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Worst Company Canada

Based on your nominations, the 3 worst companies in Canada last year (2010) were: Bell Canada, Rogers and Zellers.

Bell Canada has led an evil campaign to try changing the Internet to usage-based billing (capped Internet). They have been pushing the government and other ISPs to enforce these ridiculous policies. Furthermore, Melanie C. summarized everything that’s wrong with Bell:

Their customer service is appalling. Recent news headlines show that they have been fined (something like 1.2 million) for violating the national ‘do not call list’. They offer inflated prices for standard services, it’s impossible to get ahold of a real person when calling for help and, when you do, there seems to always be a very significant language barrier.

I’d like to add that Bell’s customer service mostly runs from India when a lot of people in Canada are unemployed. Thank you Bell for supporting Canadians.

Rogers is a company that seems to have grown too much too quickly. They almost reached a monopoly a couple of years ago. This was accompanied with sub-par customer service, very frequent billing errors and jacked prices. But due to their terrible customer service, continuous billing errors and better competitors, Rogers is slowly losing its grip on the Canadian wireless/mobile market.

Another major annoyance with Rogers is their lack of proper pricing on plans. As honeydoo states in the comments:

Rogers.. just tacky how much you have to hassle them and play ‘the game’ to get a good plan.

Oh and if you were a pay-as-you-go customer let me mention the single word that will send chills down your spine: Melanie… Voice recognition.

Zellers made it into the worst three companies of 2010 unfortunately. Remember the days when Zellers used to be the place to go shopping and Walmart was frail in comparison? Well long gone are those days. Zellers has simply frozen in time. It has not evolved or improved over the past few years and has been slowly going downhill. Plagued with dirty stores, unfriendly staff and messy shelves Zellers is now left to die a slow and bitter death.

Two companies that barely escaped from the Worst 3 are Shoppers Drug Mart and Sears Canada. It seems like people have a love/hate relationship with Shoppers because many people nominated it for both best and worst companies of the year. I was not however impressed when I read that Shoppers Drug Mart pulled 3,500 copies of Adbusters to satisfy the Canadian Jewish Congresss. As for Sears, well there’s been a lot of talk about the parent company in the US going bankrupt soon and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case.

Now please take a second to vote for Canada’s Worst Company of 2010 below. Voting ends in 24 hours after which we’ll announce the “winner” and have the poll for Best Company in 2010.

66 responses to “Vote for Canada’s Worst Company 2010”

  1. thecountess says:

    I agree 100% with all three choices 🙁

    • MrsL says:

      I don’t like Bell either but there is a huge error in this article. Having worked for Bell for ten years and just life a few months ago I can assure you that ALL call centres except for after hours technical support are in fact based in Canada. A lot of people who work in them have accents because they are Canadian immigrants but I can assure you that all standard call centres are here in Canada. I’ve seen them and been to some of them. Perhaps a little more research and a little less opinion next time?

      • FallenPixels says:

        MrsL this post is from 2010 before Bell moved some call centres back to Canada

  2. Natalka says:

    No experience with the first two, but I voted for Zellers, not because of the reasons mentioned, but because their stock for sales items is often non-existent.

  3. bargain_hunter_lola says:

    Personally never had a problem with Rogers, but I absolutely HATE Bell. Cannot wait until my contract is up! My vote is Bell (although Zellers isn’t very far behind).

  4. Wtraveler says:

    Bell is a hall of fame worst for me. I dumped everything Bell related after an 18 month battle trying to get my internet bill sorted correctly. Rogers gets my vote. I have to agree they have grown too fast and are too much of a monopoly. They are getting that arrogant stank of Bell on them in their dealing with customers. Sears is high on my list too. Their stores have become really dumpy over the last couple of years.

  5. SulkyBlonde says:

    gotta say Bell is tops on my list too nothing but issues …..

  6. Skippy says:

    Bell home phone local calling only-No problems
    Rogers are too big for their britches, and control too much media in Canada.
    Zellers which I use to shop in a lot,is on its last breath.
    Best if something like Target or another American chain(Except Walmart) take it over.

