Bottled Water in Canada

Bottled Water in Canada

This has been all over the news but just in case you haven’t heard about it yet, Aquafina water bottle labels will be changed to spell out that the drink comes from the same source as tap water. Dasani also comes from tap water and is then purified. I’d like to compile a list of all bottled water brands sold in Canada and their water source. Note that this may be different from the US. For example Nestle Pure Life comes from Aberfoyle Spring Water in Canada but tap water in US. So please make sure the info you mention is relevant to Canada.

I’ll update the list and add more details as I get comments. Also please correct me if I’m wrong.

Pepsi Co Aquafina – purified tap water from Mississauga

Coca Cola Dasani – tap water from Brampton filtered 5 times

Nestle Pure Life – Aberfoyle Spring Water

Danone Evian – Spring Water

Montclair – from Cedar Valley Springs, Erin, Ontario, Canada – Natural Spring Water

FIJI Water – Artesian well in the Yaqara Range of the Nakauvadra Mountains

Ice River Springs – Natural Spring Water
It says source situated in Feversham, Grey Country, Ontario
Strangely, this water tastes sweet.. There’s no sodium in it.

… others?

Thanks to Kaylakat, adora, Sirop, Lili  helping me out 🙂

Here’s an interesting article about bottled water

40 responses to “Bottled Water in Canada”

  1. Kaylakat says:

    We have iceberg water here in Newfoundland!

    I never liked the idea of buying bottled water. Paying for water that you can get from the tap is silly. There is a natural spring fairly close to my house and the water their is great. I’ve always preferred using a refillable bottle for water.

  2. adora says:

    Dasani Canada is tap water from Brampton filtered 5 times. I just need 2 more filters to make my own Dasani at home.
    They won an IgNobel Prize in 2004 for Chemistry:
    “The Coca-Cola Company of Great Britain, for using advanced technology to convert ordinary tap water into Dasani, a transparent form of water, which for precautionary reasons has been made unavailable to consumers.”

    San Benedetto, from Italy.

    May I add that FUJI is bottled in a country where most of the locals don’t have access to clean water!

    • Steve says:

      Dasani & Aquafina (Coke & Pepsi) comes from the Toronto harbour . Enjoy the birth control pills & antibiotics that can’t be filtered out. What does that do to the sperm count in men near big city water?

  3. Sirop says:

    Ice River Springs – Natural Spring Water
    It says source situated in Feversham, Grey Country, Ontario
    Strangely, this water tastes sweet.. There’s no sodium in it.

  4. Lili says:

    From my Montclair bottle:

    Coming from Cedar Valley Springs, Erin, Ontario, Canada
    -Natural Spring Water-

    Bottled for Nestlé Waters Canada

  5. Christina says:

    It’s funny… I always hated the flavour of both Dasani and Aquafina, and recently I’ve been buying Evian exclusively when possible, for its finer taste… now I know why. 🙂

  6. I buy Nestle’s Pure Life water all the time, merely because I can’t drink the local water (it makes me sick to my stomach, ‘less I use a filter) and I like the convenience of drinking from a bottle. If I have to take a glass, and fill it from the filter on the tap, I’ll drink maybe.. one or two glasses a day, tops, and instead drink tonnes of pop or other liquids. If I just have to grab a bottle, I’ll drink it all the time, and even refill the bottles from the filter.

    I don’t know why, that’s just the way my oddness has given me one more bill in my life. =\

  7. Justine says:

    I’ve always disliked the taste of dasani. I know some people like it.

  8. Deliliah says:

    You should add to your list that Aquafina uses a 7-step filtration process.

    Since spring water can be contaminated from runoff from local farm, etc. after rain storms, I would be interested to know if the spring water brands do anything to filter or clean their water to ensure its cleanliness. Personally, I am know with brands being from tap water as long as they are filtered.

  9. BCteagirl says:

    I agree with the first poster.. in most cases bottled water is an incredible waste of money. It is also very damaging to the environment… think of all the waste trucking around trucks full of *water* when you have water where you are already! It always struck me as funny in a sad sort of way…. 😛

  10. REAL WATER says:

    I started Real Water because i could not find a decent bottle of water. My company is the only on demand bottle water company in the World. Plus i have won awards for having the best tasting Water in North America and i missed the World title by three points. My water comes from more than 300 feet below the surface we do nothing to the water in comes out of the ground goes into a bottle then goes in to a box right away this water has never seen sunlight, we only bottle water when you call and place an order. I have no desire to be a big company I enjoy being able to make the claim if you can find a better bottle of water anywhere in the World buy it.
    REAL WATER is setting a new standard of bottled water

