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Sign up for Safeway eMail Direct exclusive offers and receive 100 Air Miles reward miles.   Limit of one bonus offer per Air Miles collector card number.  After you complete the form, it tells you your Air Miles will be credited to your account in 4-6 weeks.

Thanks freebiechick for posting this on the forum.

Click here to sign up.  

NOTE: Just put n/a in for the safeway card number if you do not have one. :)


  1. Cristian

    Yes, I just signed up for the bonus 1 hr. ago. Just click on ‘Click here to sign up’ link.

  2. Stephany

    I do not mind to get Safeway Card#,it’s free, they say give to Safeway cashier filled form. If any store in Ontario?

  3. Farida

    I tried to submit and it says “A user with the same air miles account you have entered already exists. Unable to register again”, so what do I do.

  4. Rhonda

    all i got was ” your name has been entered for a CHANCE to win 25,000 airmiles ….no mention of 100 free ones

  5. Lynn

    I signed up months ago and still have not been credited 100 Air Miles. I have sent many enquiries to Safeway without one single response. How’s that for Customer Service!

  6. Jackie

    I got my recent Air Miles statement and sure enough I received my 100 bonus air miles!!

  7. Jackie

    Oh, I should add that I don’t have an Safeway card and still received the bonus air miles.

  8. Gloria A. Poitras

    I applied for thge 100 free bonus Air Miles points through Safeway about 5-6 weeks ago. I have not received any confirmtion that the points have been credited to my Air Miles account. Pleawse advise when I may expect this credit. Thank you.

  9. Denise

    Do we have to have a Safeway in our region to apply for the points? I am living in Atlantic Canada and there is not one here at all.

  10. Gloria A. Poitras

    I have sent requests for information June 15th and another email, and to this date, I have not received any answer to the delay, nor have I received my 100 points. Please advise when I may expect to receive these points. I just got an Airmail update, and there still is no mention of the points being applied.

  11. word

    thanks for the tip! it worked for me. signed up one week ago, and 100 airmiles were added to my account today

  12. Jake

    A discrepancy on the site for some I guess. When you signup and hit SUBMIT, you may not see a confirmation and don’t know if accepted? Just clear your browser’s cache and go back to re-enter your info. It’ll say “a;ready exists …….” if it was successful. I stopped my popup blocker during the application and I didn’t see any confirmation the other day, so I just re-tried a few days later and it DOES show they have my info. It doesn’t only go to airmiles but another part where the Safeway Promo is so eventually you will get your points. Also, you’ll know they have your info if you start getting online flyers or Safeway promo material because NOT ONCE have I ever received Safeway stuff so now I’ll wait and see. Not sure how long before you’re credited but I’d guess it’s about 30 days seeing as how that’s how long it has taken for some promos in the past, with other offers.

  13. ninamaryjoe

    I signed up for this about a year ago and I think it took 2-3 months for the points to show up on my air miles but they did. I also get a weekly email from Safeway with 4-6 coupons that can be very good at times normally bonus air miles with purchase but also sometimes dollars off products or Buy one get one Free. Email normally comes out late Saturday or Sunday morning and expiry dates coincide with their weekly flyers

  14. Doreen

    Hello :

    I signed up for the 100 bonus airmiles almost three monthes ago and I still do not have them, but get their E – Mal flyers all the time. I am fed up with this obvious scam! I advise people to avoid this promotion like the plague!

    Doreen Gee, Victoria BC

  15. tony

    quote – “I don’t have one, I just put n/a in and it went through”

    when i put n/a in for the safeway card # it says “Hint: The Club Card Number field may only contain numeric values with no spaces” … im tryin to find a card number to use as we dont have safeway in my area

  16. CHERYL

    Does this offer still work now? I clicked where it says click on it and it doesn’t do anything.

  17. Anna

    when I tried to register it indicated a “zip code”
    How do I get through to the canadian site?

  18. ASHLEY

    Doreen, this is not a “scam” at all. It works, as per all air miles vendors, sometimes the miles take a while to be credited. It says up to 2 weeks. Be patient.

  19. Laurell

    So it says “CLICK HERE” and I did and I sat there like a DOLT for ten minutes and nothing happenenen. I could NOT sign up for anything.
    SAFEWAY needs to hire an IT person to correct errors on this site or they will lose customers.

  20. Anna

    I have been collecting Air Miles since 1993. I was shopping in one of our Calgary Safeways yesterday with “Spend $100 and get 100 Air Miles free” coupons. After all discounts and coupons my total came up to just over $102. The cashier scanned the coupon and it seemed to go in just fine. When I looked at the receipt, I noticed that I did not, in fact, get the 100 Air Miles bonus. I asked the cashier, who promptly told me, that my deposits, enviro levies and tax were excluded. I pointed out to her, that nowhere on the coupon did it state that deposits were excluded, only the enviro levies and they are two very different things (hence called “deposit” and “enviro levy” on the receipt – separately). Even with the enviro levies and GST taken out, my total was over $100. I then moved up to customer service representative, who called the store manager. The manager looked absolutely disbelieving that I was trying so hard to get my 100 Air Miles. At the end he GAVE them to me after he said “I see that this means so much to you.” He also suggested I was insinuating that Safeway was trying to deliberately mislead the consumers with this offer. I never said that, but… Well, actually, if the shoe fits… When the exclusions are printed in such a tiny print, that the clerk has to take her glasses off and put the coupon within 4 inches of her eyes and still not be able to read it. When the system accepts the coupon and never tells you your “Air Miles qualifying” total is off from your “total” total (therefore disqualifying you from this offer), what else could you conclude other than they hope you never check your transactions online and will not be any wiser when your paper statement comes in 3 months later?

  21. Rob

    How doo you get the bonus 100 airmiles credit if there is no where on the application to leave the airmiles collector number???

  22. Hector

    How do you get the bonus 100 airmiles?

    I click to sign up and it takes me no where… please email me back to be able to sign up and collect the bonus 100 airmiles. Thanks!

  23. Linda

    when I try to sign up and get the 100 air miles…it just brings me to an error page….how the heck does this thing work?

  24. Julie

    I think the link no longer works as it was years ago when it started. I looked it up on the internet and found another link which also did not work. Looks like it could be a waste of time unless someone can find another working link and let us all know.


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