1. Andrea Vaughan

    Thanks for this great heads up…a free night out with snacks and food and hockey…what a deal !

  2. torontogal12

    Thanks! I walk by the ACC every day. Now I will be able to afford to go inside. lol DH will be happy

  3. Andrea Vaughan

    The promo is closed..the tickets went quick…but I was able to give a heads up to a couple people….damn I wish I had ordered 4 tickets instead of 2….I know a family that coulda used the extra 2 tickets…lol but I honestly didn’t think the tickets and food was free when I first clicked the page…..I’m excited to go watch with other fans this is a great day out….

    • FallenPixels

      @Andrea, last year there was a similar promo for free tickets and a lot of people signed up but did not use them and put them for trade/RAOK on the forums a week before so check closer to the time

  4. La

    for RAOK is great but to trade, not cool, since they took something they aren’t going to use, and others would have.


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