  7. Wilson says:

    Good summaries!

  8. Holly says:

    I gotta say that I still love Zellers. The stores near me are always clean and I prefer to go there over the insanely busy Walmart.

    Rogers, I agree with. I hate that I have to call and talk to numerous different people to get a better deal. it works, but going through the process is exhausting.

    Bell – can’t say much about. We are an all Rogers family giving up on Bell years ago.

  9. AnneV says:

    Having had tons of experience with all three of these so called ‘companies’, I was switching back and forth on which one to pick for the worst. Bell treats you like crap and screws up anyway when they beg you for second chances, Rogers doesn’t try hard enough and when they have a good thing going they screw it up eventually, and Zellers has simply just given up. Eventually, I picked Rogers. They have too much of a stranglehold on Canada’s communications regulations, making it more difficult for us to get reasonable phone and internet plans. thanks to their input, we have one of the worst (if not the worst) cellphone plan regulations in the developed world. 3 year contract for a cellphone? REALLY?

  10. Connie says:

    I voted for Bell! I have had so many problems with them. I can’t wait till my contract is up.

  11. Jen says:

    I believe Bell doesn’t hire over-seas employees now. I am pretty sure they hire french Canadians now. I have to call them for work at least once a month, and usually speak with someone who speaks french as their first language…. I still don’t like them though. I didn’t like that I would get at least one telemarketing call from them per day when I was with them. When I hung up on their telemarketers, they would call me 3 times per day. That was when I decided to leave, and go with my cable company, who offered the same perks, for 1/3 of the price.

  12. r0c0upons says:

    WOW, i’m surprised! I didn’t think it could get worse than Rogers, but Bell is clearly leading in the votes. I’m kinda glad I chose the lesser of two evil companies, I guess! YIKES.

  13. gomo2010 says:

    Always found Rogers to be OK, been with them for about 20 years. As far as Bell and internet usage goes, I saw on the news last week where that will be coming in the US very shortly.

  14. Nelles says:

    I’m surprised that Canadian Tire isn’t listed. I love shopping there but the CS infuriates me.

    Zellers never has anything I want, but the staff are very nice and helpful (at my local store)

    Tough call!

  15. Theresa says:

    Bell is the epitome of incompetence. I had to spend 3 hours on the phone trying to convince them that I was not my neighbour. They would not believe that I was not them, even confiding info about our neighbours delinquent account to “prove” it. I FINALLY convinced them of who I was, however,still, in the newest phone book under our name is our neighbours address. Try explaining this to someone who has very poor english, well, I abhor Bell.

  16. mama jill says:

    I totally understand the phone company choices, but I don’t agree with the Zellers. I have always found the Zellers by my house clean, and the staff friendly. I have seen what some of those people at Zellers go through with bitchy customers, and have jumped in a few times when the person has been beyond rude to the cashier. At least at Zellers I have never had a problem returning something I dont want. My mother in law buys me tons of chocolate and candy every year for Christmas(I am diabetic, I think she is trying to kill me) and this year she bought all of her stuff at Walmart. I took it back to the store to return it, and they wouldn’t accept it, even when I asked for a in store credit. They do not take back any food purchases. I went to Zellers and they let me return it all back, with a smile.

  17. Teresa says:

    I work at Zellers and I have to agree that they are one of the worst companies. In October, they decided to take away our store discount (for most of us, a pitiful 10 %!) unless we got a credit card from them. Having gotten rid of all my credit cards a year ago, I don’t want another and prefer to only pay cash, so basically those of us that want to pay cash are not worthy of a discount. I agree that a lot of the stores are dirty, especially the washrooms for customers and employees alike, but in our store, there are a number of us that are quite friendly and have been told so by the customers, which is always nice to hear. They have also done away with our store Christmas dinner, but they still have their over priced Christmas party. I like the people I work with, but he company has to make some changes internally or it will go out of business sooner rather than later.

  18. Shari says:

    HATE bell! Your write up made me chuckle, all so… true! We get called at least once a week from Bell. Last month I had a week where I was called 4 times!

