Any Good Dollarama Deals?

Dollarama Canada

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I’m Bumping this thread up since over the past year many people have shared loads of useful comments and tips. Check out the comments on this post.

Not only does Dollarama sell $1 pregnancy tests; you can get a lot of unexpected and high quality items for that price. Last year I bought golf clubs for $1 (they still had $20 price tags from the store they used to be sold at). Currently some of the good deals include a Belkin FastCat 5 Snagless Patch Cable 7″ for $1.

Have you come across any hot dollar deals at Dollarama? Please let us know by leaving a comment.

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  1. KaylaKat says:

    They have anti-slip shoe things(they have spikes on them for walking in the winter). My grandmother bought a pair last year for about $20.

  2. Sandralew says:

    The best deal is all the food they sell for 3/$1 or 2/$1. My husband works noncamp jobs(no onsite food) and he stocks up on soups and stews, crackers, canned fruit and veggies and other goodies for his cooler. $20 bucks for 4 bags of food, you can’t go wrong. I’d say about 80% of it is all name brand stuff with some of it being european brands that I do know. Kitchen supplies are another great deal. I stocked up on dishes, glasses and serving ware for Christmas. It would have cost me at least $150 for the stuff I picked up for $30. Decorations for Holidays, same thing very inexpensive for once a year usage.
    I love Dollarama!

  3. Young Freebie says:

    Wonderful deal on their chocolate too, mostly the 2/$1 100 gram ones. I saw the same ones in Sobeys for $3 a pop. They’ve also had a CD I was looking for but couldn’t find anywhere, and some Black Sabbath CDs on the cheap.

    As said above, they are also good for food and kitchen supplies. And most times, I get my pens for work though them, or one of the independent dollar stores, because if they are stolen, it’s only a buck. Or less. (It’s the great misconception that Sobeys gives pens to it’s workers. We pay for our own pens people, so please, don’t steal them too often… mostly when they are low on ink please.) 🙂

    It’s also where I tried Orangina.

    So yeah… they have their ups and downs 😀 lol

    Y_F out.

  4. Kari says:

    We also love Dollarama – now before buying anything at “full price” we ask ourselves first if we can get it at Dollarama!! 🙂 We always buy pads for furniture legs there (way cheaper than other stores), and they have great painting supplies (foam rollers, paint trays, etc). What a great store….:)

  5. Eri says:

    Ours has Sunsilk conditionner and hair styling products (I think the packaging changed)

  6. Jafo says:

    Living on a disability we have to budget everything. Dollarama is one store where we get most of our household cleaning supplies, canned foods, stationary and more. Best of all, the outlets here carry a lot of the classic candies. We get strips of the chocolate coins for our grandson as well as other things like candy cigarettes, cookies and so on. Gotta love the savings.

  7. Gwen says:

    Golf clubs? Wow-ee. My sister and I strolled through the aisles of a Dollarama recently and I noted what I’d have to buy there as opposed to outside!
    – Cat5 cables definitely caught my eye
    – Photo frames
    – Small kitchen appliances (like a potato masher)
    – Candles
    – Clothing hangers
    – Light tools (like pliers)
    We also saw very pretty-looking Aquafina lip balm that we hadn’t seen in stores yet. With all the scare with dollar-store toothpaste last year and China-made products, we didn’t hop on and get the lip balm. Could it be that Dollarama is more avant-garde than Shoppers Drug Mart?

  8. missything says:

    Be careful of what you buy at dollar stores! There are COUNTERFEIT items in some – On the news Colgate toothpaste (made in South America) contained antifreeze… and I found a tube of it in Calgary.

    Buyer beware!

  9. adora says:

    Television/VCR/Phone cables – they are short, about 5’=10′ but who needs 20′ long? They are about $7.99 at Canadian Tire.

    Microfiber cloth – they sell them $2.50 each in other places.

    Light switches, Phone outlet and those empty panels. You can get the exact same thing at Home Depot for $2 each. If you buy 100, you can get them for $1.15 each. But you get them $1 each at Dollarama. I wish they also sell dimmers.

    I buy all purpose Plant Soil there. They are about 2.5L each, 2 for $1, and they let you buy just one for 50 cents. I live in an apartment with few plants. Small bag is all I need.

    Craft kits for kids are great. The quality and choices varies throughout the year. You can get some decent basic beads, paint, felt and basal wood. My niece loves using ready cut circlar felt to make animals.

    And of course, party supplies!

  10. Sally says:

    I dont buy any food from dollarama, a lot of it is processed in china. Actually ours here had a massive recall because of metal in a lot of the candies. Its really buyer beware with there food.

    I highly doubt the toys and ornaments have been tested for lead, I wouldnt let small children play with the stuff from there.

    For odds and ends its ok I guess, I usually end up coming home with a cart full of junk that I didnt need in the first place.

    I worked there for a bit when I was layed off another job, and they treat there employees like dirt. We were lucky to get a lunch break when we were setting up the store (12 hour shifts) They were rude, yelled innapropriately and disposed of good employees like yesterdays trash because they decided to make one person do extra work and be run off there feet rather then have 2 like they needed.

    I find there are some good buys there, but I usually find the better deals at the mom and pop dollar stores. I got my son 3 packs of hanes nascar boxers for 2 bucks not that long ago at one.

  11. Lamont says:

    Gum! They have great prices on Gum. 2 for $1.00 when you would easily pay $1 each at a variety store.

    Also, today I bought picture frames and matting. Can find it cheaper anywhere else

    Oh! Party supplied as well.

  12. Alice says:

    I would never buy any food from any dollar store. Why is it there in the first place? Other than being close to code date, you really don’t know if these products are real.
    Also note that the great deals at flee markets are often stolen goods such as razors.

  13. ghu says:

    They have great scrapbooking and crafts materials too!

  14. Margaret says:

    Dollarama sources lots of its grocery items from Canadian manufacturers= jobs!
    Buyers beware….high priced “brand name” grocery items found in regular grocery stores (often labeled Product of Canada) are often co-packed in countries like China and taking away Canadian jobs. Check to see where your next can of corn comes from…..Taiwan or your rural neighbour??

    Always an instant pick me up to see what $5 can get you- Lots of great buys.

  15. Robin says:

    I purchased a bunch of fluorescent (energy-saving) lightbulbs there a while ago, 1$ each . I have never seen these go below 2$ in any other store.

    I agree with a lot of people here, I would never buy food from that place.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Be careful of dollar store gum. I recently read a news article about Sorbitol in gum leading to rapid weight loss due to frequent diarrhea and I checked the popular namebrand gum I had bought at the dollar store and Sorbitol is one of the sweeteners in the sugar free gum.

    The diarrhea problem only occurs if you chew a lot of this gum and since sorbitol is only one of the sweeteners in this gum it likely isn’t a problem but I’m being careful of it just to be on the safe side and would not give this gum to kids now knowing this.

  17. Keven says:

    I too would never buy food from there. When I moved in my new place I went to the dollar store and loaded up, I was very happy with what I got for what I paid…. except for one thing. The can opener broke on the first can I used it on. I personally like the animal hair/lint brush remover for $1…. most other places you’ll spend $5-10+ for it.

  18. psyche says:

    The best thing I’ve bought there is photo paper! They have a couple sizes, and it’s SO expensive at other places – even Walmart!

    As for the Aquafina lip gloss, I got some early (from a friend “in the industry”), then saw the same package on sale at Dollarama – but it wasn’t the same thing! The Dollarama one tasted really different (and weird)

  19. Sally says:

    maybe the lip gloss is seconds?

    I get my canned veggies and fruit from the grocery store, and kraft foods that makes it is 15 min from me, where the can and package it, so im not worried about it being from china 🙂

  20. hdom says:

    I like to buy cleanning products there, ie. Clone Swiffer Duster / Sweep and clone refills are much cheaper. Clone Magic Eraser 2 for $1, Gel Cleaner with Bleach is easily $3~5 a bottle elsewhere but only a dollar there. Same with different wipes for around the house.

  21. kiwi2121 says:

    hey psyche , I am glad I am not the only one who thought that lipgloss tasted weird. It went on smooth..but the after taste was disgusting!

  22. My girlfriend and I regularly buy the bottled Iced Tea from the cooler. $1 per bottle is an awesome deal, whereas the average convenience store sells them for 2, sometimes 3 dollars a bottle!

  23. Jaz says:

    FOOLS, NEVER buy food from dollarstore,i was a strong customer of dollarstore, but everything you buy breaks or doesnt not work properly. over the past 1 year i have bought almost everything and use everything.

    the only good purchase i believe is the Paint Brushes, which you can use and throw and they work same as any other paint brushes.

    never buy their screw drivers or paint rollers, you will end up damaging your wall or screws. they sucks.

    Lead pencils are a good buy, but the lead is cheap, its better to pay 60 cent more at walmart and get a better product.

    its good for paper cups, paper dishes, and cheap clothes. and storage boxes, in all kinds. but i suggest to stay away from everything else.

    TOYS are the worst. never buy any.

    One last thing. the best buys are GIFT bags. they are very cheap and good quality.

  24. Marie says:

    I was just in dollarama today
    I bought a sunsilk conditioner for a $1 and they’re usually $3+ at drug stores

    I love buying the medium sized pop drinks, lot cheaper compared to other places

  25. Jafo says:

    After reading a few of the posts above, I felt I had to say something. Not all Dollarama stores are the same. Here in Hamilton, I live about half way between 2 Dollarama outlets (Center Mall and Queenston Rd.) and they are as different as night and day. I agree you have to be careful when buying canned foods from them “but” the same can be said for some of the lower scale grocery stores (Price Choppers etc). It’s nothing more than “E Caveat Emptor” (Let the buyer beware)

  26. Michelle says:

    I was in the Regina and checked out their Dollarama and found my best buy yet.It is a science kit for kids (age 9+).Look for it is in a bigger red box and comes with lots of science stuff plus a book on how to do about 15 different experiments!!!

