Extreme Couponing Season 2 Starts. Will You Be Watching Canada?


Extreme Couponing season 2 starts!  Will you be watching? To be honest I didn’t even have much interest in season 1.  A lot of it seems to be too extreme or only be aired for sheer shock value.  I believe you can extreme coupon in Canada withougt being shady like some of these “characters”

Click here if you want a sneak peek of season 2

49 responses to “Extreme Couponing Season 2 Starts. Will You Be Watching Canada?”

  1. Brenda says:

    I’d only watch this type of show if it was for Canadian shoppers, not likely we all would be able to do that kind of extreme couponing up here..but could be wrong..

  2. anawhatme says:

    from what i’ve seen of this show, it’s just about pure greed.
    i find it shameful.

  3. anawhatsme says:

    weird – my name was spelled wrong…

  4. Mist_ynight says:

    I’ve never watched it but have heard about it at work. I’ll probably check it out when the new season starts.

  5. GottaLoveFreeebies says:

    interesting, I just watched the season 2 premier on tlc…..

  6. tudorchick says:

    not likely,as we cannot attempt alot of what they do and sometimes all i see is greed like someone else said.it makes couponing look bad and has changed the fine print which doesn’t make me very happy..

  7. Tara says:

    episode 1 and 2 air today amd 3 and 4 air on the 28th

  8. Ivana Save says:

    LOL I’m watching it now! This show made me a couponer! Yes the majority of the ppl on that show are greedy with huge stock piles, but this last episode a woman shopped for her low income neighbours, and some of he families are poor or out of work. I personally love the show for the crazy and sweet stories, and tips altho it is mostly related to american store policies. I say watch it! It’s about our fellow couponers!

  9. trichi says:

    Just watched it as well! I like the ones that help out other people!

  10. Theresa says:

    A lot of this seems just like another form of hoarding. The people that give to food banks and shelters are doing a noble thing. Unfortunately, so many on that show just seem greedy and unethical.

  11. Sylvia says:

    How many times can you watch someone get 20 free boxes of tampons before it becomes boring?

  12. Andrea H says:

    It is disgusting that people can be so greedy and basically become ‘organized’ hoarder – what they should be doing is using the coupons they need for them and then if they want to go crazy and coupon shop should DONATE it and stop being so selfish

    I won’t watch it – it is nothing to be so happy about it – they should all go get a job rather then spending there life getting 70 mustards argh

    Sorry had to vent

  13. tudorchick says:

    i love the people that give to food banks.it is the woman last year that had diapers stockpiled just because she could that bothered me.she didn’t even have a child…

  14. Pam says:

    This show annoys me. They’re all just obsessive compulsive greedy people. Why not share your stockpiles with people who are in need of food etc? These people all need a Psychiatric evaluation lol

  15. Marisa says:

    I agree with Pam. We should all boycott this show. These ppl should go out and get a life! One that doesn’t include hoarding.

  16. dlee says:

    this show is just as bad as a lot of those tlc shows that exploit people with addictions. I don’t mind if people get good deals and I think it’s great when you can. but when you just take and take and take just for yourself and probably let a lot of things go to waste, it’s not healthy. at some point, people are going to realize this….perhaps there will be a Coupons Anonymous like they have for Alcoholics.

    I do appreciate people who get good deals and give to shelters and food banks since there is always a need there and expensive for that nonprofit organization to get all the things needed for those people.

  17. kim says:

    No, I won’t be watching the show either. I saw it once on TV, and just didn’t like it. I don’t see the point in stock-piling 100 cases of mustard or tampons either. lol It is greedy, I agree, and I thought a lot of them were hoarders but they are kind of glorified on the show and by a lot of people for what they are able to buy with little money… Iso I thought maybe I was the only one that thought it looked like a different form of hoarding.
    like getting good deals and using my coupons in a store, but I only buy what we need, plus a few extra if it’s an item we use a lot and it’s on for a great price.

  18. coupon girl says:

    yep it is greed -just because they can do it -doesnt apply in canada -its not fun to watchanymore -only like the people that donate

  19. parent says:

    big no i wont watch it, disgusting the number of goodies they pile just to feel good about it , those greedy poeple need help not applause!

  20. Faith says:

    I like it – it’s fun to watch. I just don’t follow suit on the whole buying 100 items cause they’re free and you have 100 coupons. Bit much and the whole not buying anything without a coupon – how can you live like that? I need my cupcakes – coupons or not.
    I just like the new disclaimer at the beginning of the show – that was cute.

