Abercrombie & Fitch Canada Online Clearance

Abercrombie & Fitch Canada Online Clearance

Abercrombie & Fitch is having an online clearance on a good selection of men’s and women’s items. Shipping costs $19 (fixed) so unless you’re buying a good number of items, shipping ruins the deal.

Click here for men’s clearance

Click here for women’s clearance

70 responses to “Abercrombie & Fitch Canada Online Clearance”

  1. Alison says:

    Wouldn’t EVER buy anything from this store anyway… They put out shirts for girls with this written across the chest “Who needs brains when you’ve got these?”. I won’t support a company that promotes or encourges young girls to think this way.

  2. Boo Radley says:

    True… some of these companies do use sleazy marketing techniques 🙁

  3. Hugh P says:

    LOL.. some people take things too seriously. A&F make great clothes, and to denounce an entire line just cuz one of their designers made a shirt with funky slogans is just being naive.

  4. Will says:

    i agree with hugh. A and F is a great store, i happen to work there and we do not use sleazy marketing techniques to get people to purchase out clothes. we sell a trend that is causual but still can look luxury.

  5. Lindsay says:

    Does anyone know if you have to pay extra taxes cause of border fees?

  6. Audrey says:

    I love Abercrombie. and the shirts are just humourous, take a joke. they make great quality clothes. and I’ve never seen a hirt from A&F that says,
    “Who needs brains when you’ve got these”

  7. Ashi says:

    I think A & F has okay clothes, high prices though other stores are quite lower than theirs. In my opinion, A&F should cut prices just a bit.

  8. izzy says:

    i love abercrmbie
    its much cheaper than most stores
    eg ralph lauren, jack wills!!
    The london store is abit pricy
    since in the UK jeans are £80
    but in the US jeans are $80 (£40)
    Great store thought!
    You have to pay about £40 postage from the website to a Uk address!

  9. Sally says:

    I think abercrombie is crap, I would never shop there.

  10. Hayley says:

    It wont let me purchase any clearance items and just keeps redirecting me to the uk abercrombie page? any clues>?

  11. cAMEL tOe says:


  12. Maya says:

    hayley- i have exactly the same problem but now i cant even access the US online store- it always redirects me to the UK one! any ideas much appriciated. thanks x (also what is camel toe on about??!)

  13. cecilia says:

    maya and hayley. whatis the url that you guys are using because i’ve been shopping on line there for about a year and I LOVE A and F. the one i use is abercrombieandfitch.com good luck!

  14. Martin says:

    i love abercrombie

  15. Person says:


  16. steph says:

    A&F is soo overpriced!even hollister is cheaper and i think A&F shud take a leaf out of american eagle’s book it cheaper and more fashionable and has a much wider range. anybody who wants to see go to: http://www.ae.com

  17. val says:

    i love abercrombie !
    i do agree they need to cut
    the prices a bit..

    and “camel toe” ..
    obviously your jelous you
    cant shop there and you probably
    have no friends.. you know being on
    this site and not even online shopping.
    heres an idea… GET A LIFE.
    FYI: your disgusting.

    and Alison just because you shop at
    abercrombie doesnt mean your a ditz.
    I shop there all the time and im a
    straight A student.

  18. shaun says:

    abercrombie is the best, even though the prices are high but it is worth it, the quality lasts long and the clothes look neat and fashionable.

    and they are the trendsetters.

    their clothes are really awsome.

    the only thing i do not like are their prices!!!!:(
    if they could just lower them. 🙁 :[

    val is right im a straight a student tooo

    and camel toe are you a male or a female;)

  19. MAN says:

    Does anyone know where i can get the belts?

  20. Nannie says:

    I really wanna purchase some abercrombie stuff clearances but it just wont let me. i have been wearing since year 8 (7th grade) but loads of people think mine are fake because all i ever wear is abercrombie, hollister and juicy but i am sorry if can afford them and they can’t i dont wanna help terroists thanks but please help beause it keeps directing me to the british site:@

  21. Hally says:

    I love abercrombie & fitch.
    so what if they use sleezy sales methods,
    which they sort of do,
    they only hire hot people, and there
    are posters of hot people throughout the store,
    but who cares! as long as i love their clothes,
    it’s cool. I too wish they would lower the prices,
    but that’s part of their scheme. It makes us want
    it more when we can’t afford it. Also, it’s made
    of high quality authentic materials,
    and it’s made mosty in vietnam.
    It costs money for them to ship too.
    i love their clothes,
    and i love the people on their walls. 😛
    that should just about settle it.