  27. nis says:

    one thing to be very cautious of is electrical supplies. please guys, make sure it’s CSA approved. you don’t want to start fires with wiring and switches that are unsafe.

    I wouldn’t buy food, unless it was a candy bar treat, or a bag of rockets 🙂

    The seasonal stuff is always great. 5 bucks will get you lots of fun decorations for halloween and valentines etc.

  28. Michelle says:

    Yeah you are right about the electrical nis…I bought some light switches from there for $1 and my electrician friend gave me S#@! Not CSA approved DO NOT BUY!

  29. Clare says:

    I bought two of those science kits for 1.00 for my 15 and 16 year old and they love them. I also bought some Reader Rabbit cd’s for a friend with younger kids. Clare

  30. Cori says:

    The best thing I bought at Dolalrama was a hairbrush cleaner…it was this little thing with a bunch of wires on it…amazing little tool for cleaning out my hairbrushes regularly.

    The place is also great for holiday decorations that don’t need to last and party supplies. I am actually going there this weekened to see what I can find in the line of wedding supplies.

  31. Shirl says:

    isn’t it true that a lot of Dollaramas do not take Debit cards? the one at the West Edmonton Mall does.

    • squeaks says:

      no if they didnt they would lose 50% of business, but I’ve never found one that accepts credit cards anywhere, weird but good franchise

  32. tara says:

    the Dollarama by my work is amazing! I scooped up a ton of Dora, Spongebob, and Deigo items for my kids, the hair ties for kids are great!!

    I’ve purchased a few screw drivers and such for hanging my photos on my walls (the frames, and screws from dollarama too!!) and had no issues up until now.

    I stocked my drawers with their oranizing containers for my cooking utensils (also purchased at dollarama) cable and phone cords are awesome!
    Crafting supplies for kids are great too!

    My kitchen is a “coffee” theme, I found 3 large wall plaques about coffee from dollarama too!

  33. Roxy says:

    Oh and, there’s really good foldes and notebooks there, and other school supplies. Happy shopping!

  34. DENISE DUBOIS says:


  35. Aug2007 says:

    Last summer I was living in Quebec and stopped by a Dollarama to pick up a few kitchen supplies since I expected to be back home in 6 weeks… the handle on the frying pan I bought snapped the first time I washed it (by hand… it couldnt handle being held by the handle with a bit of pressure on the pan), and then the screw that held the remaining handle portion slipped out the 3rd time I cooked with it.

    If you’re looking for useless junk you’ll probably only use once, go for it. If you want something that’s got even a little bit of quality, go to a real store. It’s worth the extra couple bucks.

  36. CJ says:

    I don’t buy any food from Dollarama. I once bought some chocolates there, and noticed they had expired when I got them home.
    I would also never buy baby items or toys here. They scream “hazardous” to me.
    But general household items like picture frames and CD cases, great deal!

  37. Debbie says:

    Dollarama is great for certain items and other items are very questionable. I agree, their food products look questionable. The toys are broken before you get home. You get what you pay for in most cases. Dollarama is best for cards, gift wrap, stationary, party supplies, craft supplies, hair accessories and a few other things. I’ve been reading the posts and the one thing that stands out and is the best advice so far is “BUYER BEWARE”.

  38. Amanda says:

    I love Dollarama for lots of things..the fact that I can buy Diego and Spongebob stuff for my toddler really cheep is estactic!
    I am a avid scrapbooker so all the scrapbooking things come in handy too…
    Also the makeup is of great value…why go and spend a bunch of money on makeup when you can get it there…i mean you can tell the crappy stuff from things of the same 10 dollar value…or you should be able to anywayz…i can
    The Aquafina lip gloss is my fave lip gloss there it is awesome and tingles…greatest buy yet from Dollarama!
    I also bought the Cherry and Vanilla Pepsi lip gloss too!

  39. Bov says:

    I can’t stand shopping at a dollar store knowing that most of the stuff they sell is made in China and extremly low grade. I am on a really tight budget and still would rather pay a little more and get a product that lasts longer than buy the same thing 3 times over! Think about it. Smarten up people!! Don’t just buy it because it’s cheap!

  40. Bob says:

    I can’t stand shopping at a dollar store knowing that most of the stuff they sell is made in China and extremly low grade. I am on a really tight budget and still would rather pay a little more and get a product that lasts longer than buy the same thing 3 times over! Think about it. Smarten up people!! Don’t just buy it because it’s cheap!

  41. Kate says:

    Meh…buy what you want.

  42. Melanie Spraggett says:

    Last week they had Sunsilk conditioner and Infusiam 23 nurishing spray. i also bought 2 RubberMaid ice cube trays and Scotch Brite sponges.
    In the food section they have Lipton SideKicks and Uncle Ben’s Rice.
    Each store is different.

  43. Lynn says:

    um… a lot of expensive things are made in China too.

  44. laura says:

    yeah i just recently bought 22$ worth of stuff for my room..a new garbage can, tissues, a optical light, gel decorations that go on anything! my mom is nuts about anything going on the wall because it tears the paint and such, and i cant use tacks cause they leaves holes..if anyone has a mother like i do i recommend you buy these, you can reuse them and they make absolutly no marks on the walls, my mom loves them and im happy cause i can put posters and such on my walls now since they are strong enough to hold them. The candy there is awesome too, big bags of chips that you would usually pay 2, 2.50 at macs..


  45. Wildguy says:


    Food Prices
    Rising food costs: Are they sabotaging nutrition?

    From this article:
    Less expensive, less nutritious food that is imported from Asia is another hot seller, says Marcone — a potentially risky proposition when it comes to health. He says these types of foods are not subject to the same regulations as products made in Canada.

    Type II diabetes can be triggered by a high-fat, high-sugar diet if there’s an underlying genetic predisposition. (Mei Evans/Associated Press)”They don’t follow our standards in many cases,” he says, adding that a $1 container of peanut butter at the dollar store could harbour certain toxins that would be caught during screening in Canada.

    “Here in North America, peanuts are checked for aflatoxins and there are only so many parts per billion that you’re allowed, because they cause cancer,” says Marcone. “Those coming from places like India and China: are they really being tested to the same extent?

    To read this article click below:

  46. Kelsey says:

    I love the Dollarama but I’m starting to be more careful about what I buy after a florescent light bulb lit on fire in my son’s room. No more light bulbs, luckily I was in there with him.

  47. John says:

    after reading all the responses I felt like I needed to comment on the food and something one guy wrote .. not every dollarama is the same .. I have a little girl who is an expense … and there is nothing wrong with there food. we have saved bundles by buying canned goods,ketchup,mustard, chef pastas , kraft dinner (box and microwave containers) , pudding,diced tomatoes,cookies,crackers, fairlee juices 3/1$ .. all of which i use to spend top dollar on in sobeys .. what i would spend at a regular grocery store. I spend maybe 30-40 dollars on say what would of cost me 100 dollars .. the saving are crazzy…. as far as for the toys. just read. there crayons and markers are all non-toxic , the colouring books and activity books are fantasic. I highly recommend dollarama. However once again dollarama stores may differ

  48. Jessica says:

    It really is buyer beware at any dollar store. Some things aren’t as good of a deal as others. If it looks cheap it probably is and won’t be worth the money.
    Although other things such as school supplies, cleaning supplies (brooms etc), gift wrap, laundry baskets, craft supplies
    (the list goes on and on) are a great deal.
    Many of the shelves are full of crap but the other stuff is a great deal. I personally love Dollarama and will continue to shop here.
    So far Dollarama is the best “dollar store” I have come across.

  49. Pictorama says:

    Cool camera tripods, Slick for a buck.

  50. Poor John says:

    Hey I have a kid and last time I checked he was flesh blood and full of life. My son is definitely not just an item on my balance sheet in the red. Poor John has an expense for a daughter, poor John. Thanks to his mono vision that can only see dollars and cents and nothing else he has just outlined a perfect case study in support of the CBC article.

    I love Dollarama its easy on the wallet and practical one stop shopping. But its cheapness can be (but not always) an expense to its quality, our health, trade equity, local economy and last and least that nasty old environment.

    Easy on the wallet but hard on the conscience, if you have one.

    I like to shop at Dollarama but I cant help thinking about the bigger picture when I do. On the other hand its true that ignorance is bliss. I wish I was more ignorant of these things, it would be easier on the wallet and on the mind.

  51. Passing the buck. says:

    Eh smartass tanks for bursting my bliss bubble. Next time keep it to your self. Shout out to my dollarama brothas and sistas, YO!

  52. TaraF says:

    I find it interesting that people are so ummm how shall I say “passionate” about their apparent hate for Dollar Stores. As with ANYTHING it’s “Buyer Beware”. Just because it’s sold in a Dollar Store doesn’t mean it’s crap, and just because it’s sold in a retail store, doesn’t mean it’s good! Think about the HUGE Peanut Butter Recall at the moment, it effects NATIONAL Brands, and huge weightloss companies such as Nutra System. So just because it is in a retail store and costs more, doesn’t mean it’s safe. Having said that I love the Dollarama for Gift Bags, Crafting Items, Party Supplies such as plates, glasses, banners, etc. It’s also good for Seasonal Items as well, and I often pick books up for my neices and nephews.

