Body Shop Canada Coupon: $10 off $10 Purchase

Body Shop Canada Coupon

Get $10 off your next in-store purchase at Body Shop Canada of $10 or more.

Coupon expires September 15, 2008

Click here to print your Body Shop Canada coupon

69 responses to “Body Shop Canada Coupon: $10 off $10 Purchase”

  1. Sonia says:

    WOW! thanks soo much! amazing deal!

  2. Fresca says:

    has anyone tried to use it?

  3. Brandy says:


  4. system fx says:

    ima try tonight lol

  5. unique says:

    i went to body shop and use the coupon. The sales lady told me that it is not valid. The coupon didn’t came from Bodyshop itself and they received a memo about it as well:(

  6. willowsprite says:

    Oh, that sucks…

  7. Justine says:

    if this is from a body shop mailing list why wouldnt they take it?

  8. buck143 says:

    i just used it today and had no problems. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much!

  9. Boo Radley says:

    unique, I got this from Body shop’s mailing list. I don’t see why they wouldn’t honour it

  10. Boo Radley says:

    and here’s the link from the mailing list email:

    This is 100% authentic and I don’t see why any Body Shop store wouldn’t accept it

  11. Lee says:

    This originally started when they had these postcards in some of the shops that you could fill out to get onto their mailing list. It was a disasterous process, and I know I had to hassle them to find out why it was taking months to find out anything. A few days ago they sent out coupons, but I assumed that each had a unique numbered code; now that I see what Boo was so generous to post, in actual fact, they are exactly the same!

    So pretty much, I’m quite sure with how surly their staff are that you are likely to have a hard time. In this case, just point out that you filled out this in-store postcard. In the Toronto area I only know that they had them at Yorkdale, if this helps.

  12. unique says:

    I am starting to think that the sales rep who assisted me didn’t know how to ring the coupon in the till. But I point out to her as well how to apply the coupon. She even told me that I am not the first one who have the same coupon which she informed as well as invalid. Too bad for me:(

  13. nisha says:

    Whch store was it UNIQUE, so that I would not try going there ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Boo says:

    Will they have any item that cost approx $10 ?

  15. unique says:

    hi nisha! it’s the store at edmonton city center..

  16. buck143 says:

    I got the 50 mL size of the body butter. This was $10 so I got it for free. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. dsquared26 says:

    Hello! Used it and it worked. However, the sales rep told me that they got an internal memo about it and they will only honor the coupon if it has the email header with your email on it. They know about the link and they just want to make sure the coupon was actually send to you and that it is not a print-out of the link stated above. The sales was nice enough to give it to me though. G’luck

  18. bakamusic says:

    does anyone have the original email, if they do can they froward it to me, i promise to return the favor to someone else, [email protected], thanks

  19. Carla says:

    I can’t see why they wouldn’t honour it. The coupon says “forward to a friend” on it.

  20. Lee says:

    um, actually, the forward to a friend does not appear on the original email. hence, forwarding it would only leave the original intendees email in the header, and they might not take it.

    i was in one of the shops today and the woman working said in the 15 minutes i was looking around, every second person had one, and this other girl beside me used 3 all together – which you know will just kill it all for those who just want to enjoy their one…

    if you have any thoughts to use it, you should probably do it soon. just the vibe i got.

  21. lovesmartcanucks says:

    I don’t understand what they meant by |e-mail in the header”. When the e-mail was distributed by the body shop, wasn’t there just a link in the e-mail to the coupon? If you print the coupon, wouldn’t there be no e-mail header?

  22. ashley_9352 says:

    I used mine yesterday without any problems, when I was looking around the sales lady asked if she could help me with anything and I just said that I received a coupon from Body Shop for 10$ off and if there was anything I couldn’t use it towards, she just said that I couldn’t use it for the body wash and lotions that were 2/18$

  23. Me says:

    The coupon says: If you are having trouble viewing this HTML email click here etc. Anybody an idea what the link there would be? Since there is a link to that coupon, you won’t have an email header on the coupon when you print it out from that link…

  24. sanrio says:

    i just used the coupon 15 minutes ago. The sales lady said I can’t use the coupon on 2 for $18 itmes. (2 for $18 promotion ended in 4 days).
    I picked up a 50 ml body scrub for free – no need to pay taxes too.