    P.S. right on, camel toe !

    you’re sick. In a bad way.
    what if a kid accidentally
    comes across this.
    That’ll be a handful for their
    minds and their parents.
    Please, don’t comment again.

  22. J Walker says:

    Just in case their racism, sexism, and general awfulness hasn’t been enough to turn you away from Abercrombie & Fitch after all these years, here’s another glimpse of the inner workings of the horrible store.

    When I previously (and gleefully) wrote about the economic troubles that Abercrombie was having a few months back, I mentioned that my personal hatred for the store comes from the fact that one of the women I was in the intensive inpatient unit with during my treatment for anorexia was heavily recruited by the store just days before her hospitalization (she was incredibly underweight) because she had “the look” they wanted. Turns out that this horrific “look policy” doesn’t just revolve around being stick-thin; according to Riam Dean, she was forced to work in the stockroom, as opposed to on the floor, at Abercrombie’s London flagship store because her prosthetic arm didn’t fit the company’s attractiveness standards. You stay classy, Abercrombie!

    When Riam applied to the store, they took a photograph of her and gave her a handbook that listed the company’s expectations, as far as physical appearance goes. According to the Daily Mail, the handbook “stipulates that staff must represent a ‘natural, classic American style’ and instructs them on everything from how to wear their hair (clean and natural) to how long they should wear their nails (a quarter of an inch past the end of the finger).” Apparently, Riam’s prosthetic arm wasn’t “natural” or “classic” enough for the store- they made her buy a cardigan to wear in order to hide her arms while working.

    The cardigan, however, wasn’t enough to satisfy the Abercrombie team. As Riam recalls:

    “A worker from what they call the “visual team”, people who are employed to go round making sure the shop and its staff look up to scratch, came up to me and demanded I take the cardigan off. I told her, yet again, that I had been given special permission to wear it. A few minutes later my manager came over to me and said: “I can’t have you on the shop floor as you are breaking the Look Policy. Go to the stockroom immediately and I’ll get someone to replace you. I pride myself on being quite a confident girl but I had never experienced prejudice like that before and it made me feel utterly worthless. Afterwards I telephoned the company’s head office where a member of staff asked whether I was willing to work in the stockroom until the winter uniform arrived. That was the final straw. I just couldn’t go back.”
    She is now suing the company, which, by the way, already paid 2.2 million dollars to employees who felt that that the company was unfairly forcing them to buy Abercrombie’s clothes in 2003. Oh, and did I mention they paid a 40 million dollar settlement in 2004, after being accused of discriminatory employment practices? Because they did! This is a company that continues to be called out for their sexist, racist, discriminatory practices, and by issuing half-ass apologies and paying off their accusers, they expect us to forget the nastiness at the core of this operation. Sadly, all of this only makes Riam’s story as unsurprising as it is upsetting.

  23. simon says:

    it is so cool but to bad that tere isn’t one in Ottawa

  24. Joi says:

    I completely agree with with J. Walker about their stringent employment practices. Not only do they treat their employees here in the North unfairly but when you look at the start of the production line which produces a t-shirt for example from A&F, it starts in a sweatshop in Vietnam where laborers are paid a miniscule fraction of the good they are producing. Its ridiculous how many people are blinded about the various lawsuits this company has been in since its inception becuase it pays its way out of them.

  25. name says:

    Your Site Is Great,

  26. kates says:

    some of you ppl are just fucked in the head and rude… btw abercrombie and fitch is an amazing store lighten up a bit

  27. christina says:

    guys. you can purchase here http://www.abercrombie-fr.com french shop.
    i love AF

  28. Cristy says:

    I absolutely think this company is awful, you pay about $90 for a sweater call it cheap and the middleman makes all the profit, and the children and women in Africa MAKING these clothes get paid about 19 cents of this sweater you buy and it probably costs about $10 to make it. So Congrats to the people supporting sweatshops 😀

  29. moneymoneymone~ says:

    Start saving you people. I am sure one of you have to work 3 hours just to buy one T shirts from A&F. lol i mean YOU.

  30. Damion says:

    Wow, Alison (first post) is an idiot. It’s called humour. Look into it. If a woman can’t find humour in that, then that’s her problem, not Abercrombie & Fitch’s. A&F have some of the best t.shirts on the market, making fun of everyone, men, women, and the inbred, equally. Long live A&F and their sexually-charged clothing!