  53. Goofy says:

    chocolate/candy bars for 65 cents you can’t go woeng.Snickers,Mars,Kitkat etc.

  54. cheapcanuck says:

    I agree that some expensive items are made in China. Lululemon comes to mind. Their clothing is certainly not cheap and yet it is now all produced in China. So while they are saving on labour, as they are no longer hiring Canadians, they continue to charge crazy high prices for their products. Another example is Crocs — they used to be made in Canada but now they are made in China and their prices are the same. So I think there’s a double standard about things made in China. Sometimes it’s acceptable for it to be expensive and sometimes it’s all suspect when it’s inexpensive. Odd…

  55. cheapcanuck says:

    $1 for 100 gram Scharffen Berger artisan chocolate bar made in usa. Greeting cards. Knorr tetra pack soups for $1. 1 litre of liquid handsoap. Often the good buys (name brand stuff) sells out quickly and doesn’t always come back, like the Swiss Miss hot chocolate for $1 for ten pack.

    I once saw some expired food and brought it to the attention of the staff who pulled it immediately from the shelves.

  56. Cautious consumer says:

    After having read all of the posts above, I have to comment. I agree with a lot of the comments made above, including that yes, there are great deals to be had there, but “Let the buyer beware.” However, near the end of the string of responses, someone mentioned two things that struck me: 1) that a lot of Dollarama items are made in China or other countries, and 2) that far too many other retailers of all type stores, in all price ranges, *also* sell a lot of merchandise that’s made outside our country. It’s a tough choice for those on a tight budget (me included): shop for savings and turn a blind eye to where the items are made, or try to buy Canadian (or American) and pay more?. I like to buy Canadian, but it’s not only hard to find this stuff (I always thought a store that sold only Canadian-made products would solve this problem!), it costs sometimes a lot more! It’s not a clear-cut problem, when you add in some of the facts about Dollarama that I’ve heard, and as noted above: they cut corners so that they can sell items at bottom-of-the-barrel prices: they pay their employees poorly (I doubt they’re unionized!) and treat them poorly. But if you’re on an extremely tight budget like me, you turn the other way, try not to think about these issues and just shop there anyway in order to stretch your budget as far as possible. For those who make a good living, I say: shop Canadian or fair-trade only, even if it costs more. You’ll be supporting our economy when buying “made in Canada” items, and ensuring a fair wage and good working conditions for the fair-trade items – as well as health, environmental and social development for the community that made the products. Just things to consider…

  57. I shop at Dollarama at least two times a week. I am on a tight budget and couldn’t live without this store. I agree, some of the products break easily and are of poor quality, but I love picking up other items such as holiday (seasonal) decorations, craft supplies, batteries, candy and gum, and the odd item that you never see anywhere else.

  58. Kturtle says:

    This week I bought a case for my digital camera. It was $2.00! but, I have been looking at Walmart and Staples etc and the cheapest I could find was $12.00… the $ store one is exactly the same as the $12.00 at Walmart! I think I dun good! Don’t mind that $store now has more expensive stuff as long as it is still cheaper than elsewhere!

  59. Pinky says:

    I will agree the can opener sucks. The pregnancy test i hear works for alot of women. The Aquafina lip balm sells really well. I work for one and even though prices went up its all for the good. Food can be a hard thing to buy from there so check the date. Most of it we eat at lunch and no has got sick. They try every hard to make every product great. Most stuff is from Canada. Yes, some is from China and other places.

  60. Selle says:

    Scharffen Berger artisan chocolate like another person said. The box of 48 biodegradable poop n’ scoop bags for $1 is very nice too, considering they’re $8 or more at pet stores. Photo paper and a few other things.

    It’s probably always a good idea to read labels before purchasing something from there, but the same can be said for any other store; be it Safeway, Sobeys, etc.

  61. cheapcanuck says:

    The Scarffen Berger artison chocolate that I saw is short dated — best before July 2009. That’s still plenty of time to consume it (imho — in my hungry opinion). But check the package — today I got boxes of Christie’s Rice Thin crackers — made in Canada. They’re usually over $2 in the grocery store.

  62. Krusty says:

    Everyone should be aware that Dollarama is now a “Buck or Two” store. Their signs say that because they’re always trying find us great stuff at bargain prices, they’ve brought in hundreds of new items some of which are now priced at up to $3….look for a price tag! Isn’t NO price tags what Dollarama is supposed to be all about? The reality is that many of the “old” items that were a dollar are now $1.25. I don’t see any “new” items….its just a less than sneaky way to jack-up prices during a recession! Great timing Dollarama! See how many “new” items you sell when your stores are empty!! Boycott Dollarama!!!!!

  63. Kris says:

    Ive worked at Dollarama for 2 years, and I can tell you, there are some awesome deals!

    And also, there are NO items priced 2$ at our store that arent new items. Many old items have went up to 1.25 and a few to 1.50, but there are still hundreds of items that are 1.00.

    The 2.00 items are all alot better quality and all BRAND NEW, never before seen at Dollarama.

    Some great deals Ive noticed lately;
    Sunsilk products, John Freida collection products, Pringles (Not expired, btw), many new picture frames and art supplies, etc..

    The list is endless.

    As for the food, I eat it on a regular basis and am as healthy as could be! Check the expiry and if you notice its bad, tell someone! The same you would do in a normal grocery store – We WILL pull it right away and not sell it.

  64. Jen says:

    I shop at dollarama often and love it. We don’t have one in my town, but when we go shopping out of town I usually check it out. I agree that you have to be aware of what you are purchasing, just as you do anywhere. I buy some food there, but mostly name brands. It is a great place to buy seasonal items and party supplies.

    Last weekend I bought a battery powered ipod charger for $2, it even came with a duracell battery. I thought it was a great deal, and it works great.

  65. Jordan says:

    hey i work at a dollarama also, and our store has so many new items for 1.5 and 2.00, but still lots at a buck new items i’ve noticed recently was Dove shampoo, big bottles, Clorox bleach the big botles for 2 bucks, even name brand shoes in our store, I shop there lots and ieat there food, the only thing i’ve een had a problem with was there Gum it tasted stale.

  66. Catherine says:

    I love Dollarama! I go there to buy pant hangers. They come in a pack of 2 for $1, whereas stores like Wal-Mart and Zellers sell a 2 pk for about $5 or $6. They’re also great for gift bags and party supplies, storage ideas (I like their blanket storage bags), scrapbooking supplies, decorative candles… The list goes on. As for a lot of their items being made in places like China, I find it difficult to find anything these days not made outside Canada or the US. For example my niece’s school wanted them to use HB #2 pencils NOT made in Mexico or China, but it was very, very difficult to find them. Everything the big department stores had was made in China or Mexico. The ones we did find made in the US were super expensive.

  67. norma says:

    I can understand that the prices have to go up. but a 50% increase on the same item that sold for $1 is now $.50 is a little to much, I can go to other dollar stores and get the same items

    So sorry to see this.


  68. norma says:

    I can understand that the prices have to go up. but a 50% increase on the same item that sold for $1 is now $1.50 is a little to much, I can go to other dollar stores and get the same items

    So sorry to see this.


  69. dollarama doll says:

    Hi everyone. Have read through alot of the posts here. I have been employed with Dollarama for many, many years. I haven’t seen much here that I do agree with…..
    Toys….you get what you pay for…how long do you think it should last???
    Food…if you are concerned about it being imported, check it out. As far as it being close dated….WRONG!! Our food has expiry dates just like anywheres else….and if you happen to come across something that is close to expiration date…chances are…it had been put on the shelf long before that. Like anywhere else…things do sit sometimes…as employees, when we come across something expired…it is immediately pulled…not marked down to make a sale….PULLED. Except for seasonal candy…which is marked down…not because it has expired…but because the demand for it has come and gone.
    Plastic and glassware….awesome deals. Stationery….for those on a tighter budget..great place to shop. Sometimes you may find it is cheaper to purchase some merchandise elsewhere…so go ahead…I hate to pay more than I need to. Same as health and beauty, frames, seasonal items…baggies, kitchen ware type items…baking cups, sunglasses…reading glasses…blank cds, party supplies…gift bags are beautiful…and WAY cheaper than anywhere else!!! Some hardware items are a great deal. Face clothes…I detest a thick face cloth….LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ones we sell….and when my colours come in…I stock up. Candles, bbq type lighters, scrapbooking supplies, clothes hangers, suit bags and potting soil….phenomenal deals. We have recently stocked Pringle chips @ $1.00, Dove shampoo, Armour vehicle wipes, Sunsilk products and many other H & B products.
    And yes..we have changed our image. After 16….yes 16 years at selling everything at one dollar or less…we have now brought it things priced as high as two dollars. OMG….TWO DOLLARS!! I can honestly say that to date…nothing has come through our doors priced at two dollars that has ever been seen before in Dollarama. And yes, prices on some items has increased to 1.25 and 1.50…this is only so we can still offer our customers these products at all. Walmart, Sobeys, Garage Clothing, Superstore, Zellers, Sears so on and so on…they all increase their prices…all the time…so whats the problem with Dollarama doing it? And yes, we sell pregnancy tests and condoms…both work and both are approved for sale in Canada. Oh an by the way….we are now Dollarama Plus!!!

