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While I was surfing the Internet for some healthy things to pack in my children’s lunches for school I stumbled upon some pretty neat ideas for snacks that are not only nutritious but fun to look at.  I can only imagine they’d be just as fun to eat.  I thought I would share a few of these ideas with you in hopes that maybe you might be able to use them as well.


This is a Banana Dog and when I first saw it I was a little hesitant as to who would eat it.  I then thought of  how many people enjoy peanut butter and bananas on sandwiches already and thought this might be something my 4 year old would enjoy.

Ingredient list:

Whole grain hot dog bun, peanut butter (or P.B. alternative), wheat germ or sun flower seeds (optional), banana and jam

Spread a hot dog bun with peanut butter (or alternate) , sprinkle with wheat germ or sunflower seeds and top with a whole peeled banana.  Add a little bit of jam for that ketchup look and you have a nice healthy snack/lunch idea for your kids lunch box.


I thought that these were just too cool to not mention.  These devilled egg boats would make a great snack for the lunch box or for after school when your kids need a little pick me up.  Our children already really like devilled eggs so this fun adaptation will be a nice change for them.

Ingredient list:

12 hard boiled eggs, 2 tsp of dijon mustard, 2 tsp. of vinegar (white or cider), 1/4 to 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 2 red, orange, yellow or green bell peppers and paprika.

Peel the eggs (once they have been hard boiled) and slice them in half to make the boats.  Scoop out the yolks into a bowl and mash them up.  Add the mustard vinegar and mayonnaise stirring until its smooth but not soupy.

To make the sails cut each pepper into 1 inch strips.  Then cut the strips into 1 inch squares and cut each square diagonally to get your sails.

Fill the egg white halves with the egg mixture, stick the sail in upright, sprinkle with some paprika and you have your little boat snack ready to be enjoyed.

These were just 2 of my favourite snack ideas from Follow the link for more fun and tasty snack and lunch ideas that are sure to please even the pickiest eater.

If you have any ideas you’d like to share we’d love to hear them!

12 responses to “Back To School Snack Ideas For Canadian Kids”

  1. nikol says:

    These are great ideas that I will use at home however will not be sending to school as our school, among many others, has banned peanut products, eggs and fish forever because of allergies.

  2. mouse7649 says:

    eggs and fish now too nikol?? what the heck are we allowed to feed our kids while they are at school?

  3. Anon says:

    if you are feeling adventurous, this is a great site!

  4. Jenn says:

    Please don’t use the peanut butter alternative spreads that look and smell the same. Very challenging for educators to tell if they are fake and therefore a safety concern. Take care!

  5. dandelion says:

    I will and have used the PB alternative in my children’s lunches. It is not PB and I go out my way way to make sure that not only am I not putting another child with a sever allergy at risk but that I am then sending my child a healthy alternative. We are a vegetarian family ( by choice) and PB and PB alternates are just another good way for me to get protein into my children. I even go to the extent to show my childrens teachers the label and jar of the alternate so they know it is not PB as I agree that some of them are very hard to tell the difference. We already limit our children taking PB to school for reasons I totally understand…I would never send PB with my kids to school as I don’t want to put another child at a risk of life and death situation…but when I go out my way to spend the extra on the alternate I will send it with my child. They need to eat too and they get bored of the same things. There is nothing wrong with the alternate that’s why they make it…instead of not sending it all together why cant a parent just send a note or show the label to the teacher so they know…we need to stop limiting foods our children take to school at some point…if no child has an allergy to the alternate product than I think it should be allowed…

  6. cheapcheap says:

    I find this funny as when I was in Beijing this summer this was what I resorted to after a night of drinking! Just add a cup of coffee and it isn’t to bad! We didn’t add the jam /ketchup though.

  7. prairie girl says:

    What a bunch of fun ideas! I love this post. 🙂

  8. MOrganmom2 says:

    i always put a note on the ziplock bag (that I get for free lol) letting the teacher know that it’s a peanut substitute and what the brand name of it is.

  9. mom2_3nNL says:

    Fun ideas! Here are some neat back to school/snack ideas posted on a blog I follow!

  10. Mommy says:

    Agreed, first day’s lunch should be special.

    I haven’t decided yet…I was thinking about mini-pizzas but then they have to microwave it?
    I’ll probably do Chicken wraps – ever since the McDonalds commercial went on, they’ve been wanting chicken wraps 🙂
    Strawberries and chocolate chip cookies as the side snack! Yummy.

    Don’t forget to leave them a loving note on their lunch box.

  11. Mommy says:

    I’m currently looking at SusanYuen’s wordpress and Flickr – and I’m soo impressed!! The lunchboxes she makes are AMAZING.

  12. roseofblack25 says:

    Is it bad that I REALLY want to make the deviled egg boats and I’m an adult?? LOL!! LOVE LOVE LOVE deviled eggs especially with olives on top but the sail boats are too cute!

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