  31. Gerry Montpetit says:

    hey: bought a really nice fragnance called “Fierce” however when I got home, I opened the package and the bottle was empty !!! How strange! Be careful of batch 077Y. Can Abercrombie help me??

  32. I have read the comments here, and I must say that there are two kinds of people here. One are those who cares more about the well being of humanities and does not compromise their good values in exchange for a fancy tee shirt that uses inappropriate connotation. The other kind are the “can afford” and “I don’t care” type of people. Who only have a limited vision because they only see and think of themselves and how good they look in such a luxurius outfit, nevermind the african and the vietnames who worked for nearly almost nothing copared to the A&F’s pricing.
    So, which one are you!

  33. Reality says:

    Their clothes are made in China.

  34. Hey, This is a superb thread. I found you on google. Keep up the work.

  35. butterfly.chiqi says:

    I just ordered from abercrombie.com and the package shipped immediately. A&F paid duties and all it added was GST and Shipping. The Canadian site sends from Ontario anyways so it’s domestic. Clothes were here in only 4 days!

  36. orangecounty.girl says:

    omg as if people actually spend there time on this i just came across it trying to look for a store locater, these things are taken way to seriously its so f*****g funny.
    get a life everyone on here like seriously… please loool.

  37. maximillion says:

    just because someone can afford to buy a and f clothing dosnt mean he or she is a duchbag… i wear abercrombie and i lead a peer suppor group, volonteer my ass off and i do care about people in the sweatshop. What most people dont understand is that in country where “sweat shops” exist is that these awefull factories are actualy supporting alot of people, its unfortunate but in developing countries its hard to get a job, especialy if youre young or didn’t get the oppertunity to get an education abercrombie supports these demographics, and they arn’t just sweatshops were 7 year olds are sanding and washing jeans while being whipped… but ill the “down to earth” felt good trashing abercrombie, its the same logic used when you here someone trashing justin beiber or other famous people. By declareing an opinion , or making a negative statement about someone or somthing that is considered to be popular or positive a person can make themself feel like they are above the person or company or object etc that they are trashing. Ill bet 90 percent of the people saying i hate abercrombie on this site are obese or negative bitches… Not to say abercrombie is perfect and maby they dont treat all their employeer the same, maby they favor attractive people… but they are a clothing store, they want to promote a certain standard they want to be percieved as attractive, thats how a company becomes successful, and if you want to attack a company for promoting sweat shops, do your reasearch and make fact based statements, dont just rip your xxl tee a and f shirt trying to squeeze it over your man boobs then start inventing reasons to hate the brand, you want to attack someone go after wal-mart. But i did read about the case where they asked the girl with the prosthetic arm to leave the floor… that was just rude… if i was her i would have unscrewed my for arm and beat the shit out of my manager with it. ps. im thinking j walker and joy are the same person and after they finished typing they masterbated to abercrombie bags 🙂

  38. Robyn says:

    the clothes look good but it is SUCH cheap fabric. I washed mine a couple times and now there are a couple holes in it. 🙁

  39. Good article on your site, too.

  40. Anita says:

    I clicked on clearance accessories and the page popped up. The vintage knit scarf says it’s regularly 15.90 crossed out and the “sale” price is 24.90. That site it messed up!

  41. Peter says:

    I am sitting here in an A+F t-shirt that I bought 7 years ago. I have worn it literally hundreds of times, it has been through the washing machine literally hundreds of times. I don’t bother washing it on delicates, just the regular cycle, with all my socks and undies. It still looks great – someone commented just a few days ago when I last wore it. It hasn’t stretched (well maybe a tiny bit), and it hasn’t come apart at the seams or frayed – at all. It still looks the same as it did after the first week. This is just one example – I bought many t-shirts back then and they are all in the same great condition after being worn many times. So although it may cost a bit more than the crappy brands, it lasts and lasts and lasts. And – incidentally – guys, the “muscle” cut t-shirt is the best t-shirt cut in the world. It even makes a skinny guy like me look like I go to the gym once in a while (which I don’t). You will neber get that look with a crappy brand. This is why I just bought about 10 more new t-shirts there. In short, A+F rocks!!! Please open a store in Australia now!!!

  42. charles says:


  43. charles says:

    Abercrombie is a great brand and 4 all u who think it sucks…take a hike. ! y do u buy it if u hate it so much! . P.S Camel toe, you’re disgusting and sick minded.

  44. Yes. says:

    I agree with Peter.

