Canadian Deals – Value Village 50% Off Sale

valuevillageKids will be back in school, but you can still save on great used designer labels on Monday, September 13, 2009!

Save even more at our big 50% off sale Monday, September 14th (IN THE US – Sale is Monday, September 7th) when all used merchandise will be HALF PRICE! Set those alarm clocks because doors are opening at 7am on sale day – to give you an EXTRA HOUR of BIG savings! Save BIG for Back to School! See you then!

Click here to find a store.

Thank you mickey53 for the information.

34 responses to “Canadian Deals – Value Village 50% Off Sale”

  1. The_Scarecrow says:

    This is great. Their prices have gone up considerably the last few years that it’s sometimes cheaper to buy new elsewhere

  2. mlongboat says:

    I agree with scarecrow. I ONLY shop on 50% off days now. Their prices are way too high now!

  3. Eva says:

    I actually don’t like their return policy; I like better “Talize” – you get a store credit. You can go at anytime and browse for something else not within a time period.
    Plus, I totally agree for their prices – way too high lately….

  4. June says:

    I work at Value Village and our prices have gone up significantly within the last month, even I shy away sometimes. But we do get great donations as I got a full complete fish tank set-up last week for $15! 🙂 Hope to see you all on Sale Day bright and early…we get busiest in the morning and evening’s. Afternoons are a little lighter

  5. Jonathan says:

    I only buy on the 50% off days. I agree, Value Village has gotten too expensive.

  6. barb says:

    I also do not like the return policy. Why should your customers have to get back to your store so quickly to use a credit? Most of the time the return is because you didn’t check the clothing very carefully…rips, stains,etc. I realize that it is also partly my fault. However, a credit is a future sale for you, so what’s the rush??? BAD policy!!!! Also, are you people allergic to MIRRORS?????

  7. Vendy says:

    This place is too expensive i found better deals in store like Wall Mart , and it,s not used apperel.
    Cuple times I just like to see prices over there and i was shock how much ask for some outworn apperel.

  8. Dee says:

    Value Village is wayyy too expensive. They are selling used socks for 1.99 a pair =S like wtf is that? they sell dollar store stuff for twice the price. Used magazines 1.99 books 9.99 I mean COME ON… like really.

  9. Maria says:

    Oh I totally agree. Used to work there few years back, you’d be surprised at what they think they can sell at high prices. We tell them it’s on sale everywhere else, do they listen? Noooo… I had noticed that dollar store stuff too was twice the price! Seriously, we shop and watch our wallets, hence why we’re on here, hahaha 😉

  10. Joanne says:

    Went to Value Village on 50% off day .That was clearly advertised in the store over the speaker.Understood it was 50% off on everything in the store.Like it was once before when I went shopping on 50% off.Now using a word called houseware and thats everything else in the store beside clothing.Someone best check the dictornary on that one.Furthmore adding to injury I guess last year coupon book was to good for the one this year hardly worth the paper it’s written on.As far as clothes they are to expensive there.So I drove 50 miles for nothing came home empty handed and disappionted another good thing ruined. To bad .Diappionted

  11. Maida says:

    Used to shop Value Village all the time, then only on Sale Days. Last sale, didn’t even bother to shop at all.

    The calendars WERE a good deal at first, then price went up, along with everything; now not worth purchasing.

    Also don’t like the return policy… made me think twice, or more, before making a purchase.

    The saying “buyer beware” is really the policy at V.V. because you have to inspect everything before buying.
    Sorting staff have a quota to make and don’t take valuable time to check for breaks, rips, stains, missing pieces etc as other thrift stores do…

    I don’t shop there anymore because if I do find something I like, I don’t want to be tempted to buy it even though I resent the price, a lot.

    Everyone I talk to says V.V. is way too expensive; you can get similar brand new; unfortunately Value Village has now driven UP the prices of other, more reasonable places.

