Canadian Tire: Save $20 on Your Next Oil Change With Printable Coupon

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If you will be in need of an oil change in the next month, heres a printable coupon to save $20 off of your next synthetic oil change at Canadian Tire.

Personally I take my car to Wal-Mart because if I have to wait I’d have a heck of a time killing an hour or so in a Canadian Tire! It’s really too bad Shopper’s Drug Mart doesn’t do oil changes. Now THAT would be convenient.

But, if you’re headed there anyhow, you have until November 30th to use the coupon.

24 responses to “Canadian Tire: Save $20 on Your Next Oil Change With Printable Coupon”

  1. psychojo213 says:

    Here is the link to additional CT coupons…

  2. hshamshu says:

    I personally am not a fan of Canadian Tire. Whenever I take my car there, there’s always additional charges and, while I obviously can’t prove it, I find that my car would be in worse shape afterwards. Something always breaks within a week or two of taking it to Canadian Tire. Again, could be coincidence but doesn’t happen when I take my car elsewhere. In any case, I stopped taking any of my cars there a couple of years ago so things may have improved. Just my $0.02.

  3. jeremy says:

    How much is an oil change there if the coupon is for $20 off? Sounds high

  4. tami says:

    @ hshamshu: OMG, that is EXACTLY what I experienced several times with my car, as well my husband and a few of my friends with their cars! exactly, that is so weird!!!
    personally I’d never take my car there again, even if they offered one for free

  5. Elizabeth Blaze says:

    I wouldn’t trust Canadian Tire to change the oil on my bicycle chain, much less my car. One of the reasons they keep it for so long is because they’re trying to find/create something they can “fix”. You drive in with a perfectly working car to get your oil changed and next thing you know, it’s broken…. Back when I was naive enough to go to them this happened many times and cost me several thousand dollars…..

  6. Natalka says:

    We have had the same experiences as above, the worst and last one was as Elizabeth said – literally thousands of dollars down the drain and a vehicle not repaired properly.
    Interesting that we are all probably in different cities, different provinces, so it’s not ‘one bad shop’….

  7. Mike says:

    Unfortunately, you couldn’t pay me to take my car to Canadian Tire either.

  8. matrix82 says:

    I think it all depends on the town. In my hometown, my dad took my car in to get the tires changed for me (put on the winter tires). I was thankful the mechanic (friend of my father’s), took an extra look at the tires coming off and noticed the uneven wear…turns out my car was out of alignment. I’m glad it was noticed or I would have torn up my winter tires within a month.

    I know a few years ago the same store, you wouldn’t take your car there to even get your windshield wipers changed. Now they have decent mechanics.

  9. Stacey says:

    I won’t take my car to CT either. I took it there once, and was quoted a very high price. Took it to another mechanic and he said it was a computer chip and cost me $96.00. A far cry from the price CT quoted me.

  10. felix says:

    That was nice to read your blog nice source of information about printable grocery coupons

  11. Tim says:

    Thank You Anne
    Just took my car to CT in Chatham. No hidden costs. Saved 20 dollars on the oil change. My car has to take the synthetic oil. I compared prices and CT charges 59.00 for synthetic oiol change far less than other drop in places, and then the coupon on to of that.

  12. AK says:

    Hey Tim, so how much is the final cost of the $59+coupon+tax?

  13. SW says:

    Canadian Tire hires a bunch of high school kids and one certified mechanic and then charges full rates for fixing vehicles. Don’t go there with your car.

  14. Carl says:

    The experience I had at our local CT service centre was that I paid for a seasonal oil change that was supposed to include tire rotation and other things and they never did half of what they were supposed to including the tire rotation. I was out of town for a week right after the oil change and when I got back, one of my tires that was leaking air was still in the same place and hadn’t been rotated so I knew they hadn’t done the work. Then I checked the fluids and they hadn’t topped them up either.

  15. Paul Clearwater says:

    Canadian tire is the worst place to take your vehicle. Like the above mentioned, I as well had the same trouble. Live and learn…………at least my children and there children and there children will know not to ever take their vehicles there. 🙂

  16. Miguel says:

    When I went for a so called “Full Service” they charged my $80 just for showing me a very cute card with the colors of my car fluids and a list of things to be “potentially” repaired… unfricking believable!!! Other than that NOTHING was changed or replaced.

  17. Geez, $20 off? That’s basically a free oil change. Unless you’re getting a synthetic oil change. In which case you’ll want to use some <a href=”” synthetic oil change coupons .

  18. Please send me a free oil change coupon from canadian tire because I always change my oil there.

  19. I didn’t have the best experience with these guys either. But thanks anyways for the great coupon information.

  20. Wow $20 off, clearly Canadian Tire’s synthetic changes are expensive! While I’ve never had a change done by Can. Tire, I’ve used other big chain service centers in the past and I find that they all try to find (read: make up) additional problems with your car to make more money. Now I get it done by a local, independent mechanic that I know and trust.

  21. Mcallister says:

    I was wondering changing oil means find your vehicle having a proble that you have never known before. Every time a got to Canadian tire my vehicle will end up with a lot of problem that would cost me …
    Would it be a coincidence or some

  22. Mike says:

    I Bought a battery at Canadian Tire. I took it back a week later
    and they told me it was a bad a battery and charged me $40. I told them
    that i shouldnt have to pay for that because you sold me a faulty battery.
    They said if you had taken it out of the car there would have been no charge
    but they didnt tell me this until after they tested it. I will not be taking my car
    and family members vehicles there anymore.

  23. Theresa says:

    I just had my oil changed 50$ with tax, hope they did what they were supposed to, had my alternator changed by them 3 times, faulty crummy parts!

    They wanted to charge labour, 2 hrs, worth and 50$’ I talked to store manager and they did it , no charge, it pays to complain, it had been past 100 days, just barely,

    Only reason I had oil change done as it was there already, convenience.

  24. David says:

    I change the oil myself in the garage. A friend of mine well versed in cars so there is no problem. good savings.


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