Tylenol Canada Acetaminophen $3.00 off Coupon = FREE

Tylenol Canada Coupon $3 off

MrsJanuary had a Tylenol coupon blog post here with a link to a $3 off coupon on Tylenol Acetaminophen Products. However, some merchants change the coupon all of a sudden making us seem like liars. I learned this lesson from Harvey’s who without any notice changed the expiry date on their coupon about a year ago causing unnecessary drama 😛 . So what I usually do is keep a backup proof of coupons posted on here just in case.

It’s people who use a coupon 42 times that ruin it for EVERYONE. So please don’t be greedy and be SENSIBLE and use any coupon once. Don’t let companies regret being nice.

Save $3.00 on any Tylenol Acetaminophen product. Tylenol is sold at Walmart for almost $3 and also just above the $3 mark at many grocery stores like Loblaws.

Coupon expires January 31st, 2009

Click here to print this $3.00 off any Tylenol Acettminophen product coupon

and another different copy just in case you’re having trouble with the first one

31 responses to “Tylenol Canada Acetaminophen $3.00 off Coupon = FREE”

  1. meenapapu says:

    42 times ????……that person must have serious problems !!!

    Too much use of this product is bad for health.

  2. cookoo says:

    some people have their own stores, so not everyone who buys this freebie-almost is a would-be-user. and yes, using 42 coupons IS too greedy.

  3. Meliny says:

    Boo, thank you for reminding us:

    “It’s people who use a coupon 42 times that ruin it for EVERYONE. So please don’t be greedy and be SENSIBLE and use any coupon once. Don’t let companies regret being nice.”

    I write this not as a representative from a company, but rather as a consumer who is tired of seeing consumers confuse “Smart” with “Greed”.

    I think the trend lately in the Deals forum is to post pictures or record details of the great stash people are accumulating from their shopping trips. While I like to see how people are saving money, I can’t believe how some so obviously show items that they used multiple coupons for (ie. 6 Free Dove Body Wash, 10 Free Gilette Fusion, 14 Stayfree Pads, etc).

    I really don’t care if the person scammed save.ca by entering addresses of their family and friends, or if they traded for the coupons with others. When you use 10 coupons for the same product and then brag about what a great “deal”” you got, you are plain and simple taking advantage of the “one coupon per purchase” disclaimer clearly stated on every coupon. And while Walmart is happy to ring in your multiple coupon purchase, I’m sure if a representative from P&G was in line behind you, they would have a different opinion of your transaction.

    Companies extend these coupons so that consumers can try their product ONCE, and then purchase their product at reasonable price from there on in. No company is in the business of supplying you with a lifetime supply of shaving gel because you chose to take advantage of their generosity.

    I’d like to see someone post about all the useless freebies they’ve thrown out because they honestly didn’t need 22 bottles of shampoo. Or the freebies they’ve given away to people who didn’t need or want the product in the first place, where once again, the company suffers in the end. Can we afford to do this in a time where so many businesses are struggling in this economy?

    I’d also like to humbly share my opinion re: using the freebies for gift baskets… how about good old fashioned purchasing a gift with your own money? There are other ways to solicit corporations for donations, if you’re so inclined, rather than abusing their coupon policy to extract free merchandise from them. I would not want to be the recipient of a gift knowing this.

    So I’ll formally suggest that Boo ask people in the Deals forum refrain from posting pictures and details of their multiple coupon purchases. It seems to me the culture tends to be that of an unspoken contest: who can post the most products in a picture, while paying the least amount of money, all the while admitting they’re using coupons in epic proportions. Remember the poster with the 30 bowls of Campbell’s Soup???

    I look at the deals forum to be updated on DEALS, not people’s adventures in gluttony.

    I welcome your comment on this, Boo.

  4. Boo Radley says:

    Hi Meliny,

    Thanks for taking the time to write your honest opinion on this. I totally agree with what you have to say. It does bother me that some people use like 10 or more copies of a coupon, especially when it’s a freebie coupon or a coupon that ends up getting you the product for less than 50% of its value.

    When such posts were made on the Smart Canucks blog action was quickly taken to stop them and no more of these kinds of posts are made on the blog. The blog is more personal and representative of its blog editors. However regarding the forum, it has been my policy to give members the freedom to express themselves as long as they don’t post anything illegal of course. Just like in real life no one will police you for using 10 coupons, I don’t think it would be right of me to tell members what to post or not and how to lead their lives. That obviously does not mean I agree or approve of their actions, but the forum is community based and I can only control it to a limit.

    This issue is still however bothering me and I am looking into a way of solving it. As suggested by the wonderful group of moderators on the forum (who have been very bothered by this issue), what we can do is create a subsection for deals bragging so that the main deals section remains clean and focused on the actual deals.

  5. Meliny says:

    Thank you very much for the prompt response, Boo. I fully understand that the forum is community based, and commend you for allowing members to voice their opinion. I had not thoought of this when I suggested that you ask people to refrain from posting multiple coupon deals, but do agree with you, and apologize for suggesting otherwise.