  11. Denise says:

    There are no springs available to me where I live. My tap water is barely passable at best; filters don’t improve taste, and when there’s an algae bloom on our municipal reservoir the SMELL of the water turns my stomach. So, where does that leave me? Living on bottled water – and I love it. Maybe tap water is only “pennies a glass”, but my bottled water is only 15 cents and it holds twice as much so I don’t see a big difference. Plus, if you add in the cost of your on-tap or Brita filter, the gap closes even more. The environmental complaint about bottles in the landfill is relevant to ANY consumer product on the planet – we need people to recycle more. As for BCTeagirl’s worry about trucking – look at vegetables (especially organic), cars, grain, forestry products, oil (and the recent burst pipe in her area), etc. We need to change a LOT of things, and water’s at the bottom of my list unless you’re talking about improving the quality of our lakes, rivers and oceans.

  12. Dave says:

    My questions in about the store brands. Lately I’ve been purchasing the Dominion/A&P Equality brand, source: Hillsburg Ontario. I have no idea how to read the analysis and I know nothing about the filteration process. Can anyone provide any insight?

  13. Sabrina says:

    All i can say is that i hate dasani. if you read the label it states “remineralized water”. the sodium levels are higher then other waters…think about it. sodium (aka salt) makes you thristy…you drink more dasani…you’re more thirsty…is it any wonder that coca-cola marketed this product? it’s just as addictive as caffiene in coke.

    • Duff says:


      You are bang on about Dasani. And Nestle is an even bigger culprit with their water being 4 times saltier than Ice River spring water. No wonder your thirst is never satisfied no matter how much you gulp down. There should be more attention to this in the media.

  14. Paul Seifried says:

    My family has been drinking “REAL CANADIAN” natural spring water for some time now, purchased at Loblaws/No Frills.
    We store our water outside in our shed, and recently, after the last cold weather (-17 c) we had, I noticed that almost all of the bottles had frozen solid, with the exception of a couple that felt like they had been in the refridgerator.
    I tried to contact the customer service department @ 1-800-495-5111 but was told by a recording, that I had called a number which could not be reached from our calling area.
    Just wanted to put this out there, to see if anyone has seen this happen, and if so, WHY?

  15. Alex says:

    “We store our water outside in our shed, and recently, after the last cold weather (-17 c) we had, I noticed that almost all of the bottles had frozen solid,….”~ Paul Seifried

    Would water not freeze at 0 c Paul? I am not sure what the issue would be.

    Anyway, bottle water is popular because of the experiences of places like Walkerton Ontario. Seven people died and thousands became sick (some with permanent physical damage).
    Other than the bad taste, the safety of our water system is not that convincing yet. I hope that it may change.

  16. Steve says:

    Perhaps some of the bottles didn’t freeze because they were in the center of the case which may have insulated them from the cold longer?

  17. Malek says:

    “We store our water outside in our shed, and recently, after the last cold weather (-17 c) we had, I noticed that almost all of the bottles had frozen solid,…. I tried to contact the customer service department @ 1-800-495-5111 but…. ”~ Paul Seifried

    dear there is somthing very strange
    I bought from SuperSotre in Winnipeg
    a NO NAME Anti-Freez/Coolant and the phon number is
    your unfrozen ““REAL CANADIAN”natural spring water ”
    and this anti freez product with the same phone number????!!!!

  18. Alex says:

    dear there is somthing very strange
    I bought from SuperSotre in Winnipeg
    a NO NAME Anti-Freez/Coolant and the phon number is
    your unfrozen ““REAL CANADIAN”natural spring water ”
    and this anti freez product with the same phone number????!!!!~ Malek

    Why would it be very strange that a retailers house brands would have one consumer information number? All national brand manufacturers use one number for different products.

  19. Lillian says:

    That phone number you listed 1-800-495-5111 is more like a customer service number – calls go into a general call center. More like a complaints department or info on where to buy a product. If you check, every single no name product has the same phone number on it – from instant rice to cat food to hand soap. Somehow I do not think you would get the informationyou require and hopefully they would be able to direct you to another source.

  20. Lillian says:

    Ice Berg Water? Here in Ontario we have Ice Berg VODKA!!! lol……Does anyone know the name of the bottled water that was given out at the Rolling Stones concert at Downsview Park and also, I believe, at World Youth Day? It was started by some people from a First Nation in easter Ontario. I had a couple of empty bottles under the cupboard but the Mr. house cleaned before Christmas and threw them out.

