Canadian Coupons: Save $1 Off Kraft Singles White Cheddar on

kraft-singles has added a new coupon today. Get $1.00 off a pack of Kraft Singles white cheddar.

Great for making grilled cheese or cheeseburgers.

4 responses to “Canadian Coupons: Save $1 Off Kraft Singles White Cheddar on”

  1. kelsie94 says:

    Thank you. I chose the coupon, clicked get my coupons and it came back with reorder in 60 days! Not sure if it actually went thruogh or not! Sure hope so though.

  2. DM says:

    Thanks got mine at first was not sure but when I went to finish the order it was there with another one I ordered thanks .

  3. misterpete says:

    is it real cheese, or “cheese food product” ?

  4. supermommy says:

    its not real cheese I’m pretty sure

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