  19. JB Vosding says:

    Hi! I’ve only read the title but I would be very reserved about making negative comments about companies in writing – sorry – but I thought we promoted POSITIVE interactions on here. We can have specific compaints but I don’t like labelling “worst” based on my own, perhaps a-typical, experience.

  20. kathy says:

    BELL blows. Rogers I’ll touch, Zellers I’ll visit, Bell – I will not approach EVER!

    Rogers does have too much power/monopoly.. but if you threaten to cancel they’ll offer you a swell price, it sucks that you have to finagle with them, but at least it’s an option to a get a price that works.

    BELL CSR’s are completely unhelpful and it takes 4 times as long as Rogers to resolve a problem if you are able to resolve it at all.
    Their prices suck the hardest for limited service/value for money.

    Zellers I don’t mind- i mean it’s kinda depressing shopping in there but I have no real problem with the store itself. I do like the Alfred Sung line of clothing.

    in closing, BELL BLOWS.. HARRRDest

  21. jenny says:

    I must applaud your knowledge on the whole UBB issue, not many know about it. Bell Canada #1 for me due to the UBB issue and the impending increase in costs… AGAIN with no increase in service or benefit! I’d like to be able to switch to another company, but Rogers is my only alternative and there is no equivalent offering. Currently have a plan for 200GB and get about 2MBs (speeds sucks but cheaper than paying overages at Rogers or for a similar usage plan with a useless increase in speed). Family usually only uses half of it but I fear how much it will cost now in the future… or if I want to keep in budget how I’ll constantly have to check my usage for everything we do.

  22. melis says:

    I have no problem with Zellers… the Zellers stores I frequent are always clean and well stocked.

    I’ve heard bad things about Rogers but I’ve never used the company before.

    Bell IS COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT. I have a huge list of stories of horrible customer service and billing issues. My favourite to tell is when the customer service rep asked me for my postal code. I told her and she asked me for clarification, “is that ‘G’ as in ‘Jar’?” THERE IS NO G IN JAR! My goodness.

    Glad I don’t need to be tied to Bell for anything anymore – I use Vonage for my landline.

  23. anon says:

    Rogers, worst customer service, I’m a pretty patient person but by the upteenth time I had to call to discuss an error or problem I had completely lost it…like when I ordered a BB and when it didn’t arrive by courier after almost 2 weeks (btw, I really needed it because I had no land line) I called and they said “somebody [at Rogers] cancelled your order the next day” – why??? “I don’t know”…any call to let me know they cancelled this order (they do have my contact info)? no…that is absolutely ridiculous! I really could go on an on because its been lots of stuff since (difficulty returning something after only 2 weeks, overcharges on my bill that I have to convince them to reexamine – only to be right of course, but what do I the stupid customer know, right?) If there is an apology and a swift solution I’d be more forgiving but instead its always ½ hour long holds on the phone, arguments, lies (someone will call you back, and they don’t), people insisting they are right (only to actually be wrong), its so exhausting…To the people who say this is negative for the blog to focus on, I completely disagree, I think its a service to others to warn them! Bell is just as bad, I have stories for them as well, all just ridiculous.

  24. t says:

    How about UPS? THey get my vote.

  25. Pablo says:

    Target wanted to buy zellers from HBC, but HBC refused to sell it to them. I agree with Rogers & Bell being in the top 2 although Bell was pretty good to me in 2010 Rogers I never dealt with in 2010 aand don’t plan on it in 2011, i’ve had bad experience with Rogers in earlier years, nothhing has changed shady billing practices is common.

  26. Danam314 says:

    Definitely Bell! I was a Bell Mobility customer for over 8 years and just recently I chose to pay over $750 to cancel my contracts. I made a B-LINE for another company!!! I switched my services, it was an instant weight off my shoulders and my once permanent “Bell Headache” is now gone. I remember when Bell had quality customer relations, reliable cellular service and respected their clients. That reputation of Bell is long gone. See ya Bell Mobility, you can keep my cancellation money. I’m a million bucks richer just being rid of you. Enjoy your fines, you earned them LOL!

