Canadian Coupons: Old Navy Weekly Coupons (Updated Nov 12)

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The hunt is on! Every Thursday night, Old Navy posts great coupons on their Old Navy Weekly website. These coupons are valid in Canada, on any items (not just regular price) and are valid for a week before the new ones get posted the following week.

They get snapped up very quickly, especially the big ones so you have to be around and ready to get them when they post.

Here are the coupon locations for this week:
$65 off $100 – Drag the white cardigan onto the mannequin and click on the picture frame, a dog will appear, stars will fly out, click on the stars. GONE
$45 off $100 – Drag the black striped cardi, click prestyle and click the white light as it moves up on the right side. GONE
$10 off $50 – Drag purple sweater, put the stars anywhere in the sky.
15% off – If you click on the nail when shes still wearing the white tank, key is to click the nail twice.

I had the location of the $65 but it did nothing, and then minutes later I tried it and it said it was all out. Maybe I clicked on the wrong star, oh well.

Don’t fret guys, you can get 30% off this week anyway with the Give and Get promotion, so any coupon under that is worthless, and you can’t combine deals.

Click here to find your own.

15 responses to “Canadian Coupons: Old Navy Weekly Coupons (Updated Nov 12)”

  1. Ellie says:

    drag the yellow sweater on the model. then click orange circle. Then click on the model’s lips and you will get 20% off coupon

  2. Ellie says:

    drag light purple cardi on model and click prestyle – 10%off coupon

  3. Cecile says:

    Thanks ladies!

  4. sarah says:

    how do we get the 30% give & get promotion?

  5. Teri says:

    to get the Give and Get 30% off coupon go to this site:

  6. Katty says:

    I used the 30% Give and Get discount in conjunction with the 50% off outerwear last night. Got a coat for dirt cheap!

  7. Gloss says:

    Thanks!!! AMAZING SAVINGS!!

  8. supa says:

    nothing this week?
    is the flyer thats on for canada too

  9. mjaas says:

    it says at the bottom that it’s not valid in canada. sorry…

  10. H123 says:

    mjaas…the flyer prices are not Canadian, but the coupons are valid in Canada!

  11. mjaas says:

    i see! thanks H123!

  12. Christina Strandlund says:

    can somebody PLEASE make me their facebook friend and share one of the good coupons PLEASE – I am Christina Rovers-Strandlund in the Kelowna BC network

    • Justine says:

      Looks like there are no coupons this week, if you go to the ONW site it has been changed to another promo. The Old Navy weekly coupons won’t return until next month.

  13. bail bond says:

    Is there more information on this?

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