  25. celestial_zen says:

    Tried this is Dartmouth N.S. and it never worked for me. The lady told me it can only be used at corporate body shops.

  26. celestial_zen says:

    I will try it in halifax later

  27. Sally says:

    It sounds like some of the stores just simply don’t want to really want to take the coupons just based on the fact they have to give you 10 off, its just store per store being cheap and crappy.

  28. consumatrix says:

    Ya, the coupon says that you can’t use it in conjunction with other offers. It also says at ‘participating locations’, so I guess some can legitimately turn you down.

  29. consumatrix says:

    I just used it today in Ottawa (Carlingwood). No problems, no questions asked.

    Many thanks!

  30. sonia says:

    What an amazing coupon! i printed off 3 of them and went with my mom.
    1. 50 ml scrub FREE!
    2. Body wash $13 – $10 mom only paid $3!
    3. We even used our third coupon for soap. which were buy 3 get 1 free. each at $4…so $12-$10 = only $2 for 4 bars of soap!!!

  31. Jose says:

    How many times can you use the coupon in the store? Like can you go by yourself and use 3 coupons at once?

  32. ashley_9352 says:

    celestial_zen: I live in Halifax too, and I used mine at the Bedford Sunnyside Mall without any troubles, it just happened to be where I was that day, I didn’t try Mic MaC or Halifax Shopping Centre

  33. Chris says:

    The coupon was originally intended for new customer signup to their membership card in the month of July. That’s why if you do not have a membership card with you, most likely they are not going to let you redeem it anymore.

  34. sanrio says:

    Th coupon is for joining their mailing list, not for signing up membership card. (membership is something else.)

    I think Chris overlooked the postcard and the coupon.

    I joined the mailing list but not the membership, so I don’t have a membership card.

  35. FPolacco says:

    I just spoke to a rep at the Body Shop contact number and she clarified the issue with the coupon. A few weeks ago all locations handed out a card that had to be filled out by the customers. Then they were sent this coupon via email. This coupon had to be printed out as, they received it i.e. with their email address on it. The stores that will accept the coupon without the email address are the non-Franchise stores located at Yorkdale Mall and the Eaton Centre. The store at Scarborough Town Centre is a franchise store and they will not accept the coupon without your email address. They refused me and I even pointed out that the coupon clearly states that it can be forwarded to friends (top right hand corner) – she apologised and said that she could not accept it until and unless it has my email address on it. It was embarrassing.

  36. Lisa says:

    I used the coupon at Park Lane in Halifax on Thursday Aug. 21/08, no problems using it except would only accept on items $10 and over.

  37. Jana says:

    I used it today in Barrie – Although I was only permitted to use 1 , it still was accepted.

  38. maureen says:

    I tried to use one in Winnipeg and was turned down. ALL of the stores in Winnipeg are owned by franchise. Only corporate stores (owned by Body Shop) will honour this coupon. Too bad!

  39. wazzybaby says:

    Used it at Sherway Gardens yesterday – no problem. Accepted the coupon on my purchase & the staff were all pleasant.

  40. System Fx says:

    used one today . at downtown
    gonna use one tonight on the way home at the other one lol

  41. Blueberry says:

    spoke to a manager @ eaton center – they will accept as long as you show them your “love your body ” club card.

    she asked to see the coupon and when i showed her she said it’s fine – apparently there’s a version out there that they won’t accept.

  42. Chocoholic says:

    Has anyone successfully used this coupon on Calgary?

  43. picture1 says:

    I used it once at the Pen Centre in St. Catharines with no problems. I saw that as I was leaving, the clerk started to cut out just the black coupon part. I went again with just the black part today, and the same clerk (didnt recognize me) said that she’ll honour it but she wasn’t too happy about it. She said I should have printed the whole email. She said that it was supposed to be a deal for a smaller number of people but it had spread “virally.” It sounds like they are going to stop accepting them soon.

  44. Munga says:

    I used the coupon at the Sunridge location in Calgary and there were no issues!

  45. Chocoholic says:


  46. Monica says:

    Don’t bother taking this to the Pickering Town Center. They want to see your email address on the top and that’s the only way they will accept it. A shame though, because Oshawa Centre accepted it without giving me any strange looks.