  27. bambinoitaliano says:

    I will vote Bell 3 times for the next decade!!

  28. Tracy says:

    Bell gets my vote. They are the most ridiculous excuse for a company. They don’t listen to anything you tell them. I heard a rumour that AT & T was going to be entering the cell phone market in a few years. Anybody else hear that?

  29. Louise says:

    We had a Bell rep come out to try and fix our phone line. (at first they refused to come out but finally agreed) He drilled some random holes, made a huge mess, broke the phone and then said “I don’t know what is wrong with it it, I’ll say I was never here” Classy.

    After calling and telling them my time was worth $x and as it had taken 28 days to fix I would like a credit for my time they FINALLY fixed it. I still had to pay for a few days of service that month plus the 911 fee. At one point I asked what would happen if I had an emergancy? They told me to find a pay phone (I didn’t have a cell at the time)

    Rogers are more expensive but their customer service is slightly better.

  30. Trixie27 says:

    Wow, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who hates Bell. There’s been many issues over the years; my name was mispelled on my bill and no one could fix it, I moved a few blocks and they refused to let me keep my phone number – the number they gave me previously belonged to a deadbeat who owed everyone money – my phone rang constantly from collection agencies, I was in a shady “line care” contract I never agreed to, I was overcharged for satellite services, they always take the funds from my credit card before the bill is actually due, high gpressure sales and harassment to add more services…the list goes on and on. Rogers and Zellers are not much better. I think everyone has gotten it right, these are the worst companies. I hope their customer relations departments see this and get the hint.

  31. Alex says:

    I switched to Bell after years of Rogers cable. There was a problem and they wouldn’t fix it in a timely manner. So after years and years I moved on. No regrets. I am sure they are a good company in many ways but I just didn’t want to continue with them.
    By far on of the worst companies in Canada is Walmart.
    The greed and selfishness of the Walton family and company officers is well documented. Walmart is one of the greatest success stories while at the same time being one of the most controversial business models in recent history.

  32. J.N. says:

    I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am to see that there are others out there who hate Bell as much as I do. And I don’t feel guilty. Not one.single.bit. Bell is by far, THE most atrocious and waste-of-space “company” I have ever come across. We used to have our home phonelines through Bell, but once I started doing my research, I was in utter disgust. My main complaints were constant calls (up to 10x a DAY!) from collection agencies (we do not have any owing debt!) and craptastic CS. I read somewhere that Bell sells these shady “agencies” phone numbers. I finally switched and I have not heard from them for over a year now. I cannot believe the things customers have to go through just to get something fixed, it just isn’t right.

  33. Macfsh says:

    Bell. Hands down. So many reasons. So many complaints. Here’s a story for you though. My 90 year old grandmother called me and said she was interested in getting a cordless phone. Great idea for an older lady who lives alone. Grandma then tells me she rents her dinosaur phone for $15 per month from bell. I could not believe it. I understand years ago renting phones was common and my grandma accepts some blame for not realising that this was ridiculous. I called them up and just lost it on them. They ended up giving her a $300 store credit to buy a really awesome cordless phone so in the end it was sort of ok but still they should have realised it was insane that she was paying $15 per month for this phone that you couldn’t even buy anymore. I have many other bell hating stores. My second vote goes for sears. Bad service.

  34. nz says:

    Rogers doesn’t exist in an ISP form in western canada, thats why my vote is for SHAW, they are among the forefront of pushing a multi-tier internet, capping bandwidth and since there is no competition they gouge the customers (at least in MB there is only MTS or SHAW, both are laughing all the way to the bank)

  35. Rachel says:

    I was in Zellers on Boxing Day and thought that the store was closing early because there were so few people in it. Overall, the store is dirty and disorganized. Sears is not far behind. I have no expereience with Bell or Rogers.

