Starbucks Canada: 12 Days of Christmas- Day #2 Promo- Buy One Get One Free 1lb Christmas Blend Coffee

Canadian Deals & Coupons

Starbucks Canada is offering 12 Days of Christmas Deals.

Each day is a new promotion -and today is a great one! (Good for those gift baskets and teacher gifts)

Buy 1lb of Starbucks Christmas Blend and get 1lb for free.This offer also includes Decaf and Christmas Blend Espresso Roast. Mmmmm….espresso…..

This offer expires December 2, 2010 and is only available at participating stores.

Click here to visit the 12 Days site and see each day’s promo.


  1. Deb

    The link does not work.
    You get a response saying, “Sorry, no attachments matched your criteria.”

  2. Speedy-T

    ^^ if you look at the link, it links to smartcanucks first.

    Remove the first part, and it will work :)

  3. Andy

    Around $16 in Canada (it’s only $11 in the US…crazy price difference).

    I wonder if registered card holders can also get their free tall drink in combination with this promo…

  4. missbobloblaw

    Sorry guys! Link is fixed, and yes it is a one day only promo! (how can you tell it was a pre coffee fix post? :))

  5. Stephania

    1. Why do Canadians always get shafted in terms of price discrepancies? Re: book cover prices, Starbucks, & other chains stores that are across both sides of the border, AND shopping in general?

    2. I texted a friend of mine and he said the remaining 12 Days promo is all merchandise so pick up your Christmas Blends TODAY! AND TODAY ONLY!

  6. Lindsay E

    I was going to get this today but the 1lb bags are $17.95 at my local Starbucks (in Calgary) so I passed … even $9 for a bag of beans is too rich for me!

  7. Sarah

    If you only buy 1 bag it will ring in as half price! I work at Starbucks, and it’s not promoted, but we have a little card behind the counter and it’s supposed to be a “surprise” for the regular customer who would buy a bag and find out its half price.

    & yes, if you have a registered sbux card you’ll get your free drink. Christmas blend is awesome, so for only $10 it’s a bargain!

  8. Jen

    If you want a good price on Starbucks coffee beans, Costco carries a few different kinds and much cheaper than the store!

  9. kerry

    I got my BOGO today at Starbucks,with a starbucks card I had.Quite pricey at $17.95 a pound.One is for me, the other will be a part of a christmas present…


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