  21. lil e says:

    I watched this show once and I agree that it is a compulsive obsessive disorder.. i was watching this one lady and how she would numerous of hours in a day collecting coupons, and spending hundreds on newspaper!! I don’t know if that is the same with every “extreme couponer”.. but if you’re spending hundreds on newspapers to get coupons, wouldn’t it work out the same in the end but with the extra crap you don’t even need?

    although I did see some lady jump into the dumpster into a pile of newspaper to get coupons.. now that’s just getting extreme.. could be spending that time working a real job.. juss sayin’

  22. MonkeyGirl says:

    I can’t say I was too fond of the show and I have found that since it has started the amounts of in store coupons I have been able to find have reduced dramatically. Likely from people grabbing handfuls of them at a time. On the flip side I don’t necessarily think all stockpiling is hoarding. I personally always ensure that we have at least a 6 month supply of emergency food, water and other essentials which we regularly rotate because you just never know what could happen and how long it will take for help to come or for you to get back up on your feet. There’s earthquakes, ice storms, job loss, economic collapse, comet tails, large CME’s with the potential to wipe off the grid globally. The list just goes on and on and on and it’s better to be safe than sorry isn’t it??? If anything bad did ever happen not only will I know that I had done my best to have my family ready for it but I will also be in a situation where I will be able to help others in need as well. Perhaps I may be a hoarder but I think I’m just prepared and I’m happy that way 😀

  23. Scarecrow says:

    I was mildly interested in watching Season 2 but after watching the “shelf clearer” in the sneak peek I will no longer watch this show….. unless they start filming in Canada, tired of those greedy Americans.

  24. Jen says:

    A definite “NO”. I watched a couple of episodes last season. Although amazed how they can do that in the U.S.,I can only see the negative side of it. Clearly, these people are going too extreme and getting more stuff that they actually need. I love couponing as much as the other person, but i am surprised that there are no limitations to these coupons in the U.S. I’m sorry to say, i was wondering, maybe this is one of the many reasons why their economy is so bad. No company is making money from this.

  25. tut says:

    I agree! They all have mental illness and really need to get a job if they spend 20+ hours a week doing this. They have no life and are OC. Who really needs all that stuff anyways?? Most will go bad or deteriorate after a while. I would not want to brush my teeth with a 20 year old toothbrush, ditto for toilet paper.

  26. r0c0upons says:

    no way, i won’t be watching that crap! they give couponers just trying to save some dough such a bad name

  27. r0c0upons says:

    omg please get real and stop saying you’re tired of greedy americans…if these deals and coupon policies were available in canada you’d likely take advantage of it, you just sound jealous.

  28. Heather says:

    Has it occured to anyone else that those donating large amounts to the food banks, etc. are probably receiving some kind of receipt to use towards their taxes. Thats HUGE.

  29. Babs says:

    Makes the rest of us normal couponers look bad!

  30. stacey ryan says:

    i think that tlc puts its own spin on the show.love the ones who donate to worthy causes.i highly doubt it could be done here.while i am more aware of coupons and have stocked up some ,i’m a far cry from them paying ME to take meat out of the store!how much mustard and ramen noodle should one family have?is that healthy in any way?tired of watching so many women treating their husbands like dirt on tv.(WHERE IS MY ENVELOPE FOR THIS TRANSACTION!)it’s a shame that everyone is entertained at his(their) expense.no wont be watching.

  31. stacy says:

    personally dont think it could be done here.i think that tlc puts its own spin on the show.while i will credit it for making me more aware of coupons,i’m a far cry from them paying me to take piles of meat out of the store!i love the giving to charities ,the others are alittle off.(YOU,WHERE IS MY ENVELOPE FOR THIS TRANSACTION!)how degrading and sad.no, not getting my entertainment at someone elses exspense…. i’m out.

  32. Firstofficerslog says:

    I personally stopped watching because I literally sickened by the amount of sugary junk food these people were putting in their carts all for the sake of getting something for free. All that white pasta, sugar drinks, hot dogs, bacon and what not is terrible for a person’s health and a lot of these people were already over weight. These companies need to stop giving free unhealthy food to people who are most likely obsessive compulsive.

    Also the thing about hoarding diapers doesn’t make sense. What is a diaper made for? Absorbing moisture. I live on the west coast where it is somewhat humid and I know that if I left diapers in their packages for years they’d be hooped by the time I went to use them because they would have absorbed all the humidity. So that lady who was stockpiling diapers is essentially wasting them.

  33. joline says:

    If they are willing to give some of their free purchases to charity instead of building a bunker to store it all, it might be a show worth watching. However, this show just epitomizes what greed is (yes, there are exceptions to the rule i.e.: the man who made care packages for the soldiers – now he was a great couponer!). Take for instance the mustard lady – she clears the shelf of mustard and her family doesn’t even eat it??? Or the soap lady – she clears the soap shelf and then she says they probably won’t use it for 5-10 years, but hey, at least its free??? Soap expires too!!! I have watched a few episodes, but just can’t do it anymore. They make me too mad. Buy what you need and only what you need. Anything more than that is GREED!

  34. BMyltoft says:

    Have never watched an episode and never plan on starting. 🙂

  35. denise says:

    I don’t know why there is so much negativity surrounding this show–I love it & will definitely be watching!

    If you think about it, it’s called “EXTREME Couponing” because it is just that–extreme, not light couponing or medium couponing. Since it is a tv show, they go out of their way to sensationalize the “haul”. I mean, you know they had to get permission to do the shop and videotape it in the store so it is a reasonable assumption that they also informed the management that they would need vast quantities of particular items. So I really don’t think the shelf-clearing is an issue.