  36. Oxana says:

    I do not like Bell myself. However, I do not like the comment about Bell not hiring Canadians and choosing outsourcing instead. I am sorry, but I have met many Canadian-born and -bred who have some kind of sense of entitlement to get more for doing less to nothing. Many would prefer to collect welfare cheques instead of working for minimum wage. That’s what customer service usually pays. Nobody steals jobs. Many of those “unemployed” choose to be such. Add to that less patience and much shorter “fuse”. And, yes, Bell still sucks. Will never go back to them as ISP or phone provider.

  37. george michael jackson says:

    Rogers, excessive pricing, sneaky changes in plans and reps taht have no clue about plans, pricing and Service

  38. kerry says:

    Zellers need to upgrade they’re stores,they are so dated.The lighting could be improved,and the employees trained better.Some more interesting products would also help.Then keep the stores tidy and organized.

  39. AJ says:

    Was the mention of you “not however impressed when I read that Shoppers Drug Mart pulled 3,500 copies of Adbusters to satisfy the Canadian Jewish Congresss.”

    Seriously what does that have anything to do with making SDM the worst company? Have something against Jews? Keep your personal opinions and ignorances to yourself.

  40. Freefinger says:

    Yep, Bell finally got my vote.. After more than a year on their Fibe10 plan, techs finally told me that my line is so saturated that it actually comes in at a maximum of 6 mbps. Yet they charge me 45$ a month for the service!

    They said that the sales people just want to get a sales on their account so they can meet their quota. So they’ll sell you anything even if’s not actually a service that is available on your line.

    Try telling that to their Executive Customer Service and ask why no one ever called me to let me know that my line was not set up to receive their signal and that I was being charged for something that I could not get!!! I asked that I be reimbursed the difference! If I get 60% of the signal why am I not charged 60% of the actual price!?! They told me: “Well.. We can’t do that! But I can give yo a 10$ discount on your next bill…!”..

    Seriously, I am finally contemplating moving to Vidéotron, and this time I’m getting prices and timelines so I can move everything for Feb 19th, the day my internet contract ends…

    ps, they are finally moving out of India for their custome service.. Right into another country that can’t spell our names or understand what winter is.. Oh yeah and they are also moving some to Texas.. Because they now what snow is… Talk about retarded…

  41. MariAngel says:

    I worked for Bell for 4 hellish months. I’m glad I’m out of there.

    If you don’t want to get services tacked onto your phone bill that you did not authorize, I recommend that you add a password to your account with the condition that only if I give the password can the changes be implemented. It’s saved me hundreds of dollars over the years when sales calls would end up being implemented when I had refused to accept the “upgrades”.

    Also, Bell now has their own version of the DO NOT CALL list. Call customer service and request to be added to the list for sales calls. Since I did that, I haven’t received a single marketing call from Bell.

  42. MrWillabie says:

    Zellers provides a wonderful service for city dwellers seeking solitude!

  43. greentires4me says:

    ya think getting unmarked calls by bell is bad I was with rogers for 6 years I get 3rd party calls to my house line as well as my cellphone with them then it cost me in mintues they said it was their way to do research. I remember one time because all my payments were automatic direct from my account they cut off my service. Well it was my only phone it cost me 42$ on a long distance calling card to call them up and ask them why they cut off my service. They said I was late on payment with them…I said check their records I get direct payment from them so whenever the bank takes to the time it gets into their account is when it happens. They said they would have to phone me back I said on what i have no cellphone and that its a payphone I am using. Well I went off to work the pay phone rang I had to come across to answer the phone once someone called me at work to say they were on the phone. Well they said there was no prior agreement I said look again…I signed one the day I got the phone and sent it off in the mail. Well my cellphone was cut off for a week but it was back and forth with them trying to make them understand that it was their fault not mine. Finally they called me at work since I had no more money for phone cards and the company I worked at told me to use their phones. Techinical support finally said that someone missplaced my info for my account…my question how is that possible…its put onto a computer system and stored in memory files. They said well it happened then the person who was on the other end goes in sorta look down at the floor diverting eyes whistle blowing gesture on the phone “well they did it to 56,000 other customers yet you were the first one to complain about it to notice there was a problem.” So Rogers scrambled to make sure for the time it took them that their 3rd party company that they were dealing with actually put it into their accounts. Meanwhile I was without service for 9 days while they sorted it all out…it took them a month to credit me all the time lost. But that was only after my compamy wrote them a letter stating that was a valuable time lost and poor customer service practice skills.