  12. Cloots says:

    When one first opened in my neighborhood In Ottawa years ago I used to go all the time! that was back when the shirts were 50 cents and no item of clothing really cost more than 10$
    They also used to have a special “retro” section with actual vintage clothes, and the employees hadn’t completely picked over the nicer things.
    It was still dusty in there but the clothes were dirt cheap- it was reasonable.

    Now that’s unheard of-
    And they are slowly homogenizing the look of the store so each one is the same. The retro section is gone. Instead of it being pure vintage/thrift, They now bring in unsold merch from department stores, and sell it for more than its worth.

    I agree, If I’m being asked to pay 19+ dollars for someones old dirty garments,(and to sift through mounds of foul urine encrusted junk to find it) I may as well go to winners or old navy or even Ardene’s and get brand new, currently in style, far more sanitary clothes. Not to mention, If you’re legitimately hard up for cash, you can get CHEAPER clothes in those stores than at Value Village today.

  13. Dee says:

    I completely agree with all of you. Will it ever change… for the better. OR are they gonna keep their high prices and loose tons of customers. I used to go all the time…then jus 50% days and now that’s not even worth it.. I mean like cmon people.. 8.99 for a bath towel… you’re kiddin me!

    Shame on you Value Village!!!

  14. serena says:

    yep ever since ‘hipsters’ and teenagers and everyone realized it was cool and reasonable to shop there, boing they upped their prices by at least 50%. it sucks. it used to be WOW 20$ is a shopping spree! NOW 20$ is a shirt, a teacup and used underwear. or a pair of steve madden shoes. f*ck life.

  15. jessica says:

    TOtally agree! Prices are tooooo high for used clothes! now majority of the sweaters are more than 7 bucks. most are 10 dollars! and not even brand or quality. and used synthetic belt for 6 dollars? come on..
    but I also went to salvation army and their sweaters cost 7 dollars…and the conditions areeven worse than value village. insane. but since SA is for charity it is ok.. but still not buying stuff there. the thrift stores (non-profit) in the states are way better. Stopped going to VV now.

  16. Connie says:

    I went yesterday & was horrified at the prices. I can shop cheaper for new things on ebay & have it delivered right to my home.
    All shirts & jeans are now 9.98 each. Forget it! I thought VV was suppose to help people in need but all I see is someone very greedy trying to make a huge profit. They think they are a SEARS now. What a joke.
    I will not be going back. I could not find anything that was a reasonable price so walked out empty handed.

  17. Connie says:

    Did you know that VV pays 10 cents a pound for all their clothes they sell? Wow, someone is making a huge profit!
    I use to donate to them but quit years ago because I am giving them items to line their greedy pockets when they charge these outrages prices.
    No, I free cycle everything now.
    Also the government has their greedy hands in there too.
    They are gettting paid taxes twice or more on these USED items & clothes.
    I will only buy NEW from now on as I seem to get better deals at SEARS.

  18. Force One says:

    This is great. Their prices have gone up considerably the last few years that it’s sometimes cheaper to buy new elsewhere

  19. Frequent Buyer says:

    At first I liked the store very much. Since the prices went up, I visit it less and less. Used towels, table cloths, shower curtains, flower pots, baskets are way to expensive. They have to realize, that they get all the items FOR FREE, and the people who are buying are short of money, but want to have something new /not brand new/.

    At WALMART you can buy jeans for less than $10, bath towels $4-$5 and list goes on and on.

    Many of my friends and family members including me stopped going there.

    VALUE VILLAGE you are loosing potential shoppers. You could extract more money for the Diabetes Research.

    PS. I am wondering whether anyone from the management is reading all the opinions from all the buyers???????

    Perhaps I can get a feedback on the subject??? I have also tons of items to donate–now I have to think twice…

  20. Leanna says:

    Pricers at second hand stores everywhere seem to develop this problem of “over pricing”. It comes down to ignorance of merchandise and on the store’s part greed. A good pricing team must know what you can buy elsewhere, have research skills and good judgement. I think it would pay off to take a pricing team on a paid field trip to other stores for a day. I notice there are fewer and fewer customers at VV and perhaps the over pricing is causing it. Literally every time I go I over hear price complaints. I personally think that some items are over priced and some aren’t. Inconsistencies in the pricing teams who are responsible for different depts maybe.

