Presidents Choice Long Distance Phone Card $5 Bonus When you buy a $20 Card

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This week at Loblaws owned stores purchase a $20 long distance prepaid card and receive a $5 bonus! The $5 bonus will be added onto the card itself.  This deal runs until July 31st.  The prepaid phone cards can be bought anywhere that sells the Presidents Choice brand.  I find these cards really handy when your travelling and don’t want to pay roaming fees on your cell phone.


  1. Silk

    Can someone tell me where this deal is advertised? Don’t see it on the pctelecom website. Thanks.

  2. Ashley

    thanks Tina for the above link, I signed up and worked just fine. Using now with my Fido cell service! You can even save your most called long distance # as in speed dial. Love the local 416# and no need to enter PIN.

    Great service.

  3. Nisa

    I think the smartreach deal is better than PC, because PC requires $20 load on card whereas smartreach only min load is $5 + $5 bonus, will last me easily for a year :)


  4. Feihan

    I decided to try SmartReach but it’s asking for a PIN for the $5 bonus. Anyone know what the PIN is?

  5. Leslie

    thanks for the above link and coupon! I was looking to buy prepaid card until I read the post. It’s so easy called from my cell phone even let me create speed dials :)

    Also received my $5 bonus in email within hours.

  6. lil mario

    THANKS! worked like a charm. Got my $5 bonus right away!
    Have tons of minutes to call family over the holidays

  7. momyof2

    the first link posted didn’t work for me so I tried the 2nd link and yes it worked and it took 1 day to receive my bonus $5 card in email.

    So far I’m pleased but I still have my $25 PC phone card but I’m afraid I may loose it so I like the online option better.

    I don’t think PC is offering any promotions this month :(

  8. Leandro

    PC deal is back – they say between March 1st and March 31st.

    P.S. I decided to try to get the bonus through their call center (added $20 on my existing card) instead of going all the way to the store and they let me :)

  9. George

    Just came back from across the States voyage – these cards aaved my butt! called my gf from everywhere, talked for god knows how long.. never got disconnected or got given a crappy line (i don’t like the cheap voip stuff that don’t let you hear the other person).. definetely a moneysaver!

  10. Ryan

    +1 second link worked just fine for me and I did indeed receive the $5 top-up bonus :)

    I don’t like phone cards per se so went with smartreach service just because they give you a toll free #. I was in vegas last week and had to make calls to reserve our tickets to coach bus to grand canyon. Had no change then realize I could dial toll free from pay phone ;)

    Totally worth it …

  11. Jennifer

    Hi, I used the link under Tina and got my $5 coupon but where do I apply it in my account?

  12. Jerry S

    I have used the PC card for several years.
    My biggest GRIPE is that it expires in 6 months, no matter what the balance was. However, you can renew the card by adding $ to it and the previous balance will go onto the card as well. Your card again will expire 6 months from the date you last add $ to it. You cannot renew using the 866# used to use the card.

  13. Vancouvermom

    ^ that was the main reason I was tired of using PC cards or all other calling cards. I’m so glad I tried smart reach, initially little skeptic but was surprised I got my $5 bonus voucher in few mins. :) Now I have $10 balance and the csr on the phone verified it doesn’t expire!!!

    I will be traveling a lot during Christmas and this will help us a lot because it offers a toll-free # to use from hotel/payphone – what a great idea!!!

    Also the rate is very competitive, 0.02/cent plus with bonus, it become 0.01/cent a min.for US/Canada.

  14. Jessie I

    Y is my card expiring nov 28 I have not had it longer than 2 months. And it says it is good for 6 months what the eh I should 4 months left

  15. Padma

    Use hello bolo long distance phone cards. Easy to use, easy recharge, no pins, no expiry and excellent voice quality. Rates are very reasonable.


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