    Then during the time i was in Katimavik Summer 2006 Rogers decided they was going to cut the plan I had for the last 3 years with them and make it so we had to sign a contract instead. So they squeezed a pay as you go like plan into a contract thats when I started to notice over charges and long distance charges and all the grief it took when I came back to a certain area to get my number to be changed to that city/town/province. Instead of bills that was only $50 they were now showing up to the door for $450…CRTC was involved they over charged during that summer 2million of their customers…they were told to reimburse all those who made a complaint so that is like a rare what 750,000ppl who made the complaint out of 2million. After my 1 year contract expired they tried to make me sign a 3 year plan…I said no I wanted a 1 year contract they finally budged and gave me one. They called me upto 5 times a month asking me if i wanted to switch to a 3 year plan even after i had already made the switch to 1 year contract. They did that for about 6 months before again the CRTC was involved yet again for unwanted 3rd party calls from their own company.

    Oh even better it was getting to be more of an hassle to be with them with the constant errors on my bills of the overcharges or even long distant charges when i was on a long distance plan…or the change to the voicemail so that you could no longer access it through the phone no more but call up another number to access it. So i called it quits just before the Olympics I wanted to cancel my service with them I called them up went through 6 people was hung up on atleast 3 times. Finally got to cancel the service thats when they wanted to know why I told them straight up they said would you ever reconsider I said its like an abusive relationship would you ever go back to an abusive relationship? to the person on the other end of the call. So I cancelled it…so it seemed I got a bill the next month apparently they dropped all the immediate service options but still allowed the phone to remain active. But I had all the papers they guy faxed them right to my house saying I had cancelled with rogers…so going through rogers they started to refuse once again to budge saying that I was signing a 3 year contract with a nice brand new iphone and that was that it was going to cost me this and that I said “no…I want to cancell my account I did it since the last time I don’t want to buy a used car get off my back”

    Only after speaking with the CRTC not once but 3 times to get it all straightened out and resolved Rogers back down and allowed me to cancel my wireless service with them I only had to pay 9.56$ for the calls I made not the $549 they wanted from me.

    I still do get things in the mail asking me to come back to them I still get annoying emails from them…oh and they only call the house once every 6 months to ask me to reconsider their offers to come back…I bet ya can tell who I voted for…

  44. yadayada says:

    Lol Mr Willabie. You hit the nail on the head. I am surprised they have lasted this long against Walmart.

  45. yadayada says:

    Since there are so many problems with Bell and Rogers, should I just use Skype or Voip for all my calls? What is the best solution out there right now?

  46. Kathleen says:

    At our Zellers, the staff work hard to please the customer. We would rather eat at their restaurant than others in the city, as the ladies are always polite and the food excellent. They have senior dinners once a month which are always packed and a great time for older people that are alone. Its fun to have the cooks come out and sing with the people. Great time for all. Way to go Helen and girls. You do a super job, and we love you all.

  47. Lori says:

    I vote for Zellers, mainly because I live with my parents still so I don’t pay for phone and cable therefore I don’t deal directly with Bell and Rogers like they do. The location near me is a pig sty, the cash in electronics is sometimes not manned, you are never greeted, and the service in the restaurant is super slow.

  48. SahedaV says:

    I strongly vote for Zellers, the store in Brampton, Shoppers World is the worst.Very unfriendly staff, dirty and unorganized, i do not see no wonderful about Zellers. My son is also having problem using his SPC card @ all their locations in Brampton. Most of the time, the sale prices do not scan the same as they advertise. 100% it’s Zellers. AND YES YOU ARE NEVER GREETED.

  49. z3r0c00l12 says:

    I vote for Bell, I’ve had very poor customer service with them, finally ditched them. Also, I totally disagree with their usage-based billing system, as most people say, it will bring us back in time rather than provide innovation for the future.

