5 Bonus Airmiles Canada

Starting October 20, 2008, you can rack up tons of Air Miles reward miles in more ways than ever. Hurry, this promotion ends November 30, 2008!

Get 5 BONUS reward miles just for logging on to www.airmiles.ca/everyone

If you enter your card number and e-mail address now, you get this message…

“we will send you an e-mail to let you know when the promotion starts – so you’ll be sure to came back and get your 5 BONUS reward miles!”

Thank you redmouse for this great deal!

81 responses to “5 Bonus Airmiles Canada”

  1. Justine says:

    link does not work?

  2. Janine says:

    This link is not working for me

  3. Sally says:

    Mrs January, can you update with a link please?

  4. mememe says:

    works perfectly

  5. Sally says:

    Yay it works now!

  6. lorraine blakney says:

    *Card number removed by admin*

  7. lorraine blakney says:

    thank you!

  8. Jennifer says:

    It worked for me just fine.

  9. Oct 13,2008. Interested in the 5 bonus points….Hellen

  10. carole says:

    would like the 5 bonus points

  11. Rita Kuik says:


    *Card number removed by admin*

  12. Air Miles # is
    *Card number removed by admin*

  13. Airmiles #*Card number removed by admin*

  14. mememe says:

    WOWWW people … THIS is not airmiles!! This is smartcanucks. VISIT the airmiles site to get your points! READ THE BLOG!!! Lol

  15. ilovemykids says:

    Um… these airmiles numbers should be deleted before someone steals their points!!!

  16. ame555 says:

    Has anyone gotten this email yet? — hopefully it will come!

  17. Judy says:

    Give me my 5 airmiles!!!!!

  18. Roxy says:

    The website clearly states that the promotion starts today, the 20th. Yet, the website is not updated to give me anything, and I received no reminder email like I was supposed to either. What’s up, Air Miles?

  19. Applying for 5 bonus airmiles

  20. mememe says:

    oh my word people lol

  21. Applying for 5 bonus airmiles

  22. My airmiles card # is *Card number removed by admin* to add my 5 free airmiles

  23. linda copeland says:

    airmiles card *Card number removed by admin*, please confirm if i will receive the 5 arimiles. a little confused as to where to add name and card number and why am i seeing other’s card numbers?

  24. airmiles card *Card number removed by admin*

  25. Bob says:

    Is this another wast of time or not. Promotion isn’t worth the time involved.

  26. Jennifer says:

    What the hell? I think this is just a way of them seeing how many stupid people do this sort of thing. We seem to be a joke to them and they are laughing at us.

  27. Lee says:

    Hello people – STOP LEAVING your Air Miles numbers HERE on this message board part of this blog. It is NOT safe NOR secure and ANYONE can now steal your number! This is about the fact that there is a PROMOTION happening and this awesome site is not actually a part of this actual promotion.

    ADMIN – you really might like to remove these #s for those who didn’t quite get what was happening.

  28. Stan Cencek says:


  29. somegirl says:

    GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. adrianamichelacci says:

    i do not know what to do to receive the 5 free air miles

  31. SCOOP says:


  32. ame555 says:

    I still haven’t gotten the email, but if you go to the airmiles site this morning they finally have the promotion up! Yea, we have tons to buy at RONA.

  33. mememe says:

    You simply need to go back to the site and login and it gives you your 5 points. Don’t wait for the email.

  34. Roxy says:

    Yep, it’s working – Finally.

    Hope you are not desperate for those five miles. They give themselves until February to credit them to your account.

  35. bob says:

    applying for 5 airmiles

  36. mememe says:

    finally got the email! Lol

  37. Ursula KIrschbaum says:

    this is for the 5Bonus Airmilescard number *Card number removed by admin*

  38. mememe says:

    OH MY WORD this is NOT AIRMILES!!!!!

  39. ATTN BOO!!!! says:

    delete all these peoples card numbers!

  40. Mary says:

    delete what card numbers? I don’t see any! Please let me know where do I put my card no & e-mail. Was this e-mail enough? Thanks

  41. mememe says:

    thanks for deleting all the card numbers. People can’t read very well!

  42. DVJ says:

    I can’t get the link to work

  43. Hope this is true and not false,asthe saying go.

  44. BARBARA AUSTIN says:

    I appreciate the 5 FREE AIR MILES THANKYOU!