    It is a great deal though…just a pity that some stores are twisting the rules to give you a hard time. You do NOT need a Love Your Body card for this, nor do you need to show it or sign up for it to use this promotion. I would send a complaint if that was the case.

  47. unique says:

    i just hope they have a standard procedure in place. Otherwise, this will just create customer dissatisfaction.

  48. trrifk says:

    worked at yorkdale today.

  49. Lee says:

    My cousin used it at the Eaton Centre and they refused until they saw indeed she did have her email header on there. Strange staff those.

    Yorkdale were so nice!

    At Scarb Towne, however, they were asses about it, to a friend of mine, so don’t even bother, at all, period.

  50. Blueberry says:

    When I went to the Eaton Center to use it, I was told it had to have my email on it, told them it says “send to a friend” then they just asked for my club card. Sounds like staff are so confused about what to do that some are just making stuff up as they go along.

    FYI, when I went to the Eaton Center last Friday they had an in-store promotion (in addition to the BOGO 1/2 off body butter promo) of spend $35 and get a full size strawberry body butter, eau de toilette (30mL), vitamin e cream (50mL), and lip gloss packaged in a cosmetic bag. Not sure if it’s still on though.

  51. Sara says:

    I used it at the Rideau Center and they initially refused to honour it. They called the manager out and I explained how I had sent in the card and was sent it by email then she allowed me to use it. She did say that they don’t want to honour them unless it has your name on it. They said they won’t be honouring them otherwise.

  52. su says:

    can someone forward me the original email as well?
    I can’t figure out how to get on the mailing list otherwise.
    thanks a ton!
    [email protected]

  53. canna says:

    Tried using mine at a Kamloops.BC store. No way would she accept it. However, I called many stores from Vancouver to Kelowna and they were fine with it. May be heading to Kelowna for some out of town shopping. Will enjoy using my coupon there.

  54. starrynight8765 says:

    I used it in Fredericton, NB with no problems at all, the girl working there was very nice

  55. Me says:

    Has anyone tried this at the Sherway garderns or Erin Mills Bodyshop recently?

  56. Sara says:

    I used it at the St. Laurent Shopping Center with no problems.

  57. Arnab says:

    I went to Eaton Centre, Toronto yesterday and they asked me to print it with my e-mail id on it…i’ll go to yorkdale and try it…

  58. Arnab says:

    I’d really appreciate if someone can forward me the email as well…its [email protected]

  59. Brittany says:

    I used this yesterday at Sherway Gardens with no problem. ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Jana says:

    This is by far one of the best deals in a long time ! I’ve used the coupon @ several different locations with no problems AND I joined the LYB club AND I’m now an avid Body Shop customer ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Carmen says:

    I used the coupon with no problems. White Rock B C

  62. Lee says:

    Reminder this expires SEPT 15

  63. Alex says:

    Has anyone used this at Yorkdale lately?

  64. trudy says:

    I used this in Cambridge ontario with no problems

  65. melissa says:

    I tried this in Calgary at 3 different stores. It worked at TD Square and Marlborough, but not Sunridge. The sunridge staff said that the email coupon was fraudulent and it had spread virally, so I didn’t argue with her. I was annoyed but I just went to another mall. I felt guilty using the coupon but they should know that coupons can be easily emailed around. Once they publish the coupon, they should honor it.

  66. canna says:

    Tried using my coupon last week, with no luck. Went in again on the weekend to Kamloops store BC, the staff most definitely said they would honor it. It expires today, Sept 15 so went in and manager was there and was reluctant to honor it but did finally. He said that the American Body shop is the one who started this and that they should have never added Canada to the promotion. This store is apparently a franchise store.More control from the owner to what he or she wants to do with the store, or what he accepts or does not accept in the way of coupons and promotions. Howwever, all said and done. I was a more happy consumer today.


  67. Janszi says:

    Hey Melissa, I used the coupon in Calgary as well. The stores that were open and eager to accept them were downtown Eaton Centre (as you call it TD Square) and also Chinook Centre and South Centre Mall were cool about it. Sunridge was not. I’ve used the coupon about 7 times now. I don’t feel guilty at all. The store’s get reimburses – that’s what I overheard on cashier saying to another.

  68. Lien Matos says:

    How can we ensure good health and not rheumatism?

  69. Where is the contact us form because i cant seem to locate the section, prehaps the site owner should make it more easily viewable.


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