Canadian Free Samples: SampleSource Is Now Live! *HURRY*


Well, we’ve been anticipating this one for a while, and the wait is over as it is now live!!! This is one of the greatest freebies of the year so hurry on over and get your SampleSource sample pack! I was just able to order mine with 16 different samples, including items such as toothpaste, chocolate, lip balm, hair care, and much more! You will also get to select a free magazine of your choice.

Options for free samples may vary, and some may run out before others so you will have to be quick. Also keep in mind that there is a strict limit of one per household, and that duplicate orders will be removed. You will have to answer a short questionnaire to help determine which samples will be most appropriate for you, so choose your answers carefully!

Click here to order your SampleSource sampler!

38 responses to “Canadian Free Samples: SampleSource Is Now Live! *HURRY*”

  1. Vin says:

    Got 12 samples, thank you!

  2. Janice says:

    Woohoo! Got 16! Thanks for posting!!

  3. saver says:

    Thanks so much! I would have missed it if not for Smart Canucks! Got samples and magazine.

  4. joye says:

    I also got 16–marked everything “store brand” or “other” except for dog food which I marked “do not purchase” (since we don’t have a dog). We were still offered the dog food and I decided to take it and I’ll give it away to a friend.

  5. atyoung says:

    I got 14 samples ! 🙂

  6. DoodlesMom says:

    got 13 – i wonder what the additional 3 were? it’s odd that they didn’t ask if i had a tablet this time (for a digital publication instead of print).

    did anyone answer the “live in an apartment” question? it didn’t seem to change the list below. i live in a house so i said no.

    i just hope that they actually send me 13 this time – last time they told me i’d get 12 and i ended up only getting about 4 :-S

  7. jimmy says:

    Got 16 plus Hockey News.

  8. Kim Locke says:

    I only got 9 🙁 I guess I was pretty late to the game at 11:40.

  9. M.J. says:

    I got 9 plus Hockey News……..I was late to this as I’m at work, as usual…….lol

  10. saver says:

    Did anyone get a confirmation email from them afterwards? they usually send that but didn’t get one yet.

  11. CarolI says:

    I got 14!! I think it’s the way you answer the questions..

  12. sara says:

    click Track Your Order. You should get a message saying that your order is confirmed.

  13. Ciel says:

    Thanks for the alert-I signed up. Looking forward to trying all 8 samples. 🙂

  14. Nicole says:

    I got 11 for my household no magazine and for my brother he got 6 no magazine offer either.

  15. Karen says:

    I only was offered 5. Does anyone know why? I answered all the questions.

    • Blue Jay says:

      I only got four and contacted the site to ask why. Here is the response I received.

      Not all members get the same samples each time – or the same offers. They are based on many different factors –
      Purchase Habits
      Quantity of each sample we have

      As I am sure you can understand, we do not have unlimited numbers of samples – the brands provide very specific amounts, and have very specific criteria. Whereas you may have gotten 12 before, some members only got 4 before.

      To us, 4 free samples sent to your home absolutely free seems like still a great offer, but you are always welcome to not select them and leave them for other members if you like.

      I thought that this was silly, My gender hasn’t changed. I live in the same place. I did get one year older!

      I used to get a dozen samples. I wrote reviews for the website but lately, the quantity and quality has fallen off. I now get sample packets instead of the full sized products I used to get. In my opinion, four sample packets is not worth the effort.

  16. Abby1 says:

    6 for both my boyfriend and I & no magazine offers. 12:45pm EST

  17. A L says:

    Only got 5.

  18. jimmy says:

    I was never able to get the pasta or rice in the past, does anybody what what size it is, just curious?

  19. Talia says:

    8 samples at 1:04pm…Always too late for this! But still happy I got some 🙂

    • Blue Jay says:

      My email was time stamped 2:45 p.m. That is probably why I only got four samples and strangely, I am getting samples that I received last time.

      Isn’t the point of this to send you samples of new products to try so that perhaps you will switch brands?

      Very disappointing samples the last two times.

  20. sue says:

    Six out of 8. Pasta is gluten-free. Magazine offer was if you ticked tablet. Will try the ‘store brand’ option next time to see if there is more offered.

  21. TallNFunny says:

    16??? Woah! Got offred 5 and I answered pretty gererically!

  22. Tommycoupons says:

    Ooh looks like only 1 order per IP address now!

    “Please remember, only 1 order is allowed per address and IP, and duplicate orders will be removed.”

  23. Army_girl29 says:

    Only got 4, seems like that is all that is left.

  24. elleqt says:

    I only received one sample (vitamin C) after checking off store brand or other. I guess they were all gone 🙁
    What were the samples that were available?

    • me says:

      frizz ease
      vitamin c
      always pads
      burt’s bees
      breathe right
      gluten free pasta
      uncle ben’s rice
      dog food/cat food
      zip lock storage bag
      pain reliever cream

      That’s all I can remember sorry.

  25. annie says:

    NO samples available for me.

  26. HappyCouponSaver78 says:

    I didn’t know until the next day boohooo!!!!!! 🙁

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