Canadian Freebie: Free (Toronto) Yogen Fruz Small Frozen Yogurt Compliments of Fab Find


Bright and early this morning Janetta used the Suggest A Deal Form to let me know about this great deal from Fab Find! I just had a chance to sit down and type this up, back to school is a busy time for me right now.

Anyways theres about 2900 of these free yogurt coupons Left. They are redeemable at 25 Toronto Yogen Fruz locations. There is only 9 hours left to claim your free certificate.

•Limit 1 per customer
•Must present ID with certificate at time of redemption
•Offer expires October 8, 2010

Click here to claim your free frozen yogurt.

Thanks again Janetta.

12 responses to “Canadian Freebie: Free (Toronto) Yogen Fruz Small Frozen Yogurt Compliments of Fab Find”

  1. FabFindGeoff says:

    It is so nice to be featured on Smart Canucks, thank you so much Sally, for the write up, and Janetta for the recommendation. Cheers, enjoy your froyo, yo. 😉

  2. Sally says:

    No worries, but now that you mention it, its just gonna cost you 1 million dollars in dimes 😛

  3. FabFindGeoff says:

    I’m guessing I can’t refuse.. Sigh.. *calls Canadian Mint and dump truck rental company*

  4. Sally says:

    Haha! 😉 Love good humour.

  5. mle says:

    Fab find indeed!
    But are the locations only in Toronto? I can’t see the list without registering. Thanks either way! 🙂

  6. Sally says:

    Yes, as per my blog only 25 location in the toronto area are participating.

  7. Janetta says:

    Mmm…can’t wait to get some Yogen Fruz!
    Thanks FabFindGeoff 😉

  8. ankj says:

    That email which they are sending as confirmation is the certificate?

  9. FabFindGeoff says:

    Ankj, the certificates will be released tomorrow morning around 9am. We do this to ensure the vendors have a full list of people who are receiving the freebies and have sufficient time to prepare for the influx of Fab Finders on a mad FroYo binge. Hope this helps, cheers.

  10. mlongboat says:

    “Suck on that Ben and Jerry” lol!!!

  11. Khristopher says:

    Mmmmm I haven’t had Yogen Fruz in years. I used to get the chocolate in a waffle cone with sprinkles all the time as a kid. Can’t wait to have another one.
    Thanks for posting this!

  12. Lucid says:

    Delicious! Just got mine in Mississauga. It was good 🙂

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