Canadian Coupons: Old Navy Weekly Coupons (Updated Oct 29)

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Old Navy offers coupons on their Old Navy Weekly website every week, these update every Thursday night and are snatched up quick. The site is like a treasure hunt, you click on random things and hope there are coupons hidden there. The high value coupons on there are $75 off $100 purchase, $50 off $100 purchase, and 25% off.

These are valid in Canada and in the US. I know the site lists that prices are only valid in Canada, but refers to the prices they have quoted, not the coupons themselves. People on the forum have used these coupons week to week in store with no problems, I have as well.

The coupon locations for this week (coupons valid from Oct 30- Nov 5) include:
$75 off $100 – None this week!
$50 off $100 – Collect all the exclamation points and then put 7 of them on Michelle’s shirt (Go got them from Vote! Outerwear! Coats! Fun! Warm! Cuddly! and Do!). GONE
$25 off $100 – Click on yellow fleece, coupon comes up, get out of it, click on blue fleece, fleeces will wrap around themselves and hearts pop up, click on the hearts.
20% off – Click on the leaves that fall from the tree in top right corner of page.
$10 off $50 – Click on the gloves the little girl is holding and drag them to the blue small fleece on bottom.
15% off – Click on yellow fleece on the bottom
10% off when you buy plaid item – Click on the white scarf around Michelle’s neck (girl in the middle with brown coat on)

Click here to search for your own!

15 responses to “Canadian Coupons: Old Navy Weekly Coupons (Updated Oct 29)”

  1. sassypants says:

    Just wanted to comment that the $50 off of $100 was gathering all the exclamation points together towards one of the bottom lines – GONE, LOL! … thanks for the posts!

    • Justine says:

      Where do you put the exclamation marks after you collect them all? you collect them one at a time right? It’s like an hour after the site updated and I still can’t get the $50 to come up (I know it’s gone).

  2. Christina Strandlund says:

    can people PLEASE make me their friend on Facebook and send me the good coupons ~ I never get the good ones ~ thanks <3 Christina Rovers~Strandlund

  3. Caxibal says:

    I’m a mama of four; will appreciate very much if anyone will send me her $50 off $100 coupon to buy winter coats for my kids. Thanks.

  4. denver_lives says:

    i’m having a heck of a time clicking on those leaves for the 20% off coupon, any tricks?

    • Justine says:

      if you have a slower internet connection I find it helps. Or just watch how they land and hover your mouse over that spot.

  5. Erik says:

    Get FireFox. Get a zoom-in AddOn. Makes clicking those small images not so small and not so hard anymore.

  6. hm says:

    wat? put them on michelle’s shirt? huh/how? drag and drop? which shirt?

    • Justine says:

      I am not sure where exactly you had to place the exclamation marks, but it was already gone waaay before I figured it out anyway.

  7. hm says:

    yeah 🙁 i saw them still available, but it took me too long to [not] figure it out either.

  8. Jackie says:

    I had a 50 dollar off coupon and filled out the form and clicked submit and it would not submit! Isn’t the coupon supposed to come up automatically on the screen after you submit your info?

  9. Justine says:

    jackie – you can email it to yourself or print it off right away.

  10. Lacey says:

    For the leaves coupon – go to the upper right corner under the blue banner and click when it turns to a hand pointing instead of the normal cursor – you don’t have to click on the actual leaves.

  11. tracy says:

    what time do they usually update the site at??! i am in alberta!

  12. Kelly says:

    should be soon!!n

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