    Similarly, the “Extreme Couponer” knows they are going to be on the show so they want to show an impressive home stash. I’m sure they also plan to get as much as possible for free and they will likely give a lot of it away whether they say so on the show or not.

    And since most of these shopping trips take 5 or 6 or even 9 hours, you know that there is an awful lot of coverage/negotiations with store mgmt/plans for the hoard left on the editing room floor.

    Of course I think buying diapers (or anything else) that you have no use for now or in the forseeable future is crazy, but I believe the show is meant to cause a little controversy. Controversy is fun, after all!

    I liken it to watching one of those makeover shows. They don’t select the Megan Fox gals of the world, they pick people who’s appearance they can update & alter dramatically. Similarly, what interest would anyone have in watching a shopper get $100 worth of groceries for $90 when they can watch someone spend $35 on $1100 worth? That’s entertaining.

    denise 🙂

  36. jo says:

    i’m afraid this show will discourage companies from issuing coupons. so i won’t be watching. find it boring too.

  37. freebiescout says:

    I watched it last night (the most I have ever watched of the show) It showed that extreme couponers are not only women, and one man’s nine month pregnant wife was only allowed to go with him to push the cart. Another which I found silly was the family trying to move to Hawaii with an even bigger stockpile, and left the store hauling a trailer. They planned to take their (even bigger) stockpile with them. They said they were trying to cut corners and needed to save money to make the trip possible, but It doesn’t seem to dawn on them that it costs money somehow to transport all that to Hawaii..

  38. leslie says:

    I will NOT watch it. That show and those “hoarders” have ruined and given us who shop with coupons a bad name. I hate having to explain to people that we are not greedy hoarders. I would NEVER take all the products off the shelf just because it will be free or really cheap. Really, do you have to be greedy when coupon shopping? My coupon friends and I love coupon shopping and get really excited when things will be free or almost free but we don’t grab them all we will take maybe 4 and leave the rest for others. Where we live coupons have NOT been in the stores on the shelves like they use to and managers say it is because of “that show”. So to all the coupons hoarders and that show thanks did u really think manufactures would continue allowing coupons. Have fun coupon shopping don’t get greedy. Have a great day and enjoy coupons while they ;ast.

  39. stacy says:

    i have to admit that denise is right.it is call “extreme “couponing i should have expected it to be what it is.it a shame it going to ruin couponing for the rest of us.the company are already tightening up on coupons.:(

  40. AA says:

    I agree with freebiscout – I watched it last night & kept wondering how the woman was going to get her “haul” to Hawaii…. very funny.

  41. JC says:

    The general public is starting to get a bad impression about using coupons from shows like this. I tried to buy 5 packages of Charmin and 5 packages of Bounty on sale at Zellers, using coupons saved up over the last few months from P&G. The cashier refused to serve me, saying “we don’t do extreme couponing here.” Now, I went to a different Zellers, and had no problems there whatsoever, but I was surprised (and slightly offended) that he would say that. I’ve never run into such a thing before. Maybe he was just too lazy to key in 10 coupons? Or maybe shows like Extreme Couponers are giving people who are trying to save a little on basic household needs a bad name.

  42. bluebunny27 says:

    I’ve never missed an episode so I’ll keep on watching. It’s just entertaining like the time this woman went to a store to get about 75 jars of mustard for free and she was all excited. Her husband was there and I have to admit I laughed out loud when he said : “I don’t even like mustard !” :-)) Also people taking 4-5 hours or more to get out of the store, stock piling 50 boxes of Aspirins, admiring their STOCKPILE, unbelievable ! I would prefer a show about normal couponers though but I guess extreme is better for the ratings. I only save 5-10$ per week using coupons so I’m not really extreme in any case.

  43. chuck says:

    I love this show. I’ve seen every episode from season 1.

    It’s really amazing to see how much $ ppl in the US can save. I love looking at their stockpiles – so jealous!!

  44. anon says:

    I watched a couple of episodes. I am amazed at how much these shoppers save!! It is kind of hard to imagine picking up $300 or $400 of stuff and ending up paying less than $3!!
    I’ll admit that I do have a few things stockpiled ie. toothpaste (maybe 5-6 tubes) but not to the extent where I could open a Costco or like!!
    If I see a sale, I usually buy a couple. Can’t remember when I actually gotten something for free!!

  45. Daphne says:

    This show definitely has it’s yeah and neigh moments…………Love to see the donating of excess items. I do the same with my excess. It’s the big time hoarders I don’t much like to see.

  46. tyramanitoba says:

    I won’t be watching because I see people stockpiling and using the products as trophies. I like couponing so I can donate to shelters and organizations that supported me when I was homeless. I am also a single mom with no support from my son’s dad.

    I appreciate the deals that London Drugs gives us, and I have seen fellow couponers be greedy here also. I plan to donate and teach organizations to coupon more as well.

  47. tlmcanada says:

    OMG! I just bought this programme that saved me a lot of $$ on groceries! Check it out guys!



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