Shoppers Drug Mart Canada: Did you shop on Friday? Check your receipt for errors! Scanning Code Of Practice


It seems that Shoppers had a significant problem with their computer systems yesterday.  From overcharging items part of the two day sale to not crediting the 20x points.  One of our savy Smart Canuck’ers posted their receipt pointing out all the problems.  Looks like there might be a lot of scanning codes of practice claims happening at Shoppers in the next few days.  Click here to join the discussion on the Smart Canucks forum.

Did anything in your shop ring in wrong? 

Not aware of the Scanning Code of Practice?  Click here for more information.

22 responses to “Shoppers Drug Mart Canada: Did you shop on Friday? Check your receipt for errors! Scanning Code Of Practice”

  1. littlejalapeno says:

    Yes! I called the store after I arrived home to advise of the errors. I returned to SDM later the same day & they refunded me the difference but no mention of SCOP. In all fairness, I did not bring it up as I was grateful they were willing to refund the overcharge without a fuss. I has used about 6 different coupons for the original transaction.

  2. Michelle says:

    No problems here…

  3. Kim McIntyre says:

    In my SDM cashier tried to ignore my comment that the item has to be free because of SCOP. She did not want to correct the price, just left the item to her.

  4. sharp1 says:

    At the SDM I went to yesterday, they had a sign on the door advising that they were having computer difficulties. The cashier had to manually ring in all my items with the sale prices. Thankfully, she took my word for most prices instead of leafing through the flyer. It was so busy there being New Year’s Eve and 20x points day. I felt bad for the cashiers.

    My points didn’t show on my receipt, but she assured me that it would be corrected. I’m hanging on to it just in case.

  5. Edite Carlos says:

    Wow, I also went shopping friday, but my receipt was correct. Perhaps a province difference? I’m in MB.

  6. sharp1 says:

    I’m in MB too. I don’t think it was a problem in all stores.

  7. Robin O. says:

    I just think that stores should correct the price rather than giving the product away for free with SCOP. In the end all consumers end of paying for having to give away merchandise without charging for it.

  8. Penny says:

    SCOP is only when the REGULAR price is displayed wrong or scans wrong, and it does not have anything to do with computer malfunctions. It is in place to make sure price adjustments are kept up with, NOT for people to abuse for their own gain. I am a cashier and retail stores are run by people, how would you feel if you were a bank teller and you made a typo and I insisted you give me the $1000 you typed in instead of the $100 I gave you to deposit? It is going to come out of your pocket one way or another, in a cashier’s case it comes out of our profit sharing, which is really a fancy way of saying it comes out of our benefits.

    If you read the actual policy (which is NOT a law and only applies to stores that AGREED to it, it is not forced on stores) it does not say you get free items if their systems are messed up, only if the price on the shelf is different from the scanned price, and ESPECIALLY not if they have posted that they are having problems. I know everyone likes free stuff but in this case put your greed aside and go easy on them, it was a chain wide system malfunction for goodness sake, I doubt they will consider it a SCOP policy issue, let them fix it, they weren’t intentionally trying to screw you (which is what to policy is actually for BTW).

  9. Kari says:

    I’m in MB, and my local store had signs posted about the system error they were experiencing. I have held onto my receipt just in case the points don’t show up. 🙂

  10. Kyla says:

    I think it was suicidal for them to have the two day only sale during new years. First of all the shoppers nearest to me that was open was packed since nothing else in the area was open. and with the malfunctioning It must have been a nightmare to be working there. Also many locations were not open so some may not been able to take advantage of the sale.

  11. FreebieChick says:

    No problems on my receipt 2 days ago…..

  12. Sally says:

    “Penny” needs to re read scop rules…

  13. Ryan says:

    “Penny” needs to take a chill pill and relax.

    SCOP isn’t just for regular prices. If sale prices aren’t entered into the system correctly, SCOP definitely applies.

  14. TakeTheCar says:

    The sign has to be on the front entrance of the store for this….if not then the store is not a participant in this SCOP policy…

  15. wellcalm says:

    Oasis juice was marked 2/$5.00 or $2.79 for one. I bought one, used a $2.00 off coupon expecting to pay .79. I got home, looked at my receipt as saw I was charged $3.99. I need to go back for my SCOP.

    All SDM’s participate in SCOP. I am always up front when the price is rung in wrong and ask for the SCOP to be applied. Bought Zantac awhile back and it was on sale for $11.99, but rang in at $14.99, ended up paying $1.99 for it, plus I had a in store bonus coupon for Zantac, so I got the points too. I drove home smiling. My 13 yo got free wrapping paper as it was on sale $2.99 but rang in at $4.99/tax. My baby got her first SCOP and was so happy to have her $4.99 that she paid back in her pocket and free wrapping paper. Got to teach them young!

