Spring/Transit Shoes Canada: 50% Off Lowest Price

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Spring/Transit Shoes Canada: 50% Off Lowest Price

Thanks MissScrooge and cdnchk for this deal.

GREAT deal on Shoes & Handbags @ Spring/Transit: 50% off last ticketed sale price.

In-Store & Online. Free standard shipping for all online orders for a limited time.

I was in the mall yesterday, and they had their 50% off the lowest price sale on their shoes and bags. I was able to get leather boots for $40 and my friend was able to get some dressy flats for $10. Some of their shoes are online, too, and it’s free shipping.

Click here for Spring / Transit Shoes online

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  1. Margaret Auchterlonie

    I purchased a pair of boots in November 08 and the problem
    with them is the synthetic leather gives off a very toxic
    odour much like varsol and I get a headache so I cannot wear
    them and I really like them. My fellow employees have also
    mentioned this unpleasant smell.
    The boots are a pair of riding-style, flat heels, pull-on
    with no zipper. They are made in China.
    I want to know if there is anything I can treat them with
    besides your conditioner and I have also tried mink oil but
    nothing seems to work.
    Is this just an isolated case or have you had other complaints
    regarding this product?
    Please advise as I am a faithful customer at Spring Shoes
    in Guelph, Ontario
    Margaret Auchterlonie


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