Canadian Coupons: Swiss Chalet Online Delivery Offers

Swiss Chalet Canada

Swiss Chalet has two amazing offers for online delivery both for only $19.99.

Swiss Chalet Offer 1: Meal Deal for Two

Coupon code TCD1

Two Quarter Dinners, 2 Pops, 2 Slices of Pie
$19.99 – Save more than $9.00

Swiss Chalet Offer 2: Family Pak

Coupon code FP19

A whole juicy rotisserie chicken served with Chalet Dipping Sauce, Four oven-baked rolls, Your choice of four single side orders

$19.99 – Save $6.00

Swiss Chalet offers expire December 24th, 2008.

Click here to place an online Swiss Chalet delivery order

16 responses to “Canadian Coupons: Swiss Chalet Online Delivery Offers”

  1. Jerry Hung says:

    There seems to be a $3 Delivery charge, just pay attention as it’s sneaky. $19.99 + $3 + Tip – $6 = ?

  2. nsangel says:

    tip=$0 when they charge for delivery as far as i’m concerned. I like the old days where delivery was free on most items. I guess ppl were not tipping the drivers enough so now you pay a fee for delivery. that’s the way i look at it.

    the guy gets no tip from me. he wants his tip he has to wring it out of the ppl charging the fee.

  3. Rachel says:

    I think that if you aren’t planning to give a tip then go and pick it up yourself! As much as I agree with you about the charge for delivery it’s not the delivery guy/girl’s fault. I also hate to tip at restaurants but it’s part of the cost of going out – if you don’t want to do it then pick up your meal and eat in!

    Thanks for the deal info!

  4. Ed says:

    I unfortunatly have been in the delivery industry for years. I currently drive for Pizza Pizza. What a scam. They too charge for delivery however the drivers do not receive this money, the company keeps it. Drivers rely on these tips. I wish these companies would advise people that the drivers do not receive this money.

  5. mark ceci says:

    told them who i was = teacher and they charged me 6 dollars delivery
    its a scam

  6. ed says:

    I thought Swiss Chalet delivery was free as long as you ordered $9 or $10 worth of food. It used to be that they only charged a delivery fee if you ordered less than that amount and only as much delivery fee required to bring the price upto $9 or $10 (whatever their minimum delivery order must come upto). So the delivery fee could vary depending on the order. Did they change that policy? They too charge for delivery now? Ugh. I hate how Pizza Pizza is charging $3.25 or $3.50 for delivery! And we have to pay that + TIP? Why do they charge a specific delivery fee and not pay the drivers that fee since they do the delivering? Yeah I know, price of doing business… not the same as tips… it goes to the company and drivers get stiffed. But it’s wrong. And it sucks for us the customer who has to pay up the wazoo for a simple pizza. So I too now have stopped ordering food for delivery. I do take-outs and walk-ins only. They have great walk-in deals. Much cheaper for the same food. Plus you get some exercise if you actually walk there. Or I cook at home. It’s not worth it anymore to deliver.

  7. ed says:

    For pizza lovers, I recommend buying Delissio or McCain’s frozen pizza and bake it at home. Done in 20 mins + it’s as fresh as it gets right out of the oven and it’s as bad/good as Pizza Pizza or any fast food place IMO. I mean, what more can you expect unless you make your pies from scratch in your own kitchen, in which case this whole argument is moot anyways. Also for rotisserie chicken lovers, you can buy fresh rotisserie chicken from Metro or Loblaws or Price Chopper and save. It’s what I do now.

  8. Matthew says:

    just to clear up pizza delivery charge. i worked at a 241 pizza in a small city and so long as it was within city limits, delivery was free. but the farther you got out of town the more expensive it got from 2 – 5 dollars. also the driver got the delivery charge, not the owner, so not all pizza places are the same. and as far as tips go, most people dont bother to tip that i know of.

  9. Rig says:

    I work for Swiss Chalet as delivery driver. Swiss Chalet closed so many franchise stores and assigned area to old stores. Now area is almost triple bigger for us and gas prices are getting high. Unfortunately I m getting lower pay than minimum wage i.e. $6.50 per hour. Swiss Chalet charge for delivery but we never receive this. Our earning depends upon Tips. I advise to people, who dont want to give tips that go to store for take out or pickup. It will save their money and our time n gas.

  10. PAT TRACET says:


  11. Glen says:

    Maybe the snowflakes in the background might give away how old this promo is…posted December 16, 2008.

  12. Lorraine says:

    I tried to order both of these specials (separately) and both said “invalid promo code”. Did it a number of times. Didn’t work

  13. Fred Smith says:

    Maybe some one can tell the brain dead management that they are advertising something 2 yrs old. Special offer.

    I hope someone else is cooking the chicken.

  14. etherealone says:

    i know it is up to everyone to decide if they tip or not, but i quite loath those who cannot cough up an extra loonie (at least) for a meal out or delivered in. my thoughts are you are paying for food made for you. the servers are working, bringing it to you. they make minimum wage because a tip gets factored in. it may be wrong for the food industry to assume the customer should have to take this cost on but its the reality. if you want good service, you tip. if you want a tip, you give good service. i tip based on service, which i find is almost always on par or better than i expected.

  15. Krystal says:

    Does everyone remember what a tip is for exactly? It WAS for the person doing their job that goes above and beyond their job requirements. They already get an hourly wage…..and yes it may not be the greatest pay but they knew the pay when they started the job. We pay twice as much for food that could be cooked at home….then we are expected to tip them for doing the job they are paid to do (which we technically have paid them for already). It’s hilarious that tipping has gotten so out of hand that if your waiter totally screws up your order you will only give them 10%. And if you don’t tip you will have others looking at you like you’re cheap. I think it’s rude to expect a tip and should be greatful and proud of themselves for doing an excellent job if they do get one like it used to be.
    I love that the delivery people say they “rely”on their tips……you do get paid hourly. Why should the delivery charge go straight to you. Is it your business? If your pay isn’t satisfactory then get a new job. It’s hard enough for families to spend the money on take out. If you are there in a timely fashion and very pleasant and helpful then yes you may get a tip…..but this is a service that your company is offering and it is our choice weather we pick up or pay to have it delivered. It doesn’t make a difference if we give a tip because we are already helping to pay your salary.

  16. Eusebio Hair says:

    I think BSA is very godd, but they didn’t approve me.. I don’t know why?

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