Back to School President’s Choice Style

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38 responses to “Back to School President’s Choice Style”

  1. ninna says:

    OMG!! Too funny. I laughed so hard, I’m afraid I might have peed in my pants a little.

    THE best back-to-school photo ever. EVER!

    Thanks for the guffaws.

  2. Chrissy says:

    I have to say that I’m honestly disgusted with this posted picture.

    I do realize it is meant as a joke – however being involved with schools everyday, and dealing with bullies, and having children in these schools who are actually fighting and trying to harm others – I find this an inappropriate posting.

    I do not find this humorous at all (however – I also don’t judge people who find it funny)

    • Ryan says:

      This image was taken at tesco in the UK by myself and posted privately on Facebook to my friends to show the shocking error that tesco made. I’m disgusted that it now appears on so many websites without my permission.

      • Christine from Newfoundland says:

        Really?? I never knew President’s Choice (A Canadian Loblaw’s subsidiary) sold outside its own private stores and in another country to boot!! You learn something new everyday!

  3. xXtiggerXx says:

    At first I thought the picture was hilarious but then I realized how bad it looked. Stabbings in schools are a serious issue and I kinda feed bad for laughing.

  4. thatgengirl says:

    Hey, many a hopeful chef and sous-chefs are starting trade school this fall. It doesn’t always have to be about violence, 😉

  5. Digi says:

    Culinary School, anyone? lol

  6. mike says:

    Maybe they are targeting those in post secondary returning to culinary school.

  7. Poirot says:

    I think basically the person who put up the back to school sign wasn’t thinking.

  8. Leslie says:

    Unbelievable, the bleeding hearts on some sites. It’s F-U-N-N-Y, people. Save it, don’t bother posting pissy comments.

  9. Kary says:

    lmao that is hilarious. that totally looks like the wrong section to put knives OR back to school stuff in though… that area seems to be selling clothing & makeup?

  10. Amanda says:

    I think either someone wasn’t thinking when they put up the display or they are targeting those going to culinary school. I understand that stabbings in school are a serious thing, and I get how some might be offended, but I personally don’t feel that makes this tactless or unfunny. Now if someone made this display on purpose with that in mind, that is different.

  11. X says:

    I think both sides are stupid. It’s not funny and it’s not horrifying.

    It’s targeted at post-secondary kids who need their own everything for living on their own while away at college. Did you notice how there’s much less ‘back to SCHOOL’ on ads and more ‘back to CAMPUS’?

    I don’t think it’s an issue of not thinking. Young adults need to have food preparation tools of their own if they’re going to be living away from their parents. So yes, this is something you’d need for back to school, but not if you were a child going back to school.

    Lighten up people, yikes.

  12. Marissa says:

    Where was this taken? Toronto? RCSS or Loblaw?

  13. Nico says:

    If this photo wasn’t staged, I would assume there is a product on the other side that’s actually school-related. As far as it’s humorous value, I guess I would ask what makes it funny. Is it funny because of its contradictory nature (akin to a man in a tuxedo riding a pig) or because it brings to mind children packing a butcher knife with their school supplies? I also wonder if something can be funny and inappropriate at the same time. I would assume so. Having dealt with school violence myself, I don’t find it amusing. Maybe others are fortunate in that they haven’t been personally affected by such events, or are able to separate such experience from what they see here.

  14. Safyre says:

    I know that Loblaws (RCSS here) sponsors a cooking school so it is possible this is a justified ad.

  15. Jenil says:



  17. Jane says:

    I clicked on the comments for this post JUST to see the butthurt, & I wasn’t disappointed

    Well, I was in the sense that people see it as kids taking weapons to school instead of either a) a signage error or b) culinary school. But I wasn’t disappointed in my quest for observing butthurtedness

  18. Insane says:

    In all likelyhood the otherside of the display has school supplies and the back to school sign is just doublesided.

  19. Beth says:

    I am a teacher and teach in a school where knives do come to school, and while I do not find that funny, I did laugh at the picture.

  20. violinchic says:

    For those of us moving out and living on our own during the school year and will need to cook for ourselves, knifes are an essential kitchen utensil. It makes perfect sense that they are a back to school item. They’re not exactly promoting for them to be used in the classroom so I don’t really get what the commotion is all about.

  21. sue says:

    Brilliant! Shall steal this one. As for anyone shopping to set up home, that’s what garage sales and thrift stores are for. Why line Galen Weston’s pockets? Keep it local !

  22. Cori says:

    Lighten up, people. I clicked on the comments for the butthurt too, as Jane did. It’s a funny product misplacement. PC isn’t condoning school violence or bringing knives to school.

  23. Ioana says:

    The first thought as I saw the pic was of irritated parents as they run through the impossibly crowded store alleys trying to pick up all the supplies on little Jane’s list. While little Jane is pouting & getting teary-eyed ’cause they’re out of Justin Bieber pencil holders. And there are 117 kids (and 234 parents) running around doing the same thing and running over toes with their carts, yanking things off shelves (and out of your cart/hand if you’re not careful). BAAAAAAD place for knives!!!!
    I thought the sign was hilarious!!!

  24. sue says:

    Anyone know where I can get a “runs with scissors” t-shirt? Have always wanted one and this post has reminded me just how much! Since I’m at work today (shhh!) this pic plastered a big smile on me first thing this morning.

  25. Mary Jane Fisk says:

    Shame on you!!! With all the terrible and tragic events in the world today, how dare you give even more options.
    Do you not have anyone with sense and compassion to proof read your ads????
    I am not sure that I will continue to be a faithful consumer of Presidents Choice and the chains carrying them.
    I will have to go far and wide to shop, which isn’t easy as I rely on others to take me but the extra gas money will be well spent if only 1 person is saved from having a horrific experience from a seed planted from your advertisement!

  26. Jasminebed says:

    Well, my adult daughter thought it was funny. I was thinking more along the lines of off to school, ie the empty nest, and microwaves frying pans for the kids leaving the nest,

    Or maybe if we just hang in a few more weeks, parents won’t have to either slit their wrists or murder their “There’s nothing to do” children.

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

    Was this just snapped at a retail location, or part of an ad campaign?

  27. roseofblack25 says:


    Also, do you remember the prices? and what location? I still haven’t fully bought household supplies when I moved a month ago and am in need of knives!

  28. Theresa says:

    Chrissy….clearly it was an oversight…..lighten up!

  29. Barbara says:

    OMG This is priceless!

  30. tanya says:

    working as a merchandiser – i see alot of things like this – it is humorous, and was probably just an overlooked detail in the planogram (the display the knives are on). as the planogram is just placed on the end cap, instead of as an independent in isle display.

  31. Sandra5 says:

    hee hee hee!

  32. olivercat says:

    Hey, in a local department store in my area, they had a display of trojan condoms with a”Back to School” sign above!

  33. nicolthepickle says:

    I think this was a mistake.
    But it’s hilarious. 🙂

  34. kyle says:

    What’s black and gray and looks good on a cop? The world trade centers. There shut up about the knives and bitch about that.

  35. dizzyb says:

    Similar to what olivercat saw, the Loblaws flyer for this week also has condoms under the “back to school” heading. If you have a look at all the items included in this flyer under “back to school”, pretty much nothing is excluded. I guess they can somehow work an excuse into how it should fall under that category…either that, or they just post that banner as a reminder on a regular flyer.

  36. Deb says:

    I simply took it as back to school/back to college/back to university. School doesn’t only refer to young school aged kids. I certainly had these on my “to purchase” list when I was heading back to University each year.
    -shrugs- to each thier own I guess!


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