Canada’s Worst Company 2010: Bell Canada

Worst Company Canada

Based on over 1700 votes, Bell Canada is Canada’s Worst Company of 2010. Bell got more than 50% of the votes.

Many readers shared very sad and horrific stories regarding dealing with Bell Canada. I hope the management at Bell take the time to read the comments and feedback and try improving the quality of their business. Alexander Graham Bell, from which Bell Canada acquired its name was a great inventor and innovator. Bell Canada, you don’t need to look far for inspiration.

62 responses to “Canada’s Worst Company 2010: Bell Canada”

  1. SuzSaves says:

    I wonder if people were treated to the customer service I received th eother day from Bell. I called for directory assistance and because there were several numbers for the same company, an operator came on the line. When I said “Pardon, could you repeat that please?”

    He replied,”What’s the matter with you, are you deaf or something?”

    I immediately informed him I would be reporting him to a supervisor. I have never had such rude service in my life! They must be really scraping the bottom of the barrel!

  2. Sally says:

    I am so glad I left bell a few years ago, and even more happy they were fined the 1.2 million for the do not call list. I am soooo tired of them calling me 2-4 times a week.

  3. Erin says:

    Wow, SuzSaves that’s pretty horrible service!

  4. Pandora says:

    I really should have left my favourite Bell story. The best time ever was when Bell Canada cut my services off based on the fact that my address didn’t exist. Meanwhile I had been living there for 4 years, and before that it had been my grandmother’s house she had lived there for 25 years (with phone service the whole time). They had no problems finding the place to “fix” issues and then charge me for it even when they didn’t fix anything. It took me 10 months to get a phone. Now I have no services through Bell, and refuse to as much as I can.

  5. glowworm2k says:

    Every time I have to deal with Bell, the first thing I do is announce I will be cancelling all my Bell services. This gets me transferred to the “Retention Department” where I’ve found the employees to be much easier to deal with.

    I can identify with your story, Pandora. Bell tried to charge me a “new residence fee” when I moved (a fee that apparently is charged to addresses with no previous phone service). The house that I moved in to was 60 years old and the previous owners were Bell customers, so I raised my voice and got myself transferred to the Retention department to end the nonsense.

  6. msopinionated says:

    Well Bell can certain kiss my @$%%. They took their merry old time releasing my line. 20 business days. I requested the move to Eastlink on September 22 for a switch to occur on October 8th. It was entered into the system and it came back saying Bell was okay with that date. In the end, I didn’t get my phone service until October 26th. My exchanges with Bell’s “BS Executive Office” were curt and I did accuse them of not releasing my line because ultimately they have all the control in this matter: STILL. Once my line was switched, I made sure to send the EO an email saying that I was to be taken off their call list, even though the CRTC rules allow them to call me. No Bell calls.

    I did see Bell got slapped with a huge fine for their 3rd party telemarketers calling DNC listers. The irony since they manage this list.

  7. SuperM says:

    I am in the process of cancelling all my Bell services. We are switching to Rogers – which I hear bad things about too – but time will tell.

    I just hate all the calls from Bell and the fact that they are secretive about hiddne fees. They offered me to upgrade my modem. They said no charge. Absolutely free. After asking more questions, I discovered it is free but they will bill you $19.99 for shipping the new modem… go figure.

  8. Mandolinatou says:

    I used to have bell because my first apartment in Canada (the crappiest place I ever lived) had a contract with Bell. It left a bad taste in my mouth for bell because the appartment was so poorly managed we had the ceiling fall on us. Water dripping on our heads in the bathroom. The water tasted funny in a bad way. I could go on but suffice to say It was awful. I am sure the apartment owners got a kick back for exclusive service. Bell overcharged us of course given we had no choice for phone or internet service. The management of course had nothing to do with Bell but something about being locked into one service and locked into a horrible lease just puts a bad taste in my mouth.

    They’d call us regularly to transfer back after we moved and switched. The last time it was funny, they were offering us this “excellent package deal” only offered this month. I was preparing to move unbenowst to them and comparision shopping for internet/phone service so I went ahead and listened to the speal. It was over 30 dollars more per month for exactly the same service that I was already getting with videotron. So I told the lady this isn’t a deal. I get all those services for 30 bucks less a month. She told me that was impossible and this is the best deal around. How do you reply to that?