  16. wellcalm says:

    I just read some comments and I don’t feel cheap for asking for SCOP. It actually ticks me off to no end when I go to the store and get charged more than the shelf price or advertised price as we know SDM is horrible at putting sale signs up. Thanks to Smart Canucks, I don’t usually have to drive back for errors as I am usually very vigilant about checking my receipt or watching the cash price, before I leave the store. It’s the holidays and I was in a rush, so I missed that one.

    People are inferring that we are “greedy” for wanting free products. No, that isn’t it at all (but a nice bonus). A store offers something on sale and it doesn’t get entered into their system. Why should I and many others nation wide have to pay for their mistake whether it is human error or a technical error. I go into a store and I want to get out quick, SCOP holds me back from getting out in a timely manner, and all the cashiers apologize when having had to do a SCOP for me. When I get a SCOP late in the week it makes me wonder how many people purchased that item all week long and were overcharged. I think the greed is on the store not the customer. Yes, errors happen but they need to know that they better be doing their jobs correctly or they will be giving away alot of free product. By not asking for a SCOP you are allowing the store personnel to be lax at their jobs. Giving away free product is an eye opener for the store owners that they need to shape up.

  17. Kyla says:

    SCOP is such a pain for the cashier, but it shouldn’t be happening in the first place. I work at a Shoppers and things don’t scan at the right price often. When things scan at the wrong price, and customers don’t know about SCOP, I tell them about it and do give it to them for free. It’s not all Shoppers employees that are bad haha. One thing I have to say is people needs to be such JERKS when things don’t ring through at the right price. I’ve had so many people yell in my face saying, “I GET THAT FREE, RIGHT!?” Please remember that it’s not our fault next time it happens.

  18. wellcalm says:

    Thats right Kyla, no need for rudeness. Typically what I do is point out that the price rang in incorrectly and as they begin to do the adjustment I ask them if they are putting it through as a SCOP so they know I know what SCOP is. I’m thoughtful to the cashiers, it’s not their fault, so I guess that is why they are nice to me and not irritated when I point out an incorrect price.

    It’s a pain for all of us. I really hate shopping but it is something we all have to do. If the price would simply ring in accurately I would still be pleased to pay the sale price and leave, but if it doesn’t ring up properly, I’m going to say something. I used to come home constantly when I didn’t know about using coupons and SCOP and find errors on the receipt, but not having much energy, in the past I would have left it and been a bit bitter until I forgot about it; no energy to run back and forth to the store. Now I’m wiser and always watch my receipts before I leave the store and let them know if something is incorrect. This policy is in place to protect consumers, it is not greed for a consumer to say the store is charging others and myself incorrect prices.

  19. Kyla says:

    I just had my first unpleasant scop experience at Zellers. The item was on liquidation with a sticker but the price rung in at regular. The cashier tried to cover it up by saying the sticker should have been next to the barcode. She was racing time trying to quickly change the price and I politely asked if its under the price accuracy policy. All I did was mention “price accuracy policy” and not “free” and the cashier was getting on her high horse and very grumpily exclaimed ‘oh come on!’ Loud enough to be embarrassing. She was well aware of the policy and was trying to avoid it. Anyway she finished with the item and dropped it with a little force on the counter and said happy new year in a sarcastic voice. I was embarased for Zellers as I never had an unpleasant experience with them, so I went to the customer service and right away they knew which cashier it was saying that she has a little attitude problem (and shes not some teenager in need of an attitude ajustment, I was surprised to see this coming from a 50 odd year old) Anyways she said she would talk to her and that liquidation doesn’t count for the policy. Even though most times when I have bought their liquidated items it rings in at the lowest sticker price. Its not really a big deal but if you are dealing with the public you should show a bit more tact. Heck if I behaved that way toward an employee they may just kick me out of the store. Whenever I put in an application to work there I get no response and instead they would rather keep a grumpy staff apparently. Great consumer relations Zellers!

  20. Kyla says:

    By the way sorry for deviating off of the topic of Shoppers drug mart :S

  21. Pam Graham says:

    Tonight I had a very unpleasant dealing with Zellers. I will never shop at HBC stores again. Slippers that were published at 40 % off were rung in twice…once yesterday & once today at the full price. I mentioned the error yesterday to the cashier who made a really big deal of saying “i need to check that”. Today, when it happened ( I liked the slippers so returned for another pair) i mentioned the scop policy. The cashier checked with her supervisor & then said to me, “we are not part of that (scop) & we never will be”. I paid for my goods & left. From now on; I will shop at Walmart who seem happy to abide by the Scop policy. No wonder HBC stores are losing consumers…if you put it on sale then you should be responsible for adjusting your prices in the computer……it is not the consumers fault.

  22. Andre says:

    FYI – I just found this looking for SCOP info online: Zeller’s does not participate in voluntary Scanning Code. Except for i Quebec where this code is the law and not voluntary


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