Canadian Coupons: Free PC Green Box with $25 Purchase

Coupon Toronto

Spend $25 or more (single purchase before applicable taxes and surcharges) and receive a Free PC GreenBox. Offer valid January 9 to January 22, 2009 at participating Loblaws, Superstore, Valu-mart and Fortino’s stores in Ontario.

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28 responses to “Canadian Coupons: Free PC Green Box with $25 Purchase”

  1. cenyasmom says:

    Do you know if this offer is good at Zehrs?
    Thank you

  2. roonie says:

    Sorry, it’s not; if you look at the coupon it says “see list above for participating retailers”. It’s limited to JUST the city of Toronto, even though the coupon reads “stores in Ontario”. It should really read “stores in Toronto”… and to answer your question, there are no Zehrs in Toronto.

  3. nsangel says:

    i hate the green boxes. they end up being laundry baskets or toy boxes. much prefer the washable bags..anyway, ours has these straps. i don’t know about you guys, but i would rather carry bags then look like an idiot carrying a box over my shoulder…

  4. Rox says:

    Roonie: How do you know it applies only in Toronto?

  5. PC says:

    Hey, nowhere on the coupon it limits it’s use to only in Toronto. The coupom reads only in Ontario.

  6. Jerry Hung says:

    Boo, should change title to ONTARIO only

    I have read that some got it to work in Ottawa/Barrie (not GTA), and some got rejected at Markham too (GTA or not GTA??)

    I am too lazy to try especially when there’s only 1 Superstore in KW in Kitchener

  7. systemfx says:

    i love how people have to argue it
    its because Toronto has enforced a environmental bag law
    that charges .5 for every major grocery store.
    click the link of stores

  8. cobehale says:

    it does say “see list above for participating stores” right on the coupon – so the title change should be Toronto only

  9. Andy J says:

    I can’t lug that thing for groceries. Men can’t carry Loblaw’s recyclable bags because for us guys, it just isn’t convenient. We just like to stop by when we’re on the go, we don’t plan groceries like women do. Even on their site it proudly gives the benefit of folding nicely into a purse size pouch. Well I’m sorry I’m a dude and I can’t wear a purse FFS, they won’t match my shoes anyways.

    But yeah, the free bin is great to keep all the junk in the trunk of my car neatly in the box, just like my old black Knob Hill Farms basket did a great job in my old car.

  10. itsjustmebub says:

    i don’t like it for groceries either but it’s a great storage box! Lol

  11. freestuffforme says:

    I agree that it does seem to be for Toronto only, but I guess I’ll give it a go at my local store and see what happens.

  12. JamsWife says:

    I LOVE these boxes!

    Here is a listing for the stores

  13. willowsprite says:

    They’re so handy. You plunk them in the cart, fill it up, then plunk them on the checkout belt.

  14. kim0111 says:

    It is NOT just Toronto. It is store by store basis.
    Our Ottawa superstore rejected it while another one accepted it.

    You have to try.

  15. stressedmuch says:

    The oshawa Superstore doesn’t carry them – booo! Found that out after buying 25 dollars worth of stuff!

  16. nis says:

    I was at the brampton one on steeles, and one lady presented it to the cashier and it wasn’t rejected.

  17. Richie Rich says:

    So which locations in Ottawa, Ontario accepts it?

    If anyone has tried please let me konw

  18. abfab says:

    Darn, I just shopped there yesterday! I’ve been using the collapsable ones for years but these seem to fit the carts better!

    Looks like Joe Fresh clothing is included!!

  19. nsangel says:

    fyi, the superstore here in nova scotia, is going to start charging the 5c per plastic bag fee starting in april, on environment day (i fugget the date).

    so if you can grab a bin, go for it.

    pete’s frootique is already charging 5c per plastic bag.

  20. abfab says:

    don’t worry if the offer doesn’t apply to your local store. i suspect loblaws will extend the offer nationwide at some point as they plan to charge 5c for bags at all stores as of environment day.

    also, i expect metro and other stores will come out with similar offers as their toronto stores will be required to charge for plastic bags too.

  21. lilad says:

    And if you want to be extra nice to your friendly superstore cashier you empty the box.
    Or at least have an extra empty box so she (/he) doesn’t have to empty the entire box before starting to pack it. 😉

  22. pequena_mama says:

    If you do not need the bin for your own household please consider collecting it anyway. The hampers can be used for the Mobile Food Bank that the Canadian Red Cross operates here in Toronto. The hampers are filled with food and delivered to low income individuals and families with mobility challenges.

  23. Narmin says:

    When I click on the link, I get the page indicating that they will be charging $0.05 per plastic bag, but I don’t see the coupon for the bin. Am I supposed to be clicking on a link on that page?

  24. Anna VandeWerf says:

    My store is not on the list. AV

  25. Anna VandeWerf says:

    The Brimley & Progess store is not on the list.

  26. Jason says:

    This is a great deal too bad I live in Nova Scotia . I love these bins as I use them to store home made wine. Just a side note there is a superstore in Halifax NS now that doesn’t use plastic bags at all, only green bags and boxes.

  27. Annabee says:

    Coupon is only good till today (Jan 22). I contacted Loblaws about the coupon no longer being on their site and they said it was only posted there for a week and was no longer available 🙁

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