    So I said, Call me back when its 40 dollars less expensive for the same package and hung up. I haven’t heard from them since then oddly enough. I was actually happy about the call, it saved me time as I didn’t have to consider Bell when shopping around for a better service contract.

    I don’t know how they have customers.

    • youdont needtoknow says:


      • Dani says:

        I think (I’m HOPING) they meant the first Apartment they had in Canada was bad. Not Canada. Canada’s awesome

      • Dustin Bannister says:

        I think he meant the apartment, not the country. I lived in an apartment with similar conditions. Canada is a great place to live as a country, but we still have sleeze bags here, too. Just look at Bell lol.

  9. Handyman says:

    Hey what can I add to all this.I had the same problems.Bell claims i owe them over $500.00, and after 1 year and 2 collection agency’s later I still tell them I owe them $123.00,so sue me.What a bu8nch of idfiots.I went to Rogers last year, and yes they have their problems also but they have improved over the years. At least if I have a problem it is solved the very same day.

  10. benji says:

    I already posted my Bell ordeal in the nominations thread, but I have to say, one HUGE problem is that they outsource – the people you deal with aren’t here in Canada (for the most part). So the value and level of service expected is different from what the person GIVING the “service” thinks it should be. They’ve saved $ by outsourcing, but will lose $ because of lost customers.

  11. dawn says:

    Like I said on the ones we like why not have the choice of other .

  12. Amy says:

    Don’t blame outsourcing as the main reason for Bell’s bad service. Having someone help you from a different province or country doesn’t change the fact that Bell has bad policies, hidden fees, and expensive prices.

    I dislike it when people blindly blame outsourcing as the main problem behind why a company is so bad. It’s like saying “Of course, it must be the foreigners fault that you can’t get good service!” Just because the person you called is sitting in a Canadian call centre, doesn’t mean that they really really really want to help you because you are Canadian too. It’s a job, they could care less where you’re from.

    Many companies outsource, everyone knows that, but customer service is only able to help you within the guidelines set out by the company itself and the training that it gives. The person talking to you, (i.e. from Canada or India), can only give you the same “out of the box” response that they’re directed to, which is pretty much useless in Bell’s case.

    This also reminds me of my story, a little while ago we told Bell that we were moving and that we wanted to keep the same home number, which we’d had for 10 years. Bell refused and said it was literally, physically impossible to bring our number with us from 1 house to the other. So we switched to Rogers, it was a hassle, but they didn’t have a single problem with allowing us to keep our phone number. After we switched companies, Bell started to call and harass us about switching back to Bell, how they were sorry to see us go, that they would give us $100 credit if we went back AND that we could actually keep the same number! If they were so sorry, then why lie to us and say we couldn’t keep our number? The calls have stopped, but we still get their junk mail every other month or so.

  13. Amy says:

    Heh, I just saw how huge my above post was, sorry for the rant (meant every word of it though)! =D

  14. Paula says:

    It would take me a few hours to recount to you the MANY stories that I have of my horrible experiences with Bell Aliant Mobility. I finally paid them $440 to get out of my contract early and even THAT was an issue!!! I am so relieved to be free of them and they will NEVER get another cent from me! My resolution for 2011 is to “vote with my money”, meaning that I will support only deserving companies with my hard earned income. and will refuse to buy from companies with poor customer service. I’m looking forward to seeing companies like Bell and Sears force themselves out of business.

  15. Lynn49 says:

    Here’s another one for you: our DD was promised several additions, etc, with a move to Bell for phone and internet service and has reached the end of her patience with trying to get their bill straight. Today, she CC’d a copy of an email she wrote to customer service (last line of defence) to the Vice President, who wrote back to her and speller her name wrong!!!
    She wrote him back saying she had very little faith in his ability to be of any assistance if he couldn’t even take the time to spell her name correctly in his email.
    She’s insiting now that her next bill be correct, that everything that was overcharged be reversed, and that if it doesn’t happen she’ll be leaving them, owing NOTHING, and reporting them to several authorities (Better Business, etc…).
    She’s one to get things done and negotiated…I swear if I ever want to buy a big-ticket item, she’s doing it for me!
    Oh…this WILL get resolved by her, that’s for sure!!