    The positive side of these type of pricers is that they accidentally under price. When I find deals like this these are not every day.

    But I do love shopping there because I love unique things for less – a flea market atmosphere with a variety of items and colours and little treasures. It is fun. Where else can you go to find a bathing suit someone bought in Fiji. Trying on things is critical and is the reason I hesitate buyng off of e-bay. I would end up with a little collection of items that didn’t fit. That’s a waste of my money. I’d sooner pay more and see it for myself.

  21. once in a while shopper says:

    I agree with asome of the posting here, Value Village prices on jeans are insane. I honestly can get jeans for $15 on sale sometimes, and to be honest some of their jeans are so disgusting and dirty I wouldn’t even accept it for free. I only go there on the 50% sale, and even then sometimes I come out empty hand. I have stuff that I want to donate, but I rather give it to someone else..kijiji free stuff!!

  22. Peaceful warrior says:

    Yeah, Value village is a huge joke from what I’ve seen last few years. I got a call from big brothers while back and asked them flat out if my donations went to this place. They said yes, and I said that they charge humongous prices for donated items so “please don’t call me anymore”…the ignorant masses think its about charity while the rich owners are laughing their greedy heads off…

    VALUE Village isn’t about charity but about profit, off the good people who want to share & be charitable! I would much rather donate my stuff to a church on go on Craig’s list and put it in the free section, as their are so many needy parents with children or elderly that need some things. I always like the idea of bartering with friends or giving things to people who I know appreciate them.

    Okayy sorry for the rant, I feel a lot better 😉

  23. Shopper says:

    Frequent Buyer – Value Village does not get their donations for free. VV pays the Canadian Diabetes Association as well as other charitys for every donation they receive. I know, because I work there. I agree the prices have gone up. We are constantly told by management to go up on the price. If I didn’t get a discount, there is no way I would pay those prices. The best deals you can find are on kids clothes. 90% of the items are under $10.

  24. Senior Shopper says:

    I go on Seniors Day (Tuesday) and get 30% off, so I’m still a customer. I find the prices in some of their stores surprising, though. Last time I went to my favorite VV here in Edmonton, I saw Walmart shoes more expensive than new, but got a pair of almost-new Josef Seibel flats for about $13 ($19 before my discount). You can still find treasures if you’re willing to hunt for them, and the hunting can be fun.

  25. Ex-VV says:

    I just quit my job at VV in Edmonton. I was there for a year and 3 months.

    Wow, what can I say? Don’t shop there unless you HAVE to. The working conditions are horrendous. Women who have been there 16 years can’t get their hours shortened, even if their doctor tells them to. Even if their injuries were from that job, even if they were told they wouldn’t be made to work that position that caused the injury before…

    Things are loose and shifty and your job security is pretty much based off of whether or not they like you. I was told this by a head manager. If you’re a snitch or a suck up you can bet on a cushy 25 years or more in your positione, as some women I worked with did.

    Most people are hired for one thing and moved to another consitently. You can’t feel comfortable. They have ‘ambiguity’ factored in to your reviews, so if you crack under pressure one day, you get scored lower and become less eligible for a raise. If you cry because your upset for something you found was unfair you’re less eligable for a raise! I knew a 60+ year old woman, sweetest lady who cried and got in trouble for it. If you speak your mind in the morning meetings, same thing you get ‘written up’.
    Repremended for things you were never trained for, fired because you voiced a concern about the anti-semetic conversations going on near that offended you, gossip and rumours. Managers and supervisors telling personal tales about other employess… Supervisors buying pot from employess who then later they fire.