  70. shopaholic says:

    Well, Dollarama Doll, you are a ray of intellegence. I agree with every one of your observations. I take my kids to Dollarama regularly when they derserve a small reward – no, the toys don’t last long, but for a buck, I’m good if they last until bedtime. I put them into the recycle bin when we’re done with them. They love taking their time to pick out one or two items, and there’s always something different. You absolutely can’t go wrong with the kids books. I got my 5 year old Barbie workbooks to practice reading, writing and math. Something like this would have been closer to $10 at Chapters.

    I used to buy loads of chocolate bars to bring to work and share with anyone who needed a lift. Best 65 cents I could spend.

    I sometimes cater to events outside my home and have bought ceramic plates for a dollar each. $1!!!!! At the restaurant supply places, these start at $20 for similar styles. I would have never been able to afford starting a home business without dollarama plates and glasses. One party I catered to needed Martini and wine glasses, and one of the dollarama staff even held some in the back in the boxes to make it easy for me to transport. The service there can sometimes be outstanding! I did buy some forks, and have to say, they weren’t the best. It’s a good idea to buy one, bring it home, try it out, and go back if you decide you’de like more.

    You can make excellent loot bags from dollar store items – whether your budget is $1 per kid or $20 per kid.

    Anyways, as a shopoholic, I often need a fix and can get it for under $10 at Dollarama, where it would cost me a lot more at the mall. And you can’t be serious about their prices going up in this economy, especially after 16 years of everything in the store being a dollar. Realy, 25 cents is not that much of an increase, nor is 50 cents, especially when the value is still there.

    Byer always beware – regardless if you’re buying a $4,000 trendy designer orange goes-with-almost-nothing handbag at Holt Renfrew, or $1.25 for Dollarama Plus pantyhose that you know you’ll only wear a couple of times.

  71. Pam says:

    I find it funny about some of the posts listed on here … especially with the items made in china, do you realize that most of the items found in a well known place like Walmart has most of their items made in China? yes thats right china.. take a look at a label from your fravorite store next time. Yes Dollarama has some great deals, but even at a place like Walmart buyer should beware it doesnt matter which store you purchase at. If it cost a dollar or six you should look closely at what your busying. Dollarama sells for cheap, often they sell the items from large stores which could not be sold or have a slight defect, which is why you can get the items cheap there. Recently I just made easter baskets for my step son and niece. Their baskets cost a total of $20.00 each, all items are welknown brands like dubble bubble, hersheys etc., with the basket I had made if i would have done it at Walmart I would have paid close to $40.00 for each basket! All items are not expired. But like one had said each Dollarama is different so look at what your buying.

  72. love2shop says:

    I recently found some “Priddy Books” activity books for my kids. They sell at Chapters for $3-$4 each. The craft supplies is unbeatable and my kids love it because we buy a lot of items for not that much money (which I love!)
    Pam- I agree with you- I am a label reader and you’re right, most items doesn’t matter what store are made in China.

  73. carina says:

    i love dollarama you can get cool stuff for only a dollar

  74. cheapcanuck says:

    Kid’s scissors by FISKAR — made in China but name brand and good quality. Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate — made is USA and a name brand.

  75. Caper says:

    Yes, Dollarama does have some good deals.. but please have some common sense – If they sell something that can be AT ALL be a hazard in any way – not worth it!

    Interesting about the CF lightbulb lighting on fire, same thing happened to me, only I was not home – it popped apart, and, there where black smoke trails on it on inspection. (screwed in upside down) thank god the house did not catch fire… – Anyways, I hope this post saves somebody – do not buy these bulbs! The price of CF bulbs has come down recently, and you will get a much better, safer bulb for close to a dollar elsewhere in bulk. The light from these bulbs is nowhere near the brightness from a name brand bulb as well – look at the style of the CF as well, not much glass compared to the normal ones. – I saw the lightswitches, and other electrical components there, and I can’t get the lightbuld experience out of my head. If these things are not CSA certified, they should not be allowed to sell them.

    I think we all know that for the most part, the tools etc. are pretty much disposable to a point – for example, a screwdriver worked great for working on computers, try it on a car part that has a rusted screw, and your more than likely to break it – easily. The metal used in most products is not strong at all. I purchased another 1$ screwdriver however since then, and will not be using it on anything beyond extreme light duty in the future – LOL

    I can’t imagine that someone bought a frying pan from there, for anything other than cooking breakfast on a campfire with.

    I buy a particular kind of soap called “Duran” I think? its green, has (some) olive oil in it, but it lasts forever, it comes in two huge bars for a buck – well worth it – nice soap.

    Toothpaste/brushes? wait until sobeys has the good ones on SALE W/AIR MILES BONUS for a certain quantity purchased – get yourself 100-200 or more airmiles for a year or two worth of toothbrushes.

    – On the AIR MILES, Sobeys has also had deals like 12 large roll CHARMIN, reg. 7.99 or more, on for 3.99, buy 3 months worth, get 100 Air miles. you can get alot of air miles sometimes, for things you ALWAYS buy every week – and save yourself doing this buy buying in bulk. get lots of air miles, and save money in the long run, gotta love it – sorry Dollarama, you’ll never get my hard earned toilet paper, and toothpaste money lol

    Food – there are some good deals – although I often wondered about the various items that have what looks like arabic type on them, not sure if these things would be a good buy… You will never find an isle with more “chocolately” anywhere. You can’t beat the gum and bar prices and watch for name brand items, recently purchased “clover leaf” tuna meal in a plastic bag – not bad on rice.

    1.00 Pringles? sounds cheaper than the grocery store at $2.00, what happened to “Chip Flips” (Dollarama pringles knockoff)? or whatever?, did they price drop on those, or did pringles replace them on the shelves? – if you ask me, this style of chip is only worth a dollar or less anyways – instant mashed potato.

    Buyer Beware for sure at Dollarama – just remember, if you have to think about if it will work or last? do not buy it.

  76. pop says:

    wow you people are obsessed with dollarama… get a life.

  77. Beth says:

    They sell Fun Dip at some stores!! 2 for a dollar! 🙂 hehe

  78. SURRYARKO says:

    $1 for 3 bibs for my newborn baby….

  79. mohamid says:

    good pencils and erasers and the calculators are amazing and are waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy cheaper than staples

  80. koukladd says:

    Just wanted to add a note regarding the food at Dollar stores…it is good food but there may be something not according to spec, for example if you buy a can of chicken noodle soup, there may be more noodles than there was supposed to be or less noodles…or close to the expiration date. A lot of companies buy these “close-out” deals and make a ton of money reselling the product to the Dollar stores. And of course the Dollar stores make even more money…
    But it’s a personal choice…

  81. Charles says:

    The stationery stuff is great. 10 packs of Papermate pens, pencils, but best of all the 3-ring binders. Just simple things, but try to get one elsewhere – at Walmart they are all at least $4 and have all kinds of colours and pockets and stuff that you really don’t need. I’ve used them from my student days (remember how university bookstores love to charge like $5 for things they know freshmen are going to buy!) to now, and it’s still the best deal for them. Like others have said, the best deals are on stuff that you know can’t go wrong. Worst case scenario, one of your pens doesn’t work, that’s a whole 10c wasted (!!) and you still have 9 pens that last forever.

  82. rat poo inside spice jar says:

    …so a few months back I bought the plastic containers for spices they have a white top and are plastic it is in a pack of 2 and it is has clear plastic wrapper around the top

    I do not know how it is even possible that rat poo could get inside of this jar being as how its wrapped in a plastic wrapper… but when i got home i noticed that; that was what that was…. inside my one container

    so i empied the 3 pieces of poo into the garbage and then threw the plastic jar into the dishwasher and the whole container melted from the dishwasher anyway …

    ao please always wash there kitchen goods first …

    And the idiot that i am… i still buy plastic spice containers and jars from them ,

  83. ka7qur says:

    regarding the posts above about the CF bulbs… i bought Noma CF bulbs and it also nearly caught on fire in my bedroom. However, I bought mine from Canadian Tire… therefore, it all depends on your luck.

  84. trevor says:

    hello i go to doallarama all the time it went up to 2 bucks they have good chips their called chip flex they come in a can i bought a light bulb their a year ago it started flickering and than it cought on fire most of the time i buy those 591 ml cokes
    and stack chips
    winnipeg manitoba canada

  85. c10a7 says:

    I get the kid’s birthday invitations there as well as notepads and hair things for my daughter. She also gets stickers for the kids she babysits.

  86. Susan says:

    Hellooooooooo. It’s a dollar store. You can’t expect everything to be great quality. A frying pan for a dollar??!!!?? And it broke??????

    I love Dollarama for cards and gift wrap and bags. I buy the Magic Eraser knockoffs at 2 for $1 and even cut them in half. I have bought suit bags (yes, not great quality) to sort out my clothes in the closet and protect the clothes I wear less often from dust. There is a great selection of microfibre cloths for cleaning or a finer kind for face washing. Or if you want one of thos microfibre hair turban thingies they have those too. I organized my office with magazine/file holders. I regularly purchase Reynolds brand pop-up tin foil sheets.

    As for mouse poo in your food items, this can be found anywhere there is food. That’s why my friend who used to own a convenience store recommended that I always carefully wash the top of a tin can before I open it.

  87. koukladd says:

    Dollarama is great for kids’s stickers, window decals & magnets (flat ones)…ballons & party supplies too.
    Also rubber gloves & sponges that are exactly the same as in any other store.