  16. Alex says:

    I have had no problems with Bell.
    I am more satisfied with Bell that I was with Rogers.
    Just for the record but I know everyone has their own experiences.


  17. jason says:

    to my understanding when a company gets fined it is claimable. Well it used to be like that. If it is it means nothing and 1.2 mill is pocket change to them. I hate Bell and my contract ended today. Thank GOD they are the worst

  18. Lennea says:

    I would like to cast my vote Walmart. To me they are the worst company.
    As much as a LOVE to save money, I absolutely refuse to do any business with them due to their evil policies and practices.
    I can’t even read their flier for fear that the deals will lure me from my 5 year + boycott (-8

  19. Tiff says:

    I had too many problems with bell due to their incompitence. They took $500 out of my account for failure to return their high speed internet package. Which I would of returned immediately if it wasn’t for them having to send some sort of package first. They couldn’t get our address right no matter how many times we gave it to them. They kept sending it to the old address. The reason I was returning it was because their customer service refused to help me with a problem unless I bought their ethernet card. Which was silly because it’s a $20 card vs. $40 a month I would of been paying them. When I finally got through to someone with common sense an exception was made for me to drop it off at a Bell store. They said they would give us back our money in 6+ months. I called my bank (TD) about the problem and it was amazing how fast that money got back in my account. We went from 6+ months to 24hrs.

    On another occassion they called us 3 years later about a supposed “unpaid cell phone bill”. We didn’t owe them anything. The lady on the phone couldn’t comprehend that 3yrs ago they had everything on one bill. She kept saying that they stopped doing it 2yrs ago. They wanted to charge us $150. We didn’t have the bill from over 3yrs ago. They said they would charge us $15 for every minute it took them to find it. We asked how long it would take. They said it could take hours. So we ended up paying the $150 to never have hear from them again.

  20. Wilson says:

    Alex loves Bell? Is this the same Alex that HATES Walmart? 🙂

    I have my fair share of Bell Horror Stories, but someone asked why they still have customers? Because in a lot of rural areas they are a monopoly. I don’t get fast enough or reliable enough internet to use an internet based phone company and Bell is the only landline service provider in my county. I literally have no other choice!

    I have no good feelings toward Bell – their poor (outsourced) customer service, their overpriced packages, the blatant lying to customers (oh we can’t do that… it’s impossible, etc), the overwhelming flyers/constant phone calls, the shotty phone service (I couldn’t use my cell in my own house), and changing policy and pricing without informing customers (fine print that says that they can charge whatever they feel like, whenever they feel like it), and their evil campaigns to cap internet usage and charge for incoming texts… all of these evils are equal and amount to a shameful consumer ethic.

    But, until the CRTC does the job it is meant to do, some of us have the choice to have no phone service – or to have Bell.

    In our house we have an ‘anything-but-bell’ attitude, even though the CRTC doesn’t really enforce any kind of ethical regulations toward the competition, either.

    Perhaps it is not the fault of “BELL”, seeing as they are out to make money – and that is what they do – perhaps it is the fault of our governing body who allows these unethical actions to continue to happen.

  21. Dora says:

    Sorry, I vote CIBC, after they called me 47 times in 14 days just to discuss some terms on one of my accounts that I’d had for 4 years. Thanks asshats! Although I still have Bell, I am definitely not surprised they are on this list! They are AWFUL!

  22. greenCurry says:

    sounds like Tiff got hosed…..why did you pay it? What documentation did Bell provide you with? Anyways, no big surprise who “won” worst company 2010….

  23. greenCurry says:

    BTW if you want to avoid the ‘overseas’ customer “service”, have your call placed to a French speaking rep….odds are in your favour that the rep will be bilingual instead of nolingual…..

  24. Mabbo says:

    I actually was happy with Bell- until I moved back to Campus at the end of the summer. For some reason, in the middle of Ottawa, Bell has next to no mobile service on Carleton University campus. If I wanted to make a call, I had to step outside.

    Rogers is taking me for all I’m worth now, but at least I have a working phone.

