PSP Go Only $99.99! Retail Of $199.99 Hot~


Archambault (Quebec) is offering the PSP Go for only $99.99!  Both the black and white models are on sale.  These are regular retail of $199.99.  This is the cheapest I’ve ever seen the PSP Go offered. Currently this is $149.99 on sale @  Unfortunately there is a 10 day delivery delay on this hot seller, but 10 days isn’t a big deal imo.  Shipping is free over $25.

Click here to check out the deal.

Thanks AnneD for posting this on our forum.

***DO NOT ORDER, Company has advertised this deal false, and is cancelling all orders  I am awaiting a response from the company****

50 responses to “ PSP Go Only $99.99! Retail Of $199.99 Hot~”

  1. Sally says:

    I had a paypal balance, so I bought this, hope the shipping is quick~!

  2. Alex says:

    What is a PSP?
    I have never heard of it.

  3. You.EEEeeediot says:

    Same situation as Sally, had a PayPal balance. I hope this doesn’t turn into a case of “whoops, we mis-priced it” cause $99.99 is a damn good deal.

  4. Sally says:

    Alex, PSP is a play station portable. This version is the “go” competely wireless with a 16gb internal memory, you can dl games from sony directly, digital movies from you computer, dl songs, use skype on it etc.


    YouEEEEdiott(close enough) I don’t think it’s a pricing error I just think its a great boxing day sale!

  5. jay says:

    Is psp go modable (like 1000, 2000 or phat) so can use downloaded games??

  6. puddin57 says:

    well, Grampy gave me some funds for Christmas, so i bite-the-bullet and ordered one….now I just gotta figure out how to use it

  7. Carolyn says:

    Im tempted, i was considering it but never taken any action, and im not very familiar with the PSP products. Does anyone know if it come with wire to connect to computer or I have to get out and get one myself? I wonder why this is being sold for so cheap though, doesnt say refurbished.

  8. Mtlmom says:

    Just got one too! Thanks AnneD for the post. My son wanted one but the cheapest I had found was $169.99 at $99.00 wow what a great deal.

  9. Jaingaurav01 says:

    Gr8. I ordered one for me. I have PSP 3000 so can I use those games on this.

  10. kier says:

    Its french i can’t understand.

  11. Sally says:

    click english on the top right.

    No jaingaurva you CANNOT USE UMD DISCS ON THE PSP GO there is no discs for the psp go. Its wireless.

    for full specs go to

  12. Laila says:

    I think the reason it is so cheap is because it doesn’t come with games. At the website it’s 149.99 but comes with 3 downloadable games worth 80$. This one doesn’t say a lot in the description on the site. My two cents.

  13. Faz says:

    Just my two cents…while this price is incredibly great…my 10yr old son has the PSP GO (and previously owned the PSP 3000)..he likes the Nintendo DSI a whole lot more…..there are very few games for younger kids for the PSP GO and in my opinion..if the PSP GO is for younger kids you will be better of buying a DSI with numerous age approptiate games……good luck

  14. Sally says:

    FAZ my oldest has both now, he likes them both hes 12 but I do see your pooint.

  15. Lisa says:

    At this price I decided to buy one for my son to replace the one from last Christmas (Santa paid $249 at Costco last year). His original PSP GO got stolen from our hotel room over the summer…

  16. Lisa says:

    …the problem with losing/having it stolen is that you don’t only lose the value of the console, you also lose the value of ALL of the games you’ve loaded onto it!! The value of my son’s PSP GO, when stolen, was easily close to $500… So, I would advise you be extremely vigilant about keeping it safe and locked away.

  17. Oliver says:

    Awww. I personally like the regular PSP way better… 🙁

  18. Sally says:

    They cancelled my order saying they cant get them in. I say BS! Not a good company at all.

  19. puddin57 says:

    I received the same email this morning Sally….let us know what you hear back from them….I think they must of been over-whelmed by the national response they received….if they are like HMV, as suggested, then they probably would of been able to fulfill the orderds if it was IN STORE only…oh well, lets wait and see

  20. Lisa says:

    I got the same message, too. They also indicated:

    “If you still wish to obtain this or these products, please place a new order on our website.”

    …but they only have a white PSP GO available for the sale price.

  21. You.EEEeeediot says:

    Same here, order was canceled. I find their explanation very unlikely, there aren’t any PSP GO shortages being reported by any other retailers.

  22. You.EEEeeediot says:

    Also, the email indicated that a refund would be issued to my credit card, however I used PayPal and no such refund has been issued.

  23. Mtlmom says:

    I have inquired with our government program. In Quebec they are like the BBB and the consumer protection act states:

    231. No merchant, manufacturer or advertiser may, by any means whatever, advertise goods or services of which he has an insufficient quantity to meet public demand unless mention is made in his advertisement that only a limited quantity of the goods or services is available and such quantity is indicated.