  88. Mary Reid says:

    I was just in the store in Milton, Ontario and asked a clerk where I asked a clerk where something was and as she walked away she said where the item was, and said to her again, where was the item as “I couldn’t hear you as you walking away” she then went on to mumble the answer. She didn’t care or even look at me, she was rude and unfriendly. As I went through the checkout ($35 later) I asked who the lady was, and guess what she was THE STORE MANAGER. In this economy and the way people are desperate for jobs, where do these Store Managers get off talking to customers like this. As I left there was another employee and I asked her about this person and questions her regarding this MANAGERS attitude and she said there have been more than one complain regarding her.


  89. tattoodprincess says:

    I love how everyone blames the dollar store for buying expired food. Who doesnt check expiration dates ANYWHERE they shop???? I work at Wal Mart and have seen expired food sitting right on our shelves. IT HAPPENS! You should never buy food from any store, dollar store or top price, without checking labels! The dollar store has some awesome stuff!! I am a HUGE Tinkerbell fan and honestly, they get more Tinkerbell stuff than any other store I’ve been in. I bought a pack of 6 Tinkerbell pens for a buck..half of which have already gone missing at I care? NO cuz I paid a BUCK!! lol I was in the one in Niagara Square the other day and got a pack of pre-cut parchment paper sheets. 12 sheets, cookie sheet for a buck. Like others have said, every store is completely different. We have two here in the falls and they’re polar opposites. The one in the mall is better than the one by Wal Mart. Plus, if you’re going to the movies, spending a buck on a bottle of pop, and getting some cheap candy is an awesome deal. Especially when you’re already going on cheap night lol
    You just gotta think about what you buy..common sense will get you far..and if you’re gonna moan and complain about Dollarama..dont shop there…pure and simple. 😀

  90. Tina says:

    Why does everyone complain about Dollarama goods always being expired, unsafe, not CSA approved and the best one “Made in China”….first of all, nearly EVERYTHING is made in China….what else do you expect to buy for $1?! Second of all, you’ll still find plenty of items that are expired or made in China at Wal-mart, Superstore etc..the point is that you need to look at what you’re buying and as a consumer be aware of everything you buy. Look at what you’re buying and really see if it’s worth even that 1 dollar. On a more positive note, Dollarama has some amazing things and is definitely a store I frequent often, I’m simply careful with what I’m buying.

  91. Holly says:

    I found cesar wet food dishes at my local dollarama in Summerside, PEI. They were 2 for a buck. Which is an awesome deal because they range from 80 cents to a dollar each at any other store. My little dog loves these so I stocked up on them!!

  92. Amber says:

    I am looking for dollarama plush hand puppets. Our store didn’t have all the animals I needed. I am looking for the chicken/duck, the wolf, the horse, the cat, and the sheep. Anyone found them?

  93. Matt says:

    Some stuff is great and is the cheapest price for mid-to-high end quality stuff. Items like these are generally cheap and safe:
    -pens and stationary
    -“studio” brand 6 pk scotch tape (better than many pricier brands)
    -telephone and network cables
    -batteries and small battery-powered items (flashlights, etc)
    -small tools, most toys,
    -picture frames, picture-hanging stuff,
    -half the stuff in the kitchen section (bags, etc)

    Some items are usually okay but are sometimes knock-offs
    -small bottles of pop
    -some candies and chocolate bars
    -some larger tools (I had a hammer pop apart on me, a screwdriver bend, another screwdriver broke, yet another screwdriver came right apart)
    -cutlery (sometimes imprinted “stainless steel” and often its just really lousy and/or unsafe chrome plating)
    -cleaning products (some are okay, some are weaker-versions of the real thing, and some are just alcohol-based crud).
    REASON: check product label… 8/10 times its Canada or USA but that other 2/10 times its S.Africa or Taiwan or Singapore or some middle-eastern country where quality control consists of bribing someone to okay it for export)

    Other stuff is a major buyer beware.
    -electrical power extension cables… (see CSA warning below)
    -lightbulbs (large, medium, and small night-light) (see CSA warning below)
    -power extension bars
    -almost anything that needs to be plugged into a wall outlet (see CSA warnings below)
    -sometimes the batteries
    -toothpaste and personal-care items like bandaids (I found the recalled S.Africa-made “Colgate” toothpaste with anti-freeze in our store… the clerks immediately pulled it off the shelves when I pointed it out to them).
    -some food items (sometimes those Trix and such knock-off kids cereals are “made in Quebec”… other times their “imported from Quebec” or “made in England” and a few times I found they were “made in Singapore” or “imported from Afghanistan” or some non-safe place.
    -any colored coffee mugs (often they used a lead-based paint)

    -often the “CSA approved” (Canadian Standards Association) thing is a sticker (CSA NEVER uses stickers), or a bad/cheap imprint
    -I’ve seen “GE” (General Electric) brand bulbs, but on close inspection found the fine-print and CSA stamps had errors… or was made in some 3rd-world or 2nd-world country… obviously a forgery
    -the “made in South Africa” or “made in China” products often may say their tested when the company that made them simply slapped a sticker on and/or bribed the testing company to push through an unsafe product
    -the “sunbeam” batteries… I personally never had problems, but heard through a friend who worked for a large legal firm say that there was a number of lawsuits about “sunbeam brand batteries exploding” the moment people tried to use them. My own tests have shown that the only time their not safe is when you try to plug them into one of those “recharges any kind of alkaline battery” type battery rechargers.

  94. Artificial Child says:

    I’ve taken expired vitamins home from Shopper’s Drug Mart, I accidentally bought outdated milk at Safeway, and I’ve had veggies infested with flies from Co-op. I’ve also had appliances and other things fall apart from The Bay, and other so-called “real” stores. Now, I always check expiry dates no matter where I shop, as well as look and see if the quality is decent. If not, I don’t buy it, plain and simple. And that includes Dollarama. I don’t just buy something cause it’s cheap, and I don’t not buy something because it’s “only” a buck. Use your best judgment, and you’ll shop well 🙂

  95. JanszGrl says:

    Great things to buy at dollar stores:
    -party supplies: streamers, balloons, plastic cutlery and cups, flower lei necklaces, Happy Birthday banners, anything basically one time use and disposable
    -stationary/scrapbook materials: scissors, rulers, paper clips, elastic bands, stickers, binder clips, pads of paper (all those basic office supplies/stationary) except for packing tape (I find the quality is pretty bad sometimes, not sticky at all! I don’t buy glue either)
    -sounvenirs: Canadian flags, key chains, magnets, postcards
    -gift wrap: greeting cards, wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbon (again, all disposable things, or things you give away and can’t use)
    -beauty/health: plastic claw hair clips, cheap towels (face or hand), cotton balls, cotton swabs, ear plugs, mirrors, plastic spray bottles, plastic travel bottles, loofah puffs, nail clippers (I don’t buy any of the soaps, body washes, lotions, toiletries)
    -kitchen/home: plastic baggies, garbage bags, magnetic fridge clips or magnets, over-the-door hanging hooks, sink strainer, sponges, plastic gloves, plastic organizing baskets/containers, pretty glass vases (don’t buy candles/incenses because I’m not sure about the quality of what they emit into the air), picture frames, small photo albums, plastic cable ties, Garage Sale/For Sale/For Rent signs, luggage tags, shower caps,

    I love Dollar Stores 🙂

  96. JoJo says:

    I think that their sationary is amazing. I am only 10, and i constancly have to go Dollarama, for many different siturations. Their hair clip and neckleces, braclets, are beautiful all or just $1! ut you know that you have to becareful i saw this news report saying that dollarama caady and food are some sort bad for you, they only think that because they most probaly got riped off by another store, trying to thertnen the people of Canada and scaring them not to go to Dollarama or somthing, who cares about them at’s lease i will now be at least a littly more careful, it’s not like i would stop going to Dollarama cause it really saved my life for a few times, including once me being in a spech art compition i needed “Q” cards eveywear sold em expensive i went to dollarama and you no it is not there so that rally helped i guess i have just said alot my concestion is that ” Dollarama Roxs” Thank-you

    – JoJo

  97. Al Kroc says:

    For anyone interested in scrapbooking, dollarama is the place to shop. They’ve got everything there. Good quality stuff too. I bought about 20 buck worth of scrapbook stuff there, it probably would have costed me 60 bucks at Michaels Craft store, or anywhere else.

    Don’t you just love great deals!? 🙂


  98. Miro says:

    when i see something at a dollar store for $1 and the same thing , the exact same thing somewhere else for $3-4 it makes me wonder about the profit that those places make ,
    a pair of pliers for $10 at canadian tire
    the exact same one for a dollar

    If it sells for a dollar , common sense says that the dollar store is making a small profit , they wouldnt sell it otherwise
    and the other place selling it for $3-4 is selling it at 2-3 times the cost
    in other words 200%-300% profit
    That is greed
    I refuse to pay $2 for a pack of chips or a can of cola , because it is supporting corporate greed
    just because it is convenient , a gas pump can sell a small pack of chips for $2 ,
    well go ahead and pay extra money on the exact same thing like a heard of sheep ,
    if you are worried about your health , why are you eating canned ,processed stuff anyway? it is full of chemicals and preservatives no matter where you buy it ,
    if you are worried about expiry dates , then check them before you buy it

    its not the lack of common sense that pisses me off , its when people passionately defend their ignorant opinions

  99. kelly says:

    I live dollaramas makeup.
    i like to buy eye shadow and blush cuz it makes me save millions of dollars i am hte richest paid make up artist and i live buying dollar store items for my coustomers. shhhh dont tell them they think its good quality items pssshhhhhh! anyway i love you jafo u r my honne

  100. Liwee says:

    I started reading this post because I knew I wanted something at Dollarama, but yet I couldn’t remember. It was Ice cube trays. Mine broke… Maybe I should pay a bit more.. I’ll check them up, it’s BUYERS BEWARE as many says, so yup, if they look cheap I’ll pay a bit more at an other store.

