$249 for 6 days In The Sun At The 4 Star Omni Cancun Resort. All-Inclusive, All Taxes and Fees Included ($1990 value).

·         6 Days / 5 Nights Hotel Accommodations
·         Includes up to 2 Adults and 2 Children, ages 12 and under
·         Includes All Meals, Drinks and Tips
·         Includes Free private transfer from the airport to the hotel
·         Includes discounts on attractions and activities like snorkelling, fishing, scuba diving and more.

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*Additional terms and conditions here

25 responses to “$249 for 6 days In The Sun At The 4 Star Omni Cancun Resort. All-Inclusive, All Taxes and Fees Included ($1990 value).”

  1. c says:

    I’m so sad! I called the phone number to book this trip, and they told me that you have to be between 30-65 years of age and you will have to listen to a presentation about timeshares (but there’s no obligation to purchase a timeshare), you also have to be married or cohabitating. I am 23. I wanted this trip more than I can explain. We have a wedding in Cancun during Spring Break, and I’m not going because we couldnt afford to send us both. He booked with the wedding party’s “group deal” for 2200$/person…but i’m not going. When I saw this, I was thinking “OMG i can go!!!” But I guess you need to call and find out the details first… Great deal for anyone that “qualifies”. 🙁

  2. Sara says:

    Deal does not include flight.

  3. amycanada77 says:

    Thanks Sara – otherwise timeshare or not I was about to call – $250 is a steal for all inclusive but + flights – nahhh

  4. FreebieChick says:

    Maybe this should be removed.

  5. Zeta McMillan says:

    nice deal but how much does the flight cost?

  6. Nedz says:

    Do you have to live in Toronto to get this deal? or since it doesn’t include flight it doesn’t matter?

  7. momof5boys says:

    I’ll stay away from time share stuff with a ten foot pole!!!

  8. whoapababadooo says:

    hmm… now to choose which two of my three children get to come…. (j/k)

  9. Sally_ says:

    The OP needs to disclose the timeshare bit. Thats a real downer. A deal breaker.

    Nedz, you could fly from anywhere, but the trouble I’ve been having with these deals is that with the flight and the room it ends up being more then and all inclusive with a regular site you can find better hotels for cheaper when you add in all the extra costs.

  10. parent says:

    what’s a time share?

  11. carrie says:

    The terms and conditions are here: http://mhbtc.info/tc-omni-cancun/

    I’m not sure why the husband has to be at least 30 to travel. C, is there anyone else traveling with you who is at least 30 or over. It does say cohabitating with the same address on a drivers license…maybe you can find a way to use it and go

  12. Mar says:

    Sounds a little fishy to me…..

  13. Sally says:

    It’s the target audience Carrie for the timeshare. When we were in Vegas they didn’t want to talk to us since you had to be 35-60 and from out West lol. It was no skin off our backs. These 90 minute seminars turn into a full day of pressure sales unfortunately. They say no pressure, but the second their done saying that they turn the pressure on. We got scammed into going to one in Florida. Heh, at least we got cheap tickets out of it.

  14. Stephania says:

    I guess it’s a “too good to be true” sitch!

    And besides, I’m a bit weary of Mexico, re: people getting murdered at a resort, people getting blamed for the murder, and resorts blowing up with little-to-no consequence. NO THANKS!

  15. Jeffj says:

    hardly a good deal if this is a time share soliciting and doesn’t include flight.

  16. Dee says:

    My partner & I took advantage of exactly this deal at this same hotel a couple years ago, when I had access to cheap airfares.

    BUYER BEWARE: We did have to sit through a timeshare pitch which certainly exceeded the advertised 90-minutes. These people really don’t take no for an answer, no matter how often you say it! hence the age & income screening requirements. in their mind, if you fit – you can afford to buy, that simple. They accused us of lying about our eligibility when we firmly and finally turned down their offer.

    Not only that, but the room they gave us when we showed up was awful! I have a pretty high tolerance for discomfort, but this one took the cake. It was located in the bowels of the hotel, completely windowless, smelled dingy and unused, and the beds were sheer concrete. I think it’s the only one in the resort like it, and they send you there purposely to force your hand in paying extra to “upgrade”. We declined this initially, but after seeing the included room – happily paid the additional amount to move. At that price, we could have stayed anywhere.

  17. Sally says:

    Thats a great review Dee. Ita 100% about the pressure and way over the 90 minutes.

  18. Shane says:

    I know that this doesn’t include the flight, but I went on redtag.ca and checked how much a return flight would be from Detroit (for those of you south of Toronto). During the third week of November the return flight for 2 people came to $580, taxes included. So if you qualify for the trip and can get to Detroit the entire trip for 2 people is $830…thats a good deal.

    Check the prices from any American airport…their taxes are about $200 less than ours on flights

  19. fred233 says:

    What is time-share on trips?

  20. Cheapnik says:

    FYI I was a travel agent for 10 years. Fall is off season (and also hurricane season). If you really want a deal contact your local travel agent and they will give you the lowest cost including tax. Please note most taxes to hotspots are currently $150-$300 pp due to surcharges/airport fees. It is not unusual (especially from Eastern Canada) to see hugely reduced prices to anywhere hot for travel until Dec 15th when prices start to increase again. From western Canada we may see lower prices to places like Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta as they are closer. Also check selloffvacations.com. Those are generally packages with no timeshare strings.

    ps as a former travel agent NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS IS A TIME SHARE A GOOD IDEA.

    You have carrying costs, insurance, monthly fees, booking fees and resort fees. Isn’t it better to choose each year (depending on your budget) where you want to go? Hope somebody finds this useful.

  21. Nicole says:

    what discrimination to have to be 30yrs! I was so excited until i saw that!

  22. Sally says:

    But Shane go to expedia and search out a prepackaged all incuded vacay in Cancun for the same week…. its the same price and better hotels, from Canada. No timeshares, so its even cheaper like 500 ish if you fly from DTW.

  23. Kit says:

    I agree, do NOT take this deal. I am a travel agent and I had clients sit thru one of these timeshare things in Mexico in an area that was not populated and they were pressured and then threatened (in front of their kids) when they said no and left to walk back to their resort miles away. These time share things are bad news anywhere but in Mexico very bad!!

  24. Mary Walsh says:

    We did this once in Florida, sat through 2 hours of talk and videos, and then got our free Disney tickets. They also gave us a free room and golf. It was a lovely resort with a gorgeous room. We had said right up front we couldn’t afford it right now, but maybe in the future would be interested. No pressure after that. There must be good and bad out there like most things, but our experience was positive.

  25. Michelle says:

    Listening to the timeshare presentations aren’t bad. My husband and I listened to one and ended up at a 4 hour party that we were planning on going to anyways (transportation included) regularly for $300 for free 🙂 Well worth it!


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