    I am thrilled to hear about the possibility of a “deals bragging” subsection. It makes sense to me that the main section should indeed be focused on actual deals.

    Thank you, and as always, congratulations to you and the mods on a phenomenal blog.

  6. Sally says:

    I second that Boo, a wonderful subsection in deals and flyers for these ladies and gents to have a spot to post and organize all their personal shopping trips and deals, The mods, and Im speaking for all of us ( I think ) would love this. I like looking at them but sometimes its all too much in one section. Still in the deals and flyers but streamlined and organized 🙂

    As for the baskets and such of free product, to me thats absolutely wonderful! I unfortunately never get that many freebies to do so, but Its helped me bargain shop a bit more for my baskets.


  7. S J says:


    Completely agree with you but we also know about good deals through these posts like the dial soap going for 0.25cents and the oil of olay going for 2$ ones. maybe Mods can make a separate sticky section for these kinds of bragging and pictures , so that ppl can check them and find out what deals are there.
    but yes I have noticed ppl bragging and posting same deals again and again….. i am reading about great deals SCers are getting every week , I do keep in mind what to look for when I go shopping{thanks to all SC members} but lets not make it “I got got that too” , “I saved this much too” kind of contest.

  8. Doesn't work? says:

    You know money wise, with this coupon as an example, the store does not lose any money. the store gets refunded by the company and the company is still only losing out on the same $3 that they would have on a large bottle.

    In regards to using multiple coupons, you can not use more than one coupon on one product. often times people revisit stores. I know there was a coupon once for a store I frequented every second day, just kept the coupons in my purse and used it whenever I was there buying something else anyways. there is no rule against that and the coupon even states it by saying one per person per purchase or per item or per day, not one per person ever. if they really cared about how many were printed they would have sent them out with the news paper or made the website track cookies so you can only print one. In this case, they found that the coupon was being used more than they like so they removed it and replaced it with another coupon of their choice. Printing the old coupon now would be doing something the company does not want you to do and is more stealing than using multiple coupons without breaking the conditions on the coupon.

  9. Moe in Ontario says:

    42 times, I think that was the $5.00 off any amount Coupon at a national Drug Store this past Summer,
    That was a Cash Grab.
    I have used this one many times as it covers 10 or more products on meds our family tend to use all year round, as you have to pay all the tax on these coupons, I bought the Largest Boxes rather than the 20 Packs as its our usuall brand.

  10. eatereater123 says:

    I appreciate Boo’s point regarding the multiple use of coupons. Having worked for a major packaged good company that issues coupons regularly, my experience is that it is impossible to design a coupon that fits in all the legal-ease that is required to prevent abuse. People will think of more and more creative ways to abuse coupons.

    Really, the point of coupons is 1 per person for the duration of the coupon. It is not “how many times can I get away with using this coupon because the mechanism/wording aren’t in place to stop me”.

    Finally, You can make whatever point you want about how abusive coupon redemption is a victimless crime, but companies track coupon useage and what this translates into sales. And if greater coupon redemption don’t translate into sales, you can bet that companies will rethink how/what type of coupons they will issue in the future.

  11. Doesn't work? says:

    “you can bet that companies will rethink how/what type of coupons they will issue in the future.”
    Exactly, in this case, they found that the $3 coupon was not working for them so they removed it. I feel there is a problem with printing this coupon now that they have remedied their error

  12. TaraF says:

    I’m kind of curious, but what does the “new” coupon say that is different from the original one? Is it just the expiry date that has changed?

  13. Doesn't work? says:

    it is for one dollar off instead of three

  14. TaraF says:

    Doesn’t Work, thanks for the clarification. I still have my original coupon that I printed off for $3 off, so I will use it when I go to Walmart. I assume they will accept it, as it was an original coupon.

  15. nsangel says:

    I think tylenols intention for the $3 off coupon was for the children’s acetaminophen product as shown on the coupon. This product retails at $7 or more. Tylenhave stated that in the coupon instead of “any product”. which leaves the doors wide open. I thought they would have corrected that by now.

    Companies issue cents off coupons that do not cut into their profit margin. They will sends hundreds to the stores to put on shelves. They don’t care if one person uses 100 of em, or 100 people each use one. They would PREFER 100 different ppl to. That is why the ones so readily available are not for large amounts. Their intention iss for you to purcahse more of their brand and less of the competitions.

    When a store puts an item on sale, the store is cutting into their profit margin. They don’t lose additional money on the coupon. The reverse holds true. the manufacturer is not losing money because the store lowered the price. but often the manufacturer offered it to the store at a lower price so they could put it on sale to boost sales in the short-term.

    so no one is going to make me feel guilty about using more than one coupon, as the coupon is intended per product, not per customer.

