Presidents Choice Long Distance Phone Card $5 Bonus When you buy a $20 Card


This week at Loblaws owned stores purchase a $20 long distance prepaid card and receive a $5 bonus! The $5 bonus will be added onto the card itself.  This deal runs until July 31st.  The prepaid phone cards can be bought anywhere that sells the Presidents Choice brand.  I find these cards really handy when your travelling and don’t want to pay roaming fees on your cell phone.

25 responses to “Presidents Choice Long Distance Phone Card $5 Bonus When you buy a $20 Card”

  1. Tina says:

    I used to use PC for longdistance until I came across Smartreach. it’s c1.9 cents across US/Canada. NO gimmicks, call from Cell/Home. Best of all they’re canadian company as well. Oh if you signup they also have $5 bonus

  2. Silk says:

    Can someone tell me where this deal is advertised? Don’t see it on the pctelecom website. Thanks.

  3. Talia says:

    hmm… will consider both! thanks!!!

  4. Ashley says:

    thanks Tina for the above link, I signed up and worked just fine. Using now with my Fido cell service! You can even save your most called long distance # as in speed dial. Love the local 416# and no need to enter PIN.

    Great service.

  5. Nisa says:

    I think the smartreach deal is better than PC, because PC requires $20 load on card whereas smartreach only min load is $5 + $5 bonus, will last me easily for a year 🙂


  6. Mary Ann says:

    Thanks for the info on Spartreach, i will definitely try it!

  7. Feihan says:

    I decided to try SmartReach but it’s asking for a PIN for the $5 bonus. Anyone know what the PIN is?

  8. Nisa says:

    @Feihan: I signed up as well and here is the link,

    I also just loaded $5 and they gave me $5 Bonus free by email. Basically they send you a bonus card by email and you apply it to your account 🙂

    I love the service so far!!!! NO more of those PINS and phone cards lol

  9. Leslie says:

    thanks for the above link and coupon! I was looking to buy prepaid card until I read the post. It’s so easy called from my cell phone even let me create speed dials 🙂

    Also received my $5 bonus in email within hours.

  10. lil mario says:

    THANKS! worked like a charm. Got my $5 bonus right away!
    Have tons of minutes to call family over the holidays

  11. momyof2 says:

    the first link posted didn’t work for me so I tried the 2nd link and yes it worked and it took 1 day to receive my bonus $5 card in email.

    So far I’m pleased but I still have my $25 PC phone card but I’m afraid I may loose it so I like the online option better.

    I don’t think PC is offering any promotions this month 🙁

  12. Leandro says:

    PC deal is back – they say between March 1st and March 31st.

    P.S. I decided to try to get the bonus through their call center (added $20 on my existing card) instead of going all the way to the store and they let me 🙂

  13. George says:

    Just came back from across the States voyage – these cards aaved my butt! called my gf from everywhere, talked for god knows how long.. never got disconnected or got given a crappy line (i don’t like the cheap voip stuff that don’t let you hear the other person).. definetely a moneysaver!

  14. Ryan says:

    +1 second link worked just fine for me and I did indeed receive the $5 top-up bonus 🙂

    I don’t like phone cards per se so went with smartreach service just because they give you a toll free #. I was in vegas last week and had to make calls to reserve our tickets to coach bus to grand canyon. Had no change then realize I could dial toll free from pay phone 😉

    Totally worth it …

  15. Jennifer says:

    Hi, I used the link under Tina and got my $5 coupon but where do I apply it in my account?

  16. Jerry S says:

    I have used the PC card for several years.
    My biggest GRIPE is that it expires in 6 months, no matter what the balance was. However, you can renew the card by adding $ to it and the previous balance will go onto the card as well. Your card again will expire 6 months from the date you last add $ to it. You cannot renew using the 866# used to use the card.

  17. Vancouvermom says:

    ^ that was the main reason I was tired of using PC cards or all other calling cards. I’m so glad I tried smart reach, initially little skeptic but was surprised I got my $5 bonus voucher in few mins. 🙂 Now I have $10 balance and the csr on the phone verified it doesn’t expire!!!

    I will be traveling a lot during Christmas and this will help us a lot because it offers a toll-free # to use from hotel/payphone – what a great idea!!!

    Also the rate is very competitive, 0.02/cent plus with bonus, it become 0.01/cent a min.for US/Canada.

  18. Sarah says:

    How long after you’ve signed up do you get the $5 bonus by email? I signed up this morning?

  19. Jessie I says:

    Y is my card expiring nov 28 I have not had it longer than 2 months. And it says it is good for 6 months what the eh I should 4 months left

  20. Padma says:

    Use hello bolo long distance phone cards. Easy to use, easy recharge, no pins, no expiry and excellent voice quality. Rates are very reasonable.

  21. Miry says:

    I dont understand why cards for international phone call expire, just lost $22, it is like kind of FORCING you to load it 🙁

  22. Brenda says:

    I purchased a $5.00 card and got 5 minutes. It’s the first time that happened as I normally get over 100 minutes at 4cents a minute. The card lasted 1 call. I usually have a card last months

  23. em says:

    Our Superstore no longer have these cards , where /how can I get them ? I use them a lot !


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