  45. BARBARA AUSTIN says:

    THANKYOU for the FREE 5 AIR MILES I really do appreciate it,. I save them for my grandson to purchase GAS,. now that he is a DRIVER. GREGORY,S GRANDMOTHER!

  46. BARBARA AUSTIN says:

    It is sooooooooooo fun to collect AIR MILES on almost everything i buy1 and they add up sooooo fast!

  47. Ruth Kells says:

    how do I apply for the free airmiles everyone….? Ruth -Member
    of Airmiles.

  48. Ruth Kells says:

    AIRMILES # *Card number removed by admin*

  49. C Brant says:

    5 bonus air miles please

  50. C Brant says:

    5 bonus air miles sent yet?

  51. Glen says:

    *To earn 5 Bonus reward miles, log in with your AIR MILES Collector Number between October 20, 2008 and November 30, 2008. Limit of one Bonus Offer Per AIR MILES Collector Account. Please allow until February 28, 2009 for Bonus reward miles to appear in your Collector Account.

    Hope this helps!

  52. Susan Evans says:

    The link does not work.

    Please add the 5 bonus miles to my account
    *Card number removed by admin*

    Thank You

  53. cathy cottril says:

    thank you for the airmiles

  54. vigardner says:

    How do I get may free airmiles

  55. Bonnie Cameron says:

    How do i get the 5 bonus airmiles?

  56. ATTN BOO!!!! says:

    NOT AGAIN!!!!! stop posting your airmiles card numbers for the whole world to see

  57. C. E. Banlks says:

    WHERE OH WHERE does the card no. get entered????????????????????

  58. ATTN BOO!!!! says:

    ON THE WEBSITE!!!! look at the posting …t here is a LINK. CLICK ON THE LINK. lol…. click ENTER SITE (the only option) … put in your number.

  59. lisalisa534 says:

    This is great!

  60. My airmiles point is *Card number removed by admin* to get my 5 bonus airmiles.
    e-mail address is [email protected]

  61. ATTN BOO!!!! says:

    omg not again. THis is unbelievable. LOL. maybe someone should make a note *update* right in the posting to NOT LEAVE YOUR CARD NUMBER.

  62. russell robb says:

    applying for bonus air miles

  63. Yasmeen Nariman says:

    This sounds great

  64. Wayne Furlotte says:

    Did i get 5 free mi’s yet?

  65. mememe says:

    Why are you asking the foum? This isn’t airmiles!
    Dear goodness I need to stop visiting this topic. haha

  66. mememe says:

    *foRum i mean

  67. A. JAMES GILLESPIE says:

    This website wasted my time.

    I am still not sure if i got my 5 bonus miles ????????????

  68. Glen says:

    Please allow until February 28, 2009 for Bonus reward miles to appear in your Collector Account.

  69. Darlene says:

    card #8405 877 4091

  70. Alex says:

    applying for bonus air miles

  71. mememe says:

    Oh good another person leaving their card # for the world to see!

  72. ATTN ADMIN says:

    MORE numbers being posted

  73. terry bovard says:

    thank you

  74. Yasmeen Nariman says:

    Does this really work!!!!!!

  75. Ronald says:


  76. james waligun says:

    Hope this works!

  77. christine says:

    thank for this promo . I like coupons. Cheers!!

  78. John says:


  79. Jeanne Cox says:

    This Free-Get 5 Bonus reward miles did not work

  80. Richard B says:

    Hope this program works since it doesn’t seem to be working for a lot of others who tried ahead of me.

    [email protected]

  81. Steven says:

    That was sure good for a laugh. Now, I realize this was over a year ago that all this went on, but its still there for the world to see!

    I found it by Google searching for something Airmiles related. I can’t believe how many people would post their numbers like that. Most of them removed (but not Darlene, #8405 877 4091… thanks Darlene).

    Anyway, it occured to me reading through these ridiculous posts that perhaps people are responding to an email and their responses get posted here automatically. They probably don’t realize they’re posting anything to a website. Do you have a mailing list auto-post feature going on? If so, you probably shouldn’t – it causes confusion and nobody really understands how they work.

    If people really were just posting as it appears, then my lord there are some stupid Canadians among us.


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