Put the offer in your flyer or on a sticker by the product: same offer for everybody. I DECIDE what offer I like, not you.

    Second don’t try to think for me with “intuitive” suggestions. This is because 1) You can’t read my mind and therfore do no know what I need . 2) I can think for myself.

    • FallenPixels

      The interview with one of their HQ guys said it was (paraphrasing here as I don’t have it in front of me) ‘to reward loyal customers rather than those who come and cherry pick special offers’ and eventually they want to get rid of their flyer and just use this app

      I live in an city where there is a large poor and elderly population, likely not using smartphones – way to lose part of your customer base

  12. tp1943

    I will pass a RCSS, Metro, Food Basics and a No Frills before I would arrive at the closest Loblaws. If they get rid of the flyer it will cost them dearly as not all consumers have smartphones or even need them. They never have any real super deals in my market. If this program fits your location it could be worthwhile. BUT, remember it’s Loblaws which has not been known for grocery bargains. IMO.

  13. Sandra5

    Ever since Galen Weston Jr. has taken over Loblaws (about the mid 2000s) stock selection and competitive pricing has gone downhill. We used to shop exclusively at Loblaws but lack of stock and of reliably good deals has forced us to go elsewhere at times. Jr is reportedly worth 8 billion and the silver spoon he’s gagging on prevents him from seeing that the average Canadian has to stick to a budget. My suspicion is that wealthier Canadians will be offered better deals with this new app.
    If they do eventually cut out the flyer as rumoured, poorer folk who need to rely on flyers will be left out in the cold.

  14. Barry

    Just got the card and logged into the web site. Apparently you have to “load” offers in order to get the maximum amount of points. Which means logging in every week or so in order to use it. Looks like a pain in the neck.

    I also couldn’t figure out from the web site what kind of rewards you actually get.

    Honestly, this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. While I probably won’t stop shopping at Loblaws, I will be buying more groceries elsewhere.

  15. Wayneg

    Hey Sandra5. You’re angry. Find peace in your lIfe. It’s a company trying to give a little back to their loyal customers.

  16. Kim

    It’s a good program, but to make it fair, Loblaws could have set up their computer system better. I was told at the store that I had to give my card (either a PC financial card that is linked to PC plus, or a PC plus card) to the cashier before she starts scanning. And you don’t get the extra points if you use self-scanning. And like another poster said, for the personal offers, you have to log-in online every week and load the offers to your card. I didn’t get the detergent deal (9000 pts) because I used self-scanning. No where in the store was the signed posted then. Yesterday I went to buy the catch-up 3 packs for 5k pts, I had to get the points credited at the customer service and the rep there was not apologetic at all. He said it was common sense to product a rewards card if you want the points. But the problem is we don’t have to produce the card at the very beginning of the transaction. At Sobey’s, you can just give the card at the end of the transaction. How would I have known to pass along my PC mastercard before the transaction?

  17. paul

    in response to Jim – if it’s for BB and not Win8 phone OS – then it’s limited – it matters not as Fortinos doesn’t have it I gather – I saw the comment about Hamilon

  18. Lisa

    Love PC points. Love PC points plus even more!!! Just started points plus last night. Spent $83 and got 21900 in points!! Awesome!!! Felt like I won a bet!! Easiest $20 I’ll ever make! Thx PC :)

  19. vee

    I was recently at Fortino’s and picked up a rewards card. Its not bad, it doesn’t cost anything to join so why not. I do like the extra offers you can load to you card so far from the extra offers at least 50% were items i regularly buy anyways.
    The only problem i have encountered so far when i pull up the app on my phone the scanner won’t scan the barcode for some reason. So i do carry the card with me just in case.

  20. Donna D

    As a single person I thought it would likely not be worth having the card due to buying fewer groceries than families but it’s definitely worth it. The program really does choose things that you personally purchase. After just a few months use I already have $90 for buying things I would have anyway. Even better, often what they have chosen as offers for the week are also on sale.


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