Canadian Coupons: Old Navy Canada 40% Discount

Old Navy Canada Coupon

Get 40% off any single regular priced item at Old Navy Canada.  This is a coupon they hand out in store.

Click here for more details on this Old Navy coupon

13 responses to “Canadian Coupons: Old Navy Canada 40% Discount”

  1. JamsWife says:

    Quality is too poor to print out.
    Where did you get it Boo, I would LOVE to get the real coupon, I am going shopping tomorrow!

  2. Joel says:

    It is a coupon that is handed out in the store, but here is a higher quality scan – borrowed from u know where

  3. Mo says:

    YOU ROCK~!


  4. Janszi says:

    What is the expiration date? I can’t read it! 🙁

  5. eyzlyn says:

    I went to Old Navy yesterday but didn’t get any coupon

  6. Hurumi says:


    It says it’s a coupon they hand in store, so I don’t think anyone actually has the .pdf file for it.

  7. Judie says:

    Check the link as previously posted by Joel, it’s one you can print out.

  8. Elena says:

    the validation is 20- 26 February 🙂

  9. intwowishin says:

    I spent $50 at old navy in Kingston on Saturday and I didn’t get a coupon 8(

  10. muthra78 says:

    I have a coupon i got it on valentine’s day when i went shopping. i couldn’t use it cause everything is on sale…i feel like we consumers got set up 🙁 i still bought stuff tho LOL. i wanted to share a little info…if you go shopping and tell the cashier that you have the survey code but forgot the receipt at home s/he might not give you the 15% off but if you speak to the manger who is usually close by s/he will put it through. also is up and running and there is a spot there where you can enter your email so you can have info emailed to you. by doing that they will send you a $10 off the purchase of $50 coupon. i hope this is all new info

  11. muthra78 says:

    oh sorry the survey code right now is FASHION LOLsorry about that

  12. march coupon says:

    anyone know what tthe march 15% survey code is?
    many thanks

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