    As for the food there, I usually don’t buy any food there, even if the brand is known. I don’t really go to Dollarama for grocery shopping. But I have, sometimes, bought chips (Lays) or candies or Sloppy Joe sauce. I always take product I know, and check out the date and the tag.

    I used to bought toothpaste there, but my boyfriend doesn’t like Colgate anymore… lol! I love the small travel-size items, they are great!

    Once, i found some Secret Deodorant (full size, not travel-mini-size) for a buck, that was great! I also found some duck tape that had an old price tag of 5.99 there.

    I love to buy my gift bags there as they have a great selection of sizes. I took my ustensils there as well and some of my kitchen ware.

    As for the oven mitts, I think they are quite too small and not really well isolated.

    And as for the makeup, I wouldn’t buy my makeup there as I don’t know really what I’m brushing onto my skin. I prefer going to cheap store like Rossys, bargain giant or giant tiger to get last season’s Maybelline or Cover Girl make-up or to check in discount baskets at WalMart or SuperStore.

    I love to get bobby pins or hair clips at Dollarama. I would love it if they could get elastic bands for ponnytails. They do sometimes, but they’re not always the best.

  101. Jessica says:

    I recentl bought dove body cream that retails for about $8.79 for $2 at dollarama.

  102. SuperPeregrine says:

    At the Carlingwood Mall Dollarama in Ottawa, I usually find many disposable items. Recently, I bought a set of five finger flashlights for $1! Just the battereies would have costed more that $5! What a deal!

  103. Dave says:

    The Dollarama in Calgary has lots of canadian/USA products for a buck. I buy cleaning supplies, food, candy, cat toys, all with good names like sunlight,chefboyardee,effem,lays. Check expiry dates and where its made and don’t expect to find top quality items for a dollar. I LOVE DOLLARAMA!!!!!!!

  104. Daul O'Ramma says:

    Dollarama currently has $2 Ethernet Crossover cables by Phillips, which can let you directly connect two computers to form a small network. For this price, any computer technician should grab one if they don’t have one already.

    I shop there for all the stuff I can do without, but I only purchase anyway because of the price. The phrase “I’d buy THAT for a dollar” comes to mind for me, because items such as cable ties, infrequently-used tools and wooden puzzles are products I wouldn’t pay $9.99 for at a regular retail outlet.

    A word of advice – actually COMPARE prices with other stores! For example, Dollarama has (had?) some Colgate toothpaste tubes for $1, which sell at Zellers for 79¢!

  105. ivanna_save-aloy says:

    was in dollarama today in trenton and picked up the new XXL lash extension mascara($2), t-shirts for my boys($1.25), sunsilk conditioner($1), and nesquick syrup! Gotta LOVE Dollarama!! that’s usually the first place my kids ask to go to by name lol.

  106. Rosa says:

    I am a big fan of Dollarama as well. Here are some things I have recently purchased for a good price: Dove shampoo/conditioner $2, Carnation hot chocolate $2(box), Random House children’s books(retail about $6.99 CAN)$1, Dawn dishsoap $1, Spic & Span All Purpose cleaner $1.25, Jergens Mild Soap(3pk)$1. This is definately a good place to shop for all of your stocking stuffers!

  107. crazycoupongirl says:

    I love getting pinesole its usually alot more at local retailers compared to the $1 at this place all the time

  108. hm says:

    DENISE DUBOIS– does anyone else wonder how people like this function?

  109. mary1234 says:

    every now and then there are some good finds at our dollarama. i got some really pretty metallic candle holders which look the same as what i just saw in a design magazine… for only $2 each.

    i buy gift bags and cards there a lot of the time. i’ve also been able to purchase some cheap safe toys for my toddler like Dora/Diego notebooks, pencils, stickers and other books too.

    as many have mentioned, its buyer beware. if its cheap, don’t expect it to last – and if it breaks, its not that great of a deal.

    i personally don’t buy food or makeup there… i’m sure its safe, but i’m just picky!

  110. Shadyman says:

    Yesterday, I found interior doormats for $1.50, with the Sears label still on the back.

  111. Lil says:

    In response to hm: Yeah, reading the message I imagined myself being yelled at to run to the dollarstore and purchase some $1 crystal photo frames…huh..

  112. Shadyman says:

    @Caper: “(screwed in upside down)”

    Note that the packaging for CFL bulbs SHOULD warn (or have a diagram) to screw into upright fixtures or sideways ones, but not upside-down ones.

  113. sha says:

    I find that their photo papers, craft items, party stuff are stuff to take advantage of.

  114. vibrantflame says:

    I love Dollarama…every time I am in the city I have to stop by there. I’ve seen so many good deals on things there. A while back I picked up some Sunsilk products that would have easily been 3x the price at a drug store. I usually buy all my arts and crafts stuff from there too. Not to mention the pregnancy tests (yes they do work just fine)….could not believe the difference in price between their tests and the drug store ones!!

  115. RobynCD says:

    *sniff* I wish we had a Dollarama here! All we have is a “Real Canadian Dollar Store” where most stuff is between $2.50 and $10+…

  116. Princesstefer says:

    Today I got *real* UNO cards in an NFL jersey case for $2. I got Bonnebell lipgloss (not chapstick) for $2 a bout a month ago (not expired), on that same visit I got a large hardcover High School Musicalbook (I think it had a $25 cover price) for $2. They often have sets of Colourforms for $1-$2 (Blues Clues, Go Diego Go and Backyardigans). I got an athletic jacket, similar in cut/style to lululemon for $2. I bought some page protectors there for $1 that were better quality than the Avery brand ones I bought at Best Buy for $7.
    I could go on and on… great deals everytime I go! (obviously some stuff is a little sketchy, but that can pretty much be avoided with a little paying attention.
    I was so disappointed when I first moved from Montreal to Edmonton and there was no Dollarama here. Suddenly my kids’ socks tripled in price (at the time they outgrew them before they wore them out lol) I was so excited when they first started popping up here and I enthusiastically told all my friends… they thought I was a little nuts ’till they went too.

  117. Daniel says:

    I used to work at Dollarama, I bought a bottle of Axe shower gel for $2, Ethernet cord for $1, I buy chips and stuff, water for 25 cents a bottle.

  118. ccmp1974 says:

    Please be careful when shopping at the Dollarramma.I was there last month with my 10 year old daughter in her car seat in a shopping cart.As we started down one aisle three large boxes fell from the top shelf and bounced off the handle of her seat!!! If I did not have the handle up they would of crushed her.I told the girls worked and the manager what had happen.No on was working on the boxes and it was because they have they piled so high that they fell.Whan I went back 2 weeks and saw that they were still piles to the ceiling(just a few inches below)I spoke with the manager again and she said she had told “them” and they didn’t want to change the way they did things.I was in a few different ones and they all do this,piling to the ceiling.I tried to email the company but there was no way on there site as it was under construction.So if I have to go there now,my kids stay home.Safe shopping is NOT at the Dollaramma!!

  119. Heather says:

    I live by 3 different dollarama stores and find alot of stuff.

    *Noxema $2 for the big exfoliating tube, or the big tub—–normally I pay $5-6 per
    *Jon Freida $1 (blonde, brunette, red…etc) hair products such as straightning balm, gel, shampoo————normally I pay $9-11/per
    *NICK JR BOXER BRIEFS…the best deal…$2 for 2 pack in a reusable container….My son loves these spongebob ones and I was paying $6 a pack at Zehrs.
    *High School Musical, and Tinkerbell socks/hair clips gift bag. $2
    *CAREBEARS DVD LAND of JokeAlot…price still on $14.96…..$2

  120. T. says:

    Last week I got the regular size Dove ‘Go Fresh’ deodorant (not the travel size) for $1!!!! I bought 6 lol
    They are $4.99 at shoppers unless they’re on sale!!

  121. Valé says:

    J’écrit en français car je ne sais pas bien écrire en anglais.
    J’ai trouvé hier chez Dollarama, un mascara L’Oréal “Bare Naturale” pour $2. Je l’ai essayé ce matin et il va super bien, allongeant et épaississant à souhait. Deux couleurs disponibles, noir et noir profond. Je retourne ce soir faire mes provisions. Je compte même en offrir comme cadeau de Noël.

  122. Valé says:

    J’ai trouvé également deux belles écharpes, made in Italy, vraiment “mode” pour seulement $2, super bonne affaire ! Mais il n’en restait déjà presque plus !

  123. Brenda says:

    Books are a good deal at Dollarama – but you have to check often. High School Musical and Hannah Montana hard cover books at Dollarama for $2.00. Went next door to Coles (Chapters), and the exact same book was on the shelf for $25.99. My daughters thought this was crazy! A very good reason to shop around!

  124. Catherine says:

    CCMP1974 I’ve never seen anything like that at the Dollarama stores where I live. Everything is always extremely well organized. I really don’t think you can single out Dollarama for having boxes piled too high though. Walmart always does it. Zellers ALWAYS has freight piled haphazardly in the middle of their aisles. Some people have even posted pics of this on the Smart Canuck website. I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but if you’re not going to complain to the other retailers who do the exact same thing then it’s unfair of you to single out Dollarama. If you’re truly unhappy with how they stock their freight, then don’t shop there anymore. It’s pretty simple.