  25. jessep13 says:

    wow I didnt realize bell was soo bad we have bell for home phone cell phone and internet and are now switching our cable that is with rogers to bell as well. As rogers charges us close to 200 $ a month for a package that will cost us 79$ through bell. I dunno I would have voted rogers but to each their own.

  26. willowsprite says:


    We live in the country so it has to be Bell for us. We haven’t had much of a problem with them. When there’s an issue they usually fix it next day. Although there are some charges on my bill I can’t figure out, and keep forgetting to look into them…

  27. Prue says:

    My internet service was with Bell. One day it broke down. I called Bell, and they sent some guy over. That guy told us the line outside our house is broken, and fixed it right away. We were grateful, until a month later, got a hefty $150 charge in bill. We called Bell. Apparently you get this charge whenever a Bell technician steps inside your house. WTF? Were I supposed to bring all my computer, modem, router outside when that technicial came? I argued, and got transferred to another department; explained again, argued again, transferred again, and so on. By the end of it, I don’t know how many departments I’ve been through, and everyone of them is telling me that’s standard policy, like I am so stupid that I don’t even know that.

    I tried again a couple of days later, no luck.

    I tried the third time a day later, the first customer service rep ( a girl ) I talked to, after hearing out my story, said, “ok, no problem, I’ll credit you back the $150”. And that was it. I was so dumbstruck that I kept repeating, “Really?”…

  28. loveadeal says:

    Bell still owes me $15 from 4 yrs ago when I canceled my Internet. I gave up trying to get it after a year. Everyone kept transferring me and hanging up and so forth so I figured let it go.
    Then they start calling with all these deals that they have. They say they want me back. I said call back another time please. What do they do? They call me 4 times a day everyday for a week. I told them to put me on their do not call list. It was bordering on harassment.

    Prefer Rogers. At least I can get through to a supervisor when there is a problem. Mostly.

  29. Jimmy says:

    I had a call from Bell stating my final account needed to be paid, I told the representative that I cancelled my service 3 days prior and I would be waiting for my final bill. His reply was “blahblahblah”, literally said blah blah blah and added a couple of moans. I told him to stop being ignorant and his reply was “Go suck a c$ck”. I used to work for customer service (before it was outsourced and we lost our jobs)so I called the private Vice Presidents Office number and spoke to the restricted internal secretary and told her what the representative said. They advised me that ALL calls are recorded for legal purposes and if the call was what I said it was, they would be terminating his service by the end of the day. Good times indeed!

    I have asked Bell on more than 13 occasions to remove my cell phone (which is with Rogers) from their calling list. They continue to call me on it and even after I demand to end the call & threaten them with the violation of the privacy policy they still call back. I am waiting for 1 more call on my cell phone and then lawyers will be involved.

    I have an incredible amount of stories about bad customer service…. I could write a book.

  30. renu says:

    Rogers is equally worst. Both can compete with each other for being the worst company, not only among the Canadian, but also among other developing world companies

  31. Lori says:

    I don’t like the outsourcing because I can’t understand the people on the other end of the phone. I stopped dealing with Dell, Sears and Bell when I had to deal with customer service reps who couldn’t speak or understand english well enough to have a proper conversation. I research online now whenever I plan a major purchase to make sure I will be dealing with people on this continent. I love Apple for this reason.

  32. Buskieboy says:

    Bell does suck, as do Rogers because I have horror stories for them both as well. But for me it has to be BestBuy as the worst company.

