American Apparel Canada: 15% Off Intimates, Bodysuits, Underwear, Men’s Tanks

Until August 24th, receive 15% off men’s/women’s underwear, bras, bodysuits/unitards, and men’s tank tops when you enter the promo code: PANTYTIME11 at checkout!

Click here to shop the women’s sale.

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13 responses to “American Apparel Canada: 15% Off Intimates, Bodysuits, Underwear, Men’s Tanks”

  1. vibrantflame says:

    Why do their pictures always look like porn? Yeesh. And some of their models don’t even look like they are over 18! Although I presume they are, isn’t there laws against that? I know, there are companies that do worse, like hiring child labor, but I just find American Apparel’s approach to selling stuff so…sleazy.

  2. mealplanmunchie says:

    I dont mind the pictures, but i find the guys clothes to be so hipster which is why i dont shop there

  3. bhlombardy says:

    I think your interpretation of the definition of “porn” is a farcry from what actual “porn” is.

    The pictures in the Walmart/Zellers/Sears flyers each week are no more provocative than the pictures shown on this post.

    Victoria Secret and Lasenza are quite a bit more sexy and provacative than the above, but STILL don’t border on the “porn” classification.

    Also, there’s no law that states that clothed models need to be 18… which the ones shown in these photos clearly are (clothed, that is… I didnt check their IDs on the way in).

  4. orangegummy says:

    ^ I agree…these American Apparel ads make all those La Senza storefront posters look super classy. They are selling sex toward tweens and teens, and sadly it’s working since they are still in business.

  5. L6941 says:

    Their models are all ugly as sin with ugly bodies. No thanks. If I’m going to spend $30 on underwear, I might as well buy Armani. At least I’m wearing a well-made, high-quality designer item and not an overpriced hipster shyt.

  6. olivercat says:

    American Apparel got caught a couple of years ago using ‘porn’ stars and ‘hookers’ for their models–it made all the papers in the US! I really do not think much has changed. And they were on the brink of closing but are still in business because of a major infusion of cash –billions– from an investment company (read it in the Globe And Mail)

  7. Lola says:

    Actually, American Apparel in the U.S. are in big financial trouble. They may have to declare bankruptcy. Hipster teens and tweens grow up too, and so should their brand.

  8. APrudeatHeart says:

    Really? You don’t think those pictures are very graphic? Do you or your wife lie on the grass like that on a warm summers eve? Do you usually see your young daughter walking about the house in panties while pushing her bare bossoms over her forearms? Nothing says “Hey look at my bra (and me)” like whipping open your shirt…I can’t begin to tell you how many times that happens on the playground. Would you feel comfortable looking at those pictures while sitting next to your 16 year old son? These advertisers try to push the limits just like the tv people do and that’s why you hear the “F” word on at 3:30 in the afternoon. Then people ask why are these kids pregnant at 16 or swearing in kindgarten or wearing butt floss to prom? Hmm wonder why? Yes, these are just my opinions so don’t jump down my throat.

  9. r says:

    these models are wearing clothes? where??

  10. mary1234 says:

    It’s great that A.A. don’t have their clothing made overseas… but I personally don’t choose to purchase their products because their marketing / advertising is very sleazy, definitely pornographic at times.

  11. blahblah says:

    Extremely provocative ads. The very young girl models are incredibly sexualized–very different from a zellers ad, c’mon!

    American Apparel have a few questionable practices that I’ve read about over the years: from having gay porno mags available in store, to hiring only young sexy girls and requiring them to soley wear their clothing.

    Disgusting company.

  12. BJU says:

    oh lighten up

  13. tnmo says:

    Holy Cow!

    I’m by no means a prude, and all retail clothing companies have an element of provocativeness when showcasing their products which is fine by me (I don’t mind having a little sexiness in my clothes!) but my goodness some of the pictures are DEFINITELY NSFW nor are they….tasteful for such a mainstream company. I’m not sure I want to be bombarded with nipple show or flashed with full bum cheek when looking for my intimates. If I had a daughter I don’t think I’d want her perusing through the website and getting the impression that it’s ok or normal to pose half naked in her clothes like that – regardless of what you teach your kids is wrong or right/ appropriate, they are inherently impressionable.


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