  125. Hurumi says:

    Small appliances/tools are okay. I would never buy anything that goes into my mouth there..

  126. Hurumi says:

    Or make up or anything like that. Drugstore stuff is already not as high class as brand name (which i would never be able to afford) so I don’t really see the need to go even lower and get it at dollarrama…but that’s just my take on things.

  127. LPL says:

    I love getting party decorations (b-day candles, banners, cups/plates etc), gift bags, colouring books, reading books, and sketch books, and stickers from Dollarama. You can’t go wrong with these prices!

  128. 519 flowers says:

    The Auquafina lip oil was gross, and it made my lips peel!!!

  129. Mexy says:

    Last week I bought Dove ‘Go Fresh’ deodorant full size for 2 🙂

  130. Gazel says:

    Here are the things I’ve seen at Dollarama…

    – Pregnancy Tests
    – Numerous Canned Food
    – BLAZERS! … Yes, Blazers.
    – Underwear, Bras and even t-shirts.
    – Bubble wrap
    – Mailing envelopes with bubble wrap
    – Photo paper
    – Baking pans (glass)
    – Kitcen utensils
    – Sandals
    – Walking sticks
    – Hangers
    – European chocolates
    – Chocolate milk (wtf lol)

    and more I can’t remember. I LOVE DOLLARAMA.

  131. L. Wilson says:

    I get art supplies there, little canvases and paints, etc.

    Great for the kids.

  132. Gazel says:

    More good deals are pet supplies: pet beds, pet dishes, pet food, toys, puppy pads and the poop bags. I love dollarama.

  133. mist_ynight says:

    I just bought a hardcover Hannah Montana Backstage Pass book for $2, the book club at my school is selling the same book for $20.00! I was glad I had bought two of them from the dollar store, they will make great prizes for the kids.

  134. Shyleigh says:

    I will never buy food at Dollarama so buyer beware. My uncle runs a importing/shipping stock facility for small and large businesses. Dollarama is similiar to discount store like The Bargin Bin, Giant Tiger (remember Biway?) They get their stock at cheap discount because companies are liquidating their old stock, like food products near expiry. I’d also stay away from food or candy made in China, Mexico, Thailand, Brazil or products that don’t mention where their item was manufactured but only say they are only “imported.”

    But I got to say that Dollarama has some nice scrapbooking accessories and hair accessories. Occassionally, they even have some good books in stock.

  135. baggylady says:

    ccmp1974 and Catherine: if you feel it’s a safety problem with the boxes stacked too high and the store doesn’t do anything about it, call the local workers comp office or other and rat them out – hopefully someone will go and check

  136. lisa says:

    dollarama has maybaline mascara but im not sure if i should buy it does anyone know if its good or not?

  137. cheapcanuck says:

    rice cakes — made in Canada, not expired for $1. Hand sanitizer refill for $2 — 62% ethyl alcohol as recommended by Public Health Toronto.

  138. Karen says:

    I only buy stuff I can throw out at Dollarama (papers, painting supplies,etc) I don’t buy anything that goes near my mouth there.I don’t trust the materials of cooking/kitchen supplies nor do I trust the food. Too much counterfeiting from China.

  139. pink_panda says:

    oh the other day at dollarama, i saw “green bags” for $2. i’ve seen this bags on infomercials before. where they say the bags can keep food fresh for days….

    thought it was a good deal.

  140. Kris says:

    ccmp1974, what Dollarama was that at?

  141. Colleen says:

    how is it possible that you can get golf clubs for a dollar? I saw a documentary that said that many people are working for hardly anything to make sure that when the stuff you buy comes to you it comes cheap

  142. Mexy says:

    Yesterday I bought Garnier Pure Daily Purifying Pads (56 pads/countainer) at 2$, Noxzema Daily Exfoliating Cleanser (177ml) at 2$. I also saw hair color Natural Match from L’Oreal, Bare Naturale mascara, many Noxzema products

  143. Lynn says:

    I don’t buy food from Dollarama except sometimes I might buy a little candy or chocolate or chips, but nothing more than that in relation to food. We buy household products there like dish cleaners, hand sanitizers, sometimes sandwich bags if we’re running late. As for beauty, I would never puchase makeup at Dollarama …because I don’t wear it. But it seems a little suspicious, but I have purchased the Mark Anthony conditioner I have yet to try out, and a Sally Hansen hair removal cream that I also need to test. I’ve even seen Noxema, and Neutrogena tan cream and sunscreen.

  144. Islandlakes says:

    Some people are concerned about the safety of the products that we find at Dollarama. I think we have to be concerned about all of our imported products. They are not being checked well. We can find many of these in other stores, from Walmart to The Bay and even to the pricier stores.

    So, it is buyer beware always. When I was younger we could have more confidence in products being checked well for safety and this attitude may be what you grew up with because there was more safety. We now have less safety inspection and cheaper products than we, as Canadians, are used to.

    Also, buying some good quality Canadian made things is often worth buying many cheap imports, both in satisfaction and safety. I do shop at Dollarama and I try to keep this in mind. I really don’t need half of the cheap crappy stuff that I buy.

  145. Chantal says:

    I’m a poor university student. Dollarama is where I get my school supplies before a new semester starts. They’re much cheaper than at the university shop. The only quality difference I’ve noticed is that the 3 punch, lined paper is thinner, but I can live with that.

    I’ve also gotten great deals on cotten cosmetic pads, chocolate, drinks and occasionally food. A lot of the food is junk that I don’t eat, but I’ve gotten some great deals on spices and herbs, European style mustard and crushed garlic.

    They do have junk that falls apart in no time, so you have to use your judgement to get the real deals.

  146. Musky says:

    I would be concerned about the accuracy of a $1 Pregnancy test! Unless the instructions are “pee on the stick and wait 9 months for results!”

  147. I agree with the above post. Personally I cannot see why you would not want to make an effort in this regard anyway. Only the other day, at work we had exactly the same conversation and came to a similar decision

  148. dizzyb says:

    I don’t shop at Dollarama any near as much as I used to. I have a number of good quality tea towels that I purchased there some time ago, but haven’t seen the same quality since. I’m also considering the environmental impact my purchases make. Sure, the $1 toy might be super cute and a great deal for the price, but if it breaks within a month (or worse, less), my pocketbook might not be hurting but the environment pays for it. Consider the resources used to produce so many of these toys that will be thrown away very soon, especially as many of them are not recyclable. I’d far rather pay a few dollars more for a toy that my kids can play with for years, and can be donated after that, saving it from ending up prematurely in a landfill.

  149. mary1234 says:

    i got some great kids stuff at dollarama today –

    thomas the train colouring book with stickers $1
    (they also had the same Thomas book i bought my daughter from chapters last spring for only $1!!)
    disney princess fairy wings (great for dress-up or a costume) $1.50
    winnie the pooh party supplies $1 each

    some other great deals I saw:
    lots of neutrogena and dove brand self-tanning creams, $1-2 each
    really nice stationary that you can print on yourself: engagement announcements, save the date cards, blank paper and cards, birth announcement cards, thank you cards… they were all really high quality, some were hallmark, nice stuff

  150. Alex says:

    Cadmium found in trinkets from China
    By Justin Pritchard
    Associated Press / January 11, 2010

    LOS ANGELES – Barred from using lead in children’s jewelry because of its toxicity, some Chinese manufacturers have been substituting the more dangerous heavy metal cadmium in sparkling charm bracelets and shiny pendants being sold throughout the United States.

  151. shelly says:

    raisin bread for $2!!!!

  152. Really great blog post! I am glad I found this post on Google. I will be back soon.

  153. Monica says:

    I stocked our entire holiday trailer with items from Dollarama.
    The best peering knives I ever have owned were bought there. They are extra sharp, and slice through duct-tape like a hot knife through butter. So I went back and bought the matching Chef-Knife and bread-knife.
    $1.25 each. Also another awesome find was a little plastic spill guard that sits on the counter between it and the stove. Now I am able to avoid those messy spills that drop down that gap between the stove and the countertop. How come no other store has these great tools. Dollarama is an awesome store, and I love to browse there often.

    Another awesome find was for the kids. Ball caps with Dreamworks characters that have built-in lights on the brims. Awesome for camping too.

  154. Spires says:

    cool pics

  155. Lynn says:

    Yesterday I purchased nice looking shoe bags for gifts. They are like a velour with a picture of a pair of high heels on them. They are a generous size and come in several covers. Also lovely hard cover notebooks. They are around 4×6 and the paper is lined which is unusual. I keep mine in the car with reminders and things to do lists etc. Also a lovely smallish ladle, nice heavy feel to it. Will be perfect for sauces, gravy etc.

  156. Lynn says:

    Yesterday I purchased nice looking shoe bags for gifts. They are like a velour with a picture of a pair of high heels on them. They are a generous size and come in several colors. I bought the black-quite nice. Also lovely hard cover notebooks. They are around 4×6 and the paper is lined which is unusual. I keep mine in the car with reminders and things to do lists etc. It is elegant. Also a lovely smallish ladle, nice heavy feel to it. Will be perfect for sauces, gravy etc.

  157. high says:

    the raisin bread is the bomb digidy!! so good with peanut butter!!

  158. Madeline says:

    – they have terrific assortment of SOCKS and SLIPPERS for $2. Bought some slippers at Walmart and Zellers for $10, but these fell apart after two weeks. The slippers from Dolarama can be plunked into wash and last months.
    – in Waterloo, they also sell Stayfree maxipads and OB tampons for 1$. What a steal! Compare to $5 at pharmacy.
    – Soap — 3 bars, Jergens = 1$
    I could go on and on, but this is just what I got today!

