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I haven’t started skating this year yet but this post makes me want to go skate right now :D

Thanks Sally for letting me know about this free Tim Hortons Skating Schedule!. Love your white shiny perfect teeth!

Tim Horton’s free skating is back and this year it’s offered in 3 provinces (no idea why these 3 provinces in particular)

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Ontario

Click here for the full Tim Horotn’s Free Holiday Skating Schedule


  1. Joe

    Saskatchewan also is included. Prince Albert is not in Alberta — it’s in Saskatchewan. I guess Tim’s geographically challenged.

  2. Jessica

    I also went on here to look for the free skates and no Nova Scotia…Pretty sure that the man that created the huge Tim Horton’s chain was from Nova Scotia (Ron Joyce). I think that this website should be updated so every province is included since they make a fortune off of us…very disappointing in this website!

  3. Audrey

    We took our three grandchildren to the Brock Arena in Kamloops to skate and no one at the arena knew anything about this event. There was no one there from Tim Hortons either. We do appreciate that the skating was free but we are wondering where the representatives from Tim Hortons were as I must agree with the previour response, we do spend alot of money at your establishment. Thank – you for the free skating though. We know that ice time is very costly but are just wondering where the rest of this offer ended up. The hot chocolate would have been nice as it was quite cold in the arena.

  4. Karen

    At Memorial Arena in Kamloops there was free hot chocolate. The Lions were also there with hot dog sales which was nice. It is great to get the free skating, if only we could get skate rentals at the rinks it would be a lot more affordable for families to get out and try the sport.


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