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For a limited time receive 50% off everything at Aeropostale (online only)! Plus spend $100 or more and get free shipping.   🙂

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34 responses to “Aeropostale Canada 50% off sale!”

  1. Liz says:

    few questions…

    is this online only?

    are the prices in CDN dollar or in US dollar?

    I noticed that the url is .com instead of .ca

  2. frugiedh says:

    From the website under customer service:
    Shipping to Canada

    Please be aware that items shipped from the United States into Canada may require additional delivery time because of increased security measures at border crossing points. Overnight shipping is not available for shipments to Canada.

    Shipping and handling fees will automatically be added to your total during Checkout. Shipping and handling fees include taxes, duties and brokerage fees (if applicable).

    I think prices are US.

  3. frugiedh says:

    I called the customer service number to ask how they determine the duty on the order. The answer that I got was pretty vague but it is based on weight of the package but will also vary from order to order.

    Also I was told “Free Shipping” does NOT include shipping to Canada. Shipping to Canada is $12 regardless of the amount ordered, which is still reasonable.

  4. Alison says:

    They charge $12 for Purolator ground shipping to Canada plus an International Handling fee of $17.72, so almost $30 bucks in shipping charges. The deals are pretty good so it may be worth it depending on what you’re shopping for.

  5. Alison says:

    The above handling fee was based on 7 sweater/shirts and a tote bag.

  6. frugiedh says:

    Alison, was that $17.72 the duty charge then? I am dying to do some ordering but I don’t want to end up spending more than I would here in store.

  7. frugiedh says:

    Is there also PST and GST on top of that? thanks for posting this info.

  8. Justine says:

    I wonder how these prices compare to the in-stores.

  9. Justine says:

    this place reminds me a lot of american eagle, even the site layout.

  10. Glen says:

    It’s usually 14%, plus $5.

  11. DF says:

    i placed an order online thats was over $100us, but when i went to check out the total was showing a $12.00 shipping fee, so i called the i-800 and asked what the problem was, i was told that my shipping should be free but there is some error with the system when entering a Canadian address that does not void the $12.00us shipping fee. She told me i could place the order through her and then she would refund the $12.00 shipping fee. I placed the order and then she refunded the shipping charge of $12.00. My order was about $140.00us and the handling was around $18.00us

  12. Keir says:

    What a great site- my mother back in Loserpeg will love it!

  13. sally says:

    Im not keen on the 18 or so handling charge

  14. Alison says:

    My original all together total was about $130… the before tax/shipping/handeling amount was $102.
    The 17.72 I believe was for the dutie fee, but when I received my confirmation email the grand total was 128.79, brokendown like this…Sub-total 102.24 Tax 14.55 Shipping/Handeling 12.00 for a total of 128.79. No dutie fee was mentioned in the confirmation email.
    So for $130 I am getting 1 T-shirt, 2 Camis/Tank tops, 4 Sweaters and Tote bag. A pretty good deal if you ask me.
    I found most of there prices are comparable to stores around my area, most sweaters are about $40, Tshirts around $20, but they are all half price right now (so $20 and $10 respectively), plus they have a pretty good selection of clearence items…now I just hope I am as happy with the quality of the clothes as I am with the price.

  15. frugiedh says:

    Thanks Alison. I am wondering if you may need to pay that duty fee when you pick up your order either at the post office or thru the shipper. I think that is a possibility. It is still a good deal for this brand.

  16. sally says:

    If you have to pay that handling fee and then duty when you recieve it the good deal goes further and further down hill imo. When you order online usually if its from the USA you dont pay there tax, you pay the canadian taxes as ”duty” if you get snapped for them twice I would call and complain, but quite possibly there taking care if it for you. How is it being shipped by?

    I know Zappos charges you the duty before they even ship it to you.

    im quite interested to find out if you get charged more duty, please make sure to update when you get your package.

  17. sally says:

    Nm i found the answer

    Shipping to Canada

    Please be aware that items shipped from the United States into Canada may require additional delivery time because of increased security measures at border crossing points. Overnight shipping is not available for shipments to Canada.