  21. james j sullivan says:

    hi I bought some of your bottled water and my family and I drank your water and became ill… while we were ill we were drinking the water not noing that it was the water that was making us sick while I was drinking the water my wife notice a white powder at the bottom of my bottle… we will be bring the water to our heath unit for testing and if there is somthing in the water that is unheathy we will be filing a lawsuit aginst your company

  22. bob boberson says:

    ok first off i would like to say i work at ice river springs which also produces real canadian and pc so if you were trying to contact them the number is 1 519 922 3303 but the reason they froze is probably because they are in the center of the case as stated above also we do not produce anti-freeze thats just the natural grocers phone number which is who has the contract with us.. and just so everyone knows all spring water is purified by ozone which is O3 which kills any living bactera in the water

  23. bob boberson says:

    oh sorry i left this out the reason you probably became ill is because you drank water before it sat for 24 hours which is required for the ozone to settle this will work as a laxitive if you drink it before that time period lapses

  24. Thanks a lot for the article post.

  25. Water Drinker says:

    I know that Ice River Springs (Real Canadian) bottles water where I live. The water source is a spring fed natural aquifer which is in the middle of the Northumberland County Hills. I drink the same water every day out of our well, which is the same water they pump out of the ground and bottle. There isn’t any city plumbing out here, so bottles that say (Source at Grafton Ontario) is most certainly not tap water.

    • lily says:

      Thank you!! I love the taste and feel of this water and I find it thirst quenching, very unlike the tap water here in Ottawa…. Good to hear its actually natural water, it tastes like it. Thanks again!! :))

  26. Water damage Vancouver says:

    This makes a lot of sense!

    I used to think all bottled water was the same. NOT anymore!

    Water damage Vancouver

  27. Al says:

    Some of us folks that prefer to drink bottled water aren’t silly or dumb or wasteful… as many like to declare. Not at all. In fact it is really the other way around. Have you ever seen a water treatment plant and the process by which tap water comes to your home? Have you seen the water before it is filtered? Seen how it is filtered and the chems added? Have you researched the harmful effect of the metal industry waste product called fluoride that is added to many municipalities water arbitrarily and unilaterally? When you have checked on these things, and still prefer to drink municipal water…. Hey, your free to do so. And we are free to BUY and drink bottled water from a natural underground source. Or are we under absolute tyranny now?
    Why don’t you indicters go and lobby for a ban on Pop and Alcohol containers… for all the throw away that these beverage holders mount up. …and those products are absolutely unhealthy for you. But no….you come after bottled WATER users. Who are you REALLY? Leave our spring source water choice alone!

    As for those that BUY bottled TAP water… hahaha.
    …With extra flouride added…. hahahahahha
    well…. what can I say to that.

  28. Barsha says:

    If you are concerned about your health due to the aging water distribution system (old pipes, corrison etc.) but also care for environment (not loading mother nature with extra load of plastic bottles) and for sure your pocket too, you will be my happy water purification system customer. From its advanced design to its low-cost operation, the system combines 8 key features to provide unbeatable value for cleaner, better quality water right from your tap. Combines two technologies – UV and Carbon Block – for ultimate purity. Contact now 647-923-2903

  29. Brenda says:

    Very interesting cons. Just wanted to put in that I used to live in what southern Ontarians refer to as “the far north” where I was raised on well water. I can not tolerate tap water down here like many of you and have been drinking bottled “spring” water.
    It is my opinion that the water down here is full of lime where as water in the Canadian Shield hasn’t any or very little. It is the lime that I feel leaves like a coating in ones mouth plus …but maybe it has something to do with having sources of the oldest water on earth under foot ………………..

  30. Rami says:

    Most of these bottle water have fluoride in them which is very toxic.
    The only safe bottle water that I have found is PC natural spring water which has zero fluoride.

  31. James C says:

    Fluoride is one of the nastiest chemicals. It’s declared a poison from the FDA yet we still ingest it daily ? every one of these bottle water company’s are nothing but junk. Ice rivers springs or french river spring water is the only way to go in Ontario. Sure distilled is good and all, but too much will strip most nutrients from your body so that’s not good either. The ppm count should be higher than 40, less than like 300. Some bottled waters have upwards to 1500 ppm…that’s basically kidney stones in a bottle haha. We are made up of what, 80% water and most of you don’t even drink “real” water. Do some reasearch

  32. dc says:

    I have been drinking iceriver water but I get this white powder stuff after I boil it . Can anyone tell me what this is ? Still safe to drink I guess.