    My wife bought us a eMac a few years ago with an printer included. Of course BB is famous/infamous for getting you to buy their “extended warranty”. You can have 1, 2 or 3 year coverage with each more expensive than the other.
    My wife, bless her soul, bought the 1 year warranty extension. Now, most manufacturers already back up their stuff with built-in warranties, so this $180 “extension” was pretty worthless.
    When the computer broke down because of a component failure I found out that Apple was actually being pro-active and sending customers to 3rd party repair partners to have the computers fixed. I did this, and actually got the computer back in a week and a half. Great experience. Apple and this 3rd party partner were like a breath of fresh air. I now would find out how crappy BestBuy is at the same type of problem. Less than a week later the HD crapped out and the 3rd party repair place told me after I called them that the HD was strained because of the previous problem causing many, many restarts and it also caused a lot of heat which the HD didn’t like either. They said I might as well let BestBuy repair that one. Big Mistake. After they held my computer hostage for, get this, 4 MONTHS!, which included dozens of calls, many unanswered or put on hold for 30 minutes (I timed one)or outright hang-ups, to the store to get an update, they said it (a simple HD replacement would be too expensive $750!) which was ridiculous. They would give me a full refund instead. After another 2 week wait for the paperwork to clear the home office, I finally got a refund.
    What bothers me is that they charged us $180 bucks for my right to get my money back, no repair. Oh and they demanded the printer back or they would charge me full price as this was a package deal.
    I am 100% sure they would send the computer back to Apple for the repair, which is what I should have done in the first place!

  33. Jon Shadd says:

    I stopped using Bell years ago because the service and in particular the customer service is absolutley horrible. Now however, Rogers (whom I deal with currently) is just as bad if not worse. Both these communications giants are permitted to get away with double billing dishonest sales tactics and are never ever held accountable.
    The government should allow more competition and allow Verizon, AT&T etc… to come up here and provide us more options rather than the current virtual monopoly that is held by Rogers and Bell in telecom.

  34. chickendog says:

    Was just trying to deal with the 2 days ago. Yet another bad experience with Bell. Every time I need them they’re nothing but rude, elusive and ineffective. They definitely deserve this award of shame!

  35. Tammy says:

    I agree. I really, really dislike Bell’s customer “service” and I use that term very loosely. My contact is up and I won’t be renewing for another term.

  36. BelJack says:

    Ahhh Ma Bell how far you have fallen.
    When Bell made an error on my account the “collections” department hounded me and I was actually told to “shut up” by one man. He then refused to give me his employee number, to transfer me, and when I reminded him the call was being recorded for quality assurance he hung up on me. I filed a complaint and heard nothing,,,, then shortly later they cut off my cell phone service for four days stating it was due to reaching my spending cap (which I refused to take off the phone) but turns out yet again they were wrong… bill had been paid in full on time and was NO WHERE near my spending cap. Made the payment to get my phone back they demanded and now there is a nice big credit sitting in my account and they have agreed to put additional credits on my account,,, not enough left Bell Canada for all my residential services and will leave when my contract is up with my mobile phone. In the meantime I will just irritate them as much as they do me any chance I get. LOL. Feels good to be free from Bell.

  37. GT says:

    I have a really horrible story but I’ll cut it short.


  38. Charles says:

    Got rid of everything Bell. Man, what a good feeling. Got everything they offer from competitors at much much better prices and service.

  39. TimTrudel says:

    As a Bell employee I would like to apologize for the employees we hire. We have failed under all circumstance to predict how they will interact with customers ten years after they are hired, and we also apparently stick them on the phones without an interview after deliberately finding the worst people possible, because after all, we are a company, what would we do with added revenue? We do all this deliberately to lose money, and as for ‘exorbitant’ billing, we are sorry that you get tired of the rates and augmentations you agreed to pay after two years of service, not my problem, agree to pay a lower rate. We do not scam customers, we do not defraud our clientele, we are the oldest phone company in North America, and remain the largest company in Canada (steadily growing by the way) for a reason.

  40. TimTrudel says:

    BTW it’s impossible to get everything offered from bell with other companies, we are the only fiber optic provider, the only one in Quebec at least with DSL internet, the only Whole Home PVR provider, have the only 100% guaranteed phone line not dependant at all on the residence’s electricity.

  41. TimTrudel says:

    And a collections agency is a seperate company, we are sorry other people that are not us are total holes.

  42. TimTrudel says:

    Want a list of telecom companies in Canada? Telus, Rogers, Bell, VIdeotron, Maskatel, Cogeco, 3wed, Vonage, Actimedia, Alizé, BABYTEL, Canada Reconnect, ConnectTel. That is about 5% of what is available just in Quebec, you literally have hundreds of options, stop being lazy and look for them, shut up about monopolies.

