Walmart Canada Anniversary Sale Starts Soon! Flyer Available For Viewing.

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Patty heard today on the radio that the Wamart Anniversary sale is starting this week! (Thursday or Friday)  We don’t have the flyer as of yet but will soon.  Click here for the fun conversation going on in our forum.

I hope this year brings forth some good sales.  There wasn’t too much that I was interested in last year.  Click here to keep checking back for the flyer at Walmart.ca

*Update, if you go to Walmart.ca and search under Quebec the flyer is up as of 12am Tuesday!*


  1. Tiana

    Can’t wait!! The best deal I remember was on diapers :)
    I knew this event was coming up in the next few weeks, just wasn’t sure if it was anniversary at my store only or Canada wide

  2. Corbinx

    Is it just me or has the Wal-Mart site not been loading properly for anyone else for quite some time now? Can’t wait to see the flyer!

  3. Redundant

    I too look forward to the anniversary flyer, unfortunately, I live in a small town. Our Walmart is the smallest in Canada, we still do not have a Superstore..Rarely does our Walmart carry what is advertised in the regular flyer, let alone the anniversary one..I have to drive 3/4 hour to get the deals, and with the price of gas these days, I’m not sure whether or not it will be worth it

  4. TJ

    @ Redundant maybe you can price match at a closer store like Zellers , Canadian Tire , Sears , No Frills , Freshco etc :)

  5. Eric

    Seiki blu ray player for $58. Not bad. I paid $80 for it last November. Not a bad little player.

    Star Wars on blu ray is still cheaper at Futureshop (for the first couple days anyway – especially with the $20 I got from the facebook thing a little while back)

    Though my favourite sales during the anniversary is always the cheapy movies. Must check out those bins.

  6. j

    pampers diapers are going to be on sale for $32.33 for a huge box!!!
    BABY DRY Size 1-276, size 2-246, size 3-222, size 4-192, size 5-172, size 6-140
    Cruisers or Swaddlers Size 1-234, size 2-204, size 3-186, size 4-160, size 5-140, size 6-112

  7. stuieogrady

    I can’t get the flyer to appear. It just sends me around in a circle to find a store near me, no flyer. Very frustrating.


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