    Although A&F is a bit pricy brand for its general consumers (teenagers), in my opinion, it is actually more economic to buy A&F clothes because they last LONG. I never had to throw out A&F clothes that I bought from years ago due to its high quality – this accounts for 2-3 clothes of other inferior brand that must be thrown out because they get worn out. So basically, in a long term, you spend less money. This is the main reason why I buy A&F clothes, not to forget its classic yet luxurious style.

  45. Chase says:

    A&F Hoddies were good,but I have 3 of them, which are only a few months good that have broken zippers. I contact A&F with no reply, so I am no longer by any clothes from them again.

  46. RICARDO says:

    Im looking for the Abercrombie website here in Canada?

  47. gladys says:

    In my opinion, If you don’t like abercrombie it probably means that you yourself is too poor to afford it so you have to wreck it for others.
    these people probably didnt study in school either, so this is their fault!

  48. gladys says:

    chace those were probably fakes or your only clothes

  49. lisa says:

    This search did not help me I was looking for retail stores not on-line sites

  50. Hip Hop says:

    I typically don’t comment on sites but you have some good info material.

  51. mover Kansas says:

    you should post up pictures of yourself LOL. bet u are a fat guy with no muscle. im a pro bodybuilder and know what im talking about.

  52. personn. says:

    ok, just because people go agenst A&F does not mean they are fat, ugly or poor. maby they just belive strongly in the fact that A&F really does suck, & the only reason you people buy there clothing is becuase its a high-top brand. no matter how much they disagree it is true.
    basicly all thier buyer’s are teenagers, your just trying to be more cool.
    i strongly hate A&F for there sextist rules, but i still wear some of there shits not becuase they ‘ last long, or have ‘ good miterial ‘
    but becuase I AM a teenager, & name brands are whats in,
    now i dont get why everyone has such rude comments on here, like ‘ camle toe’
    kids come acrossed this site all the time, they dont need those words in there hhead.

  53. WCW says:

    Cheers, Your blog looks outstanding, I can tell how much time you have put into it. I am going to save it and will make sure to visit weekly.

  54. Olen Willams says:

    Our tenet is high-quality product, first-class service. Only need one order, you will know more about us.

  55. A&F is a bit pricy brand for its general consumers (teenagers), in my opinion, it is actually more economic to buy A&F clothes because they last LONG.

  56. MBT Sale says:

    Valuable info and splendid design here! I wish to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post! ! Thumbs up.

  57. With the whole thing which seems to be building throughout this area, a significant percentage of opinions are generally relatively radical. Nevertheless, I am sorry, but I do not give credence to your entire suggestion, all be it radical none the less. It would seem to me that your comments are generally not entirely justified and in simple fact you are your self not completely convinced of your argument. In any case I did take pleasure in reading it.

  58. allison mcnaughon says:

    you guys are crazy, ive been buying clothes from there for years, and yes some of their shirts are a little.. off.. but if you dont like them dont buy them its that simple! when i see something unapealing, guess what, i leave it on the shelf, jeese people, if you cant afford it dont whine about how “bad” their clothes is when it really isnt, just go to walmart or something.

  59. ray ban says:

    A&F is a bit pricy brand for its general consumers (teenagers), in my opinion, it is actually more economic to buy A&F clothes because they last LONG.

  60. Hi, My partner and i cant Abercrombie and Fitchrealize how you can put your web site in my rss or atom reader. Can you Assist me, please I really want to go through your future content.

  61. jed says:

    The service you get in store is horrible!!! (Toronto Eaton’s Center) Its a bunch of starving shit heads folding t-shirts. The music is too loud and i get more light from a match then what is on at the store!! Are they working off hangovers as well!

  62. Xavier says:

    I would like to buy large qtys of hollister and a&f for my online clothing store. I want to buy direct from the source and not get cheaper options for fakes from China. Who can I get in touch with please?

  63. Hi webmaster, commenters and everybody else !!! The blog was absolutely fantastic! Tons of wonderful info and inspiration, both of which we all need!b Keep em coming you all do these a great position at such Concepts can not tell you how considerably I, for one appreciate all you do!

  64. u puck says:

    hi i love u camel toe ur funny!

  65. raul says:

    with Abercrombie finally putting their clothes on sale, hopefully everyone will be able to buy who wants it.

  66. Arthur says:

    Abercrombie is a company that does not care about their customers. I twice placed orders for clearance items, and both times the order got cancelled without any reason and notification to me. The company customer service promises to call back but they never do. This company sucks big time. Don’t buy from them.

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  70. CA outlet says:

    a&f 60%offf…. the best prices


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