Canadian Coupons: Now Has a Printable Coupon Portal has made all of their printable coupons easier to view by putting them all in one place! Click here to enter the Print at Home Portal.

One response to “Canadian Coupons: Now Has a Printable Coupon Portal”

  1. Mrs. Doubtflier says:

    Oh dear, but I am much to lazy to participate in such great efforts. This would require that I gather the adequate energy to take a trip to the office supplier in order to be able to get ink on the paper that I must print these coupons on to. I will have to consult my ticker, to insure its appropriate. Ah but I don’t trust machines for everything. The last time I had attempted to print, it just did not come out right at all. I will leave this to the professionals, I have enjoyed the coupons by mail for far too long, would be a pity if they were all to be replaced.

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