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Postage Stamp Prices Increasing Jan 14 *Reminder*

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Just a reminder that Canada Post are increase the cost of postage on January 14.  The cost of a regular P (permanent  rate) stamp will increase to $0.63 (and they approved $0.65 for 2014) so if you are running low, buy some before January 14th to save $0.02 per stamp.  If your stamps have a P on them instead of a price, you can use them without additional postage.

Other increases:

  • For domestic letters weighing between 30 and 50 grams, a $0.05 increase to $1.10
  • An increase ranging between $0.04 to $0.10 for all other domestic letter weight categories, with the heavier categories incurring the larger increases
  • For letters, cards and postcards up to 30 grams destined for the USA, a $0.05 increase to $1.10
  • For letters, cards and postcards up to 30 grams sent to foreign destinations, a $0.05 increase to $1.85
  • For domestic registered mail, a $0.25 increase to $8.50

The new rates for lettermail are as follows:



  1. Dm

    I send out less then 10 envelopes a yr so no big deal for me .The more we do on line the less we need of the post office .

  2. Samster

    Less letters but way more parcels over the years.
    Why some people say they don’t need post office? Hundreds and thousands of people use postal services for many different reasons.
    and trust me, you don’t want all your online purchase to be delivered by UPS and such.

  3. Kay

    If you send lots of letters Costco carries 100 rolls for $58.49. that is >>59 per stamp. They don’t expire so you can use them for the next 10 years if you need to.


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