*HOT* Brandsampler: October Samples Available NOW!!!

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Everyone LOVES brandsampler samples! And the new fall ones were just posted!!!! If you want all the samples, fill out the survey to say that you only use store brand products, there are only two questions this time around.

Sample offerings include:
-Cascade ActionPacs
-Ultra Downy
-Tide Stain Release Duo Pac
-Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original
-Olay Total Effects – Deep Penetrating Moisture 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Body Wash
-Gain Original Detergent and Original Fabric Softener

Get yours here!

Thanks to SmackUTwice for reminding us about this deal!

63 responses to “*HOT* Brandsampler: October Samples Available NOW!!!”

  1. srishayini says:

    Thanks Justine. only 5 products this time. Love the Magic Eraser and wanted to try the rest.
    Good One.

  2. MaricrisMas says:

    yahoo…I actually checked this yesterday too!

  3. Lynn says:

    Hey thank you about this reminder….

  4. mcminsen says:

    My samples are on the way! 🙂 Thanks

  5. Sally says:

    Thanks I ordered them this morning, and oddly enough I had a p and g sampler pack in the mail.

  6. Moom says:

    Woohoo! Fab, got the lot! 🙂

    Still, it said I got the lot last time and didn’t get the Always sample when the box actually arrived. Still, it’s a freebie… 🙂

  7. itsjustmebub says:

    woo hoo!

  8. maybe says:

    I ordered mine! Got all 6 samples. I love this program.

  9. Robin says:

    Funny, I checked that I had used Tide and Downy in the last three months and then they weren’t an option when picking my samples. Guess they figure I’m already sold! (which I am!)

  10. dealsniffer says:

    got all 6-I said that I haven’t used fabric softener (which I haven’t) and store brand detergent.

  11. lynda says:

    Yay! i got three samples.

  12. N says:

    6 for me! Just informed a co-worker about it and she’s loving it!

  13. ElsaLAbbe says:

    how come some are offered 6 and some just 3? I got offered 5, there was nothing about the body wash.

    • Justine says:

      It depends on how you fill out the survey. If you want all 6, you have to put that you use only store brand products. If you already use the product, they probably won’t send you the samples.

  14. carlycanadian says:

    YAY! I got all 6 samples! Thank you! 🙂

  15. Maddie2008 says:

    Awesome, got all 6.
    Thanks for letting us know it was up.

  16. Patty says:

    Grrr!! For being honest I only got one freebie.

  17. Soozle says:

    Thank you!!

  18. kiwi21111 says:

    anyone get the razors???? they only asked me 2 question…both about fabric softners.? ???

  19. DiamondLil says:

    I got 6 – was anyone offered the razor or shampoos?

  20. ElsaLAbbe says:

    not me, only laundry stuff, but that’s ok, gotta wash….

  21. ElsaLAbbe says:

    I put only store brand and I was not offered body wash

  22. julia says:

    only got 4

  23. Emily says:

    Yay!! This is what I look forward to the most in the mail LOL

  24. Stephanie says:

    I didn’t read what you put and when I filled it out, I check off everything except “none” and “store brand”! I only got 3 samples though, better than nothing I guess..

  25. mini fish says:

    the sample before (i think it’s in july?) didn’t even come yet and
    oct samples are out already!

  26. amycanada77 says:

    hmm they also only asked me 2 questions about laundry and then I got to pick 5 samples (including the laundry samples)

  27. missbobloblaw says:

    yay…olay sample!

  28. S J says:

    got all six, still havent got my last sampler yet. anybody else waiting for it?

  29. amycanada77 says:

    SJ – got the last one about 2 weeks ago

  30. Aussie says:

    yay!!!! thanks!!!

  31. thegirl says:

    thx guys!

  32. Janet says:

    I only had two questions… one about fabric softener, one about laundry detergent. And I was offered samples of: Magic Eraser, Action Pads, and Gain (1 pouch detergent, 1 pouch fabric softener).

    I was eyeing the floss… I’m a fanatic flosser and I haven’t tried that brand. 🙁

  33. sampler10 says:


    1. Tide & Snuggle
    2. Tide

    These answers will give you a total of 5 samples. I usually answer with the most popular /expensive product answers so that they know you are a big spender…

  34. declan's mom says:

    thanks for the reminder

  35. Sally says:

    Sj I just got a p and g sampler today!

  36. Litesandsirens911 says:

    I answered “none” TO both questions, and got all 6..thanks for this

  37. Alex89 says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I got my last batch of samples not too long ago and are getting 5 more this time. Wow!

  38. Corbinx says:

    The last brand sampler was pretty amazing. I wonder if they are cutting back because of the huge following? lol.

  39. Keira says:

    Didn’t get the last one yet.. don’t think I will either =/
    Only the 5 options, the body wash was left out.

  40. Ruth says:

    Wow the site must be hopping. It took forever to load.

  41. Catherine L says:

    Can’t get to the site. Keeps saying there is a problem loading. Grrr.

  42. melissa says:

    Still experiencing issues

  43. abfab says:

    got all six! the site is extremely slow. i finally got to the questions after trying all morning.

  44. Dar says:

    I cant get it to load either. I had it up and then it froze and now I cant get on at all.IRK!

  45. Betty Van Hoof says:

    Site still froze at 10:54 AM, try later, any suggestions anybody?

  46. erinladybug says:

    The site isn’t loading for me at all. I tried this morning when I got the email, then again just now, and it’s not working. 🙁 Do the samples run out very quickly?

  47. WEndy says:

    It says – We’re sorry. Your request cannot be processed at the moment due to high volume. Please try again shortly! But at least the page is loading now, it wasn’t even loading before…

  48. erinladybug says:

    Same thing here WEndy. Hoping it starts working soon.

  49. WEndy says:

    I just got through after trying for the last two and a half hours…worth it though, I got all six!!!

  50. night_star says:

    got all six after puting TIDE in for both answers

  51. erinladybug says:

    Finally got through too, I chose 5 samples out of the 6 available to me. I don’t have a dishwasher, so didn’t chose the Cascade.

  52. abbott94 says:

    I filled it out and got all 6, my husband filled one out with a different address ofcourse and he only got 5, I am guessing they do not send men the body wash!

  53. sha says:

    yeah me, got three samples

  54. S J says:

    Thanks for your answeres guys. still hopefull for my last sampler.

  55. Tanya says:

    I choose the right answers and were only offered the 2 laundry ones and the olay one…

  56. Tanya says:

    I’ve tried 3 times with the store brand offers, the tide + Snuggle and Tide answers and with my own true answers and only ever get the laundry offers… urrgggg!!

  57. Louise says:

    I tried and got on the website and was told that there were no more samples available.

  58. Emily says:

    Louise that’s weird I was just on and got some!

  59. Nanoush says:

    Got all 6, yoo hoo!!!!

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