  43. TimTrudel says:

    As a customer service rep I would just like to go on record Lynn49 as saying that if everybody who says they managed to call and\or e-mail the vice president did, he would be fulfilling none of his professional duties. So this leaves us with 2 possible scenarios, 1. People lie 2. People are the reason nothing gets done at Bell because they take all the CEO and vice-president’s time.

  44. TimTrudel says:

    Handyman, if you owe $123, don’t get mad at the person who wants it back, how much would you annoy us with constant phone call if we owed you the money?

  45. KB Bloodworth says:

    BELL Canada is with out a doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. Sales, customer service, billing….bar none, the most horrific experience for business and personal service. I regret ever moving from ROGERS, I look forward to the end of the monopolies in CANADA.

  46. Cookief34 says:

    TimTrudel – could you give me an excuse for why Bell told us on the phone today, that our bill is higher than normal because tax went up January 1st? Could Bell please notify the BC government, because they don’t seem to be aware of the tax increase?!!

  47. bluesky says:

    In 2010 September wanted to get smart phone from Bell and had to sign a contract of 3 years but since I got a smart phone the contract had a clause that I had to get internet ($25/month) for the duration of the contract (3yrs) and if I were to cancel the internet it would cost me $200. After seeing this I told the representative in the bell store that I no longer wanted to sign a contract or get a phone from them, but the representative insisted that it doesn’t matter what the contract says if and that If for some reason I do not want the internet I could just call them or got to a bell store to have the internet option cancelled free of charge.

    So after having the internet for about year and half I decided I didn’t need it anymore since I rarely ever use it so I called bell to have it cancelled and they said if I were to cancel it then I will have to pay $200 even when I explained to them that this is not what the bell Representative in the bell store told me yet they insisted that I will have to pay $200 even after admitting that around the time I got the phone the employees didnt know the new policies of Bell and new laws passed in Canada. When I threatened to cancel all their bell services they transferred me to the retention department and they admitted that the employees in the bell store didn’t know about some new law passed in June 2010 concerning cellular charges and if I go to the store where I got the phone they will remove the internet option free of charge. SO I went to the bell store and they said they removed the internet option free of charge and the next 2 monthly bills did not have any cancellations fees of $200 or any charge for internet option $25. However after 6 months I saw an internet roaming charge of $60 so I called Bell to ask how was this possible, they said it was an internet option they add to the smart phones that do not have internet on their monthly plan and to add insult to injury they also said that they will have to charge me $200 for cancellation fee for the internet option I cancelled six months ago.I was so furious I wanted to cancel my contract they told me it would cost me $600. I called the consumer protection agency in Canada and they said since I did sign the contract I would have to pay the fees . I ended the contract and paid $600 just so I wouldn’t have to deal with Bell Canada ever. The moral of this experience was for me to NEVER SIGN CONTRACTS if there is something I don’t like in it no matter what the sales people say and NVER TO DEAL WITH BELL EVER.

  48. Jen says:

    Bell is by far the worst company ever to work for! I rather work in a fast food joint than to stress out and over work myself at Bell. All the managers are scumbags that love to kiss ass to get themselves promoted to the very top. There is no trust within the company because everybody gossips like it is high school. The human resources team is useless, if you ever have a problem or unhappy, they just direct you to your manager to deal with instead. Honestly, the benefits are not that great being an employee compared to the bigger better companies out there. You get a free phone bill, woopie-doo! But the stress that the management puts you through is definitely not worth it at all.

    Being an ex employee of Bell, I can say that Telus is a lot better because Telus actually values existing customers while Bell only care for BRAND NEW customers porting over or signing on new activations on a 3 years term. If you want to do an upgrade, good luck. They won’t give two shits about you at all. That’s how their system work and maybe that is why they are not doing so well.. resulting in the lay offs right now in 2012.

  49. August Sunshine says:

    My good friend had recently been hired for intensive one month training and in the second week ,they had all new employees write an exam and cheated the results and fired 13 of the 15 new employees on the spot after the company voluntarely tampered with results and coldly terminated everyone,withoiut even a mnute`s notice.Then,they escort you out of their big fat building!

    Most have been in touch and are still under trauma!!!!

    This is how “bell” treats people and they slave drive their staff!

    they even have deformed mirrors in the bathroom to make people look fat so they might want to loose weight and perform better.SICK!!!