    Shipping and handling fees will automatically be added to your total during Checkout. Shipping and handling fees include taxes, duties and brokerage fees (if applicable).


    So you wont be being charged twice.

  18. blue says:

    DF, I called the customer service too…and they said that they could refund the $12.00, but when I told them my Canadian address, they said it doesn’t apply to Canada :(…how’d you manage to do it? And did they refund it right away?

  19. Jenna Pegg. says:

    Ummm :this coupon is for november 2007!! NO WAY !! take it off- it sucks – i came on the site and i was sooo excited about it- then i was like : i cant use that !! I was soo disapointed; my daughter loves that store.

  20. joyce says:

    Is it in US dollars. Online only. You will have to pay for shipping and duties.

  21. nicole says:

    hey guys its 50% off in store too!

  22. baby hats says:

    Just wanted to say I really like your site and will definitely be back!

  23. Have anybody tried this new software ever?

  24. mitchie says:

    Hi there i would like to ask something,,, Im here in Canada and my aunt is in states, is it possible if she make an order for me and the delivery will be here is it still shipping free….I dont know why the price here is so CRAZY..imagine spending 130 USD for 7 shirts is really good dea, but here in Canada its so terrible…

  25. mitchie says:

    Thats why i can’t blame alot of people who prefer ordering items from US than in here because you could actually save alot.

  26. Cyndy says:

    you have to pay the extra fee at the post office.. it’s better to do your shopping here in Canada at a store nearest you! ;0)

  27. Miles says:

    Damn unreasonable!!!!!! My original order’s total amount was $127.00 but the grand total was over $50.00 more. Damn rediculous!!!!!!!

  28. KIM says:

    I think it is terrible, I just made an order for $ 227.00 and my charges were $ 12.00 for shipping and $ 65.00 for other charges. When it advertises FREE SHIPPING why wouldn’t that include everywhere we are already getting dinged with the duty , brokerage , etc. For $ 12.00 you could make alot of Canadians happy and more people would shop there !!Stop discriminating Canadians !

  29. Melodie says:

    Ya what a rip, 200 dollar order then tax and shipping and a 60$ handling fee, bringing it to 300, no freaken way thats ridiculous.

  30. Shelley says:

    I placed an order that totaled $88 for merchandise then was charged $12 shipping and $20.78 for international handling fee. The package is being shipped via Purolator. I thought I would take a chance…but, I have a feeling that I am going to get charged duty and quite possibly a brokerage fee from Purolator. Time will tell. The package is supposed to arrive anywhere from 2 to 8 days from now (order placed 7 days ago)so I guess I will find out when it arrives. It isn’t the US shops discriminating against Canadian shoppers though, KIM. It’s Canada charging us for daring to try to get a better deal from down in the US.

  31. Shelley says:

    Sorry KIm, my mistake, I just re-read your post. I guess it costs more to ship to Canada and perhaps the Canadian shipping companies arent’ willing to give the US companies a break. I get the same thing when I order my Bare Minerals make up. Place an order for $50 or more with them and shipping is free but when I put in my Canadian address there is a $10 Canadian shipping surcharge. I can get the stuff from Shoppers Drug Mart but the prices are so much higher here that it is worth it to pay the $10. Sadly, customs has become much more diligent about charging duty though, because I had to pay duty on my last two orders from Bare Minerals where I did not get dinged on the 4 or 5 previous orders. I say it’s time to get rid of the import tax!

  32. lydia says:

    Frankly, this whole “information” about “Aeropostale Canada 50 percent off” or what not is baloney. Aeropostale does NOT offer free shipping to Canada, period. You can easily find that on their website, which is .com by the way, so not Canadian. They add all duties/taxes/shipping costs into your order, before it ships out, so you don’t pay any EXTRA costs when it arrives, but they certainly do not ship to Canada for free.
    I find all of this very strange, considering that Aeropostale has store(s) all over Canada, so why would they not offer inter-Canadian shipping, so we don’t have to order their stuff from the States, in US dollars, and pay the duties and shipping, and the dollar rate exchange, for something we can freely buy in their Canadian-located stores. It just does NOT make any sense…

  33. Alberta says:

    nice game

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