  50. Robbiii says:

    I like Zellers.. they have a full grocery area in the HBC downtown Winnipeg and smaller ones in the other Zellers. To SKIPPY…. where have you been, the Americans bought HBC and Zellers a few years ago, The Bay is a first class looking store again.
    I would vote for Telus, Rogers and MTS as the worst companies in Canada

  51. Crys says:

    I closed my Sears account after 30 years once I learned they closed catalogue offices that employed Canadians out west and now have outsourced to India. I understand Bell has outsourced Canadian jobs to India as well. Good to hear Bell was fined. They continually harassed me by phone to get a cell phone. A lot of the time their phone calls sounded like they were under water and I couldn’t understand them anyhow.

  52. Johnny Rush-Fan says:

    Robbers, errr, I mean Rogers. Over-charging, miss-billing, quick to call one day late payin, use roundabout telemarketing tactics (Bell, too)
    I wish I could cut the cord on Rogers Cable, what alternatives do I have ? Bell Satellite … not.
    I cut Bell homephone in 2009, and finally got internet via Primus Triple Bundle for $64 ($30+ cheaper than Rogers or Bell)

  53. sandie says:

    I’ve had problems with Bell before, but they offered such a great deal on their bundles that I decided to give them a try, I’ve had very few problems since then (only a few minor ones), as for Zellers, the store out here in East Ottawa is clean, the staff friendly, though sometimes they do not carry the sizes of clothes that I want that are on sale, but I do like it better than Walmart with their ridiculously long lines, as for Shoppers Drug Mart, never have a problem, clean store, friendly staff, great hours, even had our Shoppers Pharmacist call recently to remind me to renew our prescriptions.

  54. DiamondLil says:

    I also closed my sears account after having it for several years. DH and I were trying to reduce our interest rates with our credit cards and while we had success with many of our creditors, Sears would not budge. Even though I have been with them for years, they stated to me their interest rate is fixed, so whether you are a customer who is punctual with the payments (like I was) or you were a customer that was late with payments, everyone gets charged the same interest rate. I cancelled that account that minute and worked diligently to pay it off.

  55. JOE says:

    The Toronto Star is exactly the same, i tried signing up for a subscription and i had to phone back 3 times to get someone to understand english well enough to help me, i am not trying to sound racist but this is a Toronto paper that is sold mostly to the GTA and with so many out of work they have the call centre in India, i have been fighting with them for almost 3 months and after countless phone calls they STILL don’t have my subscription and billing figured out correctly, guess who won’t be renewing when this one expires!

  56. Alex says:

    Target takes aim at Zellers

    The nearby ”Zellers” store could soon turn into a ”Target”.

    The company is looking at moving into the Canadian market.

  57. Alex says:

    Dear moderator.
    Cancel this and the above story.
    I will post it on another site.


  58. Marcelo says:

    I will give the gold medal to Rogers for running a perfect monopoly and giving a horrible service and the silver goes to Bell.

  59. Daver says:

    Future Shop has my vote for one of the worst, along with Bell.

  60. Jen says:

    Yup Bell sucks.

  61. Maggie says:

    Worst company I’ve ever worked for is H & R Block. Very disorganized, poor pay, no benefits, they don’t even hire cleaners so the floor is filthy, garbage overflowing until I get disgusted & empty it, bathroom so filthy nobody will use it. Our district manager will never answer the phone, so you are forced to email her. She responds to about 50% of emails.

  62. bandari says:


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    Would you be interested in exchanging links or maybe guest authoring a blog article or
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  64. Julian Blue says:

    BELL SUCKS! I moved to them 6 months ago and nothing but crap service and incompetent service people. They can’t even take your money properly over the phone! For 6 months I have asked there technical department to connect me with the *611 which is normal, so I can reach them and pay with CC# instead they cut me off every month. They tell me they are sorry every time and then ask me to tell them how there service was while I am calling from a pay phone??? LOL…..The best thing I did in 6 months was leave this east coast crap company and go back to my old provider today! It was worth the penalty 10 times over! No wonder there voted the worst company… 🙂


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