    Very BAD company that shows off and boasts it`s support on depression week.


    What more can we say? …avoid them.

  50. Mike drake says:

    Bell is the worst company ever. Get Rogers way better technology way better services everything is better. Haha bell just came out with on demand? It’s been out for yeaaaars on Rogers ??? My reception sucks do bad on my cell phone I can’t wait to cancel it and move to Rogers. As for tv Canadians … Get directv. You will be amazed. Fuck bell of I ever see a bell employee or a bell CEO I am goin to spit right on their face it’s worth an assault charge. I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you. I have never hated a company more !!! Canadians stop supporting such a shitty company they need to be stopped!!!! Fuck you bell you are the worst get it in ur head . GO ROGERS , shitty Canadian programming but itleast the services work 100% and the cell phone works great. I have never had so many dropped calls in my
    Life with bell . hELlLo? Hello? U there ? Those are he only words you will use on a bell network cell phone they are complete garbage I am
    Using an iPhone 4 and I have 1 bar everywhere info in Cambridge/Kitchener. It’s horrible.its 2012 fucking get the reception right you fucking retards what are you charging me 100$ a month for? Fuck you I am canceling and going back to Rogers cell phone bell you are the worst and you will get what’s coming to you.FUCK YOU!!!!!!

  51. lorrie says:

    Telus is another bad one, just to let you all know, there is a class action lawsuit against Telus, Bell and a few others for lying to consumers.

  52. sammy says:

    I am just happy that all Bell services were removed from my house yesterday, April 2, 2013.
    First, the satellite TV service is not reliable. During this past winter time, I may have lost the TV signal for more than 2 weeks while my bill has not changed.
    Second, my internet service kept failing; within last month alone, I called more than 5 times and each time, I had to wait for 3 days to get it fixed. One tech guy actually, had to run a wire all the way from the street through my front yard and left it there! I do not mention the time spent on the call centre queue and the battle of the internet usage/band width.
    Third, when I subscribed, I was supposed to get the bundle for about $90/month but my first bill was actually $250 and the following bills were all above $120. The TV listing was missing my important channel. When I called, I was told that I have to pay $10 and $15 for 2 other TV packages although the sales person told me they would be included in my initial bundle package.

    So I decided to cancel all service even though there is a $200 cancellation fee. It has been too much hassle.

    My advice though, for those who still have Bell, who do not have any choice, make sure you call and ask for credit whenever your service goes down. Otherwise, it is worth to switch to a different company. I have had Rogers before and never had to call them for 9 years!

    Also, do not blame the “front liners” (customer service Agents), most of them are actually nice and willing to help. The worst service is at the “sales and billing” duo side.


  53. Dave says:

    DO NOT DEAL WITH BELL. DO NOT!!!! Customer service does not exist. You will be transferred to the rudest Indian people like Ravinder over and over again. None of the so called csr’s are consistent with their information. They barely speak the English language. They argue when they are incorrect. WOST COMPANY HANDS DOWN.

  54. lemoun says:

    never go to bell for any reason, they scam people, they should be shut down.. i cant believe a company like this is allowed to exist

  55. Edward says:

    Cancelling my service as we speak. I’ve has 3 previous calls with them about a promotion that was supposed to be applied to my account if I stayed with them after moving. Obviously, the calls went no where. When asking directly “how much notice do I need to give you to cancel my services?” I was told 48 hours. I’m on the phone now and the supervisor tells me it’s 30 days. Unbelievably greedy animals.

    My new service costs literally 2/3rds what Bell cost and is also faster and has no download limits!

  56. Darryl says:

    Here here, I am absolutely in agreement that BELL needs to go! I have never experienced the lack of professionalism and BAD customer service than with BELL. The employees are horrible. The business call centre and payment centre is incomprehensible! They are an horrible company to deal with!

  57. Luc says:

    I do not trust Bell. Stay away from Bell. I had so much problem with them. The customer service is poor.

  58. Bill Giamou says:

    Cancelled all my Bell Canada accounts in 1999 (moved to Rogers who do not suck quite as much) when they turned me down for a $199 fax machine purchase.


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