    The merchant, manufacturer or advertiser who establishes to the satisfaction of the court that he had reasonable cause to believe that be could meet public demand or who offered the consumer, for the same price, other goods of the same nature and of an equal or greater cost price is not guilty of any infraction of this section.

    1978, c. 9, s. 231.

    I am waiting for a response to find out if this also applies to internet merchants (I believe so). I will let you guys know.

  24. puddin57 says:

    My PayPal payment was just refunded

  25. vtech says:

    For those who had their orders refunded so far, did you all order the black psp go….or did some order the white one as well

  26. puddin57 says:

    i believe mine was for the black….i didnt really want the white one due to the dirt from handling it too much

  27. jaingaurav01 says:

    Same here, order for Black PSP is canceled. I have sold my PS3000 in 100$ after this order. 🙁

  28. thisisgreat says:

    Yikes. Reading online, it looks like some people already have successfully price-matched at other stores.

    But what on earth does “false deal” mean and how does a company allow this sort of error?

  29. jaingaurav01 says:

    I called customer care and he responded that PSP GO has been discontinued by Sony. I was surprised by this and I contradicted him so he started giving all non sense reason. I asked him to transfer me to his manager then he tranffered my call to voice mail whcih was having instructions in French………..

  30. Sally says:

    It was false advertising for sure, they are not being discontinued they simply offered a sale they weren’t going to hold up their end for. I dont think the price was an error. I think they purposely did this.

    I am still waiting to hear back.

  31. Speederd says:

    ordered the white yesterday, still shown as “on hold”

  32. Mtlmom says:

    I received a reply from the government agency which they informed me that the law applies to internet merchants also. That would mean that they would have to offer a product of the same value or greater for the same price, so keep the emails. So far there is the white one which would be ok but if they don’t deliver that one (which I doubt) we may have recourse. I’ll let you know.

  33. jaingaurav01 says:

    Hey MTLmom. thanks for the update and I’m waiting for your advise

  34. Carolyn says:

    I ordered the white one to begin with and did not receive such message, hopefully I wont…T_T… the order just says “on hold” so…

  35. Carolyn says:

    btw.. is it just me, or has the seller disabled the button to “add to cart” or things like that? it just shows grey button where before there was a red button that linked you to check out…

  36. Mtlmom says:

    No it’s not just you, the button is grey and unable to add to cart. Would be curious to know if those who ordered the white one will actually get it.

  37. Carolyn says:

    bull! 1:19 am, order cancelled, how nice

  38. Sally says:

    I have written up them on the blog review, it should be posted tomorrow. I think the thing that gets me the most is the lack of customer service and answers. No response from them nothing. Their now on my blaclist!

  39. natalie says:

    I ordered a white one and got the email saying it could not be filled! How did anyone price match at other stores???

    What a disappointment. I made the mistake of telling my son too.

  40. Carolyn says:

    Natalie did you receive refund? I bought through paypal, been almost a whole day no reversal of funding.

  41. jaingaurav01 says:

    Today I received another email from archambault about order cancelation and this time they are telling that this was limited quantity deal and that why they are canceling order.

  42. jaingaurav01 says:

    ……Today I received another email from archambault about order cancelation and this time they are telling that this was limited quantity deal and that why they are canceling order.

  43. natalie says:

    They never charged my credit card. I was also told it was due to lack of quantities but should their ordering site not indicated quantities were gone like others do. I could not order a black model so I went for the white as it appeared to be available. What a disappointment. They actually thought I would still go to them in the future!

  44. Carolyn says:

    This is total bs, it’s been 3 days and i still have not received my refund! My refund is being held by paypal for some reason. Under the FAQ section paypal says when a transaction is being held it means it’s being investigated for the source that it’s coming from. Like wtf, i am so fed up with this company!

  45. Sally says:

    Its probably because theyve had to refund hundreds of purchases, my rebate on my paypal and the remainder that went on my CC was just put on this week.

    I have reported this company to the BBB and I suggest everyone else does the same.

  46. Mtlmom says:

    Ok as promised here is an update: I contacted the OPC (BBB in Quebec) The law states that a company must advise customers of quantities for sale. I like everybody else received an email on January 6th stating that they had run out, but as everyone hear can attest to, there were no amounts in stock mentioned (problem #1). Unfortunately for them I had kept an original email dated December 30th (2 days after my original order) stating:

    ”To this date, we haven’t received the products you ordered and our suppliers are unable to confirm a specific restock
    date for your products, which are also out of stock at the supplier’s warehouse.”

    Which is an infraction of the law (problem #2). The OPC gave me the steps to follow, so as indicated I wrote to them to ask for compensation (offering a similar product for the same price.)

    I’ll keep you guys posted.

  47. jaingaurav01 says:

    Thats gr8 news Mtlmom. I am also having the same email where they had confirmed that product is out of stock so please let me know the steps as I want to sent the similar email to ask for compensation 🙂

  48. natalie says:

    I kept my email too and would like the same result ie the psp go or something.

  49. natalie says:

    Any updates on this one?


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