  159. LUISA says:

    i bought coin wrappers @ 50 cents ( package of 10) and gave them to my son. he got $15.00 he is happy after we change the rolls for bills @ the bank.

  160. I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

  161. 1lovetoshop says:

    i was at dollarama yesterday and bought a pink liz claiborne ipod nano case for $2

    really nice, packaged in a white box and had a best buy sticker on it??

  162. This website seriously keeps getting more impressive every time I show up. You should certainly be proud.

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  167. LUISA says:

    I bought anti-wrinkle Nivea cream for 2 dollarrs, they have brand shampoo and hair color…..for $2.00 just try them

  168. LUISA says:

    If you have party for your littele boy you are lucky the have complete Hot Wheels party set

  169. Lin says:

    Sorry folks but if you stopped and looked most EVERYTHING that we buy good store, top line whatever is usually made in China. AND the problems that you find with lights or whatever in the Dollar store, will also be found in any store. All products have their problems.
    The Dollar store is a lifesaver so many of us, especially the Seniors who are now on a budget that we can barely survive.
    Stores like the Dollar store and ALL their products help us get from day to day. Although you may not like the foods…trust me its better than cat food for many that just can not make ends meet.
    So look at what you want to purhcase if YOU can afford a better copy of it then go get it elsewhere. But for those of us who would have to do without God Bless Dollarama.!!

  170. IGOR says:

    I buy chocolate at the dollar store and sprites

  171. LUISA says:

    I agree with Lin, it is lifesaver for newcomers too I bought noodles and spagetti .69 no tax

  172. Chantal says:

    You really have to choose carefully, but there are some good deals. I buy my school supplies, herbs and spices, gift wrap, hair accessories and bottled drinks there and have no complaints. They also had some goat-milk body wash there for awhile that I was very happy with. Oh yes, I can get the Hersheys Special Dark Chocolate for .69 at mine. Yummy!

  173. Clean Freak says:

    having a healthy teeth always made my day…. i usually used battery powered toothbrush to clean my teeth… i think it’s more safe and also take less effort…. 🙂

  174. diving says:

    I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

  175. Where did you got this much info on your blog from?? Also can i take the initiave to take the feeds from your blog for my yoga website?? But cant find the RSS feeds link here!!

  176. vemmait says:

    Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

  177. Craig says:

    I love going to Dollarama especially for snacks.
    $1 bottles of pop,while other places in the local mall sell the exact same thing for $1.79 or more! That adds up quickly. Same with bottles of juice or even water.
    I also like to get toiletries (especially travel sized) or kitchen related items of various kinds which can cost as much as $7 in a department store.
    My latest great find there was a Canada t-shirt, adult size.. for $2 !!!
    I bought 2 different ones. I’ve worn them and washed there a few times since and they are still fine. It pays to wander the aisles and just see what is there.
    You never know what you will find!

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  179. seolinkvine says:

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  181. Wow!, this was a top quality post. In theory I’d like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I keep putting it off and never seem to achieve anything

  182. KLucko says:

    Hair elastics. Seriously, my cat steals my hair elastics and chews them to death so I go through them like mad! Walmart wants $5+ for a package so I buy in bulk at dollarama.

    I steer clear of most foods and beauty supplies, but I do love their candy selection!

    Also a big fan of their card selection and gift bags/wrapping. That stuff costs more in other stores than the gifts I’m putting inside them!!

    Holiday decor and crafting items are big favourites too, my 4 year old neice loves the toll painting supplies!

  183. Danielle says:

    I really don’t understand why people would be so opposed to buying food from Dollarama. As with most of their non- Dollarama brand products, they get these items through various ways. It could be that a warehouse closed down or had too much product for their own stores to sell, or they got it through an auction, or simply a misprinted label.
    Also, their food tends to sell quite quickly, this stuff is not sitting there for months at a time. When I worked at Dollarama, I would often have to restock several rows of the same food products after stocking them just a couple days before.
    Enough about food…
    The seasonal section is amazing, there are always great decorations for whatever holiday is coming up and if you take use of the craft section you can make any of the decorations unique.

  184. Seybert says:

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  185. Jess says:

    I just bought a Company’s Coming After School Snack Cookbook, for $1.50.

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  187. Melsprag says:

    They have coupon book organizers finally!!!! They are in the section with the fridge magnets!!!! $1.25!!!!!

  188. Melanie Spraggett says:

    Coupon organizers, The healing garden 4 sprays for $2, Veet hair removal cream and Nivea lip care.

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  192. Alyssa says:

    Why are you all complaining that their stuff is made in China?! i bet a million dollars that if you go around your hous, at least 75% of the things you buy at WalMart and other major stores are made in China too!

    And i love Dollarama for Craft supplies and Photo frames.

  193. melsprag says:

    It is only common sense not to buy frying pans and stuff, why would you not just pay the extra few bucks for quality? I always buy name brand items and have never been disappointed.Most of the time those name brand items weren’t selling or the company has changed their packaging and that is why they are at Dollarama.

  194. Renee says:

    I recently bought Lip Smackers gloss made in US for $1 ea where normally $3-4 ea. Love their selection of European chocolate.I also bought glitter paint, gemstones, pearl appliques for art/craft projects that sell at Michaels for way more! I also get parchment paper there which is either made in US or Europe – great price and works exceptionally for baking. Highly recommend. Oh and I can’t leave out party supplies! Economical and just as good as a party supply store. You really never know what you will find!

  195. Ismael Leisy says:

    Great parking lot construction in New Jersey.

  196. Brittany says:

    Dollarama, should have better customer service, and I’m saying this as a previous employee that has worked there recently. I would have people not know how much an item was since it wasn’t labeled, and I would say that everything that isn’t labelled, is a dollar. However one customer tried to buy some books, and there was no indicator of the price. There was a tiny tiny label that said 3.95, and this didn’t look right. The Books should be marked as one dollar just so the customer isn’t confused, let alone the cashier. Also, what are the real reasons for a new dollarama store, to be laying people off? They say that it has to do with the sales not being high enough. Why would they continue after laying off many people and yet promote job opportunities for that store on a billboard?
    Products that are definitely worth it there though are:
    The Doritos, Cheetos, Party Mix 2 dollar bags, they hold many grams so you get your money’s worth and plus you save a dollar or more.
    The stationary, and craft supplies.
    The Health and Beauty section: Cotton Pads, makeup applicators (the sponges) The softlips lip balm, lip smackers, and the shoe necessities, like inserts.
    The candy: Nerds, Fundip etc. And the cheap Hershey’s chocolate, which is priced at 69 cents. The same amount that you pay when you go to the Hershey Factory.

  197. Andrea says:

    I got a brand new PlayStation 2 game for $1…That rocked 🙂

  198. Good article! Thank for the new info. definitly worth visiting.

  199. Dani says:

    Found a great deal in a dollarama. I found LittlestPetShop toys by hasbro. The packs came with a pet and a set of items. 2 bucks. Saw the exact same ones in toys r us. 14 bucks.

    When you see a good deal like that, get it. Cause it’ll be gone in a flash.

    I saved 60-70 bucks on presents for my cousins with those. I bought 5 of them for 10 bucks!

  200. singbad says:

    Dollarama is great!

    I buy my chocolate bars from there for $0.69 . The exact same ones i buy in Wal-Mart or Safeway or sobeys that cost $1.29+ everywhere else.

    Dollarama is good for things like utensils, cleaning supplies, brushes, cards, hangers, baskets… all these things that are simple and easily replaceable.
    Why pay $10 for a basket from Wal-mart when the same thing is $1.50 at Dollarama.

    Last month I moved into a brand new place. I spent $100 at Dollarama in 2 weeks. That $100 in Dollarama would equal to well over $500 at Wal mart or any other big box. Most things are identical in material and shape/colors sizes. So it is worth it for me to spend 20% the price and buy it 5x over if I must.

  201. amelia says:

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  202. Mikey says:

    I firmly believe you get MORE than you pay for generally at Dollarama. Their prices on drinks and chocolate bars are unbeatable.

  203. Lae says:

    I find the comments about how crap stuff at Dollar Stores is, there is a HUGE difference between a dollar store and Dollarama. We have a dollar store and a Dollarama, I read the labels on ALL products that I buy no matter where it’s from and you can in almost all cases tell the difference between crap and a gem just by the labels. Dollarama carries alot of quality products, I purchased 2 hot thermoses at $3 each from the dollarama, they were the EXACT same thing that walmart is carrying for $15! And I mean exactly the same item. I also buy my brooms and a good part of my cleaning supplies from Dollarama as well as dry or canned food items, you name it. The Dollar Store carries many of the same products BUT with inspection you can tell they are knock offs and poor quality, that being said you can still find quite a few gems in The Dollar Store with a bit of looking 😉

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  208. Mark M says:

    I have bought plenty of good items that have worked a long time and some that failed quickly. cleaning materials. and yes can openers. The only ones that fail are the black handled cheap ones.. the red handled Betty Crocker are awesome and strong and I’ve never had to replace one.
    I also find they source out a lot of overstock and warehouse clearance stock not just made in China stuff. Few yrs ago I even picked up a charger for a Gameboy Advance and the first thing I thought was Chinese made knockoff so I wrote down the din and lot numbers and started shopping around. guess what… one of the local stores selling the exact same product for $15 plus tax had the same Din and lot numbers. ‘Overstock” It’s a good way for them to pick up a product on the cheap and still sell a good item.

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