    That being said, fpcs are created to give the customer a chance to try the product. they are generally issued one per person, although they do not state this on the coupon, the means by which to get them becomes more difficult.

    internet coupons pose a new challenge for manufactureres but i’m sure they are very well aware how many they can expect to redeem. as i’ve said, most of these are cents off and when purchased for the product it was intended for increases their overall profit margin. and not cutting into it. because w/o the coupon sales would go down.

    ppl are talking like they they are giving the product away after coupon. with the exception of this tylenol one being used on the walmart rollback 2.97 ones, they aren’t.

    being in retail/customer service and having a dh that owned 3 stores in hfx, i just thought i would bring that issue up regarding coupons.

  16. Rachel1496 says:

    Is there a reason that we can’t just use the Bragging Rights thread that we already have?

  17. nsangel says:

    for what rach? who was bragging here? i’m confused? i love the bragging rights thread!

  18. Rachel1496 says:

    Oh, I meant for up above where they were talking about where to put the picture posts. I don’t think we need a whole new subsection when we already have a good place for those posts. I love the bragging rights thread too.

  19. nsangel says:

    Ah! yup i totally agree there. whynot just use the bragging rights thread..that’s what it’s there for..no?

  20. AL says:

    I used my $3 off coupon to buy the one Regular Tylenol, listed at $2.99, from Giant Tiger and paid the taxes only. My thanks to MrsJanuary and SmartCanucks.

    As for the 42-times-user, that heap of pain pills have an expiry date. So you cannot sit on it forever. Even if you manage to give them away to your friends and family, you take away the joy of getting a bargain and make the economy less competitive.

  21. MANDOLIN says:

    I had this college friend who was really into abusing coupons to the point I could not shop with him he double couponed the same product 40 times at one purchase. He did this to a small organic tomato product coupany at a grocery store losing ground to a walmart. He came from a well off family but was a high functioning autistic. So I don’t blame him but I would not want to work retail with him in town. Companies have to make money too and I think sometimes we forget that. Now personally I would not feel too bad for P & G….they are giant, not suffering, polluting all of Ohio and their air comes north….and probably not losing too much on the insensitive, needy, or crazy people who abuse their coupons. Smaller coupanies or stores you should definitely not do this to because they could go under, may suffer, and most companies are suffering now. I do know of a small fabric store who went under after publishing 50% off any one product and they forgot to exclude their few products over 100 dollars (like irons), now I did not buy an iron but my grandma did and I feel bad for what she did. I also frequented a fabulous yoga studio in downtown montreal that was a little steep for my student wallet…so I only went when they had cheap deals…which was often. Turns out they were trying to attract people with these deals because they were going to go under….and they did…and I wished I had not been so greedy to only go when it was free or a dollar…because I loved that studio and it was worth more than 1 dollar to attend the classes. One person can make a difference…and retail is a hard market. So try not to abuse the coupons too much unless you are really poor…and if you do not get the point of this post…and still think you should use coupons 10-40 times…maybe you have autism. In which case, even if it makes no sense to you….know your judgement is impaired and listen to the other people who post that it is just not ethical.

  22. turkishdelyte says:

    Excellent responses in regards to over abusing coupons 🙂 I am glad there are soooo many sensible people on here instead of the ones crying “I’m struggling and all of these 45 coupons allow me to feed my kids” and “you don’t understand, times are hard for me”……yes we DO understand, we are all feeling the pinch these days but I STILL don’t see how using 45 coupons for free products is something to brag about….times have really changed….

  23. turkishgetagrip says:

    I NEED to step in here and explain a little something about someone you keep bashing…
    You say you understand times are hard, and everyone is feeling the pinch, but seriously: Do YOU have children that are disabled, requiring constant care AND are you a single mother AND do you not have enough money/support for childcare so you must work odd hours so family can care for your children while you work the only job able to offer you hours for p*ss poor pay?
    Didn’t think so.
    Don’t be so quick to judge. If you’re really that concerned about the huge companies out there, how about you send some money to this mom in need so she CAN feed her kids but not ‘rip off’ the large companies that apparently need your support? I’ll contact her for you, and ask if she wants the money to arrive at her house, or if she wants her anonymity, and would prefer it sent elsewhere.

  24. Marsha-Lea smith says:

    coupon has expired (Jan. 31st) – please change expiry date.

  25. Manduka says:

    Does anyone else have any experience with this?

  26. internet business opportunities says:


  27. nancym says:

    ok i’m very confused here why is their a link to a $3 tylenol coupon that has expired ? and why would anyone want over 40 coupons for this product i must admit i did print out about 6 $5 off motrin coupons but i purchased some for me gave some to my mom and of course bought the children’s motrin i always like to have at least 2 in the house especially come the flu season always have and always will i don’t want to be woken up in the middle of the nite by one of my boy’s and not have any medicine in the house.

  28. abbasgirl says:

    The link is still here because this is a blog so you found it by looking through the archives. The person who purchased 42 bottles may have purchased them to stock their own store and resell.

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