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Value Village Canada: 50% Off Sale Monday 25

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Shop at Value Village on Monday and save 50% on clothing, shoes, accessories, and bed and bath.  It is rumoured that you can shop tomorrow if you are Super Saver card holder and take advantage before non-card holders but you may want to call ahead and make sure your store is participating.

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What has been your best find in Value Village? Do you prefer other thrift stores over Value Village?  Do you shop in them at all?


  1. jld87

    I prefer our small town thrift stores to VV…they are way too pricey. In fact I can get more affordable clothing for my daughter and even myself by shopping an Old Navy sale with a coupon… and its new! I don’t understand how they stay in business.

    • Sarah

      I totally agree- plus not even half of their profit makes its way to charity, it just enss up in their pockets

  2. saba lasi

    yes thats true
    super saver card holders can have their cards used for the pre sale sunday
    but there’s same 50% sale at talize n its on everything
    whole store
    n do prefer talize to VV
    so im going to talize on monday
    who else is going there?

  3. zoe

    I agree with jld87. I even purchase clothes for my kids at the childrens place and osh kosh outlet for cheaper price than VV.

  4. Melissa

    Last time I was at value village they wanted 15.00 for a pair of sz 3-6 mos Gap jeans that were 9 yrs old(I know because I had the exact same pair for my oldest when she was that age).
    I don’t pay 15.00 for jeans from the actual Gap store.
    And don’t get me started on the H&M dress with the tags still on saying it was 14.95 and the VV tag wanting 29.99……maybe they’ll go the way of zellers and Talize can take over.

  5. roseofblack25

    I love shopping there but I don’t buy too much because they do price some things crazy high. However if you are good with brands you can get some great deals. I have found authentic Burberry, Theory, Betsey Johnson, Nanette Lepore, Juicy Couture, Parasuco, and I can’t even remember what else. The best part is that they were all priced cheaper than H&M clothing in the store! I’m assuming the people pricing just don’t know high end brands well enough to know that they are way pricier than mall brand clothing.

    I have to be around the corner from the VV I frequent on Monday for an appointment, so I will kill some time since I will have about half an hour and go shopping to see what I can find.

  6. What am I still doing up?

    I too find VV WAY too expensive most of the time. I much prefer the Salvation Army, great place for cool furniture to restore.
    But I did find a fantastik leather jacket at VV last week. Excellent quality and not a mark on it! $30!!!!!!!!

  7. i love to travel

    I agree about Salvation army.
    Got a great plant stand there – all wrought iron. It was their 50% off sale and I paid $3. I like the charities that Salvation Army and Good Will support.

  8. Katbean

    I get most of my clothes at vv in Toronto we don’t have this tailize place that I know of.. I got rock and republic jeans, rly cute Marc Jacobs skirt and lots of clubmonaco

  9. Mary Walsh

    You do have to shop around but their 50% off can get yopu bargains. I found skinny jeans there for $4.00–at half price- — same ones for $49.99 at the Bay and sure looked and felt new. A Northern Reflection summer top was $3.00 It was from last summers collection. It’s search and find! On the other hand Reitmans has their clearance sale on buy one get one free, so 2 tank tops were $2.99 for one, with one free so $2.99 for 2– brand new—-normally $19.99 each.

  10. Lily

    I really dislike VV….it is WAY overpriced, as everyone has already mentioned…you can get new clothing on sale in many stores for way cheaper than it is at VV. Even with the 50% off sale. Especially since on the 50% off days, the store is busy and only crap is left over by the middle of the day. It really amazes me how high they price some things – used jeans (not designer) at $19.99? You’ve got to be kidding me…I can buy new jeans for the same price at Winners or Marshalls…

  11. Femme Fatale

    It’s true you can definitely find most things for the same price or less new, but sometimes even regular stores don’t have those kind of deals. Mostly the high end stuff that’s still ridiculously expensive on ‘sale.’

    Case in point, today I found a coat from a local designer that probably retailed for around $1000. It was $10 and looked new! I also found a new with tags $385 dress for $20!

    I also love finding vintage goods, can’t buy those at the mall!

  12. Jessica

    Melissa, did you take/ show this to the store manager, that the item was priced way more then it was new? Also, was the price on the H&M dress sale or not (well i guess that shouldn’t matter)? I would have made a slight complaint, and tell the store manager that they should be careful not to price items for more then they sell for new (non sale price new).

  13. Yvonne

    Value Village has increased the prices in the last year or so. I used to shop there all the time. Now I find the prices are more expensive then that of dept stores when they have sales. They should look into this. I now shop at TALIZE!!


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