    They do take way too much profit. The prices are ridiculous now I agree. Anything and everything comes through that store, sorting clothing is the worst and most disgusting thing you could do as a job. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Fecal matter of many different sources, needles (syringes), crack pipes, puke, bags of garbage, dead animals, blood, DIRTY, DIRTY underwear, broken glass in a soft plastic bag you grab with your bare hands….and sort 12 pounds, of dirty clothing with bottles and knives in the bags, in 1 min. That is the quota if you’re ‘on the table’ 12 pounds a minute or more. Dirt, pollen, dust, dander, mold, chemicals, gasoline…you name it, it’s there, in the air and on the floors in the back room.

    They use things that are donated in the store all the time, they don’t buy their own pens! Need a cup for your coffee?? Here you go! Need some utensils! Here we go! A new microwave for the staff room? Not factored in to the charities huh? Nah, we need it.
    I was hired for one thing, and then was in that ‘station’ for less than a 3rd of my whole time there.

    No matter what the prices, good or bad. Do not shop there. You’ll be supporting a sick and careless company. The head founder, a kind man who was in it for the needy, is long since dead. And so is my allegience to that shady, shady place.

  26. ladan zoh says:

    Before i used shop a lot for everything, but now the price sometimes is more excpensive than the store. i don’t know why Value village increased the prices, usually people with low income go value village shopping. now i go to malls when they have sale and also i know that is new.
    If valeu village could change the price to lower, it would be great.

  27. Brampton Shopper says:

    I used to shop there years ago when the deals were good. Not anymore. I think there are more people shoplifting now because I see them go in with a bunch of clothes & then come out with half the amount and the tags are all ripped off and threw on the floor.

  28. Tada says:

    Just hit the VV, haven’t probably in over a year.. very dissapointed! Prices are ridiculous! I seen a pair of mens jeans for $39.99! Seriously this stuff is 2nd hand, donated. I call this robbery. Really I have no need to shop there. Local department stores have better deals for brand new!

  29. Sarah. C says:

    I don’t even shop at value village anymore. I used to frequently shop at value village, until they jacked up the prices through the roof. I mean why the hell would they sell crappy, ripped, beat up stitches, urban behaviour jeans for 15.00+? Are they retarded? Honestly, im surprised people still shop here. I refuse to, it has gotten soo ridiculous, I used to love this shop, now I cant stand it. People who are in need, with lower incomes depend on places like value village. They are thieves, and it has gotten out of hand!! Its crazy!

  30. Valuevillage Nomore says:

    VV at 104 58 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0N7

    I was at Value Village on Fri and made a complaint to the management regarding their prices being way to high and that some of items are even more expensive then when they were bought new. (items that are dirty and used) This was also one of my favourite shops and I won’t be going there anymore and I wont be donating to them either, for they are ripping people off especially the poor.

  31. Natalie Fosberg says:

    Excellent Shaz. Just keep working on those backlinks. It’s not the most exciting task but it will work if you keep at it.

  32. Mrs. Doubtflier says:

    I don’t shop there often. Actually I haven’t bought anything in a thrift store in a long while. I used to be addicted to “Fripe Prix: Renaissance” (A Montreal chain) They also increased their prices, however the pricing scheme is different. While VV may price things according to quality, FP has a set price for each category of clothing. Wasn’t it VV who used to staple their tags to the clothing? If so I am glad they stopped. Anyhow, I now pick up stuff and donate at my University’s student union’s “swap shop”. It doesn’t cost a penny. 🙂

  33. m hill says:

    could you please tell me what the age is for senior discount??


  34. Doris says:

    I agree with every one of you… as I am one of the seniors on a very limited pension. I relied on VV for purchase for my seniors income, which is not much.

    The prices are insane, way to high. What is with the shoe prices… used shoes are selling for $30+ and this is insane.

    I cannot believe what VV is doing, they must be under new management and this individual is going to ruin VV. They apparently are suppose to be donating the .money to a good cause… but when you see them taking such advantage of customers who is to know what they are doing… I always remember what happened from the money from the toys donated to the Salvation Army


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