Canadian Coupons: Free Small Fry Coupon at Wendy’s in Ontario (Expires March 11,2012)


I just received a mail out from Wendy’s with 4 coupons (mostly buy one get one coupons, details below) and what caught my attention was a coupon for a free small fry, no purchase necessary. I think this is in response to Burger Kings free fries giveaway last week.

  • Free single cheeseburger with purchase of small fry and drink
  • Two can dine for $8.99, 2 small single cheeseburger combos
  • Free W cheeseburger with purchase of small fry and drink
  • Free small fry no purchase necessary

Valid in Ontario, all expire March 11, 2012. One coupon per person per visit.

On a side note I am not liking Wendy’s new menu changes. They got rid of the taco salad. That was my favourite thing to order. Yes I know it is probably was not healthy but I don’t expect anything at a fast food restaurant to be.

21 responses to “Canadian Coupons: Free Small Fry Coupon at Wendy’s in Ontario (Expires March 11,2012)”

  1. silent scream says:

    i dont think they did it in response of burger king. they had free small fries with sea salt last year too. i keep recalling that time and its here 😀 i have got 100s of coupon from the junk bin in our mailroom

  2. kira says:

    Where are you located? I have not received any mail outs, is this just for certain areas? Thanks!

  3. Anne and Peter Wroe says:

    Any current coupons available for us????
    Anne Wroe

  4. JF says:

    they also took away Junior “COMBOS” …. i loved the junior bacon cheeseburger combo… its gone now. and everything has to be ordered serperate @ $1.87 i think it is. rip off.

  5. SeriousSally says:

    WHAT??!! They got rid of the Taco Salad? That’s been on their menu forever and it was one of our faves to order. Don’t eat out often but when we do it’s usually Wendy’s. On that note, last time I was there I tried the new W Cheeseburger and quite liked it. I think it’s Wendy’s version of the Big Mac, but way better and the fries a are tastier too.

  6. TaraF says:

    I’m in Ontario and we just got them in our mail today, too bad we don’t eat fast food!

  7. supermandy says:

    Don’t eat fast food – are you crazy… LOL well give em to a friend!! Share the free fat food… I mean free fast food! YUM

  8. Jennifer says:

    I used to eat at Wendys all the time…. until they changed their menu. I’d always order a #1 (orignal burger combo) Now they’ve all been changed to cheese burgers. I HATE cheese burgers. And their new buns are disgusting, they put a butter glaze on them. Gross, could they be made anymore unhealthy? Also I do like their sea salt fries, but I dont like the fact that they changed the size of the box they come in. When they cashier handed me the fries, I thought he made a mistake and accidently gave me a kids size, nope thats the way they are now, with jacked up prices. You know where my coupons went that I got today? Yup, thats right, in the recycling bin!

  9. Minou says:

    Wow. The Taco salad was the only thing I ever ordered at Wendys!

  10. mouse7649 says:

    if you order the baja salad with everything on the side, it’s almost exactly the same as the taco salad and you can put on as little or as much of the toppings as you like!

  11. Lisa says:

    I still haven’t gotten over the fact that they don’t have pitas anymore 🙁

  12. supermommy says:

    I didn’t believe this until I looked it but they even had salad bars.

  13. purplebunny89 says:

    I have 5 of each of these is anyone is interested to trade. Purplebunny89

  14. Nelly says:

    Lisa I feel your pain. I was just thinking the same thing when I read this article. I loved their pita’s and ever since they got rid of them Wendy’s hasn’t been the same since. 🙁

  15. kathy says:

    I agree with Jennifer … I used to order combo #1 (original burger) it was a decent size and the most recent time that I ordered it again. I was like “How come the burger looks so damn small?” So they did change it to a junior kid sized cheeseburger. And the combo meal is friggin’ like $6 to $7 – what a rip off! They’ve lost my business with ordering their combo meals. Its just really shady of Wendy’s to know that they’ve down sized or eliminated a lot of good things on their menu.

  16. Happy Wendys Employee says:

    Just so you know the #1 combo is made with a 4 oz patty. The junior burgers are made with a 2.25 oz patty. Also it always up to the customer whether or not they want cheese on their burgers, just say “no cheese”! Same goes for the bun, if you don’t want the butter it ask for it not to be there.

  17. csaund21 says:

    Picked up my free fries yesterday, they’re really good!

  18. Jennifer says:

    Wendy’s is TERRIBLE for always changing their menu!! I too was HUGE fan of the pitas :(. But I will go get my free fries!

  19. sunshiine says:

    I work for Wendy’s in the Maritimes and your complaints aren’t 100% valid. The taco salad was changed to the Baja. It’s the same thing they just added Pico de Gaillo and guacamole, ask for none of that and BAM, taco salad. The single combo was changed to a single cheese combo, but as stated above, just say no cheese, it was advertised everywhere it was changing, and it’s not somehitng that will hurt you to say no cheese. I cannot tell you how many people yell at me when they find cheese on the burger because they didn’t know it changed when it shows it everywhere in our store. It’s upsetting to be the employee who gets yelled at for something that isn’t my fault. The taco salad was changed to the Baja OVER A YEAR ago, so why continue the bickering? If you’d like to make a complaint to head offices and see if there’s anything they can do for you, feel free. Things have just recently gone up in price, because of the cheese on the single and because it’s harder to make money when we offer the high quality food that we do. The fact that we don’t freeze our beef and use the Applewood Smoked Bacon doesn’t help. These things are costly as are many of our other products. Comparative to many other fast food chains we use fairly higher quality such as the brand of salad dressings we use, the natural cut fries, the bacon, etc. The menu does change all the time but theyre trying to find a good way to get everything what they want.

  20. JO-ANNE says:

    I agree with Sunshine. I occasionally end up at all the fast food restaurants at one time or another. Just tell the cashier how you want your food. They are very nice about it. I don’t have a problem. Also, out of all the fast food restaurants-Wendy’s is the best quality. Ok, I correct my previous statement, I do not go to all of them. In Windsor, Ont we have one of the worst Burger King’s in the country. I cannot speak for all of them in the city, but the one most convenient to where I live is awful!

  21. says:

    Make sure you examine your vouchers for termination days. Some discount coupons are valid for a really restricted time. Take the time once a week to check for ended vouchers.


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