Nestle Nesquik Canada: Request Your Free Coupon

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Nestle Nesquik is offering 5000 free coupons pre week to try out their product.  Simply fill out your information and answer a few quick questions to receive your coupon!

Click here to request your free coupon.  I’m interested to find out exactly what the coupon is for, if it’s for a free product or a cents off coupon.

Thanks Raider for emailing me this great offer.

*Looks like the set limit was met within 30 minutes of me posting this! Keep checking back*


  1. French Lady

    It says it’s a trial offer, so I’m guessing it’s an FPC for a small box. Thanks!

  2. kris

    Earlier i tried it just sent me straight to a link that said there were no more left but this time it made me fill out my info and then it said there were none left!! Not sure what is up with that..

  3. Sarah

    My favourite weird snack is salted crackers broken up into a bowl, with very chocolatey Nesquick milk. The result is a mushy yet crunchy bowl of goodness. Its been a favourite since it was still called Quick! It has to be the powdered version though. The syrup just isn’t the same.

  4. misskitty_79

    I must’ve just missed it. I checked it at 6:30am & it still had the “we’ve run out” message up, then I tried again just a bit before 9am & it was back to a “please try again next time”…
    Guess I’ll have to try tomorrow morning!

  5. Gussy

    Thank you

    Enjoy your trial offer. You should receive your coupon in the mail within four weeks @ 1:07pm

  6. kris

    i am going to check back around 9 or 10 pm tonight…i am not sure but it seems to be i notice people posting when they got it and it seems to be around 8 am 1 pm and 11pm, i am leaving the computer on tonight to keep checking back,lol.

  7. Bun E.

    the site is up and taking orders. too bad it doesn’t give a counter. 7:35am ET.

  8. Mrs Andie

    i got mine 5:30 calgary time…if any one has received the coupon,,is that for family pack or small or just cents off???


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