  33. Lulu says:

    Why Eska not on the list. It is bottled in Canada and is fluoride free

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Bottled Water in Canada

Bottled Water in Canada

91 responses to “Bottled Water in Canada”

  1. Shawn says:

    take Montclair in & have it tseted as it has 650 parts per million of undisolved particals in it, Dansani is clean water, with your own reverse osmosis system you can have perfectly good drinking water without having to buy bottled water & not filling are land with plastic bottles.

  2. Greetings! I came upon this site looking for information on the Hillsburgh, Erin ON spring where my Selection (Metro Richelieu store brand) water apparently originates.

    If anyone has more on this spring’s existence, I’d love to hear it.


  3. I think that the big bottling agents need to get their head pulled outta their a$$’. God Damned sick and tired of drinking someone elses tap water

  4. jitendra patil says:

    Dear Sir,
    How i can get all address of water manufacturing compant mail id and tel no
    please do the needful

  5. Basundiladio Bena Benjamin says:

    I am just looking for the email adress for Real Spring Water compagny in Quebec for the export business.

  6. Frank says:

    BC Artesian Springs,
    Vancouver Island, BC
    Pure Alkaline Artesian Spring Water

  7. Janine davane says:

    I have been using real canadian natural spring water in my coffee maker and it turns the bottom white.

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  13. Stephen Marvin says:

    I have no connection to any company, but find most Canadian bottled water tastes terrible, very much like Evian. The best tasting by far are Volvic, real spring water, and Dasani. Those who commented on the salts in these are ignorant. Salts are essential for absorbing minerals and in these low amounts are basic and great for taste. Remineralized water is much healthier than Aquafina, for instance, which is just DEmineralized ozonated water. We all have different mineral preferences in water. Don’t let anyone dictate to you, but water should supply essential minerals to be healthy.

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  22. daisy says:

    I buy bottled spring water from president choice, Tap water in my area in Mississauga is simply undrinkable it smells like bleach even my cat hate it, since I started giving him the spring water he refuse to drink the tap water now… I wouldn’t mind drinking any brand of water as long as it is Fluoride Free. 🙂

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  34. lucas says:

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  46. Chris says:

    Real Canadian Natural Spring Water tastes normal, or average. However, when I freeze a partial bottle, and after it thaws, a precipitate is liberated and the snow is flying in my bottle. Absolutely disgusting even though I know this must be a harmless mineral. Other brands have not had the same problem, and I will continue to use other brands favoring Nestle.

  47. Diana says:

    We bought a case of REAL CANADIAN water and noticed after drinking about half of the case that all the bottles have brown specks floating around in them. What is this and can I get my money back even though I don’t have my receipt for the case. Will the company do anything about this or are we to just never purchase this product and let the public aware?

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  85. Jen says:

    Look I’ve lived in a community with bad water before. But that doesn’t mean that bottled water is the solution. The problem is so closely linked to bottled water that by buying bottled water we just perpetuate the problem. Yes it’s a good bandaid solution. But instead of perpetuating the problem of toxic waste exercise consumer responsibility and stop purchasing products created by known toxic offenders and stop drinking from little bottles of petroleum (after all look at the toxic ramifications associated with oil production). Make demands to the government to clean up your community. Pressure the corporate powers that be. History has proven that you can make a difference. It will be difficult but you can make a difference and you can change the world. Anybody who tells you otherwise is a naive cynic.
    Bottled water destroys communities and the environment. Not only is 40% of it just tap water but the rest of it usually comes from water mining. Water mining is done in huge quantities at (nearly) no cost to the corporation doing it and it drains aquifers. When you overwork an aquifer it just isn’t going to bounce back, that isn’t how the hydrological cycle works. You instead create sink holes and destroy that community’s water source (and it will not replenish anytime soon). Not to mention the ecological ramifications of shipping the water and bottles and the plastic used to bottle it.
    From a health stand point bottled water is really quite bad for you as well. Not only is it tested very irregularily (especially compared to tap). But the plastic it is bottled with is PET or PETE plastic which is a part of the benzene family. Benzene is a known carcinogen and if you expose your bottles to heat, reuse them, or just let them sit around on the shelf (and who knows how long they where in the grocery/convenience shop/vending machine). You will find that this horrific, toxic substance has leached into the water. Test bottled water compared to most municipal tap water (with a few notable exceptions) and you will find more problems with the bottled than the tap guaranteed.

  86. DaveW says:

    my RealCanadian bottle says 1-888- not 1-800-

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